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"I'm the reason why the civil war started in the first place. I'm the reason why they couldn't breathe the air. That's how I got the name Annihilator. And I never wanted you to see that version of me."
―Carol Danvers to Monica Rambeau[src]

Carol Susan Jane Danvers is a former United States Air Force pilot who, upon being exposed to the energy of the Tesseract via the destruction of the Light-Speed Engine, obtained cosmic powers. She gained further powers when she was made into a Kree-human hybrid via a blood transfusion from Yon-Rogg and had all of her old memories removed, turning her into the Kree's weapon and a member of Starforce. Now operating as Vers, she was captured by Skrulls during the Kree-Skrull War, resulting in her returning to Earth and beginning to recall her past, with help from Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau. Vers subsequently discovered that Yon-Rogg and the Kree Empire had been manipulating her for years, learning from Talos that the Skrulls were merely seeking to find a new home. With this information, Danvers, rejecting her Vers persona, unlocked her true powers and defeated the Kree invasion onto Earth that was being led by Ronan the Accuser, before setting off out to the far reaches of the galaxy to finish what her late mentor Mar-Vell had previously started, honoring her by becoming known as Captain Marvel.

Spending twenty-three years journeying through the universe, Captain Marvel learned of the Snap through the distress call sent out by Fury and had joined the Avengers in an attempt to confront Thanos and reverse the damage done, managing to also rescue Tony Stark and Nebula from deep space along the way. However, despite their first attempt at finding the Infinity Stones failing, Captain Marvel returned to Earth in 2023 when the Avengers had just succeeded with their second attempt to resurrect the victims of the Snap and assisted them during their fight against an alternate Thanos and his army. The combined efforts of Captain Marvel and her allies triumphed over Thanos and his forces, though Iron Man sacrificed his life, with Danvers attending his funeral before leaving Earth. In 2024, Danvers and Bruce Banner, who reverted to his human form, met up with Shang-Chi, Katy Chen and Wong at Kamar-Taj, where they analyzed the power of the Ten Rings before being called away.

Two years later, Danvers discovered that her light-based powers had become entangled with those of Kamala Khan, a teenage superhero who was a massive fan of hers, and Monica Rambeau, resulting in them switching places whenever they attempt to use them. The trio would come together to confront Dar-Benn, a Kree Accuser who was using the power of the Quantum Bands to tear open jump points on different planets in order to steal their resources in a plan to restore Hala, which had depleted its natural resources in a civil war left in the wake of Danvers destroying the Supreme Intelligence. In an attempt to steal the energy of Earth's Sun, Dar-Benn tore open a rift in space-time, killing herself in the process. In order to close the rift, Danvers and Khan charged Rambeau with their collective power and had her shut it from the other side. Despite her best efforts, Danvers was unable to save Rambeau, who was left stranded in another universe. Making good on her promise to recharge Pama, Danvers subsequently moved into the Rambeau Residence, believing that Rambeau would find her way home someday.


Early Life[]

Difficult Childhood[]

"You didn't get along with your parents, so Mom said we became your real family."
Monica Rambeau to Carol Danvers[src]
Joseph & Carol Danvers

Danvers, as a child, with her father

Carol Susan Jane Danvers was born in 1965 as the second child to Joseph and Marie Danvers. Throughout her childhood, she never got along with her parents due to how they treated her based on her gender, yet maintained a good relationship with her older brother, Steve Danvers, who would stargaze with her outside at night. As she grew up, Danvers dreamed of becoming a pilot, idolizing feminine role models like Amelia Earhart.[1] Her dreams manifested in her drawings, which would constantly involve her and planes. She would draw herself with planes, in planes, and as a plane, and they were hung on the walls of her house. In all the pictures, Danvers had a big smile. However, her dreams were always about being in a cockpit, and could never imagine how each step of the process of learning to fly would feel, instead dreaming about effortlessly doing impressive stunts.[5] Danvers also developed a determined, rebellious streak that would stick with her for all of her life[1] and lead to her getting called intense. In fourth grade, she noticed that one of her classmates would consistently gaze out the window and sigh while Danvers struggled with learning to write in cursive and do division. Tired of being called intense, Danvers spent the entire year attempting to imitate the girl to no avail.[5]

Captain Marvel (film) 166

Danvers playing baseball for the Sparrows

Despite how her parents felt, Danvers still decided to participate in numerous physical sports and activities, including becoming a baseball player on the team called the "Sparrows," where she faced more challenges being a girl on a boy's team. In spite of the fact that she would sometimes be knocked down, Danvers always remained determined to stand back up and continue, while others would believe she should stop, which would go against her character.[1] While in high school, Danvers ran track and would repeatedly tell herself that she could do anything for ten minutes. When she was eighteen, Danvers had a history teacher tell her that it was a mistake to make resolutions based on what she was not, explaining that while it was easier for groups to come together through hate than through love, the group formed through hate was weaker. Danvers eventually got a job as a waitress, where she regularly interacted with crying babies. She observed that the fastest way to get the baby to stop crying was for another baby to start crying louder. Wanting to be a fighter pilot, Danvers started growing her hair out to ensure it would meet the United States Air Force's standards, focused on her ability to join while her peers applied to colleges and planned graduation parties.[5]

Air Force Training[]

Joining the Air Force[]

"Let yourself learn."

Shortly after turning eighteen, Danvers applied to the United States Air Force and got her physical examination. In 1984, Danvers was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy in order to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot. She circled the first day in red on her calendar and packed many clothes before leaving her hometown that summer. Arriving near the academy many hours early, she killed time by listening to the airplanes taking off while in her Mustang. She guessed the planes correctly one after the other until the last one: a yellow biplane with blue and red accents. At that moment, she decided to pack up and go. When driving away, a black Jaguar blew past her, followed by a woman in a blue Honda with a scrape on the side of the car. Realizing the man hit and ran, Danvers drove after him in a high-speed chase. She took a shortcut which brought her by a state trooper, who tried to pull her over. Danvers did not listen and kept going, eventually pulling in front of the man.

Danvers got out of her car to berate the man, but the trooper told her to stop. After Danvers explained what the man had done, the trooper arrested the man while she sat on the curb. Danvers saw the woman in the Honda walk into the gas station. They nodded at each other before the trooper walked over to Danvers, who caught her name: Wright. The trooper explained that Danvers broke five laws despite her good intentions. Knowing she was getting written up, Danvers worried that she had ruined her first day before starting it. She echoed these thoughts to Wright, who did not want to ruin her future. Wright instead let her off with a warning and a note, "Let yourself learn."[5]

Meeting Maria Rambeau[]

"Night, Danvers."
"Night, Rambeau."
Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

Danvers eventually got to the base and stood in line with everyone else as they got yelled at by their new officers. Danvers was called into a room by Officer Jenks who had her say the Oath of Enlistment. Unfortunately, Danvers was so excited that she did not realize the rest of her flight had left while she had her eyes closed. Jenks and Officer Cadet Chen berated Danvers, who just stood still, taking the ridicule. Chen also got yelled at by Jenks before the two women walked out of the room. Danvers got back in line and noticed Chen getting silently consoled by Officer Cadet Resendiz.

Chen and Resendiz brought Danvers to her room where she met her roommate, Maria Rambeau. The two shook hands and introduced themselves. Danvers sensed that Rambeau was trying to get a read on the type of person she was, so she tried to impress her roommate. Danvers asked which bed Rambeau wanted, but she did not have a preference. They both decided to each just take the nearest bed and set up. As she brushed her teeth, Danvers reflected on her day and tried to remember the sound of the plane she could not identify. Danvers tried to break the silence between herself and Rambeau by remarking on how much yelling there was. After receiving no reply, she turned around to see Rambeau deep in thought before Rambeau eventually agreed. After a little while, Danvers asked if Rambeau was ready for lights out. When Rambeau agreed, Danvers shut off the light. Struggling to find her way to her bed in the dark, Danvers finally did so and laid down. Rambeau told her goodnight and Danvers did the same.[5]

First Day[]

"You come in first all you want, Danvers. I still get to be a fighter pilot and you don't."
Tom Bianchi[src]

Danvers woke up on the first day at 3:23 AM to find Maria Rambeau already up and ready, getting her shoes on. Danvers asked if she was going running, only to get a look from Rambeau. Realizing how stupid the question was, Danvers asked if she could join her, to which Rambeau agreed, although she asserted that Danvers could only come if she could get ready in seven minutes. Danvers was quickly getting ready when the ticket from Wright fell out of her pocket. Danvers explained what happened and Rambeau exercised the idea that "let yourself learn" meant learning about yourself. Danvers and Rambeau then went out running, but quickly returned so as not to ruin their first day of assessments.

During the assessments, each cadet had to run a mile and a half, do one minute of push-ups, sit-ups, and then pull-ups. The assessments also acted as a competition where each pair got a certain amount of points. By the mile run, Danvers, Rambeau, Tom Bianchi, and Garrett Pierre were in the lead. Pierre and Bianchi had more pull-ups, but Rambeau had more push-ups and Danvers had more sit-ups. As the race commenced, Danvers and Rambeau eventually placed first and second respectively with Bianchi in third and Pierre in fourth. Rambeau and Danvers talked afterwards, with Danvers claiming that the men at the academy did not matter as long as they stayed in her way. Pierre, Bianchi, and Erik Del Orbe overheard and took exception, with Bianchi telling her that woman did not fly combat. Rambeau stood up for Danvers, asking if he really wanted to go through this when he just lost. In response, Bianchi told her that she could always come in first, but he would always be the pilot.

Afterwards, Chen and Resendiz called everyone inside, so Danvers and Bianchi broke off their argument and complied. However, Danvers could not get Bianchi's words out of her head. They went to the mess hall, where Rambeau started to excitedly tell Danvers about a possibility for them to become fighter pilots. However, she was cut short by a cadet scolding her about table manners. In her dorm, Rambeau told Danvers about the Flying Falcons; an elite squadron. Rambeau asserted that, if the two of them became the top two in their class and made the squadron, they could not be turned down. Danvers admitted that the squadron would try to turn them down, but Rambeau replied to let them. Danvers spent the next several weeks making her bed every morning with the same ruler and having latrine detail several times. She consistently had orders yelled at her and got written up multiple times. On her first room inspection, a speck of dust was found in Danvers' room, resulting in her receiving a stern reprimand. She spent the time studying Chen's and Resendiz's faces and determined that their eye twitches were a bad thing. She and Rambeau continued running together regularly and were occasionally joined by Pierre.[5]

Making Up With Bianchi[]

"Imagine what it'd be like to work that hard and do that well and still not be considered for combat."
―Carol Danvers to Tom Bianchi[src]

Three weeks later, Danvers started combat training. She was put up against Tom Bianchi and easily pined him, with Bianchi storming off in anger afterwards. Danvers decided to follow him and talk one on one. During their talk, she told him about how she saw how much he worked, but that she could work that hard and still not go anywhere. This helped Bianchi understand what she was going through, leading to him stopping being rude to her.[5]

Field Day[]

"If we set out to win Honor Squadron, then we need to be doing it for ourselves."
"And maybe... like twenty percent to rub Jenks' nose in it."
―Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

A week later, Maria Rambeau and Danvers ate breakfast in preparation for field day. Danvers found out that the leader of the Flying Falcons was Captain Jenks and, along with Rambeau, decided that the two of them needed to win field day to have a shot at joining the squad. Danvers was teamed up with Tom Bianchi, Garrett Pierre, Erik Del Orbe, and Rambeau. On the way to the relay, Bret Johnson made fun of Danvers and ridiculed her, resulting in Bianchi asking Danvers if he sounded like that earlier. Danvers told Bianchi that she had learned through working as a waitress that people tend to stop crying when they experience themselves. An upperclassman approached Danvers and asked whether she felt she should be first or last for the relay, and she confidently told him to put her last, noticing Jenks in the crowd.

During the relay, Danvers waited and watched as the Aggressors remained in third place. She watched Johnson figure out that the final heat would involve her rather than Bianchi as Bianchi ran for the third leg. blew Johnson away and won. Rambeau and Danvers approached Jenks later to try to join his squadron, only to figure out they needed a private piloting license to join the Flying Falcons. Johnson sarcastically wished Danvers luck, but Danvers chose to ignore him. Bianchi passed the baton to Danvers and she took, easily passing Johnson and winning by a significant margin, earning the Aggressors the title of Honor Squadron.

During the festivities at the end, Danvers and Rambeau spotted Jenks and approached him. Jenks congratulated Rambeau on her efforts during the tug-of-war, leading her to ask about applying to the Falcons. Jenks revealed that tryouts require a private pilot's license, condescendingly suggesting that they could support the team from the ground. However, the pair agreed that they would find a way to get the license and try out for the elite squadron.[5]

Second Beast[]

"We can do anything for ten minutes."
―Carol Danvers[src]
Captain Marvel (film) 21

Danvers attempting a training course

As Danvers' training continued, she went to Jacks Valley for the Second Beast. Insults were yelled at her and the other cadets as she crawled through the mud under barbed wire with a weapon in her hand. She ran the assault course and consistently got injured, using the first aid skills she was also being taught. She attempted to swing across ropes, but fell to the ground.[5] After one such attempt, she faced mockery from her male colleagues who said that she would get herself killed and that she did not have the strength to be a pilot. She tried again, and was told by Cook that she would never be allowed to fly. However, she pushed herself up[1] and kept trying, missing by less. Another attempted resulted in her getting a rope burn before landing in cold water. She scaled a six-foot wall after seven tries.

She and Maria Rambeau suggested multiple ways to try out for the Flying Falcons despite the requirement to have a license, and researched how to get one. They discovered that one needs to pass a written test as well as have forty hours of experience flying. They agreed that the test would be easy, but that it would be difficult to get forty hours of flying before the tryouts, starting to accept that they would have to try out the following school year.

With her flight in line to earn Beast excellence, they were determined to get the Warhawk, an award given to trainees who achieve the highest physical level. They slept in cots and ate meals in huts, and Danvers loved doing it. She ate breakfast with Rambeau one morning and realized that training would have been lonely without her as the pair complained about the pain they were in due to training. They resumed their silence before getting interrupted by Chen and Resendiz, signaling to them that it was time for their chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear training, which Danvers had been dreading.

Rambeau and Danvers went to the site quietly and were taught about chemical warfare. Danvers worked to control her fear as they entered the building. She saw Bret Johnson and Zoë Noble's flight in line while waiting for Erik Del Orbe and Tom Bianchi to finish struggling against a stuck zipper on Del Orbe's gear. Del Orbe eventually got the zipper free, and the two lined up as Bianchi greeted Danvers and Rambeau. As Danvers watched a group leave the chamber sick, she hyper-focused on surviving the activity. Remembering her mantra from her time in track, she told Rambeau that they could do anything for ten minutes and saw Rambeau nod. They lined up on the wall and raised their own heart rates per their supervisor's commands as Danvers started to feel sick.

Following orders, Danvers loosened the elastic band of her gas mask and took it off, struggling against the acid. She held the mask at her chest and recited her reporting statement calmly as she felt tears and snot on her face. They walked out with their arms in a T position as instructed, and she and Rambeau checked on each other as they saw Garrett Pierre vomiting. They helped Pierre get to where the rest of the flight were rinsing their masks.

That afternoon, Danvers and Rambeau sat with Pierre, agreeing that they were happy it was over. They introduced each other with first names and were joined by Bianchi and Del Orbe, who did the same. The group laughed as Bianchi, saying that he did not look like a "Tom" and teasing him with other names they thought he might have had. As the game ended, Danvers turned to Bianchi and acknolwedged his refusal to leave Del Orbe with his broken zipper. Bianchi simply replied that Del Orbe was his wingman.[5]

Acceptance Day[]

"I didn't know that in order to be a good airman, I had to be a good human."
―Carol Danvers[src]

As they finished their basic training, Danvers and Maria Rambeau went to the parade field and got in line with their flight to form an inverted-wedge formation. Danvers and Rambeau were both awared the Warhawk award, and their flight was presented with Honor Flight and the Beast flight. Rambeau and Danvers were among the eight cadets to be named Honor Graduate. Danvers and Rambeau walked through the crowd, seeing several families as Danvers was temporarily reminded that hers were not there. The ceremony began as planes flew overhead, and Danvers closed her eyes to listen to the engines. They sang the National Anthem and repeated the Honor Oath as they formed their academic year squadrons.

Danvers reflected on her growth throughout basic training and looked to Rambeau. She checked on Tom Bianchi, Garrett Pierre, and Erik Del Orbe as well. As the ceremony ended, she was congratulated by many people and received parting advice from Chen and Resendiz. Danvers looked for Rambeau in the crowd, but she and Pierre were hugged by Del Orbe before she could find her. Bianchi joined and congratulated them, before admitting to Danvers that he was wrong, prompting Danvers to say that she was about to tell Bianchi he was wrong. She said that she simply wanted to be a good airman, and that she had learned it meant becoming a good person. Bianchi agreed to Danvers, and the pair were joined by Rambeau, whom Bianchi congratulated. Bianchi left to find Pierre and Del Orbe, who had left, and Rambeau told Danvers that she had a plan to get a pilot's license.

Danvers and Rambeau started preparing for classes to start and made plans with Bianchi, Pierre, and Del Orbe to meet each night in the school library to keep each other from getting overwhelmed.[5]

Learning to Fly[]

Meeting Bonnie and Jack Thompson[]

"I thought we were going to fly?"
"Character and integrity first. Then you fly."
―Carol Danvers and Jack Thompson[src]

The following Sunday, Danvers drove Maria Rambeau to meet with two pilots who had agreed to teach them to fly. Danvers worked through the emotions during the drive, tensing her shoulders. Rambeau asked why she was tense, but Danvers said that she was being "breezy." Rambeau and Danvers joked that this was impossible for her even if she had trained, prompting Danvers to tell Rambeau about a year she spent in fourth grade attempting to imitate a classmate who was good at relaxing. They came to the same intersection where she had been pulled over by State Trooper Wright, reflecting on how she had grown since that incident. They bonded over their shared experience of being called intense and feeling a need to dial it down. Danvers confessed that she was struggling with not making her goal to prove people wrong, admitting that the percentage of that being her motivation was increasing. Maria told Danvers to get out of her own head and guided her to their destination.

As Danvers parked, she saw the plane that she had struggled to identify on her first day at the Academy and was surprised to see a woman come out. Rambeau introduced the woman and her husband as Bonnie and Jack Thompson, friends of her father. Danvers asked what type of plane they had, prompting Jack to reveal that it was named Mr. Goodnight. Jack commented that the plane was not what they were expecting and guided them into the hangar, which impressed Danvers. Rambeau explained that Bonnie flew transports during World War II, and Jack added that she trained him. Danvers and Rambeau told the Thompsons that they intended to join the Flying Falcons so that they could fly combat, despite it being unlikely to change anyone's minds. The Thompsons then started the women's training by having them clean Mr. Goodnight. As they did, the Thompsons explained each part of the plane and how it worked. Although Danvers did not fully understand, she started to understand that she would learn to and felt a sense of belonging.

Driving back to base, Danvers and Rambeau commented that they smelled. They then returned to base and showered, getting ready for their first day of school the following day. Rambeau commented that their schedule was going to be hard, and Danvers spent the night worried about possible scenarios she could get herself into.[5]

First Day of Classes[]

"Tell us what you see."
Wolff and Carol Danvers[src]

The next morning, Danvers and Maria Rambeau went to the track for their daily jog, where they found Tom Bianchi, Erik Del Orbe, and Garrett Pierre. They talked about Flickerball, which they discovered was all of their intramural sport, and started jogging together. Bianchi asked Danvers where they had gone the previous day, but Danvers asked if it would be alright not to tell him. Bianchi obliged and apologized in case he overstepped, so Danvers promised to tell him eventually before rushing to catch up with Rambeau. Rambeau told Danvers that she could have told Bianchi the truth, but Danvers explained that she wanted it to be their thing for a short time longer. Rambeau agreed as they continued running.

They went to the dormitory to shower, saying goodbye to Bianchi, Del Orbe, and Pierre, where the came across Zoë Noble without Bret Johnson. Danvers introduced herself and Rambeau to Noble using their first names, but Noble introduced herself with her last name. Danvers eventually got Noble to share her first name, so Rambeau greeted her. Noble awkwardly left as Danvers waved, which Rambeau made fun of her for.

