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"The war's out there, Colonel, not in here. If we're going to win, it won't be with me stuck behind a desk."
―Captain Carter to John Flynn[src]

Captain Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy" Carter is a Strategic Scientific Reserve agent during World War II. When Steve Rogers, the original candidate for Project Rebirth, was wounded by Heinz Kruger, Carter volunteered herself as a replacement, despite John Flynn ordering received the Super Soldier Serum, and became the first successful super soldier. Being given the rank of Captain and donning the colors of the Union Jack, she entered the war leading the Allied forces against HYDRA as Captain Carter. Her first mission was a successful one in which she retrieved the Tesseract, which was found and taken by Red Skull. In a later mission to infiltrate a HYDRA train, Rogers was lost to an explosion and an avalanche. Carter's final battle against HYDRA would result in a reunion with Steve and her sacrificing herself to stop the Champion of HYDRA, going through a wormhole from which she emerged almost seventy years later.

Now a woman out of time, Carter joined S.H.I.E.L.D., but mourned the loss of Rogers, who she believed to be dead. When on a mission with Natasha Romanoff to retake the Lemurian Star, Captain Carter was summoned by The Watcher alongside several others to defend the Multiverse from Ultron. Afterwards, Captain Carter was returned to her home reality, where Romanoff informed her that Rogers' HYDRA Stomper armor had been found with someone inside it.


World War II

Attack on SSR Brooklyn Facility

"There, that's the moment that created a new universe. When asked to leave the room, Margaret 'Peggy' Carter chose to stay. But soon it would be her venturing into the unknown and creating a new world."
The Watcher[src]

Carter about to witness Project Rebirth

Peggy Carter brought Steve Rogers to the Strategic Scientific Reserve Brooklyn Facility to prepare for his transformation. Prior to his presentation, she was asked by Abraham Erskine if she would be comfortable in the booth. Having a loving glance at Rogers, she chose to stay. As Erskine began the presentation, Carter became suspicious as she noticed the explosive planted by Heinz Kruger. Unfortunately Carter was unable to stop him before he detonated the explosive, causing an explosion that killed several people, including Erskine. As Krueger tried to escape with the vial of the Super Soldier Serum, Carter came in and shot him, killing him.

Carter lays down on the chamber

Carter came to Rogers' aid, who was wounded after he got shot by Krueger. With the power to the Vita-Ray Chamber depleting, John Flynn ordered Rogers to get back into the chamber, but Carter claimed that he was unable to do it. As Flynn argued with Howard Stark, to whom he insisted to go into the chamber, she made the choice to undergo the experiment in Steve's place. Carter then grabbed the vial and rushed to the chamber.[1]

Arguments with John Flynn

Carter has an argument with John Flynn

"I was promised an army. I was promised peace and salvation. Instead, I get a girl."
"I understand this is not the desired outcome, but I can be more than a human pin cushion."
John Flynn and Peggy Carter[src]

Against all odds, the procedure was a success as Carter emerged fully transformed into a super soldier, visibly taller and stronger. Despite the Super Soldier Serum working on Carter, John Flynn was angered, claiming that women did not belong on the front lines and thus refused to allow Carter to fight, much to her anger and disappointment.[1]


Carter knocks a punching bag

"Nice left hook."
"Not according to Colonel Flynn, that weapons-grade moron!"
Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter[src]

Carter began training to become a soldier. One time, she was training with Steve Rogers right beside her and she punched a bag over and over until it detached from the chain and was flung against the wall.

