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"I'm a black man carrying the stars and stripes. What don't I understand? Every time I pick this thing up, I know there are millions of people who are gonna hate me for it. Even now, here... I feel it. The stares, the judgment. And there's nothin' I can do to change it. Yet, I'm still here. No super serum, no blond hair, or blue eyes. The only power I have is that I believe we can do better."
―Captain America[src]

Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson is a former United States Air Force pararescue airman who wielded an experimental military wingsuit, operating under the callsign Falcon. Wilson decided to leave active duty when his wingman Riley was killed in action, instead choosing to help other veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. At this time, Wilson met Steve Rogers and was drawn to his conflict with HYDRA, as Rogers needed help from anyone not associated with S.H.I.E.L.D. since they had been infiltrated by HYDRA. Retaking his old wings, Wilson had then assisted with destroying all of Alexander Pierce's schemes of world domination. Following their victory against Pierce's HYDRA units, Falcon then agreed to assist Rogers in tracking down Winter Soldier, who was in fact Rogers' close friend who had been brainwashed by HYDRA.

As Falcon continued searching for the Winter Soldier, he was recruited into the Avengers, since their original team disbanded following the defeat of Ultron. During his time with the Avengers, Falcon briefly encountered Ant-Man before assisting in defeating Crossbones. In the aftermath of several incidents that caused casualties within civilians, the Avengers were then forced into following the Sokovia Accords, putting them all under the government's full control. However, as the Winter Soldier was blamed for terrorist attacks by Helmut Zemo, Falcon stood by Captain America with protecting the Winter Soldier, which had then caused the Avengers Civil War. In the wake of this clash, Falcon, and several other Avengers who were loyal to Captain America, were defeated by Iron Man, and locked into the Raft, until Captain America freed them as they became fugitives.

While the Avengers were still disbanded, Earth had come under attack by Thanos and his Black Order, bringing Falcon and his allies out of hiding. Learning that Thanos intended to steal the Mind Stone from Vision, Falcon joined the Avengers in taking Vision to Wakanda for his protection, while they had then tried to keep Thanos' forces back. However, they were eventually defeated as Thanos claimed the Infinity Stones and used them to cause the Snap, killing trillions including Falcon. Five years later, the victims of the Snap were resurrected by the surviving Avengers, and Falcon rejoined their battles against Thanos as they finally defeated him at the cost of Tony Stark's life. In the aftermath of the battle, Falcon learned that Captain America returned to the past and had lived a full life with Peggy Carter, and seeing him return as an old man, was given the shield by Rogers.

Initially declining the shield and giving it up to the Smithsonian Institution under the impression that it would remain a display piece, Wilson was disgusted when the Government had then appointed John Walker as their next Captain America. Wilson instead refocused on fighting the Flag Smashers, forming an unlikely alliance with Bucky Barnes and Helmut Zemo to track them down. However, as Walker began to lose control, due to taking the Super Soldier Serum, and brutally murdered one of the Flag Smashers, Nico, in public, Wilson retook the shield to prevent further murders. Following some soul searching and a discussion with Isaiah Bradley, Wilson had finally taken up the mantle of Captain America in time to intervene with the Flag Smashers' attack on the GRC, stopping Karli Morgenthau, as he convinced the GRC to treat refugee communities created by the Blip fairly, inspiring a new generation of heroes.

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Captain America, a.k.a. Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson, is a patriotic superhero from Marvel Comics who first appeared in 1969. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was a war veteran who befriended the former Captain America, Steve Rogers, and helped him to defeat HYDRA and joined the Avengers in their fight against Thanos and various other threats. He has been portrayed in several movies, beginning with Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) as the superhero Falcon before being given the Captain America title in Avengers: Endgame (2019) and fully embracing it in his own series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021).
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Captain America a.k.a. Sam Wilson is currently portrayed by Anthony Mackie. Chris Evans portrayed Steve Rogers, the previous Captain America.
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Yes, the fourth Captain America movie, Captain America: Brave New World, will feature Sam Wilson as Captain America.
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Early Life[]

Wilson Family Seafood[]

"We made a deal before Daddy died. You're out there. I do things my way here."
Sarah Wilson to Sam Wilson[src]

