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"There's nothin' like readin' about Cap in a comic book!"
Gary Hendricks[src]

Captain America were a series of comic books published in the United States of America during World War II. Designed to help boost the American morale, they told the stories of Captain America's war-time adventures, fictionalizing the actions of the real hero Steve Rogers.


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Gary Hendricks' Comic

US Soldier reading Captain America Comic (1943)

A US Army soldier reads the first issue of Captain America

Gary Hendricks, a young fan of Captain America, receives a copy of a comic book edited to help boost morale during World War II that tells an action-packed story about the adventures of Captain America.[1]

Box of Howard Stark

Nick Fury provides Tony Stark with a box from his father. Inside the box is a number of items, including two Captain America comics.[2]

Charity Auction

On April 30, 2016, a copy of Captain America #1 signed by Steve Rogers was sold for $1.5 million at the charity auction.[3]




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