Danvers went to her Introduction to Soaring Class, where she was disappointed to find that Captain Jenks was her professor. As a tow plane drowned Jenks out, Danvers turned and saw the Stark Industries plane it was carrying, excited to fly it. Jenks introduced the instructors that she would be flying with, and Danvers started ranking the ones she wanted to work with. Jenks put Danvers in the group led by Cadet Instructor Pilot Wolff, Danvers' least favorite instructor, with people she did not know. Wolff led the group to the glider and had Danvers sit in the cockpit, feeling excited. She looked at the guages and dials as Wolff asked what she saw, to which Danvers replied that she saw power. Wolff started to talk about feeling whatever the sky has in store, but Jenks appeared and interrupted, saying that he saw restraint, since the cockpit was where one learns one's limitations. The two debated their points before Jenks left, angering Danvers as he spoiled her time experience in the cockpit of a plane. Danvers watched in awe as Wolff took them through the basics and went through the rest of the day thinking about the plane and Wright's advice to let herself learn.

Danvers went to the school library with Rambeau to meet with Del Orbe, Pierre, and Bianchi for their study session. Noble sat at the next table and Danvers invited her to join, but Noble declined. Rambeau told Danvers about an air show which the airmanship program was going to, which the Thunderbirds would be performing in. Noble spoke up and noted that Captain Jenks was in the Thunderbirds before he got grounded for reasons that she did not know. Danvers voiced curiosity about why Jenks was grounded, but Rambeau scolded her for giving Jenks power over her and made her promise not to investigate.[5]

First Flight[]

"All right, Danvers. No need to show off."
"This is amazing!"
Jack Thompson and Carol Danvers[src]

Danvers and Maria Rambeau spent weeks studying and were finally allowed to fly by Jack and Bonnie Thompson. Rambeau and Bonnie flew first, and while they talked about it, Danvers got into the cockpit of Mr. Goodnight and asked about the airhorn in it. Jack explained that it was to communicate, since they only had a one-way radio. Jack guided Danvers through taking off and flying for the first time. Thompson guided her through the sky and eventually let go, allowing Danvers to fly alone. Thompson continued to guide her to level the plane, specifically focusing on his directions for right turns, which she struggles with. Thompson took control back as she admired his flying, telling her to pay close attention to the landing.

She landed and found Rambeau, hugging her. Bonnie joined Jack as they talked about each other's progress. Bonnie told Jack that Rambeau would be learning to do a slow barrel roll, so Jack announced his intention for Danvers to learn the power-off stall, which would teach her that things go wrong even for the best pilots. They went inside to eat pie made by Bonnie as Danvers and Rambeau agreed that it was the best day ever.[5]

Air Show[]

As winter started, Danvers continued playing Flickerball for school. During one class, Erik Del Orbe hit Garrett Pierre with the ball and shouted "That's Flickerball!" Danvers and Tom Bianchi agreed that Del Orbe hit Pierre on purpose and that they were going to the air show that weekend. Danvers confessed that she and Maria Rambeau had been taking flying lessons from Jack Thompson and Bonnie Thompson. Bianchi realized that it was about being able to fly combat, causing Danvers to get defensive. Realizing her tone, she quickly apologized, but Bianchi was sympathetic. She shared their plan to join the Flying Falcons and then fly combat with Bianchi. Bianchi hesitantly pointed out that being the best pilot did not guarantee her a spot, but Danvers simply assured him she knew. They were joined by Rambeau, Del Orbe, and Pierre, who Bianchi told the truth too. They joked about Del Orbe's bet that they were watching planes, and Bianchi asked why the Thompsons' plane was called Mr. Goodnight. Danvers said that they did not know, but that they were certain nothing bad happened.

The group was approached by Captain Jenks, who said that he was excited for Danvers to be joining them at the air show. He told Danvers that he had considered Wolff's words about people being taught and said that the air show would be educational. He told her to look at the pilots and spot the difference between them and her. He guessed that she wanted to prove Wolff right, saying that only a cursory glance should be needed to highlight her shortcomings. Danvers simply said "Yes, sir" until as he left. Rambeau and Bianchi brought Danvers back to reality as she asked why Jenks hated her, to which Del Orbe replied that it was because she was the best. The group agreed that Jenks needed the best to be people like him, frustrating Danvers.

At the air show, Bianchi handed out sodas as the show started. A series of B-52 flew overhead, which Rambeau watched in awe. Pierre told the group about watching the Silver Eagles as a kid, prompting teasing from Bianchi. Del Orbe brought up a meet and greet being held by Senator John Glenn, insisting that they go. Danvers agreed, despite Bianchi's fear that he would embarrass himself. As the air show continued, Danvers and Rambeau were surprised to see Mr. Goodnight being flown overhead and watched in awe at the Thompsons' flying. The show continued, and the United States Air Force Thunderbirds were introduced with their new F-16 planes. Danvers said that she was going to touch one of the planes, for which Rambeau teased her.

However, Danvers realized that all of the pilots looked exactly like Jenks, upsetting Danvers and Rambeau. However, Pierre brought up Lloyd "Fig" Newton, a black pilot who was a member of the Thunderbirds. The team performed, impressing the whole group. While Pierre, Bianchi, and Del Orbe went to wait in line for Glenn, Danvers and Rambeau went to touch one of the planes. They waited in line and got a signature from one of the Thunderbirds, who told them that he wished his daughter could see the two female cadets. The man got approached by a group of kindergarteners before he could continue, but Danvers and Rambeau were impacted by his words regardless. They then approached the F-16 and touched it, excited for their future of flying.[5]

Power-Off Stall[]

"Are you proud of yourself, Carol?"
"Are you. Proud of. Yourself?"
"Yes sir. I am so proud of myself."
Jack Thompson and Carol Danvers[src]

At her final flying lesson with Jack Thompson, Danvers was still struggling to do a power-off stall. The first time, she tried using the air horn to communicate that they were crashing, but Thompson refused to help. She leveled the plane and continued trying. On the sixth try, Danvers let the plane crash, despite her instincts, and pulled up right when she could feel it. Danvers celebrated her success with the air horn before Thompson had her do it three more times. Once she officially completed forty hours of flying, Thompson had Danvers land the plane on her own for the first time. She successfully landed the plane, albeit with a few bounces, and celebrated as Thompson congratulated her. As they disembarked the plane, Thompson asked Danvers how she felt, so Danvers started talking about how she felt ready for the test. However, Thompson cut her off and rephrased his question, asking if Danvers was proud of herself. Danvers fought the urge to belittle her own efforts finally admitted that she was proud of herself. Thompson told Danvers that she was a good pilot, for which Danvers thanked him.

As they drove home, Maria Rambeau told Danvers about her experience doing the battle roll, as well as Bonnie Thompson having learned to fly using her family's crop duster. Danvers contemplated on her hesitation to feel proud of herself, then turned to Rambeau and told her that she was a good pilot while she parked. She complimented Rambeau's slow roll, watching as Rambeau struggled to thank her, the same way Danvers struggled with Jack. Danvers wondered why she did not feel as good, causing her to be quiet in a way which concerned Rambeau. Danvers told Rambeau that she was nervous about everything, prompting agreement from Rambeau. Rambeau lamented about feeling as if she did not earn her achievements, despite her accomplishments clearly indicating that she did, suggesting that she did not believe the accomplishments to count when she was the one who made them. Danvers agreed, saying that being the best was easier when she believed it to simply mean coming in first. She thought about her conversation with Tom Bianchi and joked with Rambeau about needing integrity and to love themselves. The two assured themselves out loud that they were good pilots before laughing at how cheesy they sounded.[5]

Choosing a New Path[]

"You going to be okay?"
"I'm working on it."
Zoë Noble and Carol Danvers[src]

Danvers and Maria Rambeau then took their private pilot's license exam. They asked the woman administering it how long it would take and were told that it would take one or two months. As Danvers returned to class, she was expecting Jenks to ask her about the air show and whether she had learned what he wanted her to and prepared a speech in response. However, Jenks did not pay attention to her. She concerned herself as she started to miss Jenks' hatred, realizing that she did not know how to respond to her indifference.

While walking to her Introduction to Soaring class, Danvers was found by Tom Bianchi, who had found Zoë Noble's notebook in her previous class. He gave it to Danvers so that she could give it to Noble in their dormitory later. Danvers agreed and assured Bianchi that she knew he would not purposefully look through Noble's notebook. Bianchi revealed to Danvers that Noble wanted to be an astronaut, shocking her. Bianchi noted that NASA would be lucky to have Noble and Erik Del Orbe, prompting Danvers to tell Bianchi that she was wrong about him. Bianchi thanked Danvers for the compliment, and Danvers assured him that she would get him the notebook. As Bianchi left to join his group for Introduction to Soaring, Jenks interrupted Danvers' path to hers.

Jenks asked Danvers to list the items cadets were supposed to take with them for class. When she listed the items, Jenks pointed out the notebook and suggested she had broken the rule. He asked if the notebook belonged to Danvers, who claimed that it was in fact hers. Danvers watched Noble become relieved as Jenks asked about the whether she felt she could be taught after taking a glance at the pilots at the air show. She said that while a cursory glance proved Jenks correct, she took more than a cursory glance and found that Jenks was relic who did not belong among the pilots. Jenks made fun of Danvers' use of the word relic, berating her intelligence. Out of anger, Danvers shouted that she and Rambeau intended to try out for the Flying Falcons, and lied about having earned their licenses. She saw Rambeau watch anxiously as Jenks announced his intention to prevent them from doing so.

Danvers struggled to focus on class, focused on making up with Rambeau. At the end, she rushed to Rambeau and apologized. She started to explain herself, but Rambeau cut her off and told her that she would need to decide how much she would sacrifice for her belief that his way was the only way. Rambeau said that while she loved Danvers, she needed to figure it out on her own. She left to join Bianchi and Garrett Pierre while Danvers said that she loved Rambeau to no one. Noble appeared and asked for her notebook. Noble told Danvers that she did not need to lie, saying that she did not know why she kept it. She took a drawing out and showed Danvers, seeing a drawing of a young girl dressed as an astronaut floating in space. She complimented the drawing and remembered her own drawings of her and planes. She gave Noble the drawing as Noble asked if Danvers would be okay. Danvers fought the urge to say that she was alright and thought of the smiles in all of her drawings, so she told Noble that she was working on it.

Danvers went to the mess hall to find her friends arguing about whose family made the best food. The group went silent when Danvers arrived, worrying Danvers. However, Rambeau reignited the argument and smiled at Danvers, relieving her. She stayed silent during the ensuing conversation, berating herself for risking her friendships for the sake of her pride. As they went to the library for their nightly study session, Danvers chose to leave, needing time for herself. She went to a boulder where she heard someone playing an upbeat melody, making it hard for her to reflect. However, the moment between songs forced her to reflect as she started to cry, realizing that she did not see herself as deserving Rambeau's kindness and that she was not able to move on. She realized that she placed her value into the hands of people like Jenks, but that she needed to let herself teach her own way.

Danvers went back to her dorm room, believing Rambeau to still be in the library, but was surprised to find Rambeau there. Rambeau explained that she wanted to be there when Danvers returned, so Danvers told Rambeau that she loved her. Danvers continued apologizing, but Rambeau cut her off and told her that she was not angry about the mistake Jenks said, but rather his question about whether they can be taught. Rambeau talked about how the concepts of being taught and letting herself learn scared her, asking what Danvers wanted from Jenks. Danvers confessed that Jenks believing she was good would allow her to feel the same and be happy, so Rambeau asked how Danvers felt around her. Danvers said that she felt happy, a sense of belonging and that she mattered, and Rambeau responded that she felt the same. Danvers laughed as Rambeau hugged her and they cried. The two agreed that they would never belong in Jenks world, but that it was a good thing.[5]

Flying Falcons Tryouts[]

"All those things you said about me are true, sir. I'm emotional and impulsive and more than a little cavalier. But I'm also brave enough to let myself learn. You should try it sometime."
―Carol Danvers to Jenks[src]

When Danvers and Maria Rambeau received the results from their private pilot's license tests, they put them on Rambeau's desk and did not acknowledge them, not ready to face the results. However, it came to be the final day of sign-ups for the Flying Falcons, Danvers said they should open them at the track. Rambeau hesitated, but Danvers took them and said that they needed to know. Rambeau said that she was not really ready, and the agreed that the other had no reason to doubt they passed. They left to join Tom Bianchi, Erik Del Orbe, and Garrett Pierre stretching, and the three asked if they were fighting okay. Danvers showed them the results, but Del Orbe and Pierre distracted them by attempting to say "private pilot's license" ten times fast, making them all laugh. Del Orbe suggested they open them at the same time, prompting worry about one having passed but not the other. Bianchi got tired of the concern and took the envelopes from Danvers, opening them and showing them that they passed. They all celebrated, but Danvers noticed that Bianchi was upset, so she told the others to start running while they got water.

Once they were alone, Danvers asked what was wrong. Bianchi started talking about how despite Danvers and Rambeau being better pilots than him, he would be the one making the Falcons. Danvers assured him that they knew, prompting Bianchi to ask why they are bothering to try out for the Falcons. Danvers considered her answer and ultimately said that it felt like the right thing to do. They started to go back, but Bianchi asked if Danvers would make less of him if he made the team. Danvers assured him that he would make it and can create change. She told Bianchi that he was the best man she knew, and Bianchi hesitantly thanked her. He and Danvers then joined her friends, who had started playing freeze tag with Zoë Noble.

Danvers and Rambeau then struggled to find the sign-up sheets between classes, but eventually found the office, where Danvers complimented the receptionist's eye shadow. They told the receptionist that they wanted to sign up, making the receptionist smile as she gave them the sign-up sheet. They noted that Bianchi was one of seventeen people trying out for two open spots, and that they were the only women.

During the week leading up to tryouts, Danvers expected herself to be too nervous to sleep or eat, but instead slept and ate well. Danvers and Rambeau were met by Jenks and cadet instructors, including Cadet Instructor Pilot Wolff. They all fell in line and listened as Jenks told them to wait until their names were called, and that their names would be posted by the end of the week. They were told to sit on wooden benches and given the order in which they would fly, with Danvers being the fifteenth pilot to fly. Danvers and Rambeau mouthed motivational sayings to each other and laughed, and Danvers saw Bianchi roll his eyes at that. Danvers watched as the first group of cadets, including Bret Johnson, approached the planes to fly. Danvers observed the three instructors guide their respective cadets through procedures and noticed a strange calm she felt, having given up worrying about what others thought about her.

The second group then went up, including Bianchi. Danvers watched Bianchi take off seamlessly, and she exchanged a glance with Rambeau as both agreed he was very skilled. Bianchi then landed without bouncing the plane, impressing her further. Danvers then watched Rambeau go straight to Jenks for her test and remain sure of herself through Jenks' gaze, wondering if Rambeau was the first woman to try out for the Falcons. As Danvers watched Rambeau with pride, the cadet next to her commented on how amazing she was. Danvers agreed and noted that the entire crowd was watching in awe. She hoped that Rambeau's flying would make them second guess people who claimed that women could not fly as well as men. Rambeau executed a barrel roll, shocking Danvers as she stood up and cheered.

When it was Danvers' turn to fly, she also chose to approach Jenks and saluted him. Jenks went through the procedures with her as she realized that the plane was much easier to use than Mr. Goodnight. Jenks told Danvers that she was impressive when the plane was on the ground and told her to start it up. They waited to receive clearance to fly, and the awkward silence allowed Danvers to realize that Jenks was simply one man rather than an all-knowing supervillain. They received clearance and Danvers took off, informing Jenks once she reached the required altitude. Jenks asked why they were going through the process, prompting Danvers to say that it was because she loved flying. Jenks asked if she thought that meant she deserved to be there, but Danvers responded that she had earned the right to be there because she was the best. Jenks started talking about how Danvers did not belong in the United States Air Force because she was emotional, impulsive, and insubordinate. Jenks then told Danvers that he was giving her a gift by showing her how dangerous her recklessness could be before moving the engine to idle and causing the plane to start falling.

Danvers remained calm during the crash as she realized that Jenks was trying to get her to acknowledge her shortcomings. However, she remembered her training with Jack Thompson and executed a power-off stall, preventing the plane from crashing. With the plane moving again, Danvers told Jenks that while she was emotional and impulsive, she was brave enough to let herself learn, suggesting that he try it. Danvers brought the plane back, and Jenks did not speak to her the rest of the flight.[5]

Celebratory Meal[]

Danvers then went to Jack and Bonnie Thompson's hangar with Maria Rambeau, Erik Del Orbe, Garrett Pierre, and Tom Bianchi. Danvers told her friends what Jenks had done during the test, prompting Del Orbe to question whether Jenks intended to let them crash. However, Rambeau clarified that Jenks was trying to save her. Jack put corn on the cob on a plate which Danvers brought to the table. Bonnie sent Pierre and Bianchi to get drinks while Jack asked Rambeau and Danvers what their plan was. The two said that they would find another way to be the first female fighter pilots, but Jack suggested there was another way to fly, but got cut off by Bonnie insisting they eat as there friends returned. They enjoyed dinner together and Danvers became overwhelmed with a sense of belonging, which she shared with Rambeau.

Rambeau told Danvers that she and Bonnie were talking earlier about their dreams, and Bonnie helped Danvers realize that her dream was simply to fly, not necessarily to fly combat. They suggested finding a new goal, and considered what it could be. Pierre suggested helicopters, making the group all groan at Pierre's obsession with them. Danvers realized that it was connected to letting herself learn again, so she told the group about her run-in with officer Wright. The group agreed that she and Rambeau needed to let themselves learn and find a new goal. Jack and Bonnie then gave each pilot a silver dollar from the year they were born, showing the group their own. Del Orbe noted that they had been rubbed smooth, so Bonnie commented that they needed a lot of luck. The pilots all thanked the Thompsons, and Bonnie reminded them to be themselves. They all ate dessert together.[5]

Test Pilot Career[]


At the end of her first academic year, Danvers participated in the three-day Recognition. Chen and Resendiz worked with the squadrons, and Danvers felt as though she were in Basic training again. Danvers went through the day, participating in several activities and catching glimpses of her friends. That night, Danvers and her friends all tiredly said goodnight to each other went to sleep. The next morning, she turned to Maria Rambeau, realizing that their time together would be ending soon. Danvers told Rambeau about her realization, prompting Rambeau to make fun of her for only then realizing it. Danvers prepared to give a speech as the two got ready for the day, but instead simply told Rambeau that she viewed her as a sister. Rambeau told Danvers that she felt inseparable from Danvers since their first time flying Mr. Goodnight. Rambeau told Danvers that they had been sisters since then, and insisted that she Danvers deserved a friend like her.

Rambeau and Danvers then arrived for their second day of Recognition late, which was noticed by Tom Bianchi and Erik Del Orbe. Rambeau suggested that they take it easy since the second day would be the hardest, and Danvers agreed as they stretched. Danvers and Rambeau shared the conversation they had, prompting Bianchi to remind her that they had another three years of studying. Danvers said that she understood logically, but not emotionally, which Bianchi understood. The group all looked to him to say more, but he refused and asked to return to the topic after Recognition. They agreed to get a group photo after the Run to the Rock, when they were all emotional.

Danvers struggled through the intense second day of Recognition and went to dinner with her friends. While leaving the dining hall, Danvers realized that the results of the Flying Falcons tryouts had been posted. She told her friends, and Garrett Pierre and Del Orbe asked if they had to accompany them to find out, tired. Bianchi told them to go to bed while they look at the list. They arrived at the office where the names were posted and expressed their nervousness before seeing that Bianchi and Bret Johnson had joined the Falcons. They expressed confusion about Johnson being picked before agreeing that they thought Danvers and Rambeau still had a chance. Bianchi commented that Jenks could have changed the world with his decision, so Danvers resolved that they would do it themselves. Rambeau and Danvers congratulated Bianchi, who decided not to process it emotionally yet.