Sam Wilson was born on September 23, 1978 in Harlem[6] to Paul and Darlene Wilson. He was raised in Louisiana,[10] and his parents later had another child, Sam's sister, Sarah.[11] Sam's father would often take him to go fishing at a spot in Grand Isle, making Sam very fond of their boat.[12] Sam had an aunt, whom he referred to as his TT, whom he was very close to. When his aunt passed away, Sam attended her funeral, which was well attended and continued for many days, celebrating her life.[13] Paul and Darlene were very helpful people, earning many favors from neighbors, who helped them with their family business.[12] However, Paul and Darlene both died, leading to Sam joining the military and Sarah working on the business in Delacroix.[14]

Military Career[]

Serving Two Tours[]

"When I was over there, I'd sleep on the ground, use rock for the pillows, like a caveman. Now I'm home, lying in my bed, and it's like—"
"Lying on a marshmallow. Feel like I'm gonna sink right to the floor."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

Sam Wilson joined the United States Air Force after qualifying and passing all the requirements for pararescue. He served two combat tours in the War on Terrorism, being sent out to Afghanistan during his service. Assigned onto the 58th Rescue Squadron, Wilson was a test pilot for the EXO-7 Falcon along with his wingman, Riley. During his time serving in the Air Force, Wilson often found that he would be the most comfortable when he was sleeping on the ground while using rocks as pillows, since there were few other options.[2]

Losing Riley[]

Sam & Riley2

Wilson alongside his former wingman Riley

"You lose someone?"
"My wingman, Riley. Flying a night mission, standard PJ rescue op. Nothing we hadn't done a thousand times before. 'Til an RPG knocked Riley's dumb ass out of the sky. Nothing I could do. Like I was up there just to watch."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

One of Wilson's missions involved successfully capturing Khalid Khandil in Bakhmala, Afghanistan, being once again teamed up with Riley. However, during a night rescue mission, Riley was killed after his EXO-7 Falcon was hit by an RPG and Wilson could do nothing to save him. Having lost his close friend, Wilson had a hard time finding a reason to continue serving and soon left the Air Force, deciding to focus his efforts on helping veterans recovering from combat Post-traumatic stress disorder back home, creating the District of Columbia Support Group to do whatever he could to help.[2]

Meeting Captain America[]

Surprise Running Companion[]


Wilson attempting to outrun Steve Rogers

"Alright, Sam, duty calls. Thanks for the run. If that's what you wanna call 'running'."
"Oh, that's how it is?"
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

Having returned home from the United States Air Force, Wilson was hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs, with the intention of counseling the veterans who had been suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder. While out for his morning jog across Washington, D.C., Wilson soon found his early morning exercise being interrupted by Steve Rogers, who had managed to casually run by Wilson several times, teasing him as he went, much to Wilson's annoyance.

Catws 00095

Wilson attempting to catch his breath back

With Rogers having run past him multiple times throughout their jog, Wilson eventually stopped to catch his breath as Rogers came over to rejoin him. Commenting on how fast he had run, Wilson jokingly challenged Rogers to run another lap, questioning if he could do it in the blink of an eye. Rogers had then questioned what branch of the Air Force Wilson was a part of, and Wilson explained his situation before introducing himself as Rogers helped him back onto his feet.

Steve and Sam TWS

Wilson introduces himself to Steve Rogers

As Rogers introduced himself, Wilson had then made it clear that he already knew who he was based upon his incredible running abilities. He then questioned what it was like for Rogers to have been woken up in 2011 after living in the 1940s during World War II, to which Rogers only claimed that it was taking some getting used to. Before Rogers could walk away, Wilson had then noted that most other Armed Forces veterans, himself included, had struggled to get used to sleeping on a comfortable bed upon returning home, which Rogers related to. The pair then bonded about their experiences while serving in the military and similarities in readjusting without a war zone.

ANG pullover

Wilson and Steve Rogers discuss their lives

Once Wilson asked Rogers about the differences between living now compared to the 1940s, he listened to Rogers explain why it was not so bad, commenting on all the improvements with their food and technology in the modern day, including the internet. Hearing that Rogers was still trying to catch up on everything that he missed, Wilson then recommended Marvin Gaye for him to listen to, and Rogers added it to his To-Do List.


