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"Steve believed in you. He trusted you. He gave you that shield for a reason. That shield, that is... that is everything he stood for. That is his legacy."
Bucky Barnes to Sam Wilson[src]

Captain America's Shield is a vibranium shield that was extensively used by Steve Rogers. After the original shield was destroyed by Thanos during the Battle of Earth, Rogers traveled to an alternate timeline and acquired another shield, bestowing it to Sam Wilson. However, Wilson donated the shield to the Smithsonian's Captain America exhibit, where it was taken by the U.S. government and given to John Walker, the second Captain America. After Walker publicly murdered a man with the shield, it was forcibly retrieved by Wilson and Bucky Barnes, with Wilson finally deciding to use the shield for himself as Captain America.


World War II[]

Captain America's USO Shield[]

"I hear you're kinda attached?"
"It's handier than you might think."
Howard Stark and Steve Rogers[src]

Once Steve Rogers had been rebranded as Captain America, following the successful plan to turn him into a super soldier with the Super Soldier Serum, he had been gifted with a prop shield to go on tour with, promoting war bonds to the people of America. However, when Captain America had learned that HYDRA had kidnapped Bucky Barnes, and the rest of his unit, Captain America used this shield to break inside the HYDRA Base Camp C3, where he rescued all the prisoners. During their mission, Captain America's shield was damaged during his fight against Red Skull, although he was still able to escape, and brought the damaged shield back with him.[1]

Designed by Howard Stark[]

"Vibranium. It's stronger than steel and a third of the weight. It's completely vibration absorbent."
"How come it's not standard issue?"
"That's the rarest metal on Earth. What you're holding there, that's all we've got."
Howard Stark and Steve Rogers[src]
Howard steve

Howard Stark giving Steve Rogers his shield

The second shield used by Captain America was a prototype made from the only supply of vibranium that the United States Army had available. Howard Stark presented several differing prototypes that Rogers passed over for an ordinary, circular shield on a shelf under the table. Remarking that it was a proper weight and size, Stark tried to convince Rogers it wouldn't suit his needs but Rogers insisted he'd found the shield he wanted. While showing off the shield, Captain America was shot at by Peggy Carter, with these bullets being deflected by the shield. The shield was then integrated into the patriotic motif of Captain America's uniform, adding the white star onto the center and making the three concentric outer circles into red and white stripes, which Captain America would wear.[1]

Raid of HYDRA Bases[]

"You are failing! We are close to an offensive that will shake the planet, yet we are continually delayed because you cannot outwit a simpleton with a shield!"
Red Skull to Arnim Zola[src]
Cap comandos

Captain America uses his shield in his battle

In his continued mission to destroy HYDRA, Captain America carried the shield during all of his raids on HYDRA facilities and their other missions during the war, as he and the Howling Commandos would storm the facilities, with Captain America leading and protecting all his fellow soldiers with the shield. Captain America would also use the shield as an offensive weapon, defeating Red Skull's soldiers in combat, while he also launched the shield at his enemies, including a HYDRA soldier hidden in the trees. While battling against a HYDRA Uber Tank, Captain America used his shield to smash the lock on a top hatch, before James Montgomery Falsworth threw him the bombs, which he had then used to destroy the tank, leaping to safety as it exploded.[1]

Capture of Arnim Zola[]

"I had him on the ropes."
"I know you did."
Bucky Barnes and Captain America[src]
Bucky and Cap

Captain America overlooking the mountains

Having been able to track down Arnim Zola, who was on board the Schnellzug EB912 and traveling through the mountains, Captain America overlooked the mountains, with his shield on his back, and Bucky Barnes at his side. Once the train appeared, Captain America led Barnes and Gabe Jones onto the train, and sneaked inside. Captain America kept his shield ready as they made their way through the train, only for Zola to shut the doors and separate him and Barnes, while HYDRA soldiers ambushed them.

Bucky Shield

Bucky Barnes takes Captain America's shield

Captain America was able to block energy shots with his shield, before knocking out his attacker with a blow from his shield. With Barnes held down, Captain America was able to throw him another gun, allowing Barnes to shoot him. However, when another attack separated them again, Barnes grabbed Captain America's shield, only to be blasted off the train. Although Captain America subdued the attacker, Barnes fell from the train to his apparent death.[1]

Attack on HYDRA Headquarters[]


Captain America storming Red Skull's base

"Rogers! You might need this!"
James Montgomery Falsworth and Captain America[src]

In order to finish their war against HYDRA, Captain America had ridden his Motorcycle into the HYDRA Headquarters. On the way, Captain America was chased down by Lindworm-5 Motorbikes, which attempted to shoot at him, only for the shield on his back to deflect the shots. Once he had taken down the motorbikes, Captain America moved his shield to the front of his motorbike, as a HYDRA Mini Tank had continued shooting at him, until it was destroyed with another missile, as Captain America rode forward.