On the final day, Danvers and Rambeau had a room inspection and then quickly joined their friends for the Run to the Rock. They fell into formation and waited to start running, and Danvers looked to Rambeau. She looked for Bianchi, finding him still and struggling to stay dispassionate. Cadet Chen approached Danvers and told her that she has demonstrated the capability for greatness to others and herself. Chen said that she was proud, and the two shared a moment of recognition as two women who had suffered being dismissed by Jenks. Danvers thanked Chen, who moved on to Del Orbe.

They started running, and once they reached the top, Danvers engaged in a group hug with Del Orbe, Pierre, and Rambeau, which was quickly absorbed by the entire squadron. Bianchi got emotional while standing on the sides and blamed his friends, hugging them. Danvers and her friends asked Zoë Noble to take five group photos, one for each, prompting sarcasm from Noble, who then took the pictures. The group said their goodbyes and got ready for their Recognition dinner, where Chen and Resendiz gave Danvers her prop-and-wings pin for her flight cap. A ceremony was held, and Danvers and Rambeau then started walking back to their dorms, when they were interrupted by the appearance of Brigadier General Whalen.

Whalen complimented Rambeau and Danvers' flying, asking who had taught them. Rambeau and Danvers told Whalen that they learned from Bonnie and Jack Thompson, impressing Whalen as they explained that they learned on Mr. Goodnight. Whalen asked the pair if they had considered being test pilots and offered to make a phone call for them before dismissing them. Rambeau and Danvers got excited at the prospect, realizing it could be their new goal. Rambeau and Danvers then realized that since Whalen mentioned have worked with Bonnie and was involved in secretive missions, it was likely that Bonnie was a spy with the CIA. The pair talked for hours, and Danvers had a difficult time sleeping as she started having doubts.[5]

Leaving for the Summer[]

Early the next morning, Danvers and Maria Rambeau left the Academy and drove near an airport, where Danvers had Rambeau close her eyes and listen to planes taking off to guess which sound belonged to which plane. They disagreed on the first plane, and Rambeau was ultimately right in saying it was a Cessna 172. Danvers correctly guessed the next plane, and they commented that they had forever to spend with each other. After a few moments of silence, the next plane came, which the pair recognized as being Mr. Goodnight. The pair waved and cheered to Jack and Bonnie Thompson, hoping they could hear, and Danvers heard an air horn in response.[5]

Friendship with Maria Rambeau[]

Captain Marvel (film) 19

Danvers speaking with Maria Rambeau

"You ready?"
"Higher, further, faster, baby."
Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

Overtime, Danvers would become the godmother to Maria Rambeau's daughter, Monica, as well as becoming a part of their family, as she didn't have much connection with her own.

Monica & Carol

Danvers bonds with Monica Rambeau

Danvers helped Rambeau raise Monica as she grew up, as well as serving as inspiration for the young girl, giving Monica a better childhood than her own, nicknaming her "Lieutenant Trouble." Danvers would lay outside with Monica, just like how her brother once did and look at the stars together. Danvers would also dress up with Monica for Halloween as inspirational female figures like she did when she was younger.

Maria & Carol

Danvers and Maria Rambeau celebrating

Over the course of their friendship, Danvers and Rambeau eventually completed their training,[1] including emergency medical training,[7] and graduated, despite any doubt that was cast onto them, earning the rank of "Captain." That night they went to celebrate at Pancho's Bar, playing pool and doing karaoke, enjoying their victory, despite one of their fellow graduates trying to put them down, claiming that flying was only for men.[1]

Working with Wendy Lawson[]

Carol Hangar

Danvers as a test pilot for Wendy Lawson

"Wonderful view, isn't it?"
"I prefer the view from up there."
"You'll get there soon enough, Ace."
Wendy Lawson and Carol Danvers[src]

Brigadier General Whalen's connections[5] resulted in Danvers and Maria Rambeau being offered a position to become test pilots for Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., a joint sciences project between the Air Force, S.H.I.E.L.D. and NASA, under the military scientist Doctor Wendy Lawson.

Carol Danvers '89

Danvers meets Doctor Wendy Lawson

Danvers and Rambeau, receiving the pilot callsigns of "Avenger" and "Photon", respectively, would continue to fly under Lawson's supervision together using the opportunity provided to show off their piloting abilities that were rejected elsewhere. Lawson directly mentored Danvers as they worked on Lawson's incredible technological developments, and Danvers was inspired by Lawson's passion for her work and her desire to use her skills to end wars. Danvers also earned the distinction of being one of the few people Lawson's pet Goose genuinely liked.[1]

Assassination of Mar-Vell[]

Captain Marvel (film) 32

Danvers entering outer space in the Asis

"We have no interest in hurting you."
"No? 'Cause all the shooting kinda gave me the wrong impression!"
Yon-Rogg and Carol Danvers[src]

One morning in 1989, Danvers and Maria Rambeau decided to have a friendly race to the base, with Danvers taking a shortcut to claim victory. Upon their arrival, they discovered Wendy Lawson in an agitated state stating she had lives to save. Noticing she was trying to pilot the Asis aircraft, Danvers volunteered to pilot it instead, concerned for the lives at stake Lawson mentioned. Once the two were airborne in the craft, Lawson provided Danvers with the coordinates for her laboratory.

Mar-Vell & Carol Danvers

Danvers trying to evade attacks

Beginning the ascent, they had suddenly noticed an unidentified aircraft approaching them, much to Lawson's fear, who ordered Danvers to get them out of there. Danvers did her best to evade the attacks while she asked what they wanted, which Lawson revealed was her work on board. Danvers managed to pull a maneuver that got her behind the enemy aircraft, but before she could open fire, the aircraft started firing backwards with aft facing armaments.

Carol (1989)

Danvers finds out Wendy Lawson is an alien

These attacks damaged the Asis, causing it to go down from engine damage. While Danvers tried to eject herself and Lawson from the Asis, the function didn't work so she attempted to land the aircraft near a lake and they crashed. As Danvers got out of the Asis to check on Lawson, she noticed that her blood was blue. Danvers helped her out of the Asis, where Lawson told her that she is not Wendy Lawson, but a Kree scientist named Mar-Vell from Hala. Mar-Vell then warned Danvers to escape so she doesn't also become a casualty in the war she had been fighting.

Captain Carol Danvers

Danvers aims a Kree Pistol at Yon-Rogg

Mar-Vell also told Danvers to remember the coordinates so she could finish her mission, as Mar-Vell then pulled out an alien pistol trying to destroy the Light-Speed Engine. By surprise, Mar-Vell was killed before she could fire, causing Danvers to pick up the pistol to defend herself from Yon-Rogg. He asked Danvers where the core was, but she bluffed him by informing him that he would be surrounded soon, in the hopes he'd run from a threat of a show of force.

Captain Marvel (film) 43

Danvers absorbs the Tesseract's energy

When Yon-Rogg then went to finish Danvers off, she stopped him, and informed him of the core's location: right next to her. Located at the heart of the engine, Yon-Rogg eyed it while Danvers decided to shoot and destroyed it, as Mar-Vell intended. The sudden explosion then unleashed a massive outburst of Tesseract energy, which was absorbed by Danvers into her genetic code, leaving her in a crater.

Captain Marvel (film) 68

Danvers is given a blood transfusion

While the engine was destroyed, Minn-Erva noticed that Danvers was still moving, and the energy surges emanating from her confirmed she had absorbed the power from the core.[1] However, Danvers did not survive the accident. Yon-Rogg took Danvers with them back to Hala, where Danvers was brought back to life with a blood transfusion from Yon-Rogg.[6] Danvers had her memories suppressed along with her powers using the photon inhibitor, and the Kree made her believe that the implant was the source of her powers. Using her amnesiac state to their advantage, Danvers would be made to believe she was a Kree and would go by the name Vers, due to the broken dog tag Yon-Rogg found in the blast site.[1] She was also made to believe that she had lost her memory from prior to the last five years during the fictitious Kestelian Skrull attacks.[8]

Infiltration into the Skrull Outpost[]


As "Vers" lived on Hala with the Kree, she joined the Starforce unit to help fight Skrulls. Since joining, Vers proved herself in multiple disciplines, including battlefield tactics, weapons and unarmed combat, and ground-based and airborne vehicles. She befriended the rest of Starforce, although she struggled to form a connection with Minn-Erva. Over time, she started to get used to the presence of her Photon Inhibitor. She continued some of her training regimen from before her memory was erased, including running every day, prompting confusion from the rest of Starforce.[7] However, she continued to question why she had no memories from prior to the last five years, deciding to write a log of her missions with Starforce in order to ensure that a record of her and her actions would remain if she ever lost her memory again.[8]

One day, Vers and Minn-Erva were brought into a conference room and told by Yon-Rogg that a Kree scout ship reported on Skrull activity on the planet Aphos Prime, tasking them with determining the Skrull force's strength and reporting back without engaging. Vers suggested that the Skrulls would engage them and asked why warriors such as the Starforce would be sent on a reconnaissance mission. Minn-Erva sarcastically commented about Vers questioning orders, but Yon-Rogg interrupted by explaining that the orders came from the Supreme Intelligence. Vers nodded and claimed she understood.

In the hallway after the briefing, Vers watched Minn-Erva leave. She was approached by Yon-Rogg, who told her that their place was to follow the Supreme Intelligence's orders without question. He explained that their mission was more important than Vers knew, but Vers asked why they would not simply stop whatever the Skrulls were doing. Yon-Rogg told Vers that they would eventually and told her to consider the mission to be a test. This led Vers to deduce that Yon-Rogg was attempting to test her and Minn-Erva, which Yon-Rogg refused to confirm. The pair went to Aphos Prime, where they were forced to enter the atmosphere at high speeds to avoid detection. Minn-Erva questioned Vers' ability to fly, but Vers responded confidently. Vers crashed the ship and the two prepared, when Minn-Erva reminded her that their weapons were for protection and defense only. Vers asked to be thanked for keeping them alive through the crash and made a bet with Minn-Erva that she would thank Vers before the end of the mission.

Minn-Erva opened the hatch of their ship without checking the atmosphere first, frustrating Vers. The two stepped out of the fighter ship and realized the planet was covered in mud, resulting in them becoming drenched in it as well. Vers joked that it was natural camouflage, but Minn-Erva did not laugh. Vers asked about the chances that they arrived unnoticed, and Minn-Erva responded that they did not. Vers said that it almost sounded like a thank-you, which Minn-Erva denied. Minn-Erva's Skrull Detector started glitching, but ultimately told them a direction to go. Vers suggested the planet itself was interfering with the detector and cloaked the ship, and the two walked to where the Skrulls were.[7]

Dragged into the Mud[]

As Vers and Minn-Erva walked, the Skrull Detector continued to glitch, causing Vers to realize that they would need visual confirmation of the Skrulls' numbers, which she said would certainly lead to a fight. Minn-Erva reminded Vers of their orders not to engage, annoying Vers. She asked Minn-Erva why she did not like her, prompting Minn-Erva to call her childish. Vers tried to explain herself, but Minn-Erva cut her off and explained that she viewed Vers as reckless and dangerous to them. Minn-Erva told Vers to follow her lead, hoping to get off Aphos Prime, upsetting Vers.

The two continued to walk in silence for an hour as Vers wondered why the Skrulls were interested in such a barren planet. Minn-Erva hesitated as her tracker reactivated, displaying three targets within five hundred meters of them. The two knelt down and realized that they were not sure who was surprising who, and Vers again said they would need visual contacts. Minn-Erva hesitantly agreed, so Vers crawled to the top of a mountain and saw the Skrulls crawling as well. She prepared to tell Minn-Erva when the Skrulls saw her and fired at her. Vers returned to Minn-Erva, who knew that she had been seen. Vers suggested they scare them off, so she used her photon abilities to blast the Skrulls and scare them away from attacking. However, Skrulls appeared in a hovercraft and started firing on them.

As Vers and Minn-Erva crawled through the mud, the two argued about who was responsible for their situation. As Minn-Erva prepared to retort, the shooting increased. Vers looked over the wall they hid behind and saw eight Skrulls firing while another kept watch. She rejoined Minn-Erva and told her the number of Skrulls, as the two agreed that more would be coming. The two then hesitated to accept that they had agreed on something. They made a plan and Vers went back up the mountain, confronting the hovercraft. She sent a photon blast through the ship, destroying it in seconds. She then took her sidearm and crawled next to Minn-Erva, who commented about her no longer using her powers. Vers offered to keep the Skrulls pinned while Minn-Erva ambushed thme, but Minn-Erva commented that she was a better shot. They suddenly heard the same sound as footsteps in the mud, but were unable to see anyone except their opponents on another hill.

The two agreed to flee the planet and started walking back toward their ship, when Vers asked what the Skrulls would want with the planet, which seemed to kill everything that landed on it. Minn-Erva suggested that they intended to weaponize it, but Vers asked how that would be possible. The mud started bubbling and foaming, prompting Vers to deduce that it was alive. The ground started shifting around them, which Vers suggested was a defense mechanism. Minn-Erva started firing at the mud, angering it and pulling her under faster. Vers tried unsuccessfully to pull Minn-Erva out, but realized that a Skrull being alive when it resurfaced meant that something was likely under the mud, so she let herself sink on purpose.[7]


"I can fly anything, anywhere."

Under the surface, Vers wiped the mud off her face and saw that she was in a cavern. She took her foot off of Minn-Erva's head and the two looked around, using the light from the targeting laser on Minn-Erva's gun. Vers noticed that the vines were pulsing and asked how they were breathing, but Minn-Erva countered by asking why they were breathing. Vers suggested that the vines were blood vessels, prompting sarcasm from Minn-Erva. Vers told Minn-Erva they would need to work together as Minn-Erva noticed a Skrull emerging in the wall. The two threatened him, but the Skrull explained that he was injured and begged for help. Minn-Erva and Vers hesitantly pulled him out of the mud, but the Skrull refused to tell them anything. Vers realized that he was desperate to escape, and offered help in exchange for information, shocking Minn-Erva. However, Vers explained that the Skrull's ability to move through the mud could be useful, which Minn-Erva agreed with. The Skrull explained that the planet was alive and tried to stand up, causing pain, so Vers helped him against the wall. The Skrull went on to explain that the planet was the remains of Aphos Prime, and Vers realized that the Supreme Intelligence did not know what happened to the planet. She then realized that it meant Yon-Rogg had either knowingly sent his subordinates into a death trap or that he was kept in the dark, unsure of which was worse.

Vers demanded to know what had happened to Aphos Prime, but the Skrull explained that his species knew as little as the Kree. The Skrull went onto explain that they could escape by crawling through the mud where it was bubbling, so Vers ordered the Skrull to go first. As the Skrull lifted himself up, Minn-Erva said that she would follow directly behind, instructing Vers to stay in the back and make sure they were not followed. The Skrull said he needed to rest and fell on his face, prompting Minn-Erva to realize that he would die. Vers was determined to keep him alive for information, so he approached the Skrull and realized that he was dealing with acid burn in his lungs, which caused a hole to form. She plugged the hole with part of the Skrull's tunic, reviving him enough to continue crawling. Vers got distracted wondering where she learned such medical skills before they continued to crawl.

The trio came across a wall of mud separate from the opening of the vine by a membrane, and Vers looked up to see her and Minn-Erva's ship. Vers said that they could climb to the surface to escape the planet, but the Skrull said it was impossible. Minn-Erva attempted to shoot the membrane, but the planet got angry and started trying to kill them with vines as mud oozed through the walls of the vine. One vine stabbed Vers, hurting her as it was covered in acid, realizing that the same had happened to the Skrull's chest. Minn-Erva suggested that Vers use her abilities, so Vers destroyed the membrane, causing them to get flooded by mud. She then grabbed Minn-Erva and the Skrull and pushed them to the surface. She tried to surface herself, but found that her leg had been grabbed by a vine. Minn-Erva cut the vine, allowing Vers to blast the surface and escape.

Vers got into the ship and made her way to the pilot's seat while Minn-Erva shot the vines. She took off and warned Minn-Erva to get in the ship, and they left as the planet screamed. Vers eyed the Skrull and thanked Minn-Erva for saving her, prompting Minn-Erva to return the thanks. Vers then laughed, gloating that she was right about Minn-Erva thanking her during the mission.

Vers and Minn-Erva brought the Skrull back to Hala, where Yon-Rogg told them that the Skrull would be interrogated. Vers asked if the Kree knew about Aphos Prime, which Yon-Rogg denied. They prepared for a briefing while Yon-Rogg typed something in his tablet.[7]

Infiltration into the Sy'gyl Research Base[]


"I can't pretend to know what goes on in there, but if you can't keep your head clear and stay focused..."
"I am a Kree warrior. Don't doubt me."
Yon-Rogg and Vers[src]

Vers went for a run and accidentally hit an old man. He started to scold her, but then noticed the insignia on her Starforce Uniform and apologized. Vers took responsibility for the hit, but the man insisted it was his fault and thanked her for her service before leaving. She looked back to the man for a moment and resumed running. Vers met Yon-Rogg outside of his apartment, and the two started running together. Vers told him about the old man as they reached the gym, where the two sparred. Yon-Rogg defeated Vers while she joked with him, and he told her that she needed to take things more seriously. Vers insisted that she did and threw a towel in his face before kicking his neck.

Vers later went to a briefing, where she paced nervously, worried about the situation seeming strange. Bron-Char said that strange could be good, but Vers reminded him of a mission where he was bitten by a creature. Yon-Rogg then arrived with Korath, followed by Minn-Erva and Att-Lass. Yon-Rogg explained that, since the war against the Skrulls was draining resources, the Kree would be ending their war against Xandar. Yon-Rogg explained that they were tasked with infiltrating the Xandarian-controlled planet Sy'gyl to receive plans from a Xandarian defector for a Xandarian weapon. Vers asked why the Kree would jeopardize the potential peace for the mission, so Korath explained that they needed to ensure that the Kree remain in a position of power. Yon-Rogg ordered Starforce to get ready, so the team left to do that.

After the meeting, Minn-Erva asked Vers what was bothering her, although she insisted that she did not care. Minn-Erva admitted that she was wondering when Vers would slip up, but Vers insisted that it would not happen, flipping Minn-Erva over her shoulder. Vers heard Att-Lass and Bron-Char stand up for her as she decided not to engage, leaving the group. She considered Minn-Erva's words and thought about what was bothering her about the mission, when Att-Lass approached her and tried to comfort her about Minn-Erva, although Vers explained that she already knew how Minn-Erva was. Vers went to the hangar and was surprised to find a freighter waiting for them instead of the Helion. Yon-Rogg explained that they could not afford to be noticed and was introduced to their pilot, Sun-Val, and ordered to treat her as a member of the Starforce.[7]

Infiltrating Sy'gyl[]

"There's no way it's this easy."

On the flight to Sy'gyl, the ship was attacked by Kree fighters. Starforce hesitated and wondered what to do, when Vers suggested that they fire back. Agreeing that it was best not to raise suspicion, Yon-Rogg passed the order along to Sun-Val. A battle then ensued in which Starforce's ship was hit and air started to leave it. Vers managed to unbuckle her harness and activate the shield in time, preventing air from escaping through the hole. As they entered Sy'gyl's orbit, Sun-Val introduced the planet as Yon-Rogg explained that they would start as soon as they landed and that they would not have a lot of time. Vers asked what they would do if they encountered Xandarian resistance, but Yon-Rogg simply told them not to. Minn-Erva and Att-Lass pointed out that it was not a possible request and Vers started to voice agreement, but Yon-Rogg cut her off and repeated the order, so Starforce agreed.

As they entered the planet's upper atmosphere, Vers watched Yon-Rogg make fun of Korath for picking the ship they were flying. Korath got defensive, so Vers tried to explain that he was making fun of him, although he could not hear her over the engine. Vers yelled several times, and he finally heard once the engine turned off. Sun-Val then came down and explained that they would be safe so long as the Nova Corps did not figure out who they were. Sun-Val greeted Vers and told her to not worry about her but focus on the mission. Yon-Rogg called Vers over and Vers went to him, mistrusting Sun-Val. Yon-Rogg and Korath told Vers that she would be infiltrating the base alone, confusing her. Korath scolded her for questioning orders, but Yon-Rogg told him to check on weapons with the others. Once they were alone, Vers asked if she was in trouble, but Yon-Rogg said that she was not and that the decision came from the Supreme Intelligence, surprising Vers. He then gave Vers the specifics of the mission.