Wilson first encounters Natasha Romanoff

The conversation was cut short, however, as Rogers was called away on a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission by Natasha Romanoff. Wilson encouraged Rogers to visit him at the VA someday, ostensibly so Wilson could impress the women who also worked there, while Rogers teased him over his jogging abilities. As Romanoff had arrived to collect Rogers in her car, joking that they would put him in the Smithsonian as an exhibit, Wilson gave her a flirtatious greeting before watching her drive away with Rogers.[2]

Advising Steve Rogers[]


Wilson giving his speech to former soldiers

"The number of people giving me orders is down to about zero. So, hell yeah. Are you thinking about getting out?"
"No. I don't know. To be honest, I don't know what I would do with myself if I did."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

Wilson held a group session with Armed Forces veterans who were suffering from PTSD as he helped Garcia, who was struggling with visions of IEDs in the roads. Once Garcia had finished her confessions, Wilson spoke to the group about what they kept with them from their experiences with war and what they left behind. He used a metaphor of carrying the memories in a bag as he offered advice in separating their time in the military from their time being at home, where they were trying to relive as civilians.

Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson

Wilson talking about Riley to Steve Rogers

With their meeting over, Wilson once again met with Steve Rogers, who complimented him on his insights to Garcia, having arrived to listen to the last few minutes of his meeting. Wilson then told Rogers about his time in Afghanistan and how he lost his friend, Riley, during a mission. Wilson explained that once Riley died, he had lost his own passion for serving in the military but found a new purpose in his life by helping these veterans readjust after returning to their homes.


Wilson giving Steve Rogers some life advice

Rogers admitted to Wilson that he was struggling with the idea of what to do with himself if he was not a soldier, since he also didn't know how to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. and just live a normal life, to which Wilson jokingly suggested that he could join Ultimate Fighting due to his Super Soldier Serum. However, Wilson got serious once again as he then assured Rogers that he could do whatever he wanted, before questioning what it was that actually made him happy in life.[2]

Helping the Fugitives[]


Wilson agrees to help Rogers and Romanoff

"I can't ask you to do this, Sam. You got out for a good reason."
"Dude, Captain America needs my help. There's no better reason to get back in."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

Having returned to his apartment after jogging through Washington, D.C., Wilson heard a knock at his door and was surprised to find a disheveled Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff, who had come seeking refuge as they claimed that everybody they knew was currently attempting to kill them. Despite having little context to their current situation, Wilson offered them both help without a second thought, opening his door for Rogers and Romanoff to come inside.


Wilson offering breakfast to Steve Rogers

While they were inside his home, Wilson made the pair breakfast and allowed them to use his shower in order to clean themselves up, as they had been involved in an explosion at Camp Lehigh. Despite his own choice to leave the United States Air Force, Wilson had felt that being called upon by Captain America simply meant he had to return. Having finished making breakfast, Wilson came upstairs as he informed Rogers and Romanoff that it was ready if they wanted it.


Wilson learning about Alexander Pierce

As the group ate together, Wilson learned of the full details of Rogers' and Romanoff's current predicament, as he was informed about how S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by HYDRA for decades, resulting in them being betrayed by Alexander Pierce, who had ordered the assassination of themselves as well as Director Nick Fury. Having learned how dangerous their situation was if Pierce succeeded in his plans with Project Insight, Wilson had then offered his assistance.


Wilson showing Steve Rogers what he flies

Although Rogers was reluctant to accept, Wilson had insisted before then revealing to them that he was part of a military project that used the EXO-7 Falcon, with Romanoff recognizing their unit as the one that captured Khalid Khandil in Afghanistan. Rogers had also noticed a picture of Wilson and Riley. Seeing that Wilson could be beneficial to the mission to capture and question Jasper Sitwell, Rogers accepted his help as they all agreed to steal the EXO-7 Falcon together.[2]

Kidnapping Agent Sitwell[]


Wilson calmly threatening Jasper Sitwell

"You're gonna go around the corner to your right. There's a gray car two spaces down. You and I are gonna take a ride."
"And why would I do that?"
"Because that tie looks really expensive, I'd hate to mess it up."
―Sam Wilson and Jasper Sitwell[src]

Having retrieved the EXO-7 Falcon from Fort Meade, Wilson traveled with both Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to find and interrogate Jasper Sitwell. Wilson called Sitwell on the phone after he had a meeting with Senator Stern and threatened to have him shot if he did not do exactly as instructed; he ordered Sitwell to go into a car that drove him to a nearby building to be questioned by Rogers and Romanoff on the roof.