Captain America battles Red Skull's forces

Captain America then rode his motorbike directly into the HYDRA Headquarters, where he leapt off, striking a HYDRA soldier with his shield in midair, while his motorbike destroyed the headquarters entrance. Surrounded, Captain America used his shield to throw at his enemies, as well as blocking shots from their Assault Weapons. Having deflected his shield off a tank to subdue a soldier, Captain America was then surrounded by the HYDRA Flamethrowers.

Captain America's Shield

Red Skull being almost struck by the shield

With Captain America captured, his shield was taken by a HYDRA soldier, while he was interrogated by Red Skull. However, before Red Skull could execute him, Captain America was saved by the Howling Commandos and the United States Armed Forces, who stormed the base, with James Montgomery Falsworth throwing Captain America his shield during the chaos. Captain America chased Red Skull and threw his shield, only for it to become jammed in a doorway.


Captain America chases down Red Skull

Having been rescued from flamethrowers by Peggy Carter, Captain America reclaimed his shield and continued chasing down Red Skull, who was attempting to escape on his Valkyrie. Captain America was then assisted by Chester Phillips and Agent Carter, who had taken Red Skull's Coupe to help with the chase. As he neared the plane, Captain America used his shield to ensure he was not shredded by the propellers, before leaping on board the plane as it took off.[1]

Battle in the Valkyrie[]

Captain America Valkyrie

Captain America searches for Red Skull

"You could have the power of the gods! Yet you wear a flag on your chest and think you fight a battle of nations! I have seen the future, Captain. There are no flags!"
"Not my future!"
Red Skull and Captain America[src]

Once Captain America had boarded the Valkyrie, he had then found several HYDRA soldiers boarding the HYDRA Parasits. Captain America proceeded to ambush the soldiers, but as he attempted to use his shield to break one soldier out of a Parasit, another knocked the shield out of his hand. Once Captain America had flown the final Parasit back on board the Valkyrie, he reclaimed his shield.


Captain America battles against Red Skull

Stepping into the cockpit, Captain America searched for Red Skull, who tried to shoot him with a Assault Weapon, which was deflected with the shield. As they began to fight, Captain America attempted to strike Red Skull with his shield, only for it to be knocked out of his hands, and Red Skull to them use it to pin Captain America back. However, Captain America was able to reclaim his weapon, and used it to launch Red Skull into the plane's controls.

Captain America's Shield 1945

The shield gets dropped during their battle

Once Red Skull got the ship back under control, he attempted to shoot Captain America with his HYDRA Pistol, only for the shots to be blocked by Captain America's shield, who then launched the shield at Red Skull, knocking him into the Tesseract Cradle. While Red Skull had then grabbed the Tesseract and was inadvertently shot into space, Captain America left his shield on the ground, before then crashing the plane into the Atlantic Ocean.[1]

Chitauri Invasion[]

Skirmish in Germany[]

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Captain America prepares to don his shield

"Aren't the stars and stripes a little old fashioned?"
"With everything that's happening, the things that are about to come to light, people might just need a little old fashioned."
Captain America and Phil Coulson[src]

In 2011, the wreckage of the Valkyrie had been found by S.H.I.E.L.D., along with the frozen Captain America as well as his shield. Captain America was later recruited into the Avengers by Nick Fury, with his uniform being redesigned by Phil Coulson, and keeping to a similar theme to his shield and previous uniform. With the threat of Loki now upon them, Captain America was then ordered by Director Fury to travel with Black Widow to Germany, where Loki had been spotted, with Captain America then reclaiming his new uniform and shield for the mission.


Captain America preparing to fight Loki

Upon arriving within Germany, Captain America had then found Loki attempting to execute an Old Man with an energy blast, only for Captain America to leap in front of the blast and deflect it with his shield. Although Loki attempted to shoot down the Quinjet, Captain America threw his shield at him, and engaged in a fight with Loki, using his shield to block Loki's Scepter. When Captain America then threw his shield again, Loki deflected it and almost defeated Captain America, until Iron Man arrived and assisted in subduing Loki, with Captain America reclaiming his shield and taking Loki into custody.