Vers joined the rest of the team and told them that they were simply reviewing the land and that Yon-Rogg wanted to speak to Minn-Erva next. Minn-Erva did not like being briefed one at a time, although Bron-Char and Att-Lass defended Yon-Rogg's reasons for doing so. As the ship touched down, Yon-Rogg opened the hatch and told Starforce that only Minn-Erva would have a weapon. He told Sun-Val to leave at the first sign of trouble, and when Sun-Val asked about them, Vers insisted that they would manage. As Starforce started navigating the planet, Vers joked about seeing the world, but Yon-Rogg told them to stop talking and only use hand signals. Bron-Char saw something ahead, so Att-Lass went ahead and came back, saying that it was a Xandarian ship. The group continued to follow behind Att-Lass until they reached the Nar'dath mountain range, where Yon-Rogg showed Vers the layout of the bunker. Vers commented that it seemed easy, prompting Korath to scold her for not taking the mission seriously. Yon-Rogg defended her and told her to find a scientist named Peer Kaal. Yon-Rogg showed Vers a holographic picture of Kaal and Minn-Erva told her not to mess up before Vers left. Vers approached the bunker and got distracted by Sun-Val, attempting to figure out what it was that continually distracted her. She reached the bunker and told Minn-Erva that she was going in, prompting Minn-Erva to wish Vers luck, which confused Vers.

Vers entered the base and found a small rock, which she tried unsuccessfully to pick up. She investigated further and realized that it needed to be spun, revealing a hole in the ground which she jumped into. She found herself in a tunnel and attempted to communicate with her team, but found that she did not have any reception. She went down the hallway and entered the first room, finding it empty, so she started checking multiple rooms until she found Kaal, saying that she knew Vers would come. She told Vers that she was glad Vers had arrived and that she was the plans which Vers was searching for. She explained that she was the only one who knew what the plans were, and that the fires of Sy'gyl were the result of the weapon, destroying the planet in less than a year. Vers attempted to bring Kaal with her, but she gave Vers a data capsule containing everything she knew about the Axiom Cannon, refusing to go with a Kree soldier. A Xandarian soldier than appeared and stabbed Vers in the leg, attempting to kill Kaal. Vers defended Kaal until a Stealth Bomb hit and destroyed the base, and Kaal was killed.[7]

Meeting Rhomann Dey[]

"I mean, you're a Nova. I'm a Kree warrior. Shouldn't we be, like, killing each other or something?"
"I don't really believe in killing someone if I don't have to."
―Vers and Rhomann Dey[src]

As Vers took in her surroundings, she heard people on the comm-link about a traitor and attempted to assess her situation, wondering whether she was being attacked by the Nova Corps. She created a tourniquet for her wound and kept moving. Vers gasped in pain from her leg injury and checked her surroundings, realizing that her attackers had left. She struggled to stand, succeeding on the second attempt, and moved until she heard the voice of someone from the Nova Corps approaching her. She figured out his location as he approached her and grabbed him by the throat, although she released him when he offered his help in escaping the planet. The man introduced himself as Rhomann Dey and explained that the people firing at her represented a part of the government which believed the Kree could be forced into submission, whereas he was from a part which believed peace could only be achieved by both sides having equal technologies. Vers realized that Dey was fighting against his own people and acknowledged that his mission was worse than hers. Dey asked if Vers could walk, and Vers insisted that she could before falling over. Dey offered to help, which Vers insisted that she did not need as she started walking. However, Dey pointed out that she was walking into a minefield. She retraced her steps to join Dey and the two started walking in the opposite direction. Vers pointed Dey to her extraction point, and Dey said that they would need to treat her leg injury. Vers was hesitant to trust him, but eventually sat down and allowed him to treat her while she passed out.

Vers woke up fifteen minutes later and Dey explained what he did for her leg. Vers complimented Dey's work before the two realized that the forest was on fire, so they started running toward a clearance of rocks. Vers asked why they were not killing each other, so Dey explained that he did not believe in unnecessary killing, causing Vers to realize that he had never killed anyone. As they neared the edge, the two were stopped by a Xandarian warrior whom Dey said was not with the Nova Corps. Dey said that it appeared as though the Xandarian was playing with them, so Vers decided to play back. She stood up and blasted at their assailant, but hit a nearby stump instead. Still, the attacker fell from the stump, which caught fire. Dey asked Vers how she did it, but Vers said she did not know. Dey suggested someone tipped their enemies off, revealing to Vers that they were attacked by a Skrull. He explained that the Skrulls arrived shortly after Starforce, so Vers said that they needed to return to the freighter as the medicine Dey gave her wore off, thinking that it was the creepiest mission she had been on.

The pair neared Starforce's ship, and Dey told Vers that he did not want to meet Starforce. Vers realized that Dey was hiding something, so he admitted that he knew why they were both chosen for the mission, explaining that they were the least likely to kill without question. Yon-Rogg then appeared and commented on how loud their conversation was, and Vers reunited with him, Bron-Char, and Sun-Val. Starforce said goodbye to Dey, who left as Vers asked why Sun-Val left the ship. Sun-Val claimed that she had to make sure no one was trying to steal the freighter, although Vers did not believe her.[7]

Leaving Sy'gyl[]

"And you did all right, by the way. You came through."
"So did you."
Minn-Erva and Vers[src]

Vers, Sun-Val, Yon-Rogg, and Bron-Char arrived at the freighter and reunited with the rest of Starforce. Suddenly, Minn-Erva aimed her weapon toward Vers and told her to get down while Yon-Rogg and Bron-Char shouted the same warning as she felt a weapon between her shoulders. Vers fell as Minn-Erva shot Sun-Val, revealing that she was a Skrull. Minn-Erva and Att-Lass explained that the real Sun-Val was dead. Yon-Rogg realized that the Skrull was hoping to take the plans from Vers, who revealed that she had retrieved them.

On the flight back to Hala, Vers tried to sit up before the pain set in from her injuries. Minn-Erva went to her and told her not to sit up, explaining that she had lost a significant amount of blood and that her leg was badly injured. Vers jokingly asked if she could keep the leg, and Minn-Erva complimented Vers' work in the mission. Vers returned the compliment and returned to the cockpit. Yon-Rogg approached and asked about her leg, telling her to rest and that she would be getting medical treatment as soon as they returned. Vers told Yon-Rogg that Rhomann Dey told her something about the mission, although Yon-Rogg reminded her that Xandarians could not be trusted. Vers continued and Yon-Rogg asked if she thought he was being truthful, which Vers said she was not sure about. Yon-Rogg asked if it mattered and left, although Vers thought to herself that it did.[7]

Kree-Skrull War[]

Meeting the Supreme Intelligence[]

Carol Kree Room

Vers on Hala with no memories of her past

"Do you know what time it is?"
"Can't sleep."
"There are tabs for that."
"Yeah, but then I'd be sleeping."
Yon-Rogg and Vers[src]

For the next several years, "Vers" continued to operate as a member of Yon-Rogg's Starforce unit. On one mission to X-27, Vers misread the command to "bring the heat" and accidentally ruined a stealth mission.[9] During her time, she had no memories of her past, experiencing only a certain glimpse in recurring dreams, which were altered to make it look like the Skrull were responsible for losing everything that she hold dear: her home, family and memories. After having another one of these "dreams," Vers decided to avoid sleep and visit Yon-Rogg.

Marvell vs Carol

Vers during combat training with Yon-Rogg

When Vers went to Yon-Rogg's quarters, she requested of him that they could practice, so they both went to the sparring room and fought each other. After Yon-Rogg knocked Vers down, he asked her about her dreams, telling her that she has to let go of her past, which she had no recollection of, as he claimed it caused her to doubt. Vers was then about to use her powers, but Yon-Rogg stopped her, telling her to control her emotions, which he had always tried to suppress in her, along with her sense of humor. The fight then ended when Vers accidentally hit Yon-Rogg with a photon blast, causing him to arrange a meeting with her and the Supreme Intelligence.

Vers Hala

Vers getting some advice from Yon-Rogg

The pair then took a train to the Supreme Intelligence, where Vers asked Yon-Rogg questions about it. He explained that no one knows its true form and that they only see who they most admire, which Vers tried to guess who Yon-Rogg sees, but he wouldn't divulge. When the discussion returned to Vers' control on her abilities, Yon-Rogg reminded her not to rely on her emotions but her mind.


Vers meeting with the Supreme Intelligence

Vers then met with the Supreme Intelligence, who took the form of Mar-Vell, but Vers did not remember who that was. The Supreme Intelligence discussed whether Vers was ready to serve, telling her that she struggles with her emotions and that it is her past that fuels it, lying to her that she was a victim of the "Skrull expansion." However, Vers told her that she couldn't remember anything from her life, which Supreme Intelligence used to get her to think about the Kree over herself. Vers then assured it that she was ready to serve, and Supreme Intelligence then assigned her to a mission with Yon-Rogg's Starforce.[1]

Ambush in Torfa[]

Captain Marvel (film) 61

Vers with the rest of Starforce

"Did you find Soh-Larr?"
"It wasn't Soh-Larr. Talos simmed him, even knew his code."
Yon-Rogg and Vers[src]

Vers joined up with the Starforce members and prepared for their mission. They all boarded the Helion and talked about the mission, thinking it may be a Skrull attack, until Yon-Rogg arrived. He informed them that it was a search and rescue mission for Soh-Larr, a Kree spy, on Torfa, which was inhabited by Skrulls.

Captain Marvel armor

Vers arrives on Torfa

The ships then made their way through space and arrived at Torfa, where Starforce landed their ship underwater, where they made their approach. They made it to the surface, where Vers tracked Son-Larr's signal to a temple, which Yon-Rogg suspected as an ambush. Vers volunteered to go in alone, but Yon-Rogg decided they carefully move in as a team. They were soon approached by the natives, as Vers proceeded to find Soh-Larr. Vers came across Soh-Larr and they exchanged codes, verifying it was him.

Vers zap

Vers is knocked out by Talos

Suddenly, Vers was notified by Yon-Rogg that it was an ambush by the Skrulls, making her realize that Soh-Larr must also be a Skrull. However, before she could act, Talos, who was disguised as Son-Larr, attacked her with a Skrull Electroshock Baton, momentarily paralyzing her. Unable to move, Vers asked Talos how he knew the code, but he responded vaguely, asking her to tell him her secret. Talos then knocked Vers unconscious, and took her on board the Skrull flagship.[1]

Escape from the Skrulls' Ship[]

Vers captured by the Skrulls

Vers is captured by Skrulls

"What did you put in my head?"
"Nothing that wasn't already there."
―Vers and Talos[src]

While unconscious, the Skrulls connected Vers to a Fracking Pod as they skimmed through her life as Carol Danvers, hoping to find information on Mar-Vell, the true identity of the woman Danvers once knew as Dr. Lawson. As they went through her barely-conscious mind, Vers watched an odd composite of her buried memories play out.

Captain Marvel VFX 16

Vers makes her escape from Skrulls' Ship

Vers was able to wake up from the Fracking Pod, finding herself bound upside-down. She pretended to still be unconscious as she listened to the Skrulls. While they were distracted, Vers used her abilities to break herself out of captivity; however, her hands were still bound in Skrull Cuffs. After knocking out the Skrulls in the room, she interrogated Talos to find out what they did to her. He stated that they looked in her head, but Vers refused to believe that what she saw were her memories.

Cuffs Skrull

Vers interrogates Talos

Talos then revealed that they were looking for Dr. Wendy Lawson, the woman in Vers' memories, but she had no recollection of her. Even though Vers refused to give in to her emotions, she couldn't help but begin to question whether what she saw was real. Suddenly, more Skrulls arrived, but Vers, still unable to use her powers, fought them off and defeated the whole horde.

Captain Marvel (film) 164

Vers fighting off a horde of Skrulls

When she found herself being overwhelmed, Vers overheated the restraints on her hands, destroying them. However, when she blasted the restraints off, it also caused the ship's wall to break, causing everything in the room to be sucked out. Vers held onto the ship and equipped her helmet so she could breathe. Vers then launched herself out of the destroyed room into a hallway, where she continued to try and escape, collecting her boots along the way.

Vers 1995

Vers commandeers a Skrull Space Pod

Arriving at the Skrulls' Space Pods, Vers hijacked one of the pods to escape, but as she was setting it up, Talos shot at the controls, causing her to depart immediately. Vers then successfully escaped the Skrull ship and found herself heading for a crash landing on the nearby planet. As her pod accelerated, it started to tear apart, causing Vers to fall out and be thrown to the planet's surface, crashing through a building.[1]

Returning to Earth[]

Carol Danvers (Blockbuster)

Vers after crash landing on Earth

"Hi. I'm Vers. Kree Starforce. Is this C-53? Do you understand me? Is my universal translator working?"
"Yeah, I understand you."
―Vers and Mall Security Guard[src]

When she got up, Vers looked around, confused about where she was, completely unaware it was her home planet. She tried to contact Starforce but was unable to get a response. Vers was able to deduce that the planet she was on was Earth, although known to her as "C-53."


Vers approaches a guard for assistance

Now on her own, Vers exited the building and approached a vehicle, getting the attention of a security guard inside it. After introducing herself, Vers asked if she was on C-53, but he did not understand what she was talking about. Moving on, she asked where she could access communications equipment, to which he directed her to The Slow Club and a phone booth.


Vers tries to make contact with Starforce

After obtaining some electronic devices, Vers used their parts and altered the phone booth to fix her communicator, allowing her to reach Yon-Rogg. After verifying it was her and not a Skrull, Vers asked what had happened, which she was informed of the Skrull ambush. Vers then told them that Talos was disguised as Soh-Larr, and knew the secret code, which she suspected they obtained through the machine they had her in.

Captain Marvel Payphone

Vers updates her status to Yon-Rogg

Vers informed them that she was on Earth and that the Skrulls' mission was finding a woman named Wendy Lawson. Knowing that Lawson was who she saw the Supreme Intelligence as, Vers was determined to learn who she was. However, Vers only reported to Yon-Rogg about stopping the Skrulls from finding her first. Yon-Rogg told her to stay put until they arrived, but she did not want to risk letting the Skrulls gain access to the light-speed tech to invade new galaxies.

Vers (Los Angeles 1995)

Vers meets and is questioned by Nick Fury

Suddenly, the communication line with Yon-Rogg cut out, so Vers decided to continue the mission on her own. However, she was approached by Nick Fury, who began to question her, due to the security guard reporting her. Despite trying to leave, Fury stopped her and asked for her identification, so she informed him she was a Kree soldier and that she was hunting Skrulls that had infiltrated Earth. However, due to Fury not having any idea what she was saying, he did not believe her and told her she was under arrest.[1]

Chase of the Skrulls[]


Vers fires a photon blast at the Skrull Spy

"The woman said that there were more?"
"The word she used was infiltration."
―"Keller" and Nick Fury[src]

Suddenly, Vers noticed a Skrull on the roof of a building in a sniper position, so she moved Nick Fury out of the way as he fired at them. Vers then returned fire at the Skrull, but he retreated. A chase then ensued between the two, as the Skrull tried to escape.

Carol Danvers (1995)

Vers chasing the Skrull Spy onto a train

As she was running after the Skrull, Vers then spotted a train approaching, which the Skrull got inside. Vers rushed after it, maneuvering her way up to the station, but it began to leave before she could get inside. Fortunately, Vers was able to jump onto the train at the last moment, hanging on to the end of it. She then entered the train through a window and began to search for the Skrull, who was disguised as a human. Inspecting all the passengers on board, Vers was able to deduce who wasn't the Skrull, including the Watcher Informant.

Captain Marvel (film) 35

Vers discovers the Skrull Spy in disguise

When she entered the next carriage, Vers spotted an old woman, who she had run into earlier, making her realize that she was the Skrull. Despite his attempts to deceive her, Vers punched him in the face, breaking the act. The two then began to fight in the train, where other passengers attempted to stop Vers, believing she was attacking an old woman.

Captain Marvel (film) 09

Vers furiously firing at the Skrull Spy

Although Vers continued to violently fight the Skrull, he was able to get away when Vers was restrained by the passengers. Noticing the Skrull dropping a crystal, Vers picked it up after freeing herself and continued to pursue the Skrull who jumped up onto the top of the train. When Vers caught up to the Skrull, he kicked her off, but she was able to hang onto the side of the train. When she climbed back on, Vers fired a photon blast at the Skrull, but he evaded it by jumping back down in the train.

Captain Marvel (film) 04

Vers loses sight of the Skrull Spy

Noticing a tunnel up ahead, Vers blasted a hole in the train's roof and jumped down before it hit her. However, she had lost the Skrull, so she waited until the train stopped at the station to find him. Vers then spotted who she thought was the Skrull, but when she went to attack him, she discovered he was not. Vers looked around the station, trying to spot the Skrull, to no avail. Vers then exited the station and tried to continue her mission.

Carol Computer EW

Vers attempts to locate Pancho's Bar

Inserting the crystal into her uniform, Vers was able to access the memories the Skrulls explored, but was only able to get a few images before it started to fry her suit. Vers then went to a nearby computer cafe to locate Pancho's Bar, which she saw in the memories. Struggling with using the inferior technology, Vers acquired a map to locate the bar. When a man on a motorcycle drove up, she decided to steal it, along with some clothes, to get to the bar.[1]

Alliance with Nick Fury[]

Captain Marvel Total Film Still 01

Vers arrives at Pancho's Bar

"You have three names. What do people call you?"
"Just Fury?"
―Vers and Nick Fury[src]

Following the directions she learned from the map, Vers drove across California, and successfully arrived at Pancho's Bar. When she went inside, Vers looked around while memories she had from there returned to her until she noticed a picture on the wall.

Captain Marvel (film) 129

Vers encountering Nick Fury again

When Vers took a closer look at a picture of a jet, she noticed a symbol on it, exactly like the one in her memories. Vers then asked the bartender where the picture was taken and then more importantly where Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Facility was. However, Nick Fury greeted her once again, telling her that information was classified, like the file he started on her. The two then talked about the recent events and encounters with the Skrulls.

Carol & Fury

Vers decides whether Nick Fury is a Skrull

Vers then brought up whether Fury was a Skrull, which he told her he wasn't, but she required more proof, revealing that Skrulls can match DNA and only recent memories. They both then sat down as Vers questioned Fury on his history. Vers was able to verify that Fury was not a Skrull but then decided to get him to reveal an embarrassing detail about himself for her amusement.


Vers decides to work with Nick Fury

Fury then turned the questioning onto Vers, asking her to prove she's also not a Skrull. So, Vers used her powers to fire a photon blast at the jukebox, which she explained Skrulls could not do. Now with some semblance of trust established between the two, Vers enquired Fury about his clearance level to find out about Pegasus, and the two began working together.

Captain Marvel (film) 14

Vers tells Nick Fury of the Kree-Skrull War

As they drove to the facility in Fury's car, Vers informed Fury of the war between Skrulls and the Kree, who she described as "noble warrior heroes." Fury then asked why the Skrulls would want Wendy Lawson, which Vers explained how she had developed a Light-Speed Engine, which they would want to use. Fury then moved the conversation onto Vers, in regard to what she wanted. Fury saw through her set response about stopping the Skrulls, understanding that something about the mission was personal for her.

Nick Fury & Carol Danvers (1995)

Vers arrives at the facility

Once they arrived at the facility security gate, Vers learned Fury's full name was Nicholas Joseph Fury, but he insisted on being referred to only as "Fury" by everyone. They were then granted access into the facility, and when they parked, Fury gave Vers a cap with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it to blend in. They were then approached by security, who they asked about Lawson's whereabouts, but they were instead put in an office, which had been locked, to wait.

Carol & Fury Elevator

Vers and Nick Fury explore the facility

After realizing that they were locked in, Fury got them out of the room using a fingerprint on his badge. After Vers located the records room, as they made their way to there, they came across Goose, who Vers did not recognize. Vers then used a photon blast to open the door, much to Fury's confusion on why she didn't do that earlier.