Falcon drops Jasper Sitwell onto the roof

During his initial interrogation by Rogers, Sitwell denied any knowledge of HYDRA's takeover of S.H.I.E.L.D.. As they grew tired of his lies, Romanoff had instead resorted to kicking Sitwell off the building, in order to scare him into finally giving the answers they needed. After Sitwell fell several stories, Falcon then flew in at the last moment, caught him in mid-air, and brought Sitwell back onto the top of the building, dropping him with some force on the ground.


Falcon listens to Jasper Sitwell confessing

As Falcon retracted his wings and rejoined Rogers and Romanoff, he watched as Sitwell confessed, since the fall scared him so much. Falcon listened while Sitwell revealed how Arnim Zola's algorithm was in fact their plan to locate any potential threats to HYDRA in the future, and that Alexander Pierce intended to use Project Insight in order to assassinate these people of interest the moment the Insight Helicarriers were launched.[2]

Encountering Winter Soldier[]


Wilson orders Jasper Sitwell to remain quiet

"Go! I got this!"
―Sam Wilson to Steve Rogers[src]

Having learned of Alexander Pierce's sinister plans of the worldwide massacre, Wilson drove Jasper Sitwell towards the Triskelion, where they planned to use his clearances to gain access to, and shut down Project Insight before Pierce could activate it. Sitwell, however, insisted that this concept was a terrible idea, but Wilson ordered that he keep quiet while they were driving there as Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff then continued to discuss the fine details of their new plan.


Wilson witnesses the Winter Soldier's attack

However, before the group could get to the Triskelion, someone suddenly landed on their roof as a robotic arm ripped Sitwell out of the window and into the path of a speeding truck, killing him. As the attacker began shooting into the car, Wilson slammed on the breaks, launching him off the vehicle, and they were faced with the Winter Soldier. Before the group could react, another vehicle had slammed into the back of their car, which drove Wilson and the others towards Winter Soldier.


Wilson and his allies escape their vehicle

With Wilson unable to do anything, Winter Soldier proceeded to rip the steering wheel out of his hands in an attempt to cause a fatal crash. While the car spun out of control, Rogers then grabbed Wilson and Romanoff and threw them all out, using his shield to protect them as they skidded on the road at high speed. When they recovered from the crash, a fight then erupted in the streets, in which Wilson dove for cover while Rogers was knocked off the bridge by a grenade.


Wilson battles against HYDRA soldiers

Once Romanoff was also thrown off the bridge because of Winter Soldier's grenade launcher, Wilson had managed to remain hidden as the HYDRA mercenaries then began repelling off the bridge in order to continue the fight, shooting at Rogers with a mini-gun. Surprising one mercenary, Wilson was able to knock him off the bridge and take his gun, using it to give Rogers covering fire. Wilson then instructed Rogers to help keep Winter Soldier away from Romanoff.


Falcon knocks down Winter Soldier

Eventually, Wilson had managed to defeat the unit of HYDRA soldiers from the bridge and then went in search of Rogers and Romanoff on the streets of Washington, D.C., taking his EXO-7 Falcon with him as protection. Before long, Falcon discovered Rogers battling Winter Soldier and flew in to assist, coming in just as their fight had briefly paused due to a moment's confusion. Falcon was able to kick Winter Soldier aside just before he could shoot Rogers.