Carter talking to Steve Rogers

Rogers told her she was getting better at this and would make a great combat machine, but Carter, who was still angered by John Flynn's words, disagreed, used her foot to flip a weight into her hand, and threw it with great force and precision against the wall, where many other weights were already lodged in. Rogers joked that it could be worse and that Flynn could try to put her in a suit and sell war bonds, which Carter took seriously. Some soldiers passed by the window marching, which reminded Rogers about his friend Bucky Barnes fighting without him.[1]

Howard Stark's Gift

Carter receives a shield from Howard Stark

"Your covert skills need work."
"Then this is gonna be awkward."
―Peggy Carter and Howard Stark[src]

At a bar, Carter was drinking when Howard Stark suddenly appeared. Stark joked about how British people were supposed to be resilient, when suddenly he handed Carter a box. Carter opened the box and found a suit with the colors of the Union Jack what was supposed to be her USO uniform, but upgraded by Stark. He then put a matching hefty shield over the table. Carter saw her reflection on the shield and smiled.[1]

Capture of Arnim Zola

Carter confronts HYDRA

Carter, now wearing her new suit, went on a mission to retrieve the stolen Tesseract and capture the scientist Arnim Zola. She waited on top of a building watching a fleet of HYDRA trucks and motorcycles slowly approach. When one of the motorcycles got close enough she threw her shield, knocking the two men off and sending them sprawling. The shield came back to her hand and she jumped down off the building.

Carter knocks a HYDRA truck

The truck in the lead tried to run her down, but she used her shield to flip the truck. She then gave it another go and flipped one more. Men streamed out of the trucks and off the motorcycles but she took all of them down easily. As the remaining men tried to take her down, one last man emerged and quipped that the United States of America were sending a "fragile Fräulein" to fight for them. She responded that she was far from fragile and took him down in three punches. She opened the rear of his truck and found Zola, so surprised that he cursed, to which Carter responded, "Exactly."[1]

Liberation of Allied Prisoners of War

Carter riding into a HYDRA facility

Carter and Steve Rogers discussed the last intel report to determine the whereabouts of Bucky Barnes and the Howling Commandos after being captured by HYDRA. After telling Rogers that he owed her a dance, Carter went to the mission. She stole a HYDRA soldier's motorcycle to get to the place and break the outer fence. After fighting a bunch of soldiers, she made it to the cells, where she met Barnes. She broke all of them out of the prison and exited the place, only to run into even more soldiers and tanks.

Carter and the soldiers meet Rogers

They hid behind some dirt and Carter requested to her forces they send air support. Much to the group's surprise, Rogers came flying wearing the HYDRA Stomper Armor that Howard Stark had built. Together Carter and Rogers fought the remaining HYDRA forces. Everyone started to cheer for Captain Carter, to which she said they should wait until the victory parade. Together, they went on a whole bunch of missions against HYDRA throughout Europe to disrupt their operations.[1]

Losing Steve Rogers

Carter preparing for a mission

"If our intel is correct and the Red Skull, the very head of HYDRA, is on that train..."
"We can end the war?"
―Captain Carter and Bucky Barnes[src]

Carter would rejoin Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, along with a few other men went on a mission to infiltrate a HYDRA Train that supposedly Red Skull was in. Barnes, his men, and Carter saw the train and took a Zip-Line Gun to land on it.

Carter realizes Rogers was hit

Rogers, in the HYDRA Stomper Armor, went inside of one of the wagons, and with horror realized there were only detonating explosives inside. These then started to explode, which most of the group saw and was able to jump off the train safely. However, as soon as they were off, the ground underneath the train collapsed and set off an avalanche. Rogers was lost in the snow, which filled Carter with sadness.[1]

Attack on Castle de Krake

Carter going to the Castle de Krake

"I have to. I can end this."
"You owe me a dance lesson."
"Yes, Saturday night."
―Captain Carter and Steve Rogers[src]

Having lost Steve Rogers and the Tesseract, John Flynn became very mad and disappointed, and started arguing with Howard Stark about how what he said about the Tesseract and the HYDRA Stomper Armor. In the midst of the desperation, Carter went up to Arnim Zola's cell. Zola, while not surprised by being visited by her, initially was not willing to tell anything, but he eventually complied. He told her that Red Skull was planning to use the Tesseract to unleash an Interdimensional Force and use it as a weapon of mass destruction. He also told her that HYDRA was planning to do this at Castle de Krake in the Black Forest. After telling her group, they went to the location to face Red Skull.