Captain Marvel EW 05

Vers searches the records room

They made their way through the records room until they came across Lawson's files. Vers looked over Lawson's plans for the Light-Speed Engine, which she learned had been terminated. Fury, after looking over some of Lawson's notes, believed she was insane, but Vers corrected him that it was Kree glyphs. Vers then realized that Lawson was a Kree, and Fury added that she died in an aircraft crash six years ago and that the engine had been destroyed.

Captain Marvel (film) 94

Vers learns of Wendy Lawson's true identity

When Vers asked about the pilot who also died in the crash, Fury revealed it was all redacted, except for a testimonial from Maria Rambeau, the last person to see them alive. Fury then left, and unbeknownst to Vers, he contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. about her, while she processed this information. However, this was only made more difficult when she discovered a photo of Lawson, Rambeau and herself, causing her to remember more of her past.[1]

Ambush at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility[]

Carol DanVERS (Pegasus)

Vers makes contacts with Yon-Rogg again

"You called them in?"
"My bad."
―Vers and Nick Fury[src]

After uncovering information about Wendy Lawson, Vers contacted Yon-Rogg on a nearby phone that she altered. Vers asked Yon-Rogg whether he knew anything about Lawson being on Earth, and he told her that Lawson was an undercover operative named Mar-Vell who was working on an energy core to help win the war.


Vers is given orders from Yon-Rogg

Learning that Yon-Rogg was aware of Mar-Vell being on Earth, Vers asked him about herself, informing him she discovered that she had a life on Earth as well. Vers revealed that Mar-Vell was who she saw the Supreme Intelligence, too, but Yon-Rogg, who knew the truth, tried to convince her it was a Skrull simulation. However, Vers would not accept that, knowing her memories to be true. Yon-Rogg stopped Vers by reminding her of her training, shutting off her emotions, and then informed her that they would regroup with her soon on Earth.

Captain Marvel (film) 184

Vers goes back to save Nick Fury from Talos

Vers, now uncertain about herself, went to leave the facility, when she overheard S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that had arrived, talk about bringing in Nick Fury dead or alive for working with her. Vers contemplated going back for Fury and ultimately decided to, as she couldn't let him be killed after helping her. Making her way back to the fifth floor, Vers found Talos, disguised as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director, standing over Fury, so she blasted him away with a photon blast.


Vers and Fury confronted by Phil Coulson

When more agents arrived, Vers blasted a hole in the ceiling to the next floor, and she and Fury escaped through it. As they ran away, Vers scolded Fury for betraying her by calling in S.H.I.E.L.D., which he apologized for. When they reached the stairwell, they were cornered by Phil Coulson. Vers prepared to fight him, but his trust in Fury caused him to let them go.

Captain Marvel (film) 82

Vers commandeers a S.H.I.E.L.D. Quadjet

When they were temporarily safe, Vers demanded Fury hand over his Transmitter Pager so he wouldn't use it again. They then ran through the hangar, where Vers spotted a Quadjet for them to escape in. They both sat in the cockpit, as Fury questioned whether Vers could fly the aircraft, which she was fairly certain of. Vers then proceeded to fly the Quadjet out of the facility.


Vers is joined by Goose on the Quadjet

Not long after escaping, the two heard faint meowing, which was revealed to be Goose, who had stowed away on the Quadjet. When they were in the clear, Goose sat on Vers' lap, as she was comfortable with her, but Vers carried her to the dashboard. Vers then showed Fury the photo of her she found, and they both deduced that she was the pilot that went down with "Lawson," and somehow arrived on Hala, near dead and with no memory.

Carol Danvers (S.H.I.E.L.D

Vers bonds with Nick Fury

Vers then set out to find Maria Rambeau, so Fury instructed her how to get to Louisiana. As they flew, Vers was curious why Coulson didn't hand them over to the Skrulls, which Fury informed was him going with his gut instead of blindly following orders, something Vers stated she got in trouble for. The two then bonded more as they flew, laughing over their experiences with each other.[1]

Rambeau Family Reunion[]

Carol Maria & Monica

Vers talking to Maria and Monica Rambeau

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Maria Rambeau."
"Auntie Carol? Mom, it's Auntie Carol! I knew it! Everyone said you were dead! But we knew they were lying."
"I'm not really who you think I am."
―Vers and Monica Rambeau[src]

When they landed outside the Rambeau Residence, Vers approached Maria Rambeau, and was met with confused gazes. Suddenly, Monica Rambeau came out and hugged Vers, calling her "Auntie Carol," much to her confusion. Understanding that these people know who she was, Vers explained that she is not who they think she is.

Carol Danvers (New Orleans)

Vers talks about the last six years of her life

They all then went inside where Vers filled them in on the last six years of her life, although, the Rambeau's did not believe her. Vers then proved her story by using her powers to heat the kettle, much to their amazement. Monica then went to collect some of Vers' items with Nick Fury, allowing her to talk with Maria. She asked Vers if she could remember anything of her past, but she informed Maria it was only flashes that she couldn't piece together.

Maria Rambeau & Carol Danvers

Vers speaks with Maria Rambeau

Vers then asked if Maria could tell her about the day of her crash to help her remember. Maria told her how Vers accompanied Wendy Lawson on a mission to save lives, although the nature of the mission was unknown to her. Vers apologized for this being tough for Maria, but she revealed what was tough was losing her best friend and for it to be treated like it never happened while knowing that she was alive somewhere.

Rambeau House

Vers looks through a box with her items

While the two had a moment between each other, Vers slowly pieced together her broken memories, along with her friendship with Maria. They were then called by Monica to look at Vers' items they had stored in a box. Monica showed Vers some photos, which reclaimed a few of her memories of her life as Carol Danvers. Monica then went to get Vers' old United States Air Force jacket as Vers continued to look at her belongings.[1]

Finding Out the Truth[]

Carol '95

Vers suspects Tom of being a Skrull

"He lied to me. Everything that I knew was a lie."
"Now, you understand."
"What? What do I understand now?"
"Yon-Rogg killed Mar-Vell. He killed her 'cause she found out that she was on the wrong side of an unjust war."
―Vers and Talos[src]

They were interrupted when there was a knock on the door, which Vers stopped Maria Rambeau from answering, believing it could be a Skrull. Vers then went to open the door herself, which turned out to be one of Rambeau's neighbors. However, Vers remained cautious of him as he asked Rambeau if he and his children could take a closer look at the Quadjet parked outside. Although he was not a Skrull, Vers suspected that he was Talos, so Rambeau de-escalated the situation and closed the door.

Fury Danvers Rambeau

Vers discovers Talos standing in the house

However, when they all turned around, they discovered Talos had infiltrated the house, so Vers prepared for a fight. Talos attempted to stop a fight from breaking out, as that was not what he wanted, although he did have precautions in place in case they tried to kill him. He explained to them that he only wanted to talk, informing Vers that he knew what made her different from the rest of the Kree.

Nick Fury & Carol Danvers

Vers listens to Talos request for her help

Talos then revealed that he found an audio recording of Vers from a plane crash six years ago, much to their intrigue. Despite Talos' attempts at resolving their conflict, they remained hostile towards him. Talos pleaded to Vers to just give him a chance and listen to the recording and help him decode some coordinates, telling her it would also benefit her.

Goose & Carol

Vers teases Talos over his fear of Goose

Vers then agreed to Talos' request, but before they went to listen to the recording, Goose made her way inside the house, scaring Talos. Surprised by Talos' fear of Goose, Vers picked her up and teased him about it, believing Goose to just be a cat. However, Talos revealed that Goose was not a cat but a Flerken, although they did not understand what that meant.

Vers Loading

Vers listens to the recording from her crash

They all then gathered at Rambeau's computer to listen to the black box Talos found, which slowly loaded, much to Vers' confusion due to the advanced technology she is used to. They all then listened to the events that transpired six years ago with Vers and Mar-Vell. After hearing what was on the recording, Vers reclaimed her memories of the crash, learning that Yon-Rogg killed Mar-Vell and took her to Hala.

Carol Oustide

Vers realizes that the Kree lied to her

Realizing that she had been lied to for so long by the Kree, Vers stepped outside in shock. Talos then tried to explain to her how Mar-Vell was assassinated because she discovered she was a part of an unjust war, but Vers, still processing everything, believed that the Skrulls were terrorists; she brings up the remains she saw back on Torfa as case in point to the Skrull's misdeeds. However, Talos corrects her saying that the Accusers were responsible for Torfa's destruction, not his people, and tried to get her to see past the lies, in that they were living as refugees as the Kree destroyed their homeworld, due to not submitting to their rule.

Carol Danvers '95

Vers struggles to know who she is anymore

Talos then pleaded to Vers to help him save the few Skrulls that were left, finishing Mar-Vell's mission in finding them a home where they could be safe from the Kree. Talos revealed a core that Mar-Vell was working on that could assist them, which they needed Vers' help decoding the coordinates. Vers was still unsure about trusting Talos, believing that he would use the core to destroy the Kree, but he made it clear they only wanted a home, and that they both have lost everything at the hands of the Kree as he tries to help her see that she was never one of them.

Captain Marvel Hug

Danvers is comforted by Maria Rambeau

Overwhelmed by everything, Vers became emotional, not knowing who she was anymore. Rambeau then comforted her friend, assuring her who she was, telling Vers how she was Carol Danvers: the most powerful person she knew and always found a way to do what's right. No longer lost about her identity, with the help of her friends' words, Danvers and Rambeau hugged, truly reuniting the best friends.

Danvers Rambeau Fury Talos

Danvers decides to help Talos find the lab

Talos attempted again to ask for Danvers' help now that she understood the truth, so she informed him that the coordinates were state vectors, meaning the lab was not on Earth. Danvers told Talos that if they followed the course of the Asis before it crashed they could locate the lab in orbit. Danvers then warned that Yon-Rogg would be coming for them soon, so they would need to get to the lab before he did.

Carol's New Uniform

Danvers' uniform is given a new color style

As Talos and Norex modified the Quadjet, Danvers spoke with Rambeau, asking her to be her co-pilot on the mission. However, Rambeau refused as it was too dangerous and she didn't want to leave Monica, but she was soon convinced to join. No longer wanting to wear the colors of the Kree, Danvers asked Monica to give her uniform a new look. After going through different color combinations, they ultimately decided upon the colors of the USAF.[1]

Aiding the Skrulls[]

Journey to Mar-Vell's Lab[]

Captain Marvel VFX 25

Danvers and Maria Rambeau fly into space

"Is that it? The core?"
"In her notes, she called it the Tesseract."
Maria Rambeau and Carol Danvers[src]

The next day, Danvers, Talos, Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau and Goose boarded the Quadjet and began their journey to Mar-Vell's Laboratory. Danvers piloted the group into space, successfully leaving the Earth's atmosphere despite some turbulence.

Tesseract (Captain Marvel)

Danvers finds the Tesseract in Mar-Vell's lab

However, they were not able to see the lab, so Danvers used her uniform to de-cloak it. They all then boarded the lab, and as they explored it, they followed Talos to the core. Once they found it, Danvers informed them that it was called the Tesseract, as written in Mar-Vell's notes. Danvers then grabbed the Tesseract, and after looking around the lab, put it in a lunchbox they found.

Danvers apologises to Soren

Danvers apologizes to Soren for her actions

Rambeau noticed that they weren't alone, when suddenly Talos let out a call, revealing that there were Skrulls on board, including his wife and daughter. Danvers then realized that Talos never wanted the Tesseract, but just to reunite with his people. When Soren became frightened of Danvers, thinking she was Kree, she assured her that she wasn't going to hurt them and apologized for being part of the Kree-Skrull War.

CM arcade

Danvers is ambushed by Starforce

Talos then comforted Danvers in the fact that they've all done things they're not proud of in the war, but it didn't matter now as she helped him find his family. He then informed Danvers that there were still other Skrulls separated across the galaxy. Suddenly they were ambushed by Starforce who had tracked them down. Yon-Rogg noticed how Danvers changed her uniform, which the other members commented on her need to be set straight by the Supreme Intelligence.

Danvers Magnitron Gauntlets

Danvers is caught by Yon-Rogg

Still angry at Yon-Rogg for lying and using her, which he told her was all to make her the best version of herself, Danvers attacked him. However, knowing her power, Yon-Rogg activated the photon inhibitor, taking away her abilities so the fight was hand-to-hand. Because he was superior in his fighting ability, Yon-Rogg defeated Danvers and used his Magnitron Gauntlets to knock her out.[1]

Confronting the Supreme Intelligence[]

Marvel Grey Energy

Danvers confronts Supreme Intelligence

"I used to believe your lies, but the Skrulls are just fighting for a home. You're talking about destroying them because they won't submit to your rule. And neither will I."
―Carol Danvers to Supreme Intelligence[src]

While unconscious, Danvers was connected to the Supreme Intelligence, which accessed her newly recovered memories of Earth, playing Come as You Are and dressing like Mar-Vell. Danvers then threatened the Supreme Intelligence to release her, but she refused, disabling her powers, telling Danvers she wasn't strong enough to use them on her own.

Captain Marvel VFX 8

Danvers fights the Supreme Intelligence

When the Supreme Intelligence congratulated her for leading the Kree to the Skrulls, Danvers called her out for the lies, as she declared her defection from the Kree. Danvers then attempted to attack the Supreme Intelligence but was overpowered by her instead. The Supreme Intelligence then used Danvers' memories to try to convince her that without their help she was weak and only human. However, Danvers embraced her humanity, as for every time she got knocked down, she would always get right back up.

Captain Marvel (film) 54

Danvers unlocks her full power

Despite the Supreme Intelligence's efforts, Danvers resisted submitting to her as well and the following attacks, using her sheer will power to try and break free, disabling her photon inhibitor. Now, with the full extent of her powers unlocked, Danvers broke free from the Supreme Intelligence, waking up back in Mar-Vell's Laboratory, and stood before Starforce in Binary Mode. Danvers then released a powerful pulse, knocking them all away and retaking the Tesseract.


Danvers asks Fury to take the Tesseract

Danvers then found Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau fighting two Kree soldiers, so she fired a photon blast to save them, as they watched in awe of how powerful she now was. Danvers then ordered Fury to take the Tesseract and get it to safety, but he refused to touch it, so Goose swallowed it, much to their shock. Danvers then told them to get the Skrulls to the Quadjet while she bought them some time.[1]

Battle at Mar-Vell's Laboratory[]


Danvers begins to distract Starforce

"Arm wrestle for the Tesseract?"
"I used to find you amusing. Let's put an end to this!"
―Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg[src]

Danvers kept the lunchbox with her so it seemed she had the Tesseract, allowing her allies to escape. As Danvers waited, she was soon surrounded by Starforce. Trying to buy as much time as she could, Danvers quipped with her former teammates, tricking them into thinking she had the Tesseract.


Danvers fights against Starforce

Bron-Char then charged at her, so Danvers blasted the bridge, causing them to fall and be trapped under the rubble. Danvers, however, was unaffected by the fall and prepared to fight Starforce with her new powers. Danvers was able to easily knock away them with her stronger photon blasts, but due to her inexperience controlling that power, she occasionally got overwhelmed by it. After knocking away Korath, Danvers dueled with Minn-Erva, who revealed that she never liked her.


Danvers is attacked by Yon-Rogg

Danvers then continued to take on Starforce, who all made attempts to defeat her, but to no prevail. Danvers then reclaimed the lunchbox as Yon-Rogg got up from the rubble and attacked her. Yon-Rogg proceeded to throw objects at her with his Magnitron Gauntlets, which she was able to dodge until it became too much, and she got pinned. When Danvers dropped the lunchbox, it opened, revealing that the Tesseract was gone, and she had been wasting their time.


Danvers chases after Yon-Rogg

Yon-Rogg then left the fight to retrieve the Tesseract, so Danvers went to chase after him, only to be knocked back by Bron-Charr. After a brief brawl with Bron-Charr and Korath, Danvers defeated them and went after Yon-Rogg. When she caught up to Yon-Rogg, he was trying to leave in a drop ship, so Danvers jumped on it, but he released it into space with her holding on. Danvers then equipped her helmet and tried to attack Yon-Rogg, but he blasted her away, causing her to plummet towards Earth.


Danvers achieves the ability to fly

As she was falling at a fast pace, Danvers began to focus herself and discovered she possessed the ability to fly, stopping her from hitting the ground. Danvers then flew back to Yon-Rogg's pod and knocked it out of the sky with a photon blast, saving her allies in the Quadjet. Danvers then took a moment to enjoy the fact that she could now fly, letting out a loud cry of joy.[1]

Final Showdown[]

CM vs Kree Missle

Danvers stops a Kree Ballistic Missile

"This is that moment. This is that moment, Vers! Turn off the light show, and prove, prove to me, you can beat me without–"
"I have nothing to prove to you."
Yon-Rogg and Carol Danvers[src]

At that moment, the Accusers, led by Ronan, arrived in their warships. When the Accusers fired a barrage of ballistic missiles, Danvers sprung into action and flew towards them, halting one in midair. Danvers was able to overpower the missile and launched it back into the barrage, causing them to detonate in midair.

Captain Marvel VFX 19

Danvers destroys an Accuser Warship

Danvers then flew into space to destroy the warships but was met by a fleet of fighter ships, which she skillfully evaded. Despite the great number of them, Danvers cleared through all the fighters with ease, using her newly empowered photon blasts and even crashing into them with her indestructible body. Danvers then proceeded to destroyed one of the warships, crashing through it with one strike.

Captain Marvel (film) 204

Danvers gives Ronan the Accuser a warning

After proving that she can defeat anything they throw at her, Danvers confronted Ronan, showing off her newly discovered power in front of him as a warning by releasing a massive pulse of energy. Understanding how extremely underpowered they were, Ronan and the rest of the Accusers fled from Earth, although he vowed to return.


Danvers confronts and defeats Yon-Rogg

With Earth safe from the Accusers, Danvers returned to the surface to deal with Yon-Rogg, who had crash-landed. The two walked towards each other, preparing for a fight before anything could happen, Yon-Rogg holstered his weapons, knowing he would lose, and attempted to manipulate her into fighting him hand-to-hand. No longer letting herself be controlled by Yon-Rogg's lies, Danvers blasted him away, crashing into the rock face. Strolling up to him, Danvers declared that she had nothing to prove to him, ultimately breaking free from his attempts to suppress her humanity.

Captain Marvel I'm ready

Danvers sends Yon-Rogg back to Hala

Danvers then dragged the defeated Yon-Rogg back to the crashed drop pod and charted a course for Hala. Yon-Rogg told her that he couldn't return to the Supreme Intelligence empty-handed, but Danvers gave him a message to deliver, that she was going to end the Kree-Skrull War. Danvers then powered the ship with a photon blast, launching it into space and back to Hala.[1]

Finding the Skrulls a Home[]

Skrull-Human Family Dinner

Danvers has dinner with her new friends

"I'll help you find a home. Finish what Mar-Vell started."
―Captain Marvel to Talos[src]

Danvers then regrouped with Maria Rambeau, Nick Fury and Talos at the Rambeau Residence for dinner that night, where they discussed the events they experienced together. When the matter of the Skrulls residency was brought up, Danvers decided to offer her assistance in finding them a safe home. Danvers then assured Monica Rambeau that she would return to Earth as soon as she could, which led to Monica suggesting she could fly up to meet her.

CM-Nick Fury

Danvers says goodbye to Nick Fury

Danvers and Fury then washed the dishes together, where she told him that S.H.I.E.L.D. could keep the Tesseract on Earth so it would be safe. When Fury mispronounced Mar-Vell's name, Danvers corrected him, although he suggested that "Marvel" sounds better, followed by him singing Please Mr. Postman by The Marvelettes, much to Danvers' amusement. Danvers returned the Transmitter Pager to Fury which she had upgraded to be able to contact her in deep space for emergencies. They then said their goodbyes and fist-bumped.