Falcon TWS

Falcon is captured by Brock Rumlow's men

While Falcon had landed on the streets, Winter Soldier recovered from the assault and had attempted to shoot at Rogers again, only for Romanoff to then shoot a grenade launcher at him, which caused him to flee. Before they could get away, however, Rogers, Romanoff and Wilson were then surrounded and captured by some of HYDRA's infiltrators within S.H.I.E.L.D., led by Brock Rumlow. As Wilson was pinned against the car at gunpoint, he had his Exo-7 Falcon removed while Rumlow and Jack Rollins secured Rogers. The three of them were put in the back of a van to be executed later, with Romanoff wounded from being shot at by the Winter Soldier earlier.[2]

Meeting Nick Fury[]


Wilson is transported to a secret location

"Look, whoever he used to be, the guy he is now, I don't think he's the kind you save. He's the kind you stop."
"I don't know if I can do that."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

Under the watchful eyes of HYDRA's soldiers, Wilson and the others were transported towards a secret location where Brock Rumlow intended to have them all killed. During their journey, Steve Rogers explained that Winter Soldier was in fact his friend, Bucky Barnes, who seemingly died in World War II. Wilson wondered how this could be possible, and Rogers explained that Arnim Zola had experimented on Barnes, which helped him to survive his apparent death.


Wilson is saved by Maria Hill

As they drove along, Wilson noticed that Natasha Romanoff was currently losing a lot of blood from her injury and warned the guards that she needed a doctor or else she would bleed out. However, much to Wilson's great surprise, one of the HYDRA guards then used a Taser Rod to attack the other guard and knock him unconscious, before she revealed herself to really be Maria Hill. While Hill had questioned who Wilson was, she used the Mouse Hole to escape with the three before Rumlow even noticed.


Wilson learns that Nick Fury is actually alive

Having gotten away from their HYDRA kidnappers, Hill then brought them inside the S.H.I.E.L.D. Dam Facility where Romanoff was finally given medical attention from Doctor Fine. While Romanoff's gunshot wound was being treated, Hill revealed to Wilson and the others that Director Nick Fury was also there, still recuperating from the recent assassination attempt orchestrated by Winter Soldier, with nobody, other than them, currently being aware of his survival.


Wilson is introduced to Director Nick Fury

Wilson listened as Fury and Fine discussed the list of injuries Fury had sustained when he was attacked by Winter Soldier. Fury explained that he used Tetrodotoxin B, which had been developed by Bruce Banner, to slow his heartbeat down to the point that it appeared that he had died. When Rogers questioned why he had kept this as a secret, Hill noted that their enemies needed to believe that Fury was dead in order to ensure that any second assassination attempt was not made. While the others remained unsure about the situation, Wilson listened as Fury continued explaining that he had been unsure who he could actually trust since S.H.I.E.L.D. was compromised.


Wilson and the others discuss their plan

Wilson rejoined the team while together, they focused on their work to stop HYDRA's plans as Fury discussed Alexander Pierce's betrayal and how they could not contact the World Security Council to stop the launch of Project Insight. As Fury revealed three microchips, Wilson asked what they were, to which Hill explained that they would use these chips to hack into the Helicarriers directly and cause them to target each other, warning that millions would die if they failed.


Wilson insists he will stand with Rogers

When Rogers told Fury that he intended to destroy not only the Project Insight Helicarriers, but all of S.H.I.E.L.D. with them, Fury protested, insisting that HYDRA had tricked them all and S.H.I.E.L.D. was innocent. Despite his protests, Hill and Romanoff agreed with Rogers, to which Wilson affirmed that he was also standing with his friend, joking that he would go where Rogers went, only slower. With that, Fury finally relented and gave Rogers control over their mission.


Wilson and Rogers discussing Bucky Barnes

Knowing that their plans to defeat Pierce would undoubtedly be met with the full forces of HYDRA, Wilson later talked with Rogers about what they should do once they encountered the Winter Soldier again. Wilson insisted to Rogers that Barnes was the kind of guy you have to stop rather than save in spite of their friendship in World War II. However, Rogers remained convinced he could save Barnes, as he then proclaimed that he would find his uniform to fight their upcoming battle against HYDRA.[2]

Battle at the Triskelion[]


Falcon helps to take over the control room

"Cap, how do we know the good guys from the bad guys?"
"If they're shooting at you, they're bad."
―Falcon and Captain America[src]

Having assisted in stealing Captain America's Uniform from the Smithsonian exhibit, Falcon joined him and Maria Hill as they broke into the Triskelion and secured the control room, taking Moore and the other controllers captive. Once they all had taken full control of the situation, Captain America informed every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent of HYDRA's infiltration into their organization as well as Alexander Pierce's true plans for Project Insight, asking them to trust his word.