Captain America blocking Mjølnir's strike

With Loki having been captured, Captain America and Iron Man had attempted to fly him back. However, on the route they were suddenly ambushed by Thor, who immediately subdued Iron Man and Captain America, before dragging Loki from the Quinjet. While Iron Man flew after Thor, Captain America took back his shield and leapt after them with a parachute. Once he had caught up to the fighting Iron Man and Thor, Captain America threw his shield at them both, only for Thor to respond by attacking Captain America with Mjølnir. However, the shield absorbed the strike, and Thor agreed to assist them.[2]

Battle of New York[]

Movies avengers super bowl trailer best bits 2

Captain America reclaiming his shield

In the wake of Loki escaping from their custody, Captain America had recruited Black Widow and Hawkeye to go and stop his plans, collecting his shield before hijacking a Quinjet to fly to New York City. Upon their arrival, they witnessed a Wormhole opening above the city, and the Chitauri attacking. In order to assist the New York City Police Department, Captain America gave orders to Sergeant Silva and Officer Saunders, who scoffed a bit at a stranger suddenly shouting orders. Moments later, a squad of Chitauri attacked their location, Rogers fighting them off quickly with his shield. Now trusting of the capable Captain, the Sergeant repeated the orders to his fellow officers.


Captain America shielding Black Widow

Returning to the battle, Captain America assisted Black Widow and Hawkeye to defeat the Chitauri with his shield, before they had been rejoined by Thor and Bruce Banner. The group then witnessed Iron Man flying a Leviathan towards them, as Banner transformed into the Hulk and destroyed it, with Captain America saving Black Widow from the explosion with his shield. Captain America then gave the Avengers their orders as the battle continued, before assisting Black Widow to board a Chitauri Chariot by launching her up with his shield before continuing to fight on the ground.


Captain America deflecting Iron Man's blast

With the Avengers fighting the Chitauri across New York, Captain America battled them in the streets, where Iron Man flew down and fired an energy blast at his shield, which deflected the energy at the Chitauri, before Iron Man flew back up, and left Captain America to continue in his fight. Captain America was then alerted to multiple civilians being captured, as he charged into the room and launched his shield at a Chitauri who was arming a Chitauri Bomb. Following a brief brawl, Captain America saw a Chitauri use the bomb, as he used his shield to block the blast, launching him out of a window.


Captain America fighting alongside Thor

With the Avengers becoming overwhelmed by the Chitauri, Captain America fought alongside Thor, throwing and using his shield to fight back, until a blast from the Chitauri Staff brought him to his knees. Having picked his shield back up, Captain America then witnessed Iron Man fly a nuclear bomb through the wormhole, destroying the Chitauri Command Center and ending the invasion. Captain America then took his shield with him as the Avengers captured Loki.[2] With Loki captured, Captain America brought a STRIKE team to claim the Scepter, while he coordinated search and rescue.[3]

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.[]

Retaking of the Lemurian Star[]


Captain America fights against Georges Batroc

"Je croyais que tu étais plus qu'un bouclier.[4]"
"On va voir.[5]"
Georges Batroc and Captain America[src]

In the two years after the Avengers parted ways, Captain America became a full-time S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, receiving advanced combat training and field experience that allowed him to learn to more effectively use his shield as an offensive weapon in combat. While performing a number of stealth missions alongside the subdivision STRIKE, the shield was repainted, replacing the red stripes with light blue stripes to make it less conspicuous. During the nighttime mission aboard the Lemurian Star, the shield's colors were muted.[6]

Chase of Captain America[]

Cap on Cycle CATWS

Captain America escapes with the shield

"Drop the shield! Put your hands in the air!"
STRIKE Agent to Captain America[src]

To escape the Triskelion, where he had been attacked by STRIKE in an elevator, Captain America made a leap of over twenty stories to escape, landing on his shield, to break his fall. He then took a motorcycle, strapped the shield to his suit, and took off. However, STRIKE agents tried to stop him by sending a Quinjet to block his exit. Captain America used his shield then to disable it and was able to make an escape.[6]

Destruction of Arnim Zola[]


Steve Rogers brings the shield to Camp Lehigh

When Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff went to Camp Lehigh, Rogers took the shield with him. After encountering Arnim Zola through a computer, the building was bombed by STRIKE agents. However, Rogers used the shield to shield him and Romanoff from the rubble.[6]

Battle of Washington, D.C.[]

Winter Soldier vs

Steve Rogers uses the shield to fight off Winter Soldier

"Drop the shield, Cap! On your knees!"
Brock Rumlow to Captain America[src]

In the events leading up to the HYDRA Uprising, Rogers had several run-ins with the assassin known as the Winter Soldier, who, unlike others, was able to block Rogers' shield by catching it using his bionic arm.