Carter charges through HYDRA soldiers

At the castle, Carter jumped over one of the walls to open the main door for the others. After fighting a whole lot of soldiers, the group had to split, leading Carter to go with Stark. However, they eventually found out that Red Skull had already opened the wormhole to allow the Champion of HYDRA through. The monster, not following HYDRA's command, crushed Red Skull to death, leading Carter and Stark to think of a plan. They noticed the panel control, which Stark could use to reverse the suction of the portal.

Carter and Rogers share a promise

Carter began fighting the beast, using a sword from the wall, however the creature was overpowering her. When Stark figured it out, the portal began to suck the beast in, as Carter tried to resist its clutches. Then, Rogers in the HYDRA Stomper armor and the Howling Commandos arrived and helped Carter, until the beast roared loudly, stunning them. Rogers had to get them out of the castle to safety. The beast was trying to keep the portal by holding it open, to which Carter decided to start pushing it to the wormhole, even though it meant entering the portal herself. Rogers tried to help, but his suit became powerless quickly. Rogers exchanged with Carter his last words before she entered the portal and it closed.[1]

21st Century

Back on Earth

Carter comes out of the wormhole

"Where's Steve Rogers?"
"The war ended almost seventy years ago. You going to be okay?"
"Of course... we won the war."
―Captain Carter and Nick Fury[src]

Carter was transported out of the portal created by the Tesseract and landed in the year 2011 at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility. She was met by Nick Fury and Clint Barton who were monitoring the Tesseract. Immediately, Fury told her to put down the sword. Barton then recognised her as Captain Carter and told Fury. As Carter asked the whereabouts of Steve Rogers, Fury told her that the war ended almost seventy years ago.[1]

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Are you seeing that?"
"Captain Carter, the soldier lost in time. You have been chosen."
―Captain Carter and The Watcher[src]

Eventually, Carter joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and became the STRIKE operative, together with Natasha Romanoff. Carter and Romanoff soon formed a bond and became best friends, with Romanoff even telling Carter about her past. In 2014, Carter and the STRIKE team were tasked with infiltrating the Lemurian Star, hijacked by Georges Batroc and liberate the hostages. After a briefing on the Quinjet, Carter gave instructions to Brock Rumlow and the STRIKE operatives and ordered to launch a mission. Beforehand, Romanoff teasingly told Carter that Bernard was asking about her but Carter replied that she was not interested, as she still could not let Steve Rogers go.

Carter jumped out of the Quinjet and landed on board of the Lemurian Star where she took down several pirates, before being confronted by Batroc himself. Batroc mocked Carter, telling that she could not compete without her shield, so Carter put the shield away and engaged with Batroc in the close combat. Despite Carter's super soldier physiology, Batroc was able to keep up the fight due to her martial art skills. Suddenly, Carter witnessed The Watcher appearing in the sky behind Batroc's back, which startled her, although Batroc did not react to it. The Watcher told Carter that she had been chosen for his cause, so he transported Carter out of her universe.[2]

Guardian of the Multiverse

Carter was brought to a pub, along with Star-Lord, Gamora, Erik Killmonger, and Thor. She was familiar of that location, including a portrait of Steve Rogers hanging on the wall. Doctor Strange informed Carter that he had recreated the pub from her memory, so she could adapt to the situation quicker. The Watcher explained to Carter and the others that an AI, known as Ultron, was threatening to wipe out all life in the entire Multiverse, in the name of bringing peace. As Ultron was nearly unstoppable because of the Infinity Stones, the Watcher and Strange made a decision to put together a team of the most remarkable individuals from various universes, proclaiming Carter and the others the Guardians of the Multiverse, the last hope for all universes.