Falcon compliments Steve Rogers' speech

Falcon listened as Captain America told the S.H.I.E.L.D agents that while many had been ordered to hunt him down by STRIKE teams, he urged them to stand against the enemy before Pierce was able to succeed with launching Project Insight, revealing that they already killed Nick Fury to ensure their plan went ahead. Once he had finished, Falcon jokingly asked Captain America if he had practiced the speech beforehand, or simply made it up as he went along.

Cap & Falcon Running (TWS)

Falcon and Captain America run into battle

With the Project Insight Helicarriers now launching and the few remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents being led by Sharon Carter in their fight against HYDRA, Falcon and Captain America charged outside to destroy these Helicarriers. As they jogged forward, Falcon questioned how they would be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys, but Captain America just calmly reminded Falcon that only the bad guys would be attempting to shoot him out of the sky.


Falcon avoids all of the Helicarrier's gunfire

On that note, Captain America jumped off the platform onto the rising Helicarrier while Falcon activated his EXO-7 Falcon and took off. As Falcon flew in line with the Helicarriers, he immediately found himself being targeted and attempted to avoid the gunfire by using his advanced flying techniques. Hill asked Falcon for an update on his status, and he informed her that he was engaging the enemy as he flew directly into the line of fire, swiftly diving through the air to avoid all the Helicarrier's shots.


Falcon shoots down several HYDRA guards

Diving onto the deck of a Helicarrier, Falcon had managed to surprise one HYDRA guard by crashing directly into him, before then spinning around as he armed himself with his handguns and shooting down a second guard. However, before Falcon could sneak on board the Helicarrier to plant their microchip, he then suddenly came under attack from a Quinjet, which chased him across the deck while shooting at him. Falcon used the parked Quinjets to take cover.

Falcon vs quinjet

Falcon gets targeted by an enemy Quinjet

Suddenly, the Quinjet fired a missile at Falcon, barely missing him and destroying a parked Quinjet he was flying by. The explosion knocked Falcon to the ground, as the Quinjet came out of the smoke and attempted to shoot him down. However, Falcon swiftly recovered as he then dived backwards off the Helicarrier, shooting his twin guns at the HYDRA pilots before reactivating his EXO-7 Falcon and flying away, with the Quinjet still chasing him down and shooting at him.

Falcon (TWS)

Falcon is chased by the Quinjet

While Captain America successfully inserted the first microchip in one of the Helicarriers, Falcon continued to desperately try and get away from the Quinjet that was still pursuing him. While Falcon flew on the underbelly of the Helicarrier, the Quinjet had fired dozens of missiles at him. Falcon used all of his maneuvering abilities to avoid them, retracting his wings and allowing himself to fall as all of the missiles then smashed into the side of the Helicarrier.


Falcon gets in the Helicarrier

With the Quinjet pilots mistakenly thinking they had just killed Falcon in the explosion, he was able to use the hole in the underbelly of the Helicarrier, which was caused by the missiles, to get inside and access the control systems to insert their second microchip, granting Hill control over two out of the three Helicarriers. With that portion of their mission completed, Falcon then dove back outside in order to board the final Helicarrier and destroy Project Insight.


Falcon rescues Captain America

Before Falcon could head onto the third Helicarrier, he was contacted by Captain America, who requested a ride since he was under attack from several HYDRA agents. Falcon then witnessed Captain America dive off the second Helicarrier, falling hundreds of feet to the ground below. Falcon flew after him at full speed, managing to catch Captain America in the air and fly him to the final Helicarrier. He had also jokingly commented that Captain America was a lot heavier than he looked.


Falcon attempts to shoot the Winter Soldier

However, just as Falcon and Captain America shared some humor, they were ambushed by Winter Soldier, who charged forward and threw Captain America from the Helicarrier. Fearing his friend was falling to his death, Falcon attempted to save Captain America, only for Winter Soldier to grab one of his wings and thrown him backwards to continue their fight. Falcon then drew his twin guns and shot at Winter Soldier, who was able to avoid the bullets and take cover.

