"Where did you get this?"
Captain America (2012) to Captain America (2023)[src]

Captain America's Compass is a lensatic compass carried by Steve Rogers. It holds a picture of Peggy Carter inside the lid.


During World War II, Steve Rogers formed a close relationship with Agent Peggy Carter, and worked with her on several assignments after participating in Project Rebirth in 1943. One of the missions were documented on a newsreel, in which it was revealed that Rogers kept a newspaper cutout of Carter inside a compass, which he used to navigate a map of HYDRA bases.

In May 1945, Rogers boarded the Valkyrie shortly after Carter kissed him, and was forced to crash both himself and the plane into the North Atlantic Sea to prevent the bombings of countless civilians. While talking to Carter on the radio before his sacrifice, he propped the compass onto the dashboard of the ship.[1]

2014 Compass.png

While visiting the Captain America Smithsonian Exhibit in 2014, Rogers held and opened the compass while watching a recorded interview of Carter in the museum. [2]

In 2018, Rogers looked at the image of Carter before a failed attempt to steal the Infinity Stones and destroy Thanos. When he traveled back from 2023 to 2012 and mistakenly got into a fight with his past self, the compass fell onto the floor, causing his past self to question where he got the object and resumed combat.[3]



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