Although initially, the Watcher's words were made with skepticism, Carter and the others eventually agreed to take Ultron down. Gamora suggested to use the Infinity Crusher to destroy the Stones and strip Ultron of his powers, so Carter and the Guardians made a plan to lure Ultron into the trap and fight him. The Watcher brought the Guardians to the deserted planet where they were preparing for a battle and shared some drinks with each other. Carter also asked Strange about her counterpart in the other universe, to which Strange replied that in his universe, Steve Rogers successfully received the Super Soldier Serum and became Captain America.[2]

Battle for the Multiverse

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During the battle, Carter, along with the others, they were transported first to a planet to fight Ultron, the fight was too much against them, so Doctor Strange transported the Guardians to Ultron's world, where they met the Black Widow of that world. During the fight, Widow grabbed the arrow with Arnim Zola's data and fired it at Ultron, which then proceeded to delete the A.I. and took over its body. Just as the Multiverse was saved, Erik Killmonger revealed his two-faced nature when he took the Infinity Stones from Ultron's discarded armor and put it into a newly-modified suit that could harness their power. He offered the Guardians help in rebuilding their own worlds, pointing out to Carter that she could be finally reunited with Steve. Ultimately, the Guardians refused his offer which forced Killmonger to attack them all.

He was then attacked by Zola, who now had gained full control of Ultron's body and began to fight Killmonger over them, which caused Strange to create a spell to entrap both of them in a perpetual battle. With the battle finally over, Carter shared a quick smile with Widow. After that, the Guardians were arranged to be sent back to their worlds through a door. With Carter being the second to the last to leave through the Guardian's door, she stopped and took one last look at the portrait of Rogers in the pub. The Watcher gently reminded her that it was time to go while also realizing that she probably wanted to go to another time.

Carter acknowledged the desire, asking the Watcher if she hadn't earned her happy ending. The Watcher then replied that that specific world in that specific time period needed her there. Carter then shared one last look with Widow who nodded to her. Carter smiled back as she proceeded through the door.[2]

Returning to Her Universe

"I found what the pirates were after. Peggy, you might want to brace yourself."
"I can promise you, Nat, this won't be the strangest thing I've dealt with today."
Black Widow and Captain Carter[src]
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After Carter was transported back, she was caught off guard by Batroc, who was then shocked by her Widow. After hugging her, Widow showed Carter what the pirates were after. She was shocked to see it was the HYDRA Stomper Armor and that someone was still in there.[3]


"You've always been a fighter. In a way, the outside finally matches the inside."
Steve Rogers to Peggy Carter[src]

Carter is very confident and brave, showing as she stepped in to receive the Super Soldier Serum without hesitation. She is also easily discouraged as shown when John Flynn told her that they wouldn't have "a girl" fight for them. Peggy likes a good fight and visibly enjoys being Captain Carter. She can sometimes be menacing, as shown as when she started to push the Champion of HYDRA back in to wormhole the Tesseract had created, and when she angrily asked Nick Fury where Steve Rogers was after she was teleported to the 21st century. Carter deeply cares for her loved ones as she mourned Rogers after he was caught in the avalanche. She seems not to be remorseful of the ones she kills, as she is used to it.

Powers and Abilities


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"You have a super soldier."
―Peggy Carter[src]
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Due to the Super Soldier Serum, Captain Carter's abilities were enhanced to superhuman levels.
    • Enhanced Strength:

      Captain Carter flipping a HYDRA Truck

      Captain Carter's physical strength was greatly increased to the point where she could flip a HYDRA Truck. She was able to lift a motorcycle with one hand and throw it. He managed to pull out the gate with both hands to free the US soldier. She was able to push the Champion of HYDRA into the wormhole where it came from, despite the creature resisting with its tentacles.
    • Enhanced Durability: Captain Carter's durability was strong enough to that she stayed right where she was while flipping a HYDRA truck.
    • Enhanced Speed: Captain Carter is fast enough to catch up to a man on a motorcycle.
    • Enhanced Agility:

      Carter leaping towards Champion of HYDRA

      Captain Carter took down several men with only her shield and took down the last one with her bare hands. She was able to leap several yards into the air to infiltrate Castle de Krake's walls, and also to carry Howard Stark to a control panel.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Captain Carter body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-inducing lactic acid in her muscles and her musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human, granting her exceptional endurance and lung capacity, greater than of normal humans. Carter could exert herself at peak capacity for several hours without showing any sign of fatigue, allowing her to fight for long periods of time.
    • Enhanced Reflexes:

