A collection of quotes of the superhero Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel.


Captain Marvel

Spoken by Carol Danvers

"I'm not what you think I am."
―Carol Danvers to Nick Fury[src]
"Try to keep up."
―Carol Danvers[src]
"I'm kind of done with you telling me what I can't do."
―Carol Danvers[src]
"I have nothing to prove to you."
―Carol Danvers to Yon-Rogg[src]
"Where is Fury?"
―Carol Danvers to the surviving Avengers in mid-credits scene[src]

Spoken about Carol Danvers

"Your life began the day it nearly ended. We found you with no memory. We made you one of us, so you could live longer, stronger, superior. You were reborn."
Supreme Intelligence to Vers[src]
"You were my best friend. And you were the most powerful person I knew, way before you could shoot fire from your fists."
Maria Rambeau to Carol Danvers[src]
"I'm so proud of you. You've come a long way since that day I found you by the lake. But can you keep your emotions in check long enough to take me on? Or will they get the better of you as always? I always told you you'll be ready the day you'll knock me down as yourself. This is that moment. This is that moment, Vers!"
Yon-Rogg to Carol Danvers[src]


"You know what time it is?"
"Can't sleep."
"There are tabs for that."
"Yeah, but then I'd be sleeping."
Yon-Rogg and Vers[src]
"I slipped."
"Right. You slipped as a result of me punching you in the face."
"I was already slipping when you happened to punch me in the face. The two events are not related."
Vers and Yon-Rogg[src]
"Your commander insists that you're fit to serve."
"I am."
"You struggle with your emotions, with your past which fuels them."
Supreme Intelligence and Carol Danvers[src]
"Verify: CTC39."
"GRFC6300. And I'm fine, thank you for asking. Is everyone okay? What happened?"
"Skrull ambush. I though we lost you. Did you find Soh-Larr?"
"It wasn't Soh-Larr. Talos simmed him, even knew his code."
"That's impossible. That code was buried in his unconscious."
"The Skrulls messed with my mind. The machine that they used, I think it's how they extracted Soh-Larr's code."
Yon-Rogg and Vers[src]
"So Skrulls are the bad guys. And you're a Kree, a race of noble warriors."
"Heroes. Noble warrior heroes."
Nick Fury and Carol Danvers[src]
"Do you know how to fly this thing?"
"We'll see."
"That's a 'yes' or 'no' question."
Nick Fury and Carol Danvers[src]
"Arm wrestle for the Tesseract?"
"I used to find you amusing. Let's put an end to this!"
Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg[src]
"I can't go back empty-handed."
"You won't be empty-handed. I'm sending you with a message. Tell the Supreme Intelligence that I'm coming to end it. The war, the lies, all of it."
Yon-Rogg and Captain Marvel[src]

Avengers: Endgame

Spoken about Carol Danvers

"I like this one."
Thor about Carol Danvers[src]


"He used the stones again."
"Hey, hey, hey, hey. We'd be going in short-handed, you know?"
"Look, he still got the stones, so..."
"So let's get 'em. We use them to bring everyone back."
"Just like that?"
"Yeah. Just like that."
"Even if there's a small chance that we can undo this, I mean we owe it to everyone who's not in this room to try."
Black Widow, Hulk, War Machine, Captain Marvel and Captain America[src]
"If we do this, how do we know it's gonna end any differently than it did before?"
"Because before you didn't have me."
"Hey, new girl? Everybody in this room is about that superhero life. And if you don't mind my asking, where the hell have you been all this time?"
"There are a lot of other planets in the universe, and unfortunately, they didn't have you guys."
Hulk, War Machine and Captain Marvel[src]
"I am... Peter Parker."
"Hi, Peter Parker. You got something for me?"
Spider-Man and Captain Marvel[src]

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spoken about Carol Danvers

"We have a job to do, and you're coming with us."
"There's gotta be someone else you can use. What about Thor?"
"Dr. Strange?"
"Captain Marvel?"
"Don't invoke her name,"
"I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."
"Bitch, please! You've been to space."
Nick Fury, Peter Parker and Maria Hill[src]
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