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Captain America: The First Avenger: Operation: Super-Soldier is a book based on Captain America: The First Avenger.


A NEW HERO WILL RISE...Steve Rogers has always dreamed of fighting his for his country. But Steve isn't a natural soldier. He is short, thin, and fragile and has been rejected by the army over and over again--until one day when Steve is given a chance to take part in a secret government experiment that will transform him into a Super-Soldier.


Steve Rogers hopes to become a soldier and fight in World War II, but is denied entry due to his many ailments. He goes to see a movie, and a newsreel about the war plays beforehand. Rogers defends the newsreel from a theater patron's loud interjections, prompting the patron to beat him up outside. Bucky Barnes interferes and chases the bully away. For Barnes' last night before joining the army, they go to an exhibition demonstrating new technologies. Rogers sees a recruitment station and, despite Barnes' protests, decides to sign up. He meets Abraham Erskine, who allows him a chance to join the army.

Rogers meets his commanding officers, Peggy Carter and Chester Phillips, who oversee training along with Erskine. The other recruits sabotage Rogers' training, but he persists, causing Carter and Erskine to agree that Rogers is the best candidate for Project Rebirth. Erskine tells Rogers about his past working for the enemy and developing a Super Soldier Serum which corrupted Johann Schmidt. Rogers is brought to the Strategic Scientific Reserve Brooklyn Facility. Rogers is placed in the Rebirth device, which successfully makes him taller and more muscular. Rogers becomes a solder known as Captain America.