Winter Soldier Kick

Falcon is kicked over by Winter Soldier

As Falcon had then tried once again to rescue Captain America from falling, he flew upwards, only for Winter Soldier to use his grappling wire to grab ahold of Falcon's wing and pull him back down to the ground, before tearing one of the wings off the EXO-7 Falcon. As Falcon then attempted to get back on his feet, Winter Soldier charged forward and kicked him off the Helicarrier, with Falcon plummeting towards the ground below with his now badly damaged wing suit.


Falcon lands onto the ground without injury

As Falcon fell hundreds of feet below, he was then able to cut the second wing free before activating his parachute, allowing him to land safely in the Triskelion. Falcon confirmed that Captain America was alive and still on board the Helicarrier, as he had gone to continue their mission alone. Falcon was warned by Hill that Brock Rumlow was now on his way to the World Security Council in order to then intercept Black Widow, so he went to keep Rumlow away from the group.[2]

Facing Brock Rumlow[]


Wilson ready to fight against Brock Rumlow

"There are no prisoners with HYDRA, just order, and order only comes through pain. Are you ready for yours?"
"Man, shut the hell up."
Brock Rumlow and Sam Wilson[src]

Refocusing his mission on protecting Nick Fury, Wilson encountered Brock Rumlow inside the Triskelion as Rumlow was on his way to challenge Black Widow and Fury in order to try and rescue his commander, Alexander Pierce, so they could escape during the chaos of the battle and kill the World Security Council. Wilson hid behind the door and ambushed Rumlow, striking him in the face and attempting to knock him out with a knee to the head.

Rumlow and Falcon

Wilson fights against Brock Rumlow

However, Rumlow quickly proved himself to be a formidable fighter as he blocked Wilson's knee and head-butted him with some force, knocking Wilson onto the ground. While Wilson slowly got back onto his feet, Rumlow had removed his jacket and Bulletproof Vest as he then proclaimed to Wilson that his punishment for trying to go against HYDRA would now cause him considerable pain, since that was the only way HYDRA believed the world could regain order.


Wilson is overpowered by Brock Rumlow

As Rumlow continued to rant about HYDRA's schemes, Wilson readied himself for a fight and simply told his rival to shut up, so they could. The two soldiers charged towards each other for an intense fight in hand-to-hand combat. As their battle reached its conclusion, Rumlow managed to gain the upper hand, using all of his own slightly refined combat techniques to overpower Wilson before throwing him across the room. Rumlow then began taunting him by standing over the injured Wilson.


Wilson desperately running for his life

Before Rumlow was able to finish him off, claiming that Wilson was out of his depth, their battle was cut short; Wilson spotted the final Project Insight Helicarrier heading straight towards the Triskelion behind the overconfident Rumlow, having been successfully reprogrammed and destroyed in the battle. Using his head start to his advantage, Wilson ran for his life as the Helicarrier crashed into the building, with Rumlow being buried under the debris.


Wilson leaps out of the window just in time

With only moments to spare, Wilson then contacted Black Widow as he demanded she bring the Helicopter to him. Wilson was forced to jump from the 41st floor of the building, where he was then caught by a Helicopter piloted by Nick Fury and Black Widow. Although Wilson had berated the pair for almost killing him with the helicopter blades, they soon turned their attention to escaping the explosions, and locating Captain America, who was on board the Helicarrier.[2]

New Avengers[]

Search for Bucky Barnes[]


Wilson waits by Steve Rogers' hospital bed

"You're going after him."
"You don't have to come with me."
"I know. When do we start?"
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

Eventually, the injured Steve Rogers was found unconscious near the ruins of the Triskelion following a fight with the Winter Soldier that had left him almost beaten to death, with a bullet wound inside his stomach. Wilson stayed beside Rogers' bed until he recovered, and played the Marvin Gaye music he had previously recommended to him. As Rogers awakened, the first words he said to Wilson were "on your left", causing Wilson to smile in relief and amusement.