CM looking

Danvers leaves Earth to help the Skrulls

Danvers then left the house and talked with the Rambeaus as the Skrulls prepared to leave Earth. Monica gave Danvers her jacket, and the two hugged goodbye. Danvers then looked to her best friend, who she found it hard to say goodbye to, but after they hugged, Rambeau told her it was okay to go. With a running start, Danvers launched herself into space and caught up with the Skrulls, and they began their journey to find a home for them.[1] After two years they had found no success, only more violence, but Fury promised the Skrulls that he and Danvers would still help them find a home.[10]

Solo Adventures[]

Destroying the Supreme Intelligence[]

Captain Marvel Flashback

Danvers returns to Hala to liberate the Kree

"The Kree have been ruled by an AI for a millennia that led them into a war. I thought the only way to stop it was to destroy it. But I just... made it worse."
―Carol Danvers[src]

Keeping her promise she made to Yon-Rogg, Danvers returned to Hala to put an end to the Kree-Skrull War once and for all. In order to achieve this, Danvers believed that she must destroy the Supreme Intelligence, the ruler of the Kree Empire, to free the Kree.

The Annihilator

Danvers destroys the Supreme Intelligence

Danvers blasted her way straight for the Supreme Intelligence, but came across several hostile Kree soldiers, so she was forced to fight back, which she did with a level of brutality, including dropping a roof on Dar-Benn. Danvers soon made it to where the Supreme Intelligence was located and used her powers to blow it up. Thinking she had reached peace, Danvers left, but her actions only led to the economic and environmental collapse of Hala, resulting in a civil war. Due to this destruction, the Kree since referred to Danvers as the "Annihilator."

Feeling shame from this, Danvers couldn't bring herself to return to Earth, specifically to Maria and Monica Rambeau. So, instead, Danvers stayed away from them, thinking that she had to fix the mess she had made before being able to come home.[2]

Hero Across the Universe[]

"There are a lot of other planets in the universe. And unfortunately, they didn't have you guys."
―Carol Danvers to James Rhodes[src]

In addition to this, Danvers proceeded to deal with various conflicts across multiple planets, due to there not being anyone else that could protect them.[11] Meanwhile, on Earth, the experiences with Danvers had led Nick Fury to realize that the world's arsenal would not be enough to defend mankind from intergalactic threats like the Kree, leading him to draft the Avengers Initiative, named after Danvers' old Air Force callsign,[1] which eventually led to the formation of the Avengers team.[12] Over time, Danvers started to go by Captain Marvel, in honor of her former mentor, as well as Fury's suggestion of the name "Marvel."[1]

Infinity War[]

Thanos' Victory[]

Captain Marvel meets the Avengers

Captain Marvel first meeting the Avengers

"Where's Fury?"
―Captain Marvel to the Avengers[src]

In 2018, Danvers suddenly received an emergency call from Nick Fury's Transmitter Pager. Responding to the signal, Danvers returned to Earth, whose population had been cut in half along with the rest of the universe, due to the Snap. She tracked the pager's location to the Avengers Compound, where Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, and James Rhodes were analyzing the device and receiving updates on the level of casualties caused by the Snap. Entering the Compound, Danvers confronted them about Fury's whereabouts.[13]

Rescue of Tony Stark[]

Captain Marvel saves Iron Man

Captain Marvel saves Tony Stark and Nebula

"You guys take care of him and I'll bring him a Xorrian elixir when I come back."
"Where are you going?"
"To kill Thanos."
―Carol Danvers and Steve Rogers[src]

Shortly afterwards, Danvers embarked into space to search for the team's missing members. Twenty-two days later, she found Tony Stark and Nebula stranded in the Benatar.

Endgame 25

Captain Marvel brings the Benatar to Earth

She then carried the ship across the galaxy to the Avengers Compound on Earth. As Danvers returned to the Compound, she landed the Benatar on the front lawn and watched as Stark reunited with Steve Rogers and Pepper Potts while Nebula reunited with Rocket Raccoon. They all then regrouped inside, where Danvers was informed by Natasha Romanoff of the Snap and the effects that have occurred since.

Danvers Sad

Danvers sadly sees a picture of Nick Fury

Danvers then watched as the screen projections revealed people who had fallen victim such as T'Challa, Shuri, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, Hope van Dyne, Hank Pym, Erik Selvig, and Nick Fury, with whom Danvers expressed clear distress and sadness over.

Danvers listens to Stark

Danvers watches Tony Stark getting angry

Danvers stayed silent as Stark ranted at Rogers about their failure to stop Thanos and how past events had left them unable to stop him from wiping out half of all life in the universe. She then witnessed Stark collapsing due to his long duration in space.

CptMrvlAE 4

Danvers discusses Tony Stark's recovery

The next morning, Danvers watched as Stark rested after Bruce Banner gave him a sedative to put him out for a while, giving him time to heal. James Rhodes then informed them that Stark will be out for the rest of the day. Danvers told them to take care of Stark and she would return with an Xorrian Elixir for him. When Rogers asked where she was going, she stated she was leaving to kill Thanos.

Carol Danvers

Danvers discusses the plan against Thanos

However, Romanoff stopped her, informing her that they work as a team. Rhodes then asked Danvers if she knew where Thanos was, to which she told him she knows people who might. However, Nebula informed them not to bother, as she knew where Thanos was located. She and Rocket detected a power surge from the Garden, Thanos' retirement planet, indicating that he had used the Infinity Stones again. Danvers told them that they can get the Infinity Stones and use them to bring everyone back. When Banner expressed his concern on how this was going to end any differently than it did during the previous battle, Danvers informed him that they didn't have her then and would be successful since they had her this time. An annoyed Rhodes then retorted back at her, asking about her absence from Earth all this time.

Carol Danvers (Endgame)

Danvers being admired by Thor

Danvers dryly responded that she had a responsibility to a multitude of other planets that did not have the protection of the Avengers. They all then agreed upon the mission. Before they left to confront Thanos, Thor, having been silent during the discussion, stood up from his chair and tested Danvers by summoning Stormbreaker in front of her, which she did not even flinch from. He then admired Danvers and expressed his preference for her. With Rogers, Romanoff, Thor, Banner, Rhodes, Rocket, and Nebula, Danvers boarded the Benatar to find Thanos.[11]

Ambush on Thanos[]

Avengers Benatar

Captain Marvel teams up with the Avengers

"Where are they?"
"Answer the question."
"The universe required correction. After that, the stones served no purpose beyond temptation."
Captain America, Captain Marvel and Thanos[src]

After boarding the Benatar, Danvers co-piloted the ship along with Rocket Raccoon. They then made their jump through the Universal Neural Teleportation Network and arrived at the Garden.

AoT 13

Danvers gives a report to the Avengers

After arriving, Danvers informed them that she would do a recon of the area, during which she found no hostile forces defending Thanos' position. Danvers promptly reported back that Thanos was alone on the planet, to which Nebula stated was enough. Danvers then launched a photon blast through his hut and subdued Thanos by wrapping herself against him, putting him in a headlock and pushing his left arm with the Infinity Gauntlet away with her leg to prevent him from closing his fist and utilizing the Infinity Stones.

AoT 24

Captain Marvel subdues Thanos

While Danvers choked Thanos, Bruce Banner in the Mark XLVIII armor assisted her by bursting through the floor of Thanos' campfire and grabbed his arm, with James Rhodes holding Thanos' other arm. Thor flew in and cut Thanos' arm off with Stormbreaker. Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Nebula, and Rocket then entered.

Thanos interrogation

Captain Marvel interrogates Thanos

Much to their horror, they found the Infinity Stones were no longer in the Gauntlet. When Rogers asked where the stones were, Danvers demanded Thanos to answer the question. Thanos revealed that he had destroyed the Infinity Stones, claiming they no longer served a purpose to him "beyond temptation."

AoT 35

Captain Marvel learns that they have failed

Rhodes and Banner initially believed Thanos to be lying, although Nebula stated that while her father was many things, a liar was not one of them. Thanos thanked Nebula for her trust in him, and Danvers could only watch on coldly as an enraged Thor decapitated Thanos. The Avengers, heartbroken, returned to Earth in defeat.[11]

Member of the Avengers[]

Visiting Maria Rambeau[]

"It should have been you that day. That stupid race to the hangar."
"I never wanted to be Captain Marvel. Captain Rambeau suits me just fine."
―Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau[src]

With no more left to be done about the Snap, Danvers decided to join the Avengers, while also assisting other planets that were suffering similar crises to those of Earth.[11] In addition to working closely with the Avengers on Earth, Danvers also met and become good friends with Valkyrie.

Carol visits Maria

Danvers visits a dying Maria Rambeau

In 2020, Danvers visited her best friend, Maria Rambeau, who informed her that her cancer had made a recurrence, so she asked Danvers to take care of Goose for her. Danvers rejected the request, as she felt that Rambeau could beat the cancer again, but Rambeau had accepted her fate. Danvers then reflected on the day she gained powers with regret, wishing it had been Rambeau instead, but she claimed that she never wanted to be Captain Marvel. Before heading back to space with Goose, Rambeau told Danvers to not forget to come home.[2]

Marrying Prince Yan[]

Princess Carol and Prince Yan

Danvers marries Prince Yan on Aladna

"It is a marriage of convenience. It's more of a diplomatic act, you know? It's like there was a power struggle. Matriarchal society. We are friends. It's a long story."
―Carol Danvers to Monica Rambeau[src]

During her adventures across the universe, Danvers found herself on the planet Aladna, where the people there could only communicate through singing. There, she met and befriended with the planet's prince, Yan. When Yan got mixed up in a diplomatic issue, Danvers decided to help out, which meant marrying Yan and becoming the planet's princess. As a result of this, Danvers was worshiped among the people of Aladna due to their being a matriarchal society. However, with the marriage only existing as a convenient favor to a friend, Danvers was not required to remain on Aladna, and she continued her travels across space.[2]

Universal Responsibilities[]

BW Leader of Avengers 2

Danvers joins a meeting with the Avengers

"What, you gonna get another haircut?"
"Listen, fur-face. I'm covering a lot of territory. The things that are happening on Earth are happening everywhere, on thousands of planets."
Rocket Raccoon and Captain Marvel[src]

In 2023, Danvers obtained a short haircut and messaged Rocket Raccoon and informed him about a highly-suspect warship so he and Nebula went to check it out. However, the ship turned out to be an infectious garbage scow, which caused them to smell like garbage. During a holo-conference with Natasha Romanoff, James Rhodes, and Okoye, Rocket and Nebula complained to Danvers about her sending them into such a situation.

BW Leader of Avengers 7

Danvers gives Natasha Romanoff an update

When Romanoff asked Danvers if she was returning to Earth next month, she told her it was not likely. Rocket teased her and asked if she was going to get another haircut, she simply corrected him. She informed them that the things that were happening on Earth were happening on thousands of planets and that she was needed elsewhere. Once the meeting concluded, Danvers, knowing that Romanoff would not like what Rhodes was going to say to her, wished him luck.[11]

Battle of Earth[]

Sanctuary II destroyed

Captain Marvel destroying the Sanctuary II

"Hi, I'm... Peter Parker."
"Hey, Peter Parker. You got something for me?"
Spider-Man and Captain Marvel[src]

Days later, Danvers returned to Earth and arrived during the battle at the destroyed Avengers Compound. She flew into the Sanctuary II, destroying it and saving everyone on the battlefield.

Endgame women

Danvers is tasked with the Nano Gauntlet

Steve Rogers informed her of their mission to return the Nano Gauntlet to the Quantum Tunnel in Luis' van and asked for her help. Danvers flew down to Peter Parker, who gave her the Gauntlet after introducing himself. The two then noticed the incoming horde of alternate Thanos's alien army which made Parker unsure how she would get through it. Fortunately, Danvers was then assisted by Wanda Maximoff, Okoye, Valkyrie, Pepper Potts, Mantis, Shuri, Wasp, Nebula, and Gamora.


Captain Marvel protects the Nano Gauntlet

The group of heroes then collectively charged at the horde, clearing the way for Danvers to fly through at high speed. When alternate Thanos charged her, Shuri, Potts, and van Dyne blasted him away, but he was able to throw his sword at the van, destroying it before Danvers could enter it.


Captain Marvel restraining Thanos' hand

It caused an explosion that released bursts of Quantum energy from the Quantum Realm that blasted Danvers backwards, separating her from the Gauntlet. When she came to, alternate Thanos had picked up the Gauntlet, so she flew at him, hitting him to his knees. The two then fought, but when Thanos grabbed her arm, he threw her away. Danvers quickly came back to him, who had now equipped the Gauntlet and was about to snap his fingers, but she was able to grab his hand.

Captain Marvel vs Thanos (Endgame)

Captain Marvel furiously fights Thanos

As she held his fingers apart, alternate Thanos attempted to headbutt her, but it did not affect her. Danvers then used her superior strength to overpower alternate Thanos, pushing him down as she levitated above him. However, Thanos grabbed the Power Stone off of the Gauntlet and used it to increase his strength overpowering her and punched her, causing her to be knocked out of the fight.[11] As she had been wounded by Thanos, Danvers' blood was spilled on the battlefield.[14]

Paying Tribute

Captain Marvel kneels before Iron Man

She regained consciousness again as Tony Stark used the Infinity Stones to wipe out alternate Thanos and his army.[11] All of the heroes gathered around the fallen hero as he died, and Danvers, following the actions of Clint Barton and T'Challa, knelt before Stark to show respect for his sacrifice.[15] Following the battle, Danvers' blood was collected by Nick Fury's secret Skrull unit and was placed in a vial known as the Harvest with other DNA samples obtained from the battlefield.[14] The Harvest vial was administered years later to the Super-Skrulls Gravik and G'iah, granting them access to Captain Marvel's powers.[16]

Tony Stark's Funeral[]

Carol Danvers (2023)

Danvers attends Tony Stark's funeral

About a week later, Danvers attended Tony Stark's funeral at Stark's house. Only knowing him during their first encounter, Danvers stood at the back and watched as those closest to Stark mourned him and laid his Arc Reactor in the lake. While there, Danvers reunited with Nick Fury for the first time since 1995.[11]

Honored on Earth[]

"I know some of you think, 'Well, she abandoned the people of Earth.' But look, it's not true. Obviously we don't know exactly what she's been up to. But maybe she just needed a break, you know?"
Kamala Khan[src]

Following the Battle of Earth, citizens on Earth were made aware that Danvers operated as Captain Marvel, with certain individuals aware she received powers through an Infinity Stone.[17] Additionally, due to Scott Lang's podcast interviews with This Powered Life the general public of Earth were also made aware of Danvers' role in the battle against Thanos as well as her single-handedly destroying the Sanctuary II, and began to refer to her as the Cosmic Avenger.

A book titled CAROL - A Definitive Account of the Cosmic Avenger was released to account for Captain Marvel's whereabouts and history, although many of Earth's citizens voiced criticism at the hero for abandoning Earth for decades. Several YouTube videos were published by users regarding Captain Marvel, including one titled whether Captain Marvel had been 'bitten by a radioactive feminist.'[3][18]

Check-Ins with Earth[]

Meeting Shang-Chi[]

Captain Marvel & Bruce Banner

Danvers and Bruce Banner meet Shang-Chi

"I'm so sorry, I have to deal with this. You can get my number from Bruce. It was so nice to meet you."
―Carol Danvers to Shang-Chi[src]

In April 2024, Danvers was contacted by Wong via hologram, as well as Bruce Banner, to meet Shang-Chi and his friend Katy Chen, and discuss the Ten Rings. Neither Danvers nor Banner was familiar with the Rings, only knowing they had existed for thousands of years, and that they were sending out a message, but did not know where to. Danvers was then abruptly called away, telling Shang-Chi that it was nice to meet him and that if he wished to speak to her further, he could get her number from Banner, and left the meeting.[19]


In 2024, Danvers visited Tokyo, Japan and went on a vacation to Sandy Beach, Hawaii. She was also spotted flying through New Jersey.[3]


Investigating a Jump Point[]

Carol uses Fracking Pod

Danvers attempts to recover her memories

"Monica and her team will send more intel as they acquire it."
"Monica? What's she doing there? I thought that she was on Earth. Is she okay?"
"Yeah. She's not that little kid you remember."
Nick Fury and Carol Danvers[src]

In 2026, while drifting through space in the Hoopty, Danvers continued to use the Fracking Pods to regain her memories that were stolen by the Kree. She received a call from Nick Fury, and after the two old friends briefly caught up, Fury asked Danvers what she knew about a surge in the Jump Points systems that occurred recently. Being close by to the area, Danvers agreed to check it out, but temporarily froze when she heard that Monica Rambeau would also be there.

The Marvels Trailer (16)

Danvers reaching for out the Jump Point

Danvers arrived at the location, and with Goose riding on her back, she found a strange energy presence. Danvers reported her finding to Fury, but her communication device mixed with Rambeau's, creating an awkward moment between the three, as Rambeau did not want to speak with Danvers after not seeing her since 1995. Danvers was initially joyed to hear Rambeau's voice, but upon hearing how she felt, Danvers chose to continue with the investigation, respecting her niece's feelings. Danvers told Fury that the cause of the problem was a Jump Point that appeared to be stuck, so she approached it and reached for it, causing energy to pour into her.[2]

Uncontrollably Teleported[]

The Marvels Teaser Trailer (9)

Danvers teleports to Kamala Khan's room

"Okay, new rule: No more touching shit, especially glowing, mysterious shit."
"Okay, I'm feeling a lot of negative energy from you and I don't like it. That's not the point. The point is, is that it was siphoning off the atmosphere and it did this!"
Nick Fury and Captain Marvel[src]

At that moment, Captain Marvel found herself randomly teleported into a closet in a teenage girl's bedroom. Captain Marvel got herself up, saw her fingers glow briefly and looked at her surroundings, seeing numerous posters and merchandise of herself filling the room. She then went downstairs, where she greeted a family sitting in the living room before leaving to fly off.

Carol questions a Kree

Captain Marvel interrogates a Kree soldier

However, instead of taking off into the sky, Captain Marvel once again found herself abruptly teleported back to her previous location, only now surrounded by Kree soldiers who immediately attacked her. Captain Marvel fought back and interrogated one of the soldiers, wondering what they had done to her and what Dar-Benn's plans were, but he just responded that it was too late, as she was already on Tarnax IV. Captain Marvel then proceeded to wipe out the remaining soldiers in a single slam, regrouped with Goose and returned to the Hoopty.

Carol updates Fury

Captain Marvel gives an update to Nick Fury

Captain Marvel informed Nick Fury that the Kree were the cause of the surge and that they were going to create a conflict with the Skrulls on Tarnax IV. Fury tried to deter from looking for a fight, as the Kree and Skrulls were in the middle of a peace negotiation. However, Captain Marvel ignored Fury's advice, assuring him she had it covered, and she headed to the new home of the Skrulls.[2] As she traveled, Captain Marvel was again teleported, but was shortly returned to her ship, which was now in the middle of a call with Valkyrie.[20] Once Captain Marvel arrived on the planet, she camouflaged her ship and flew on board one of the Kree vessels.

Carol and Fury 2026

Captain Marvel is reunited with Nick Fury

But, when she was found by a soldier, Captain Marvel was unexpectedly teleported. Now, Captain Marvel found herself inside of a shuttle descending to Earth with Fury, so he asked her to explain the situation to him. She told him that the Kree were behind it, and that she touched the Jump Point, which was siphoning off the atmosphere, in addition to impacting her powers. Fury chose to make jokes in response to Captain Marvel, which she felt was bringing negative energy, so she decided to demonstrate the teleporting by using her powers, which returned her to the house on Earth that she originally teleported to first.

The Marvels Trailer (18)

Captain Marvel is teleported into a fight

Only now, there was a fight occurring in the living room, as the family was being chased by two Kree soldiers. One of them referred to Captain Marvel as the "Annihilator," a name she strongly disliked, and she proceeded to protect the family from the alien attackers. During the fight, Captain Marvel repeatedly was teleported until she was back on the Kree ship. Realizing that her powers were the trigger for the teleporting, Captain Marvel relied on her combat training to take on the swarm of Kree soldiers in the hallway.

TotalFilm Captain Marvel Marvels

Captain Marvel fighting Kree on Tarnax IV

Captain Marvel was able to fire a photon blast without teleporting, but when she went to do it again, it teleported her back onto the shuttle with Fury. Captain Marvel was finally returned to the Kree ship, having now successfully dealt with the Kree soldiers in each of the three locations. She made her way to where some Kree were talking about the instability with each new Jump Point being opened up. But before she could deal with the Kree, Captain Marvel was once again teleported back to the house, breaking a table in the process.