During one fight with the Winter Soldier, Rogers learned of his true identity as Bucky Barnes, Rogers' best friend that he believed had died during World War II.[6]

Battle at the Triskelion[]

Captain America - Shield Defense (TWS)

Captain America uses the shield for defense

Because of this, Captain America later refused to continue fighting Winter Soldier after completing his mission to disable the three HYDRA controlled Helicarriers, instead allowing his shield to fall from the Helicarrier. Later, the shield was recovered and left next to Captain America's bedside in the hospital.[6]

War on HYDRA[]

Attack on the HYDRA Research Base[]


Captain America's electromagnetic panels

Tony Stark created for the Avengers many new gadgets to fight HYDRA. One of them was Captain America's new uniform, that possessed strong, electromagnetic panels on each of the gloves that allowed Rogers to retrieve his shield more easily.

Untitled ff

Captain America defeats Baron Strucker

During the Avengers' Attack on the HYDRA Research Base, Rogers and Thor noticed that the HYDRA soldiers were in a particular formation approaching them. Rogers held up his shield and allowed Thor to hit it with Mjølnir; the resulting shockwave caused the operatives to be rendered unconscious.[7]

Ultron Offensive[]

Attack on Avengers Tower[]

Hawkeye grabbing Cap's shield

Hawkeye grabs the shield during the fight

"The most versatile substance on the planet... and they used it to make a frisbee."

When Ultron attacked the Avengers at the Avengers Tower, Clint Barton grabbed the shield and threw to Steve Rogers, so he could fight Ultron.[7]

Battle at the Salvage Yard[]


Captain America fights at the Salvage Yard

The Avengers went to Johannesburg to the Salvage Yard in order to confront Ultron. After finding him, Captain America fought him using his shield.[7]

Battle of Seoul[]

Black Widow's Motorcycle

Black Widow retrieving the shield

"I'm always picking up after you, boys."
Black Widow[src]

During Captain America's fight with Ultron in the Battle of Seoul, the shield got stuck in Ultron's body and Captain America lost the shield in the street. Black Widow, pursuing the combatants on her motorcycle, noticed the shield on the ground, scooped it up, and returned it to Captain America. The shield saved Captain America from flying debris that came through the windshield of the train.[7]

Battle of Sokovia[]

Avengers Age of Ultron 113

Thor hits the shield

In the Battle of Sokovia, Rogers and Thor used the shield and Mjølnir in tandem during their fights against Ultron Sentries. Rogers would toss the shield into the air and allow Thor to hit it with Mjolnir to increase its speed as a projectile weapon.[7]

Attack on the IFID Headquarters[]

Captain America Civil War 17

Steve Rogers uses his shield in Lagos

In 2016, Steve Rogers led a team consisting of Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, and Wanda Maximoff to Lagos, Nigeria to stop Crossbones from obtaining a biological weapon. During the mission, Rogers used the shield to fight off Crossbones' henchmen and Crossbones himself.[8]

Avengers Civil War[]

Capture of Winter Soldier[]

Cap shields Bucky

Captain America protects Bucky Barnes

"I'm not getting that shield back, am I?"
"Technically, it's the government's property."
Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff[src]

Steve Rogers was arrested for fighting German Special Forces along with wanted criminal, Winter Soldier; his shield was confiscated. After Rogers escaped from the facility in Berlin, his shield was recovered by Sharon Carter, who met with him and returned it to him.[8]

Clash of the Avengers[]

Spider-Man CW

Spider-Man steals the shield

"I just had a fight with Captain America and I stole his shield."