      Captain Carter dodging an incoming tank

      Captain Carter's reflexes allow her to react quickly to several gunshots and protect with her shield.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Captain Carter's mental performance has been greatly enhanced to operate in the most efficient and rapid manner possible.
"Oh…I miss a good whisky. But the serum doesn’t allow me to feel the effects."
―Peggy Carter to Steve Rogers[src]
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Super-Soldier Serum granted Captain Carter's physiology an accelerated rate of healing and regeneration. Carter is immune to earthly infections, diseases, and disorders; Carter also cannot become intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, toxins, or impurities, thus she can't get drunk like her friends.
    • Longevity: As a result of a Super Soldier Serum, Carter's ages much slower than a normal human.

Former Powers

  • Protection Spell:

    Captain Carter receiving a protection spell

    During the Battle for the Multiverse, Doctor Strange summoned a protection spell and placed it on his teammates. However, this spell wore off after several hits from Ultron.
    • Physical Augmentation: Along with the protection spell and her Super Soldier Serum, Captain Carter's physique was significantly boosted, with being able to leap a very far distance.
    • Weapon Enhancement: Along with the protection spell, Captain Carter's shield received significant augmentation in damage, range, and accuracy.


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"Nice left hook."
Steve Rogers[src]
  • Master Martial Artist:

    Captain Carter fighting against Ultron

    Captain Carter easily subdued her last attacker with hand-to-hand combat.
  • Shield Mastery: Captain Carter is very intuitive with her circular shield, as she was already proficient with hurling weight plates. She can also dual-wield her shield and her sword.
  • Sword Mastery: Captain Carter is also skilled in swordsmanship, showing her skill as she easily cut through a tentacle.
  • Expert Marksman: Captain Carter is highly proficient with firearms, as she shot and killed Heinz Kruger with her pistol. She can also accurately throw her shield.
  • Master Acrobat: To be added
  • Master Tactician: To be added
  • Expert Interrogator: Captain Carter learned everything about the Red Skull's plans from Arnim Zola.
  • Bilingualism: Captain Carter is fluent in her native English, and understands German.



  • Captain Carter's Shield: Carter carries a vibranium shield that was constructed by Howard Stark. The shield was painted the colors of the Union Jack to match Carter's uniform.
  • Pistol: During the Liberation of Allied Prisoners of War, Captain Carter was armed with a pistol. She also used one to shoot and kill Heinz Kruger.
"Ma'am. Please, put down the sword."
Nick Fury to Peggy Carter[src]
  • Sword: Carter took a sword from a wall inside Castle de Krake to help her fight the Champion of HYDRA. Along with her shield, the sword is also brought to the 21st century by Carter after being teleported from the past.

Other Equipment

  • Captain Carter's Uniform: Carter's first uniform, with Union Jack design, was initially planned for tours for war bonds. Howard Stark took it and made a few modifications to make it suitable for combat. Later, after being transported to the 21st century, Carter wore the STRIKE stealth one.


  • Lindworm-5 Motorbike: Carter caught up to a man on a motorcycle and stole it from him. She rode to the Castle de Krake and soon after abandoned it to take out several men high up in a secured location.







  • Captain Carter is partially based on the alternate version of Peggy Carter who became Captain America after being injected with the Super Soldier Serum, who first appeared in the video game Marvel Puzzle Quest as part of the celebration for Captain America's 75th Anniversary[4][5]. The character was later introduced in the Marvel Comics as well, as a member of the Exiles[6][7].
    • Certain elements of Captain Carter's origin, particularly disappearing while stopping HYDRA from summoning an interdimensional creature instead of being cryogenically frozen, also resemble Samantha Wilson, who serves as Captain America in Earth-65.
    • Her Uniform and Shield consisting of the Union Flag is reminiscent of the mantel of Captain Britain, who’s title was taking up by various individuals, one of the earliest known individuals to take up that mantel is Brian Braddock.
  • Prior to being injected with the Super Soldier Serum, Carter was 5'7ft tall (or 170cm), and weighed 150 pounds.
  • A different version of Captain Carter was introduced to the comics in March 2022.

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