Carol reunites with Monica

Danvers is reunited with Monica Rambeau

When Danvers got up, she saw that Monica Rambeau was there, along with Fury and the family. Danvers was happy to see Rambeau, calling her "Lieutenant Trouble," but Rambeau coldly dismissed her use of her childhood nickname. Rambeau explained her understanding on what had happened to them, in that their light-based powers had been entangled, causing them to switch places when activated at the same time. Due to their lack of contact, Danvers was surprised to learn that Rambeau had powers.

Carol tries to teleport

Danvers attempts to intentionally teleport

The conversation then turned to the whereabout of Kamala Khan, who Danvers learnt was the third person they were switching with. Putting together that a teenage girl was on another planet, on board a hostile alien spaceship, Danvers tried to trigger the teleporting, but to no success. So, Danvers rushed outside to fly to Khan's location. However, as she ascended in the sky, she teleported and was back on the ship. But not long after, Danvers was slammed onto the ground of the backyard she just left, switching places with Rambeau and Khan.[2]

Destruction of Tarnax IV[]

Kamala meets Carol

Captain Marvel saves Rambeau and Khan

"No! How can we just leave them here?"
"Kamala now! We need to save who we can."
Kamala Khan and Captain Marvel[src]

Knowing the danger they had been put in, Captain Marvel rushed back to Tarnax IV just in time to protect Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan from Dar-Benn's attack. Captain Marvel looked over at Khan, who was excited to see her hero, before charging at Dar-Benn. When Captain Marvel fired a photon blast at Dar-Benn, she blocked it was a Quantum Band, which absorbed the power.

Monica, Kamala & Carol

Captain Marvel sees the Jump Point open

As Captain Marvel, Rambeau and Khan were fighting the Kree soldiers, they switched places, which threw them off, and allowed Dar-Benn to escape. Captain Marvel announced that they had to take the Band from Dar-Benn, so she and Rambeau flew off after her. Captain Marvel quickly returned to retrieve Khan, who could not fly. They landed on the planet's surface and witnessed Dar-Benn declare that peace with the Skrulls was finished due to the presence of Captain Marvel. Dar-Benn then opened up a Jump Point which began removing the air from the planet, so Captain Marvel told Emperor Dro'ge that they needed to evacuate all of the Skrulls.

The Marvels Trailer (23)

Captain Marvel oversees the evacuation

With haste, Captain Marvel, Rambeau and Khan helped the Skrulls get to ships so that they could get off the planet. Khan informed Captain Marvel that some of the ships were being sucked into the Jump Point, so she told Khan to get back to the Hoopty and to not use her powers. However, as Captain Marvel flew off to continue the evacuation process, she was teleported back to the ground due to Khan using her powers to save some Skrulls. Returning to the skies, Captain Marvel watched as the Skrulls franticly rushed to the ships.

Carol yells at Kamala

Captain Marvel yelling at Kamala Khan

Seeing that they were out of time, Captain Marvel headed back to the Hoopty, but noticed that Khan was not there, as she had gone back to help the Skrulls. Knowing that she was only going to get herself killed in the process, Captain Marvel triggered the teleportation so that Khan would be on the ship. Captain Marvel made it back to the ship, but as Khan watched many Skrulls desperately run for their lives, she wanted to save them, but Captain Marvel sternly told her that they couldn't save everyone, and they departed from the planet.

Valkyrie and Carol

Danvers is provided comfort from Valkyrie

Danvers sent a transmission to Valkyrie for help relocating the Skrulls. Dro'ge bitterly told Danvers that they no longer wanted her help due to her intervening with the peace talks, despite it being a ruse by the Kree. Within moments, Valkyrie arrived on the ship and Danvers gave her a hug. Valkyrie commented on Danvers finding a new team, but Danvers stated that it was unintentional. Valkyrie told Danvers that there were benefits to working with others, before kissing her on the cheek. The Skrulls gathered around Valkyrie, and the three entangled heroes watched as the Bifrost Bridge transported them away.[2]

Team Bonding[]

Carol talks with Monica

Danvers and Monica Rambeau finally talk

"I know that this situation isn't ideal, but it is actually nice having people on board again. It gets pretty lonely out here."
―Carol Danvers to Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau[src]

As Danvers repaired her ship, Monica Rambeau helped her by using her powers. Rambeau explained that S.W.O.R.D. only dealt with earthbound anomalies after the Blip, which was how she encountered the Hex that gave her powers. Rambeau quickly turned the conversation to Danvers never coming back. Danvers tried to explain herself, saying that there were people that needed her, but Rambeau reminded her that so did her and her mother.

Kamala and Carol

Danvers introduces herself to Kamala Khan

Danvers headed back upstairs, and was joined by Kamala Khan. Sensing that Khan was uncomfortable after the situation on Tarnax IV, Danvers apologized for being blunt with her before. Danvers then acknowledged the situation not being ideal, but that she was grateful to have company. Danvers properly introduced herself to Kahn, shaking her hand, and Khan told her about how she also used "Marvel" in her superhero codename. When Danvers and Rambeau discussed who was leading them, Khan got excited at the idea of them being a team, and dubbed them the "Marvels."

Carol sees the Quantum Band

Danvers asks about Kamala Khan's bangle

Khan then informed them that Dar-Benn was able to open the Jump Points using a bangle, just like the one Khan possessed. Danvers knew these to be Quantum Bands, an artifact that created every Jump Point in the universe. They were able to deduce that the Bands were responsible for their entanglement, and that Dar-Benn was overloading hers with the Universal Weapon to create the unstable Jump Points. Khan revealed that she saw Dar-Benn's map but didn't know where she was heading, so Danvers got the idea to use the Fracking Pods.

Marvels hug

Danvers and Khan hug Monica Rambeau

Danvers, Rambeau and Khan put on the Fracking Pods and began searching through their collective memories. Rambeau spotted how Dar-Benn was able to absorb Danvers' power and redirect it. They then found the coordinates on the map Khan saw, but Danvers soon became distracted and revisited a memory of her with a young Rambeau, and then her visit with Maria Rambeau during the Blip. This made Rambeau uncomfortable so they stopped, and she revealed that when she returned from the Blip, no one was there for her, so Khan gave her a hug. Danvers saw Khan reached out for her to join in the hug, so she did.

Danvers talks about jump points

Danvers discusses Dar-Benn's next move

Turning back to the mission, Rambeau explained that if Dar-Benn continued to open more unstable Jump Points, it would lead to something disastrous. The three theorized about Dar-Benn's motive, and Danvers quickly realized that she used the Jump Point on Tarnax IV to siphon the atmosphere directly to Hala in order to repair the damages done by the Kree Civil War. Deducing that Dar-Benn would be fixing the drought next, Danvers told them that she'd likely be going to Aladna, so they agreed to head there, although Danvers acted cagey about the planet.

Marvels call Fury

The Marvels make contact with Nick Fury

Before leaving for Aladna, they contacted Nick Fury to inform him on their status. They discovered that Fury had brought the Khan family with him back to S.A.B.E.R. Space Station, which Danvers was uncertain about, but Fury told her that they insisted. Fury gave them an update that there had been another surge and that it was effecting everyone within his network. Danvers told Muneeba Khan that they needed to keep her daughter with them to avoid any further entanglement complications.

The Marvels jumping rope

The Marvels coordinating their new powers

As Khan rattled off some possible codenames for Rambeau, Danvers suggested Vision, before remembering that it was taken. Rambeau directed their focus on practicing with their entanglement abilities, and they were able to figure out that their powers stayed active after they switched. They then conducted more tests for when the switch, including working on their landing when one of them was mobile, maintaining their coordination by using a jump rope, and improving their reaction time by catching balls.[2]

Return to Aladna[]


Danvers piloting the Hoopty back to Aladna

"If you tell anyone..."
"What? That you're a pretty, pretty princess?"
―Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau[src]

Once they were close to the Jump Points for Aladna, Danvers piloted the Hoopty to their destination. Upon landing, Danvers supplied Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan with communication devices and informed them that she was considered very famous among the population, explaining that it was due to her helping the Prince with a legal issue.

The Marvels Teaser Trailer (27)

Danvers welcomed back by the Aladneans

Danvers then adorned herself with a headdress, and told the others to follow her lead, as the culture was different and that there would be a ceremony they would have to go through. The Marvels then witnessed as the every citizen in the area welcomed Danvers back to Aladna in song, which Danvers explained to Rambeau and Khan that song was their language. They made their way through the celebrations to an elevator, where Rambeau and Khan playfully teased Danvers for being a princess, so she explained her history on Aladna to them.

The Marvels Trailer (36)

Danvers warning Yan of impending danger

Arriving at the palace, Danvers was reunited with Yan, and through magic, her clothes were transformed into an elegant gown. Danvers took Yan's hand and they moved to the middle of the room and began to dance. Speaking in song, Yan asked how long Danvers would be staying on Aladna, and she, also in song, immediately warned him of the danger they were all in. They soon stopped dancing and Danvers' regular clothes returned. Now both talking normally, Danvers requested battle ready outfits for the Marvels.[2]

Danvers Explains to Yan Deleted Scene

Danvers talks to Yan

Speaking with Yan privately as they were being fitted for outfits, Danvers elaborated on how Dar-Benn was stealing planetary resources and would be coming for Aladna's oceans next. Danvers implored Yan to get his people to safety as they were at risk, but he was determined for them to fight back. Danvers admitted that she was not currently at her full power, which Khan added was due to them switching places whenever they used their powers. However, Danvers attempted to assure Yan that they did have it under control.[20]

Attack on Aladna[]

The Marvels

The Marvels wearing their new uniforms

"We need to leave now."
"I can't let this happen again."
"It already has."
Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau[src]

The Marvels were supplied with new combat uniforms, and after getting changed, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel continued to think of potential codenames for Monica Rambeau. Returning to Prince Yan, Captain Marvel reiterated the plan for him to distract Dar-Benn, allowing her and Rambeau to ambush her and steal the Quantum Band.

Carol blocks Dar-Benn

Captain Marvel blocking Dar-Benn's attack

When talks between Yan and Dar-Benn immediately failed, Rambeau was able to blast Dar-Benn away from her forces. This allowed Rambeau and Captain Marvel to attack her, but they were thrown off due to them switching places. Dar-Benn reclaimed her Universal Weapon, and used to it send Captain Marvel and Rambeau flying. Rambeau returned to the fight, so Captain Marvel coordinated their entanglement to get her up close wth Dar-Benn, asking her to not go through with her plan, but she told her that it was too late.

Dar-Benn absorbs Carol's powers

Captain Marvel's powers being absorbed

Rambeau joined Captain Marvel, but as she went to use a photon blast against Dar-Benn, she was teleported to Ms. Marvel's location in the middle of the battle between the Aladneans and the Kree. Captain Marvel was able to return to the fight with Dar-Benn, but as the two grappled, Captain Marvel's powers were absorbed by the Quantum Band, allowing Dar-Benn to blast her away with ease. Rambeau and Ms. Marvel returned to the Hoopty and took off as Captain Marvel single handedly destroyed several of the Kree ships.

Carol is forced to leave

Captain Marvel is forced to leave Aladna

However, Rambeau struggled to pilot the Hoopty, which went under heavy fire, so Captain Marvel took over. With the planet being drained of its water, Rambeau went to open a Jump Point for them to escape in, but Captain Marvel was determined to not let another planet suffer, so she continued to evade attacks from the other ships. Rambeau and Ms. Marvel tried to tell her that they needed to leave before they would get killed, but Captain Marvel refused, so Ms. Marvel opened a Jump Point, forcing them to leave.[2]

Opening Up[]

Marvels crash land

The Marvels argue after the crash landing

"I thought if I fixed it then I could come home."
"Carol, that's not how family works. I never expected you to be the mighty Captain Marvel. I just wanted you. My aunt."
―Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau[src]

The Hoopty crash landed on another planet. Danvers was mad about leaving the Aladneans to fend for themselves against Dar-Benn, but Kamala Khan responded that she did not want to risk losing her Quantum Band, so she made a tough call, recalling how Danvers did so on Tarnax IV, but Danvers told Khan not to be like her.

Carol Sad Talk with Monica

Danvers reveals why she never returned

Khan apologized for her being the reason that they couldn't stop Dar-Benn, due to their entanglement. Danvers revealed to Khan and Monica Rambeau that when she destroyed the Supreme Intelligence it led to the Kree Civil War, which filled her with shame. Rambeau realized this was why Danvers never returned to her, and Danvers explained that she wanted to fix the situation before coming home. But Rambeau told her that she only needed Danvers to be her aunt, and that they would have still accepted her.

The Marvels In A Field

The Marvels refocus on stopping Dar-Benn

Danvers admitted that she was glad to be reunited with Rambeau, and she looked over to Khan and shared the same sentiment. Khan apologized for coming on strong as a fan when they first met, as it didn't allow Danvers to be a real person, but rather the glorified fantasy of her as a superhero. They then witnessed a Jump Point open, so Danvers turned the focus back to stopping Dar-Benn, who Danvers knew was heading for Earth, as she had been targeted planets she cared about for resources.

Carol learns the plan

Danvers learns about the evacuation plan

The Marvels flew to the S.A.B.E.R. Space Station, and when they entered, they witnessed a swarm of Flerken running around. Danvers regrouped with Nick Fury, who informed her that he had lost contact with Earth, so they were evacuating everyone. Danvers witnessed a Flerken swallow an agent, so she tried to get it to spit him out, but Fury revealed that it was a part of the evacuation plan, as they didn't have enough room in the escape pods. Danvers gleefully helped herd the Flerken, and they were able to get them all in the pods.[2]

Attack on the Sun[]

Carol confronts Dar-Benn

Captain Marvel confronting Dar-Benn

"You'll live up to your name again."
"I didn't want this."
"Death seems to follow you."
Dar-Benn and Captain Marvel[src]

Monica Rambeau discovered that Dar-Benn was going after the Sun, so the Marvels rushed to the Kree vessel to stop her. Captain Marvel confronted Dar-Benn on her own, so that Rambeau could sneak up behind her. Captain Marvel attempted to warn Dar-Benn that her actions would only lead to the end of everything. Rambeau then attacked Dar-Benn, causing her to drop the Universal Weapon, which Captain Marvel stole.

Marvels vs

The Marvels fighting against Dar-Benn

Captain Marvel then stood with Rambeau and Ms. Marvel, and working as a team, they simultaneously attacked Dar-Benn, using their entanglement to give them an advantage. Captain Marvel primarily used the Universal Weapon to attack Dar-Benn to avoid her absorbing her powers. Through their teamwork, superior abilities and having the greater numbers, the Marvels managed to overpower Dar-Benn in the fight. When Dar-Benn went to attack Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel restrained her, allowing Rambeau to knock Dar-Benn away.

Carol pleads with Dar-Benn

Captain Marvel agrees to restore Hala's sun

Due to Dar-Benn crashing into the wall, rubble fell on top of her, including a sharp piece of metal that stabbed into her stomach. The Marvels stood over an injured Dar-Benn, who chastised Captain Marvel for only causing death around her. They attempted to appeal to Dar-Benn to give up the Quantum Band, but she refused. Rambeau came up with an idea for Captain Marvel to use her powers to restore Hala's sun, so Captain Marvel looked to Dar-Benn, and they both agreed to do it for Hala.

Captain Marvel v Dar-Benn

Captain Marvel attempts to stop Dar-Benn

However, once Captain Marvel lifted the rubble off of Dar-Benn, she snatched the Universal Weapon, so Captain Marvel activated her powers, which switched her with Ms. Marvel. Dar-Benn, pinned Ms. Marvel to the ground, and threatened to kill her. Dar-Benn stole Ms. Marvel's Quantum Band and went to use the two together, but Captain Marvel tackled her and flew them both out to space. Captain Marvel tried to stop her from touching the two, but she was knocked out. Dar-Benn connected the Quantum Bands, which opened an unstable hole in space-time and destroyed herself in the process.[2]

Losing Monica Rambeau[]

The Marvels see another universe

The Marvels witnessing another universe

"Your mom would be proud."
"Higher, further, faster."
"Higher, further, faster."
―Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau[src]

Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan brought Danvers back to the Kree vessel. Danvers gave Khan her Quantum Band back, and the three looked at the Jump Point, which Rambeau was able to identify as a tear in space-time, meaning that another universe was bleeding into their own. Rambeau explained that the way to fix it would be for her to absorb Danvers and Khan's powers and then close the tear from the other side.

Carol and Kamala power up Monica

The Marvels powering up Monica Rambeau

Danvers worried about them switching places when using their powers, but she was informed that they were no longer entangled. With the Jump Point growing more unstable, Danvers and Khan went along with Rambeau's plan and released the same energy that opened the portal, which she then absorbed. Danvers looked upon Rambeau and told her that her mother would be proud of her. They both then said "higher, further, faster," something Danvers and Maria used to say, and Rambeau flew off to the Jump Point.

Carol loses Monica

Danvers fails to save Monica Rambeau

Danvers and Khan watched from the ship as Rambeau entered the Jump Point and began closing it by unleashing the power she had absorbed. As it was nearly shut, Danvers told Rambeau to get out of there, but Rambeau told her that she needed to stay to make sure it stayed closed. Danvers immediately went after Rambeau, but she was unable to reach her in time, and the Jump Point disappeared with Rambeau on the other side. A devastated Danvers returned to the ship and hugged Khan, before sending her back to Earth.[2]

Fulfilling a Promise[]

Captain Marvel (The Marvels)

Danvers successfully restores Hala's sun

"And Carol?"
"She went to fulfill a promise."
Nick Fury and Kamala Khan[src]

Despite the loss of Monica Rambeau and Dar-Benn's betrayal, Danvers still intended to uphold her promise to restore Hala's sun. Danvers returned to Hala, and in Binary Mode, she flew into the sun and used her powers to successfully jumpstart it. After looking upon the restored planet, Danvers flew away.[2]

Back on Earth[]

Carol Danvers & Kamala Khan

Danvers moving into the Rambeau home

"I actually don't have the key. I'm just looking after it."
"Just until Monica gets back?"
"Yeah. Just until Monica gets back."
―Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan[src]

Now that the conflict with the Kree was over, Danvers no longer felt like she couldn't come home, and she decided to return to Earth, where she moved into the Rambeau Residence with Goose, as there was no one living there. Danvers was helped by the Khan family to move in. Danvers had also begun wearing the second bangle.

Carol and Kamala plane

Danvers and Khan reflect on being a team

Kamala Khan complimented Danvers' new home, and asked if she still flew the plane that was on the property. Danvers invited Khan to check it out with her, and they sat inside, but did not fly as Danvers did not have the key. Danvers mentioned how she would just be looking after it until Monica Rambeau returned, still holding out hope. Khan then reminisced about the three of them being a team, which inspired her revealing to Danvers her idea to assemble a new team of younger heroes.[2]


"You were the woman on that black box, risking her life to do the right thing. My best friend, who supported me as a mother, and as a pilot when no one else did. You were smart and funny, and a huge pain in the ass. And you were the most powerful person I knew, way before you could shoot fire from your fists."
Maria Rambeau to Carol Danvers[src]

Carol Danvers is an extremely stubborn and rebellious person. Due to being told what to do or what her limits are her entire life, she tends to act recklessly when attempting to do something, which often results in accidents. Having been repeatedly underestimated her entire life due to being a woman, Danvers never backs down from a challenge. Danvers is ultimately a very determined person, and although she often gets frustrated whenever she fails to do something, she always gets back up and tries again. Danvers' friends and relatives often mentioned that she had a short temper before being abducted by the Kree.

Though brash and prideful, Danvers has a hero's heart and is a loyal friend to the people she holds most dear, and for decades has acted as a cosmic Good Samaritan, offering her aid to planets all over the universe. Through sheer willpower, she overcame the Supreme Intelligence and was ready to take on Thanos by herself to avenge her friends. Although naturally guarded, Danvers has shown to quickly get along with those she has only just met, such as the Avengers. During her brief meeting with Shang-Chi, she similarly kept a casual friendly attitude with him and remarked that it was nice meeting him. Danvers also became very close with Valkyrie, who she could rely on her for support during tough times, and has shown to enjoy physical affection from her. Danvers is even protective of children, as seen with Kamala Khan, who despite having superpowers, still felt the need to keep her safe during the Destruction of Tarnax IV.