Captain America arrived at the Leipzig-Halle Airport in uniform and carried the shield to confront Iron Man, who was trying to stop his team. However, the shield was soon removed from Captain America's grip by Spider-Man when he made an appearance, siding with Iron Man, surprising Captain America. Hawkeye fired an arrow which carried Ant-Man, placing him on the shield. Ant-Man then grew to normal size, and returned the shield to Captain America. During the ensuing battle at the airport, Black Panther scratched the shield with his vibranium claws.[8]

Battle at the HYDRA Siberian Facility[]

Dropped Shield

The shield is left behind by Captain America

"That shield doesn't belong to you. You don't deserve it! My father made that shield!"
Iron Man to Captain America[src]

At the Hydra Siberian Facility in Siberia, Captain America and Bucky Barnes used the shield interchangeably during their fight with Iron Man, with Captain America using it to break off Iron Man's helmet and then to pierce his Arc Reactor, shutting down Iron Man's suit. As Captain America began to walk away with Barnes, Iron Man angrily told him that he did not deserve to have the shield, as his father had made the shield. Subsequently, Captain America dropped the shield on the ground and walked away.[8]

Returned to Steve Rogers[]

Time Heist[]


Steve Rogers gets his shield from Tony Stark

"Tony, I don't know..."
"Why not? He made it for you."
Steve Rogers and Tony Stark[src]

Eventually, Tony Stark repaired the scratch on the shield and stored it in his garage at the Stark Eco-Compound. In 2023, Stark brought the shield to the Avengers Compound and gave it back to Steve Rogers. During the Time Heist, Rogers brought the shield with him when he used the Quantum Realm to time travel, arriving in New York City during the Battle of New York, in an alternate 2012. He then used the shield to fight against the alternate 2012 version of himself, who also possessed a version of the shield. Despite losing the shield mid-fight, he managed to reacquire it afterwards. After meeting back up with Stark and Scott Lang, Rogers brought the shield with him to an alternate 1970 before bringing it back with him to his timeline.[3]

Battle of Earth[]

Captain America (AE)

Captain America with his fractured shield

"You lose this again, I'm keeping it."
Iron Man to Captain America[src]

After the attack on the Avengers Compound, Iron Man recovered the shield in the ruins and returned it to Captain America. During the final confrontation with an alternate Thanos, Captain America wielded the shield along with Mjølnir. Unfortunately, the shield was broken by Thanos' brute force with his Double-Edged Sword, leaving Captain America with a fractured shield. Even so, Captain America stubbornly fastened the strap on his shield and continued to use it in the Battle of Earth. After the battle, Captain America had no more use of the damaged shield.[3]

Second Shield[]

Given to Sam Wilson[]

Sam Wilson (Captain America's Shield)

The shield being handed down to Sam Wilson

"How does it feel?"
"Like it's someone else's."
"It isn't."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

When Steve Rogers used the Quantum Realm to travel to an alternate 1949 timeline, he acquired an alternate shield. Returning to the main timeline, a now elderly Rogers brought the shield with him, and gave the shield to Sam Wilson.[3]

Flag Smashers' Political Ultimatum[]

Donated to the Smithsonian[]

Captain America's Shield (TFATWS)

The shield at Sam Wilson's apartment

"I don't know if there's ever been a greater symbol. But it's more about the man who propped it up, and he's gone. So, today we honor Steve's legacy. But also, we look to the future. So, thank you, Captain America. But this belongs to you."
Sam Wilson[src]

Despite initially accepting it from Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson went back on his decision to accept the shield, believing that he was unfit for the job. Wilson had then returned to live in his apartment and placed the shield on the guest bed, as he decided that he would give it up.


Sam Wilson deciding to hand over the shield

In 2024, Wilson decided to donate the shield to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for their Captain America exhibit. At the Smithsonian, Wilson gave a speech about Rogers, before giving the shield to a government employee to place in a glass display case, which was then placed into the exhibit. Following the ceremony, Wilson and James Rhodes were approached by a Government Official, who thanked Wilson for handing over the shield.[9]

Given to John Walker[]


The shield being given to John Walker

"Just 'cause you carry that shield, it doesn't mean you're Captain America."
Bucky Barnes to John Walker[src]

Unbeknownst to Wilson, the United States Department of Defense removed the shield from the exhibit and gave it to John Walker, to whom they gave the mantle of "Captain America." Walker then appeared with the shield in public as the government publicly announced Walker's new role.[9]

Chase in Munich[]

Shield strikes a Flag Smasher

The shield strikes Dovich

John Walker, acquiring his new role as Captain America, used the shield with great skill to combat the Flag Smashers in Munich, Germany. Upon arriving, he threw the shield at Dovich, sending the Flag Smasher away from Bucky Barnes. While fighting, Barnes caught the shield, but handed it back to Walker. Walker then used the shield to protect Lemar Hoskins when he fell back onto the highway.[10]

Hunting the Flag Smashers[]

Cap's Shield TFATWS

John Walker with the shield

John Walker and Lemar Hoskins continued their hunt for the Flag Smashers and traveled back to Munich to speak with a Flag Smasher ally named Rudy. After finding out the Flag Smashers had left, they traveled to Berlin to the Berlin Correctional Facility.[11]


John Walker with the shield

Walker and Hoskins then travelled to Riga, Latvia where they ran into Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Helmut Zemo. They then accompanied them to the building where Wilson would speak with Karli Morgenthau. After Walker interrupted their talk and threatened to arrest Morgenthau, she escaped. While searching for her, Walker found Zemo, who was destroying vials of Super Soldier Serum, and knocked him out with the shield.

