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"This is the end of the road. You followed me for a year across the galaxy, I never would have made it here without you. But I won't keep putting you in danger. Thank you. Now go home."
"No Simmons I- I can't leave you."
"You have to. Whatever happens, at least I'll be with Fitz. We'll have each other."
Jemma Simmons and Quake[src]

The Capture of Jemma Simmons was planned by Atarah to convince Leo Fitz to figure out time travel so they could save their home planet Chronyca-2.


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"Enoch was right, Fitz can't solve time travel without me, but not as a hostage, but as his partner. Fitz and I, we're a team. Let the others leave and I'll go with you."
Jemma Simmons to Quake and Atarah[src]

While trying to leave Kitson, the Zephyr One was apprehended by a fleet of Confederate Destroyer Ships, causing the team to prepare for conflict. However, before a fight started, Enoch realized that it was not the Confederacy that was after them, causing him to open the door. It turned out to be the Chronicoms who were behind it, as Atarah then entered the ship and told them they were bringing them in for judgement for tampering with the universe. Enoch accepted this, and the team were taken captive by the Chronicoms, Jemma Simmons and Quake accompanying Enoch while Piper and Davis were imprisoned.


The team are cornered by the Chronicoms

Atarah revealed her intention for them, wanting them to help them achieve Time Travel so they can save Chronyca-2. They revealed they had Leo Fitz captive, and Enoch revealed that Fitz is the only person who could do what they wanted. This caused him to reveal that it would be best to take Simmons as she is what could motivate Fitz to do so. However, once they knew that Fit was no longer in danger, Quake fought back and they made their escape. They rescued Piper and Davis and headed for the Zephyr. However, they were stopped by the Chronicoms, and before a fight could break out, Simmons decided to stay behind to help Fitz, knowing they wouldn't be able to win any other way. As they others returned to the Zephyr, Simmons was taken captive and she and Fitz were put into the Cerebral Fusion Machine.[3]


"I have taken bold action."

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