Upon being kidnapped and misled by the Kree into becoming their soldier, Carol was completely indoctrinated into the teachings of the Kree Empire, firmly believing them to be noble warriors while also believing the Skrulls to be an evil plague. As "Vers," she was notably more stoic, owing to her handlers' insistence that her emotions make her weak. Even though she lost her memories due to the Kree wiping them from her mind, some of Danvers' traits remained, most notably her tendency to let her impulsive nature get the better of her, and her inability to let go of a strongly held conviction. After regaining her memories, Danvers returned to her more expressive self and became friendlier, though when in more serious situations she returns to her more stoic demeanor due to her military background.

Danvers notably possesses a sassy and dry wit that is blended with the rest of her personality, as it would come out even while being told to suppress her emotions while under the Kree's manipulation. As "Vers," she would often joke around with Yon-Rogg and the rest of Starforce, much to their annoyance. And upon meeting Nick Fury, she instantly took to messing with him, which evidently strengthened their relationship, making him one of her most trusted allies. Both Danvers and Fury are famous for being serious individuals, but surprisingly, when they are with each other, they put their guards down and even act silly with each other, as well as being able to speak open and honestly.

Once she returned to Earth and recovered from her amnesia, Danvers felt guilt over her actions against the Skrulls and anger towards the Kree, believing that she needed to undo the wrongs she had committed and stand up against her oppressors. However, Danvers still retained some degree of respect for Yon-Rogg despite everything he did to her, as she chose not to kill him but instead sent him back to Hala with the warning that she would expose the truth about the Kree's manipulative empire. Although she kept her promises to Yon-Rogg that she was going to stop the Supreme Intelligence, Danvers ended up having to face the consequences because she failed to realize that the Kree were so dependent upon it and the wars with the species became worse, which caused Hala to become on the verge of extinction. When she realized that she made things worse for the Kree, Danvers felt ashamed of herself and spent decades trying to fix her mistake.

When Danvers unlocked the full extent of her powers, she became significantly more confident in herself and her abilities, as she casually took down Starforce with a rather laid-back attitude then boldly declared that she didn't need to prove herself to Yong-Rogg after defeating him with a single blast. Danvers' self-confidence was shaken after the Snap and she started to give way to borderline arrogance in her desperation to somehow correct it. She coldly disregarded the other heroes' warnings. Aware of her power level relative to the others, Danvers regularly tried to work alone rather than integrate herself into the team. Still, she acknowledged that the Avengers have kept the Earth in good hands up to this point, and eventually established a rapport with her fellow heroes when they took on Thanos. Even after they failed to undo the Snap, Danvers joined the Avengers to keep a look out on the universe's status and grew to trust them.

After the victims of the Snap were resurrected, Danvers showed a brighter and friendlier side to herself and became more extroverted. During the Battle of Earth, she placed her faith in her teammates and openly accepted help when she needed it, even from people whom she barely knew because they were all rallied behind the same cause. She also opted to stay for Tony Stark's funeral out of respect. Once returning to working alone, Danvers' time with the Avengers left a mark on her, as she begun to miss being surrounded by other people. During her time teaming up with Monica Rambeau and Khan, Danvers felt comfortable in expressing her loneliness, and quickly let her friendly side come out. Danvers joined Khan in coming up with a superhero codename for Rambeau, and took no offence when the two playfully teased her for being a princess.

Due to her guilt in destroying the Supreme Intelligence and making things worse for the Kree, Danvers distanced herself from Earth, as she did not want Rambeau to see the version of herself that led the Kree to civil war and getting the nickname Annihilator. However, Danvers was planning to return to Earth to be with the Rambeau's when she fixed her mistake with the Kree. Fortunately, through Rambeau's help, Danvers realized that she was always welcome home, which paid off as it was her niece who helped her save both the Kree and Hala from dying. Danvers learned that she cannot fix everything and should not do it alone. After fixing her mistake, Danvers decided to return to Earth as her permanent residence in order to reconnect with her home planet and look after those she cared about there, especially Khan.

Powers and Abilities[]


"She got her powers from an Infinity Stone."
Darcy Lewis[src]
  • Hybrid Physiology/Cosmic Enhancement: Through her exposure to the Tesseract's extraterrestrial power via the destruction of the Light-Speed Engine, Carol acquired the ability to produce cosmic energies to no measurable bounds and manipulate them to her needs. Danvers was later granted superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes following her blood transfusion with the Kree warrior, Yon-Rogg, on the planet Hala, which essentially turned her into a Kree-Human hybrid. She was also trained in the arts of battle by the Kree which had been practiced for years and began to rely solely on her fighting skills, strength, and photon blasts. Many years later, Danvers demonstrated much greater control over her powers, which makes her one of the mightiest heroes in the universe and allowed her to compete with a being as powerful as Thanos, as she was able to briefly overpower the Mad Titan until he was forced to use the Power Stone to punch her away.
    • Superhuman Strength:
      AoT 20

      Captain Marvel completely restrains Thanos

      Due to the Kree blood running through her veins, Danvers possesses superhuman strength. With this, she was able to defeat many Humans, Skrulls and Kree with relative ease. Even before completely unleashing her incredible cosmic powers, she was already strong enough to defeat over a dozen Skrull soldiers without the use of her photon blasts. Her super strength generally allows her to send her opponents flying through the air with simple blows and kicks. When she and Nick Fury were escaping from several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Danvers was able to bend a metal bar to prevent the door from being opened. Her strength also extends to her ability to jump great distances. During her battle with Starforce, Danvers was able to knock Bron-Char back with a single punch, and uppercut Korath into the air and send him flying away with a kick. She could destroy a Kree Warship by flying straight through it, as well as stop a Kree ballistic missile from detonating on Earth by pushing them away. In Binary mode, Danvers' strength is augmented to the point where it becomes incalculably strong, to the point where she could destroy the Sanctuary II with ease, and her blows also become vastly more powerful by accumulating a larger amount of energy within her hands, giving her blows the ability to stun incredibly durable beings like Thanos.
    • Superhuman Durability:
      Danvers withstanding Thanos' headbutt

      Danvers withstanding Thanos' headbutt

      Danvers' skin density, muscles, and bones have increased exponentially due to her hybrid influenced physiology. As such, Danvers possesses resistance to blunt trauma, falls from high altitudes, Kree energy shots, and large explosions. During the mission to Torfa, Danvers was electrocuted by Skrull energy and was only momentarily stunned, before falling completely unconscious. When a Skrull hit her directly in the face with a cane, Danvers simply turned and hit back twice as hard. She also resisted the explosion of a Skrull space pod followed by an immense crash on the roof of a Blockbuster and was only slightly dazed but came out of it without a single scratch. Danvers' incredible durability even allowed her to hold the Tesseract with her bare hands without suffering any damage. She also resisted the attacks of her former Starforce comrades during combat, as well as withstanding the metals that Yon-Rogg controlled telekinetically with his Magnitron Gauntlets. She was also able to withstand heavy blows from Bron-Char's energy gauntlets. In Binary mode, Danvers' durability is augmented to the point where she becomes essentially invulnerable, to the point where she could withstand a headbutt from Thanos, much to the Mad Titan's surprise, and even survived a direct blow with the Power Stone.
    • Superhuman Speed:
      Vers Los Angeles

      Danvers keeping up with the train

      Danvers can move at great speeds. She can overwhelm several Skrulls, including Talos, in hand-to-hand combat, and easily dodged their wild attacks while landing her blows as well. While chasing a Skrull through the city of Los Angeles, Danvers was able to keep up with the speed of a train to finally get on top of it. She was also able to handle her former Starforce compatriots in combat, easily dodging their attacks.
    • Superhuman Agility: Danvers has greater agility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than a regular human being. During her training with Yon-Rogg, Danvers was able to do elaborate cartwheels and flying kicks against him. She was also able to dodge many of the Skrulls' punches and overcome them in her battle. She was able to easily keep up with and surpass the Starforce members, despite the great agility in combat shown by the latter.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Danvers' musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than any normal human being. Her endurance allows her to exercise her maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:
      CM flying vs Kree

      Danvers dodging energy blasts

      Danvers can react to as well as dodge objects that travel at high speeds, with her dodging many of the blows of the Skrulls and later the members of the Starforce with relative ease and almost effortlessly. Also, while flying, she was able to dodge the blasts fired by Kree fighter ships with ease.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Due to the Kree blood running through her veins, Danvers can regenerate from injuries much faster than a normal human, with an example being that there was no scar after being directly hit in the face by a Skrull, who drew blood. Another example was her having fallen from a considerable distance through the roof of a Blockbuster, only for Danvers to recover quickly and without any injuries.
    • Longevity: Due to her Kree blood and cosmic augmentations, Danvers' aging process is extremely reduced, possibly even halted altogether. Her physical age and condition at the time of the Battle of Earth are still the same as it was when she got her powers over three decades beforehand.
    • Cosmic Energy Manipulation:
      Captain Marvel (film) 110

      Captain Marvel goes Binary

      Danvers became infused with the energy of the Tesseract when she destroyed the Light-Speed Engine's power core. Due to this, her body is capable of passively absorbing most forms of energy and transforming it into her signature cosmic energy, which she can then use in a variety of ways. Following her victory over the Supreme Intelligence, Danvers removed her Photon Inhibitor and gained control over her power, becoming fully capable to summon this energy at will. Danvers can envelope herself within her energy, which emits itself as a glowing aura surrounding her in a form known as Binary. This greatly increases Danvers' physical attributes, such as her strength and durability, as well as her photon blast, and gave her the ability to fly at incredible speeds, which is what allowed her to defeat the entire Starforce, destroy the ballistic missiles, as well as almost all of Ronan's fleet to the point that Ronan considered Danvers a weapon and swore to come back for her. Also, Danvers can accumulate her energy into her hands to increase the damage behind her blows. Danvers can also carefully use her energy by using it to block blows, such as when she blocked a strike from Korath's energy sword which likely would have cut her if she did not use her energy to shield herself. She can increase her own innate energy output to such a degree, that her strength and durability increase to almost incalculable levels, so much so, she could withstand a direct headbutt from Thanos without flinching and then overpower the Mad Titan. It wasn't until Thanos took it upon himself to punch her with the Power Stone, that she was defeated. Danvers can also utilize her cosmic energy to regulate the functional usage of a mechanized appliance as well as modulate their energy output. This is usually accommodated by a flare-up of her cosmic energies whenever she uses her powers to their fullest ability. Her energy could also cause interference and power surges in nearby technology, as was exemplified by what unlocking her full power did to not only Mar-Vell's lab, but also the Kree energy cuffs used to restrain her allies, and the force fielded cells containing the captured Skrulls, thereby allowing them to break out. While flying back down to Earth to face off with Yon-Rogg, her very presence was enough to cause the surrounding power lines to flare up with electrical energy until she landed and powered down. Danvers was also able to jump-start Yon-Rogg's pod by blasting it with a short pulse of her energy. She can generate this cosmic energy to such an extent that she restarted Hala's star, Pama, with little effort.
      • Energy Blast:
        Captain Marvel fighting Kree ships

        Captain Marvel shooting her photon blasts

        Energy Blasts or when it comes to Danvers is better known as Photon Blasts, allows Danvers to shoot energy beams out of her hands. Danvers can fashion her cosmic energy into dense powerful photon blasts strong enough to pulverize concrete and metal or lighter blasts which only send opponents flying away into the air. During her training, Danvers used a blast that sent Yon-Rogg flying a considerable distance. She was able to send three Skrulls back and then use a blast to propel herself and not be sucked into space when she opened a hole in Talos' ship. During the pursuit of the Skrulls, Danvers was able to use her photon blasts to destroy a roof where a Skrull was attacking her as well as to destroy part of a tunnel and break the roof of a train to enter it. She could also use a photon blast to knock Talos down, which left him momentarily unconscious. After overcoming her fear and destroying the photon inhibitor, Danvers was able to release the energy as a shock wave that was powerful enough to knock down three members of Starforce and two Kree soldiers instantly, and destroy Kree Warships with a single blast. She was also able to effortlessly topple Yon-Rogg with a single shot that sent him flying several meters away. She also used a photon blast against Thanos, which he blocked with his left hand, which was wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.
      • Flight:
        Captain Marvel 02

        Captain Marvel flying through space

        While enveloping herself with cosmic energy, Danvers can fly, glide and float through the air and vacuum of space without outside help. She can survive out in the depths of space without any breathing equipment, having floated in front of the Skrull refugees' ship in the airless vacuum without her helmet activated. She can fly at incredible speed, allowing her to take off into the atmosphere and even outer space and land safely on the planet's surface with ease. She can also maneuver with great precision in any direction, as well as float in one place. She quickly mastered the power of flight to the point where she could fly to the outer edges of the atmosphere in seconds to destroy incoming missiles and ships sent by Ronan. Later, when she decided to help the Skrulls to find a new world to inhabit, she was able to fly next to the Skrulls' ship at the speed of light. She was also able to fly quickly in space to save Tony Stark and later as she searched Thanos' entire planet to see if there was any kind of security. During the Battle of Earth, Danvers was able to come directly from space.
      • Heat Generation: Danvers can accumulate the energy in her hands to burn, melt or traverse solid metals, such as steel doors, ceilings or walls. She used this ability to free herself from the restrictions that the Skrulls had placed on her. However, she could not free herself from the handcuffs, so she had to work hard to use her photon blasts. When demonstrating her powers to Monica Rambeau, she also used this ability to boil the water in a tea kettle.


"Do you know how to fly this thing?"
"We'll see."
"That's a 'yes' or 'no' question."
Nick Fury and Vers[src]
  • Master Pilot:
    Captain Marvel (film) 153

    Danvers in an aerial battle with Yon-Rogg

    Danvers is an extremely skilled pilot, having been trained in the Air Force. She easily piloted the improved aircraft with the energy of the Space Stone and even temporarily held her own in an aerial battle with Yon-Rogg, which demonstrates Danvers' incredible ability to fly. Even when under her Vers persona, Danvers could operate a Quadjet, a vehicle that would have been unfamiliar to a Kree, as if by instinct. Later, Danvers was able to pilot the Quadjet as they headed to Mar-Vell's Laboratory in outer space. Danvers was also able to co-pilot the Benatar, along with Rocket, as they made their way to Thanos' Farm.
"I saw you crush 20 of my best men with your hands bound."
Talos to Carol Danvers[src]
  • Master Combatant:
    Captain Marvel fighting against Thanos

    Captain Marvel fighting against Thanos

    Danvers is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having trained for six years by Yon-Rogg as well as being considerably experienced in combat operations. During her workouts, Danvers fought her mentor Yon-Rogg, though he had the upper hand. She is skilled enough to defeat almost two dozen Skrulls soldiers while she was handcuffed and could not use her photon blasts and even managed to dominate commander Talos with relative ease. During the pursuit on the train, Danvers was able to fight against the Skrull Spy on equal terms, although this time with less ease and ultimately didn't manage to defeat him. Later, with her new ability to manipulate cosmic energy being linked to her combat abilities, Danvers was able to defeat the other Starforce members, including Yon-Rogg, with ease and without much effort. Danvers was also able to subdue a weakened Thanos, by putting him in a headlock, long enough for the other Avengers to come to help her. During the final battle, Danvers was able to fight Thanos while almost managing to take away the Nano Gauntlet but was ultimately bested by him enhancing his strength with the Power Stone.
  • Expert Marksman: Danvers is proficient at using firearms, as she used a Kree gun to threaten Yon-Rogg, then shot it at the Light-Speed Engine. She is also able to shoot her opponents very accurately using her photon blasts.
  • Expert Acrobat: Danvers' years of experience have made her an accomplished acrobat. She is skilled above all in the use of parkour, managing to jump over several objects during the chase to a Skrull in the city of Los Angeles. Danvers is also very good at climbing tall structures quickly.
  • Physician: As part of her training for the United States Air Force, Danvers received emergency medical training. The training remained with her as she lost her memory, and she was able to quickly diagnose a Skrull's acid burn and create a make-shift solution which saved the Skrull from dying and helped him get enough energy to crawl through solid mud and leave the planet without remembering where she had learned such first aid. She later used part of her own Starforce Uniform to create a makeshift tourniquet for herself to slow her bleeding after being stabbed.
  • Bilingualism: Danvers is fluent in English as well as fluent in Aladnean, which is a singing language.



Other Equipment[]

"What did you do to your uniform?"
Yon-Rogg to Captain Marvel[src]
  • Starforce Uniform:
    Captain Marvel Endgame2

    Danvers wearing her new uniform

    Danvers possesses a uniform she used on her missions within Starforce and wears as Captain Marvel. The uniform contains a device capable of analyzing and identifying any object placed within it on the uniform's sleeve. The uniform's color scheme can also be customized to the user's preferences via a device located on the uniform's sleeve, which Danvers took advantage of when she had decided to defect and no longer felt morally comfortable wearing Kree colors. The uniform also includes a collapsible helmet that can fit around the wearer's head and leaves some of Danvers' hair exposed in a mohawk. The helmet can generate its atmosphere and allows the wearer to breathe in the vacuum of space, as well as underwater, where it will give off a blue glow to provide light. Five years after the Snap, Danvers changed the colors of the costume again; she changed part of the chest, shoulder pads, neck, gloves, and boots to blue, and the rest to the color red. Also, she added new accessories, like a sash on her belt.
  • Translator Implant: Danvers possesses a universal translator that allows her to comprehend most any languages and speak it fluently as well.
  • Photon Inhibitor: This device was utilized by the Supreme Intelligence to keep Danvers' powers in check and ensure she would not lose control of them. The device was able to limit the amount of energy Danvers' could emit and even revoke this power entirely. The device could also limit Danvers' physical abilities such as her strength and durability because they are directly proportional to how much cosmic energy Danvers produces. Danvers eventually destroyed the device out of defiance, unlocking her true potential.
  • Tesseract:
    Captain Marvel Tesseract

    Danvers holding the Tesseract

    The Tesseract was the housing unit for the Space Stone that was discovered by Carol Danvers. She stopped her former Starforce teammates from taking it and then tried to give it to Nick Fury, only for Goose to swallow it with her tentacles.
  • Transmitter Pager: A communication device used by Nick Fury, which is an ordinary Earth pager modified by Danvers using Kree technology so that she could be contacted by Fury as a last resort in extreme emergencies.
  • Quantum Band: After the defeat of Dar-Benn and the sacrifice of Monica Rambeau, Danvers took possession of one of the Quantum Bands while Kamala Khan kept her part of the pair.








Appearances for Captain Marvel


  • In the comics, Carol Danvers is the seventh person to take on the moniker of "Captain Marvel", after Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau, Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Khn'nr and Noh-Varr. She obtained her powers after a fusion of Kree and human genes, assuming the codenames of Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird before becoming Captain Marvel, after the Avengers vs. X-Men comic event, where Mar-Vell died while going up against the Phoenix Force. However, The Life of Captain Marvel storyline eventually reveals the origins of Danvers and her siblings as Human-Kree hybrids from their Kree mother, Mari-Ell (Earth name: Marie), while Danvers' Kree name is revealed as Car-Ell, and that the radiation powers which Mar-Vell absorbed and transferred to Danvers' body only awakened her Kree gene.
    • In Avengers: Endgame, Danvers sported several physical features that referenced her classic appearance in the comics, such as the iconic short hair and the sash on her belt.
  • In the comics, she is a close friend to Jessica Jones has dated James Rhodes and, for a brief time, Peter Parker.
  • Carol Danvers is a fan of Guns N' Roses and Lita Ford.
  • In the flashbacks to young Danvers playing baseball with her brother, she wears a red and white uniform while Steve wears the "B" of the Boston Red Sox. This is a nod to the comics, where the Danvers siblings grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Captain Marvel is the fourth character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe whose powers come from an Infinity Stone, following Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision. Unlike the other three, however, hers come from the Space Stone rather than the Mind Stone.

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