Captain America's Shield (Dora Milaje)

Yama picks up the shield

Walker and Hoskins then went to the building in which Barnes, Wilson, and Zemo were staying. In a mock gesture to Wilson, Walker put the shield on the floor. He later picked it up after the Dora Milaje arrived and engaged in a fight when Walker attempted to touch one. During the fight, the shield was pinned to Walker on a table with a Vibranium Spear, forcing him to release it. One of the Dora named Yama then picked up the shield, ready to take it away from Walker, until Ayo ordered her to leave it after discovering Zemo's escape.


John Walker fights the Flag Smashers

Walker then used the shield to defend himself upon entering an abandoned building to find the Flag Smashers. After locating them, he fought them using the shield. After Hoskins was killed by Morgenthau, Walker used the shield to smash into a window.[12]

Tarnished with Blood[]


John Walker uses the shield to murder Nico

Enraged over his friend's death, John Walker chased after the Flag Smashers. He brutally hit the closest Flag Smasher, who was named Nico, in the back with the shield. This caused Nico to fall onto the steps of a monument. Walker then raised the shield and slammed it into Nico's chest, repeatedly. Once Nico was dead, Walker walked away, holding the shield, which was now stained in blood.[12]

Bucky Barnes vs

Bucky Barnes fighting against John Walker

Walker ran to an abandoned warehouse with the shield and was soon confronted by Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson who demanded that he give them the shield. When Walker refused, a fight ensued. Walker easily overpowered Wilson with the shield, but got more resistance from Barnes, who tried several times to steal the shield from him. At one point, the shield was thrown at Barnes, who caught it, but Walker reclaimed it soon after.

Bloody Captain America's Shield

Falcon reclaiming ownership of the shield

After Walker beat down Wilson and ripped off his EXO-7 Falcon suit, he prepared to use the shield to kill him, but was stopped by Barnes. Barnes and Wilson then got the upper hand and ripped the shield out of Walker's grasp, breaking his arm in the process. Wilson took hold of the shield and slammed it into Walker's back, effectively knocking him out. After the fight, Barnes picked up the shield and dropped it before Wilson, signaling that it was his. Wilson then picked up the shield and tried to wipe the blood off.

Sam Wilson & Joaquin Torres

Sam Wilson reclaims the shield for himself

Shortly afterwards, Wilson went to the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp and cleaned the shield. He then let Joaquin Torres see the shield and then left with it, taking it back to the United States of America.[13]

Sam Wilson's Decision[]

Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes practicing with the shield

Sam Wilson returned to Delacroix, Louisiana and put the shield in Sarah Wilson's house. His nephews, AJ Wilson and Cass Wilson, however, found the shield and tried to play with it. Later, Wilson and Bucky Barnes practiced throwing and catching the shield. Upon his first attempt, the shield got stuck in a tree, so they put mats around the tree to protect it. While Barnes threw and caught the shield with ease, Wilson struggled.

Sam practicing with the shield

Sam Wilson practices throwing the shield

Wilson, having embraced the role as Captain America, exercised and practiced with the shield. After a few mistakes in which he missed the shield, he eventually was able to throw and catch the shield successfully.[13]

New Captain America[]

Captain Falcon

Captain America throws the shield

Sam Wilson, in his new Captain America suit, flew to New York City and used the shield to break one of GRC New York Headquarters's windows to allow him to get inside. He then used the shield to fight against Georges Batroc, and threw the shield once more to break another window to escape through.


Captain America throws the shield at Diego

Wilson then used the shield to knock Diego, one of the Flag Smashers, out of the pilot seat of a helicopter that he'd hijacked containing GRC members. Afterwards, Wilson threw the shield at Karli Morgenthau, Dovich, DeeDee, and Gigi knocking them to the ground on the riverbank, before Wilson stood alongside Bucky Barnes and John Walker.

