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Captain Marvel: StarForce Mission Log is a book based on Captain Marvel.


Popular journal format written from Captain Marvel’s perspective.

Follow Carol Danvers' personal mission log as she struggles to regain her memories of the past and learns how to harness her phenomenal powers. Complete with cosmic sketches and giant fold-outs, join in Danvers’ adventures as she fights alongside the fierce Kree Starforce warriors to protect their planet against their shapeshifting enemies—the Skrulls! Super hero fans will be enthralled by this origin story of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful hero and her intergalactic journey to find out who she really is!


Vers, having suffered amnesia from an unknown cause and forgetting everything except the last 6 years where she has trained to join Starforce, creates a journal (including sketches) to help fill in her backstory in case she suffers from it again. She starts out with simple characterizations of her team, ship, home planet and enemies before recounting the mission to Sy'gyl which was covered in Captain Marvel: Starforce on the Rise. The journal ends with the events of the first act of Captain Marvel, including her recurring dream, training with Yon-Rogg and the mission to Torfa where Starforce is ambushed by the Skrulls.




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