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"He discovered that there were universes stacked on top of his own..."
The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"The serum amplifies what is inside. Good becomes great. Bad becomes worse. Whatever happens tomorrow, promise me you'll stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man."
Abraham Erskine to Steve Rogers

Captain America: The First Avenger is a junior novelization of the film of the same name.


All Steve Rogers ever wanted to do was join the U.S. Army and fight for his country. But he was too sick and frail to pass the required physical. His patriotic dreams were shattered...until a secret branch of the military offered him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Steve would be the test subject in an experiment that would transform him from a weak, unhealthy civilian into a mighty Super-Soldier! Now known as Captain America, Steve is thrown onto the battlefields of Europe, where he must embark on a dangerous mission to stop the evil Red Skull--and his diabolical HYDRA organization--from destroying the entire world!


Steve Rogers waits in line at a military recruitment center, but is denied entry to the United States military. Rogers goes to a movie, where a man shouts rudely at the World War II newsreel playing before the movie. Rogers scolds the man, who starts beating him an alley. Rogers is saved by Bucky Barnes, and the two attend the World Exposition of Tomorrow with two girls. Rogers sneaks off to a recruitment center, but gets caught by Barnes, who expresses disapproval. Rogers tries anyway and meets Abraham Erskine, who admires Rogers' tenacity and decides to give him a chance.

Rogers joins the army and is introduced to Chester Phillips and Peggy Carter. Gilmore Hodges laughs at Carter, but she drops him to the ground, demonstrating her ability to take command. The training program begins and Rogers is behind, though Erskine wants to choose him for Project Rebirth. Phillips claims that Hodges is the best choice and tosses a fake grenade into the group. While the others hide, Rogers jumps on top of it before realizing that it is a test, causing Phillips to accept that Rogers would be chosen. Carter and Erskine tell him about the goal to create Super Soldiers, though explain that their survival is uncertain. Rogers asks why he was chosen, so Erskine tells Rogers that he was chosen for his character.

Rogers is brought to the SSR's Brooklyn facility, where he is placed into the Rebirth Pod. He is administered the Super Soldier Serum, which enhances his body. However, Heinz Kruger steals the serum and causes an explosion, shoots Erskine, and flees. Erskine dies and Rogers chases Kruger to Pier 13, where Kruger takes a cyanide pill rather than reveal information. Senator Brandt recruits Rogers to do a series of USO shows, upsetting Rogers. Rogers gains popularity and confidence as he performs, but becomes dejected when soldiers in Italy refuse to entertain the show.

Carter comforts Rogers and reveals that the 107th Infantry Regiment, Barnes' unit, were captured. Refusing to accept the lack of rescue plan, Rogers steals a helmet from of the performers and takes a plane with Carter and Howard Stark to where the unit is being held. He infiltrates HYDRA's facility and finds a group of prisoners. Rogers frees the prisoners, who direct him to the isolation ward and finds weapons emitting a blue glow. Johann Schmidt and Arnim Zola start to leave the facility and finds Barnes. Rogers and Barnes come across Schmidt, and Rogers fights him. Schmidt pulls a mask off his face to reveal that his skull had been turned red by the experiment. Schmidt leaves the facility, and Rogers manages to escape with Barnes before it is destroyed. Rogers and Barnes return with the rest of the soldiers. Phillips scolds Rogers for disobeying orders.

Rogers reveals the locations of HYDRA facilities he had learned while infiltrating the facility. Stark reports that the weapons Rogers found were powered by something extremely powerful that would allow HYDRA to win the war. With Phillips' permission, Rogers puts together the Howling Commandos, a team consisting of several soldiers he had rescued. He flirts with Carter and attends a meeting with Stark the next day, where Stark gives him a new uniform and shield made of vibranium.

Rogers and the Howling Commandos attack a series of HYDRA facilities. They infiltrate a train and get attacked by a HYDRA soldier with cannons. Rogers and Barnes defeat the soldier while Gabe Jones captures Zola. Zola reveals that Schmidt plans to drop several bombs to show the world his power. Rogers and the Howling Commandos attack HYDRA Headquarters, where Rogers gets himself captured. Rogers fights Schmidt, and as Schmidt prepares to kill Rogers, the rest of the Howling Commandos arrive. Schmidt flees with a titanium box, and Rogers chases after him. Schmidt tries to escape in the Valkyrie, but Rogers boards it, determined to defeat Schmidt.









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