Flag Smasher vs

Captain America uses the shield to fight Karli Morgenthau

Wilson then used the shield to block Morgenthau's attacks as he didn't want to fight her because she was being unreasonable at the moment. Eventually, Wilson used the shield to hit Morgenthau back, but Morgenthau continued and knocked the shield out of Wilson's grasp, before Wilson picked the shield up again.

Winter Soldier & Captain America (2024)

Bucky Barnes pats the shield

After Wilson's speech as the new Captain America, Barnes congratulated him and patted the shield as the shield had sentimental value to Barnes.[14]

Alternate Universe Versions[]

Kept Simple[]

"I think it works."
Peggy Carter[src]

In an alternate universe, Howard Stark obtained Vibranium and used it to make a shield reminiscent of Steve Rogers' USO shield. He considered improving the design, but ultimately decided to keep it simple. Rogers asked what Peggy Carter thought, so she pulled out her gun and fired at it, declaring that it worked. Rogers used it as he lef the Howling Commandos in a series of attacks against HYDRA facilities. Rogers used the shield while fighting a HYDRA trooper to reflect the trooper's energy blast back onto itself and send it flying out of the Schnellzug EB912. Rogers found Red Skull and chased him through his base, but Red Skull tried to close a blast door between them, so Rogers used his shield to pry it open. Rogers took the shield onto the Valkyrie and used it to fight Red Skyll.[15]

New York Time Heist[]

Endgame 59

Steve Rogers fights his alternate self

In an alternate 2012, following the Battle of New York, Captain America donned the shield as he prepared to perform search and rescue. However, he was soon informed that Loki had acquired the Tesseract and had escaped. Rogers then witnessed someone identical to him on the fourteenth floor of Stark Tower, whom he believed was Loki. Despite the other Rogers claiming that he was not Loki, the two Captain America's clashed, both of them possessing a vibranium shield. During the battle, both of their shields went over the railing and tumbled onto the ground below before Rogers was rendered unconscious by his main counterpart.[3]

Collector's Museum[]

Collector with dagger

The shield held in the Collector's Museum

In an alternate 2008, the shield had been acquired by the Collector and housed inside his museum on Knowhere.[16]

Frozen in Ice[]

What If..

The shield covered in ice

In an alternate 2010, Nick Fury found the shield covered in ice.[17] Captain America later used the shield to fight against Loki and his army on the Helicarrier.[18]

Taken by Bucky Barnes[]

What If..

The blood-covered shield

In an alternate 2018, Steve Rogers became infected by the quantum virus and transformed into a zombie. As a zombie, Rogers still carried the shield to use as a weapon and protection. Eventually, Rogers attacked Bucky Barnes on a train. When Rogers threw the shield at Barnes, Barnes caught it and threw it back, slicing Rogers in half. Barnes then grabbed the shield for himself and used it as his weapon.[19]

Age of Ultron[]


The destroyed shield

In an alternate 2015, in his campaign to destroy all life, Ultron killed Captain America and destroyed his shield.[20]

Lost in the Arctic[]

"We made a shield out of it and lost it in the Arctic."
Howard Stark to Black Panther[src]

In an alternate universe, Azzuri donated some vibranium to the United States Army during World War II. Howard Stark used this vibranium to create Captain America's shield, which ended up lost and frozen in the Arctic.[21]

Union Jack Version[]

Guardian of the Multiverse[]
This section requires expansion
Carter loves her shield

Captain Carter with her version of the shield

In an alternate 1943, a Union Jack version of the shield was given to and used by Captain Carter.[22] In 2014, Carter used the shield to fight against Georges Batroc's men. She then used it in a battle against Ultron.[18]

Member of the Illuminati[]
Captain Carter The First Avenger

Captain Carter of the Illuminati

Originally one of the members of the Avengers, Peggy Carter was approached by Stephen Strange to join the Illuminati, a group of powerful individuals that would make the difficult decisions no one else could, due to her status and power.

Captain Carter (Earth-838)

Captain Carter confronts Scarlet Witch

In an alternate 2021, the Illuminati met together in the tribunal room to meet an alternate Doctor Strange, who had arrived in their universe. As Baron Mordo introduced the members, Strange mocked them. Irritated by his arrogance, she flung her shield at him. When sirens started going off signaling a breach in the headquarters, Carter and the rest of the Illuminati saw Scarlet Witch, on their security cameras. They watched as she destroyed the Ultron Sentries. She and the Illuminati then went out to confront her.

