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"That was quite a performance."
Peggy Carter[src]

Captain America's USO Shows were a series of live-entertainment performances made by Steve Rogers, assuming the identity of "Captain America", as a public symbol of the United States of America during World War II.


"Son, do you wanna serve your country on the most important battlefield of the war?"
"Sir, that's all I want."
"Then, congratulations. You just got promoted."
Brandt and Steve Rogers[src]

Steve Rogers was chosen to embody the role of the American spirit during World War II due to his heroic victory over the HYDRA spy, Heinz Kruger. The event made the front page in many newspapers, and Senator Brandt realized he had potential as a public symbol and propaganda figure to boost the morale of the nation by promoting the purchase of war bonds.

Rogers joined the USO and began touring the nation in a colorful costume as "Captain America", accompanied by a chorus named the Star Spangled Singers, who dance and playfully gushed in the presence of the Captain. The shows were fully orchestrated and a band of marching drummers would also join the stage. The big finale featured confetti cannons and Cap lifting a motorcycle ridden by showgirls.

Captain America and the Star Spangled Singers

Rogers' shows included a speech about the importance of the common citizen during the war, a dancing show by the Star Spangled Singers, feats showing Rogers' strength, and a climatic moment when Captain America punched another actor portraying Adolf Hitler.

Rogers' success during these shows led to comics and movies about "Captain America"'s adventures during World War II[1], trading cards,[2] and even a radio series entitled The Captain America Adventure Program.[3] When Rogers took the tour to soldiers on the front lines, he was openly mocked and the soldiers demanded the dancers to come back.

The tour ended when Rogers saved the lives of nearly 400 imprisoned soldiers and finally entered the war like he had always dreamed and intended.[1]


  • By the time Steve Rogers joined World War II by rescuing a group of prisoners of war in Austria, he had knocked "Adolf Hitler" over 200 times, indicating that he has done over 200 shows.
  • In his speeches, Captain Rogers would encourage the purchase of "Series E Defense Bonds." This is incorrect for the time period, as they were only called Defense Bonds until 1942. From 1942 to 1945, they were known as "Series E War Bonds."

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