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Captain Marvel - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack contains Pinar Toprak's score to Captain Marvel.

Track Listing

  1. Captain Marvel
  2. Waking Up
  3. Boarding the Train
  4. Why Do You Fight?
  5. Let's Bring Him Home
  6. Entering Enemy Territory
  7. Breaking Free
  8. Hot Pursuit
  9. Lost the Target
  10. Lifting Fingerprints
  11. Finding the Records
  12. Escaping the Basement
  13. Photos of Us
  14. Learning the Truth
  15. New Clothes
  16. Space Turbulence
  17. High Score
  18. Interrupting Something?
  19. Trapped
  20. I'm All Fired Up
  21. More Problems
  22. You Could Use a Jump
  23. This Isn't Goodbye

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