Peggy Carter's Final Moments

The shield redirected towards Captain Carter

After Black Bolt and Mister Fantastic were brutally killed, Carter and Captain Marvel fought her together, with Scarlet Witch throwing Carter's shield aside. She then lifted a statue and threw it into Captain Marvel, making her crash through a wall. Carter then took Scarlet Witch by surprise by bashing her with her shield. When Scarlet Witch asked if Carter had enough, she responded she could do this all day. Carter then threw her shield at Scarlet Witch, but she caught it with her powers and threw it back at Carter, sending it through her torso and cutting her in half.[23]


USO Shield[]

Captain America's USO Stage Show

Steve Rogers on his tour as Captain America

Captain America's original shield was a heater-shaped shield that was made of a relatively sturdy metal that allowed Captain Rogers to rely on it as a viable weapon in battle. The outer surface of the shield was painted in an American Flag motif, with an area of blue with three white stars across the top, and a series of vertical red and white stripes running down to the point. The inner surface had the appearance of a polished brass plate and had mounted leather handles that allowed it to be held. This shield was mostly used as a melee weapon to attack enemies directly and provide some protection from gunfire and debris from explosions. After its surface was punched in by the Red Skull, Captain America abandoned the shield.

Vibranium Shield[]

Captain America (2015)

Captain America leads an assault on HYDRA

"That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all!"
Spider-Man to Captain America[src]

After entering World War II as a fully recognized soldier, Captain America switched to a special, disc-shaped shield made of vibranium provided to him by the Strategic Scientific Reserve. This shield appeared to be composed of four concentric sections, with fittings on the inner surface for two leather straps that allow the shield to easily be held and worn on Captain Rogers' arm. The straps would later be replaced by an electromagnet that would connect to another electromagnet worn at the hand and forearm during the Attack on the HYDRA Research Base.

Captain America relied heavily on the shield as a weapon that was balanced in both defensive and offensive capabilities. Made from vibranium, it is able to absorb and reflect kinetic energy, enabling it to withstand impacts that would break a shield made of any other material. The shield's center is also highly deflective, able to redirect flying projectiles- as demonstrated when Rogers was able to ricochet a concentrated fire of high caliber bullets from a minigun back at his enemies- and also reflect the impact of Mjølnir to cause a massive shock wave. It was also discovered to be incredibly effective at deflecting or diffusing attacks from energy-based firearms such as those developed by HYDRA, Iron Man's repulsor beams, or Chitauri weaponry. The vibranium shield also demonstrated that it can be used to cushion falls from great heights.

As an offensive weapon, the shield's discus shape and vibranium composition make it powerful as both a close-quarters melee weapon and a thrown weapon. In the hands of a trained fighter like Captain America, the shield is a strong melee weapon, using the flat surface and blunt outer edge of the shield to strike enemies in vital areas. In the right hands, the shield is also an exceptional ranged weapon as its vibranium composition and broad, curved shape allow it to easily move through the air when thrown while maintaining nearly constant velocity and momentum. One of the most unique attributes of the shield is its ability to ricochet after striking a solid surface when thrown, losing very little of its momentum, allowing it to strike several targets, and, if aimed properly, return to the thrower.

The shield originally had a reflective, shiny grey appearance due to its vibranium composition. However, the shield was later painted to match the appearance of Captain America's uniform, placing a white star in the center, surrounded by blue, and making the three outer rings into red and white stripes. During modern stealth missions, the red sections of the shield would temporarily be covered with a light blue color to make it appear less conspicuous.


USO Shield[]

Vibranium Shield[]

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  • In the comics, Captain America's shield is made from a unique mix of vibranium and an iron alloy; attempts to duplicate this mixture led to the development of adamantium.
  • Howard Stark, being tasked with the duty of creating shield prototypes for Captain America, designed five other special shields besides the one made from vibranium. Some of these prototypes were equipped with guns and electrical relays.
  • Prior to making the shield his primary weapon, Rogers showed an affinity for using shields when he fought, such as picking up a circular garbage can lid to protect himself and later using a detached car door to protect himself from gunfire.
  • Coulson shield

    Phil Coulson with the shield's prototype

    A replica/prototype of the shield can be seen in Tony Stark's workshop in Iron Man and Iron Man 2, first behind Tony when he is first seen removing his armor, and then when he is building a particle accelerator.
  • In Iron Man 3, the Mandarin has a tattoo of the shield on his neck. Although in place of the star is an "A," the symbol for anarchy.
  • Both of Captain America's Shields were included in the video game, Marvel's Avengers, as a part of unlockable outfits for Captain America based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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