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Captain America: Evil Lurks Everywhere is a comic book one-shot written by Stan Lee and drawn by Mark Armstrong that ties in to the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. The comic could only be obtained by buying a Norton Internet Security 2011 or Norton AntiVirus 2011 software package.

The comic was made in 3D and it came with a set of Captain America-themed 3D glasses.


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Gary Hendricks, a young fan of the USO celebrity Captain America, receives a copy of a comic book edited to help boost morale during World War II that tells an action-packed story about his favorite Star-Spangled Hero.

In the story presented in the comic book Gary is reading, Captain America raids a U.S. Military Base where a group of military traitors wanted to steal a newly created bulletproof Electro Suit.

Captain America defeats most of the soldiers until one of them, wearing a charged glove from the Electro Suit, successfully knocks Captain America, and transfers him to a secret hideout.

While the boss of the soldiers explains his plan, Captain America cuts the ropes he was tied with, and proceeds to knock out all the soldiers. One of them uses the Electro Suit, now fully charged, to battle Captain America.

After defeating all soldiers and hijacking their escape route, the boss reveals himself to be sergeant Duffy, his former instructor, and that all the theft was planned as a training exercise for Captain America, although he already figured out as he recognized Duffy's fighting style. After ending the exercise, Captain America swears that he will ever be vigilant and protective of the nation's freedom.

After finishing reading the comic with the story about Captain America, Gary enters his home to have dinner, while the mailman leaves his mail near the comic, as he knows that he'll be back to retrieve it.







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