Wilson refuses to go with Director Nick Fury

With much of HYDRA's leadership either arrested or gone into hiding, Wilson and Rogers then went to the fake gravesite for Nick Fury, and were met by him. Wilson greeted S.H.I.E.L.D.'s former leader, who then explained that he would be traveling to Europe to seek out the surviving members of HYDRA. Fury offered Wilson to join him on his mission to exterminate HYDRA. Wilson refused, however, stating that he was more a soldier and not a spy, which Fury accepted.


Wilson agrees to help find Winter Soldier

The pair said their goodbyes to Fury, who asked them to still keep his survival a secret, before they were joined by Natasha Romanoff, who gave Rogers a file on Winter Soldier. Wilson confirmed that Rogers would be going after his oldest friend, and agreed to help him in his search for Bucky Barnes.[2] During their quest, Rogers was called to rejoin the Avengers and battle Baron Strucker's HYDRA division, leaving Wilson to look for Barnes on his own.[15]

Avengers Party[]


Wilson and Rogers play a game of pool

"I'm not actually sorry. I'm just trying to sound tough. I'm very happy chasing cold leads on our missing persons case. Avenging is your world. Your world is crazy."
"Be it ever so humble."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

Wilson had been invited to the party held at Avengers Tower in order to celebrate the Avengers' most recent successful battle against HYDRA which had led to the seeming defeat of the final HYDRA cells, due to the capture of HYDRA's main leadership, Baron Strucker, as well as the Scepter they had been hunting ever since the Battle of New York, ending up in the hands of the Avengers.


Wilson and Rogers talk about the world

As their Avengers' party had continued, Wilson was later introduced to, and shook hands with Tony Stark and later played a game of pool with Steve Rogers while drinking. Wilson and Rogers had later talked about their battle against Baron Strucker's forces, as Wilson jokingly wanted to know why he had not been invited to assist in the fight as he had been helping Rogers in their search for Bucky Barnes for the last few months before Rogers had been called by the Avengers.


Wilson discusses him joining the Avengers

When Rogers had attempted to apologize that Falcon had not been invited to their fight against Baron Strucker, Wilson had still assured Rogers that he was not massively interested in joining the Avengers at that point, claiming that the Avengers were crazy. They went on to discuss how Rogers was recently attempting to find an apartment in his hometown of Brooklyn, with Rogers noting that he was not sure if he would even be able to afford to get any home in Brooklyn.[15]

Joining the Avengers[]

Falcon New Wings

Falcon flies into the Avengers Compound

"We've got some hitters."
"They're good. They're not a team."
"Let's beat 'em into shape."
Black Widow and Captain America[src]

As Falcon continued searching for Bucky Barnes, the Avengers were then involved in a conflict with Ultron that, while successful, had led to massive changes in the team. In the wake of Clint Barton's decision to retire and Tony Stark's demotion to the non-combatant, and the departure of Thor, Falcon was recruited into the Avengers' newest roster alongside their other allies who had proved themselves worthy members, including War Machine, Vision and Scarlet Witch.

Falcon Intro at Avengers Campus

Falcon looks at Captain America

Falcon had then arrived at the Avengers Compound with his newest version of his EXO-7 Falcon, complete with the upgraded mechanical wings that were more combat ready, having been upgraded by Stark. Once the new Avengers had arrived to the new facility, they had then begun their training under the leadership of Captain America as well as Black Widow, ready to take on any future world threatening events that arrived, as Falcon proudly looked up to his friend and leader.[15]

Attack of Ultimo[]


Falcon faces off against Ultimo

While Falcon was practicing his aerodynamic maneuvers, the Avengers were called to a small town in Europe to deal with Ultimo, a giant robot created by HYDRA out of Ultron parts. Eventually, Scarlet Witch found enough strength in herself to overpower Ultimo by aiming her magic into the robot's mouth and ripping its head clean off.[16]

Duel at the Avengers Compound[]

Falcon Ant-Man 3

Falcon confronts and questions Ant-Man

"Who the hell are you?"
"I'm Ant-Man."
"What, you haven't heard of me?"
―Falcon and Ant-Man[src]

At the Avengers Compound, Falcon detected an intruder in the base and decided to investigate. Flying onto the roof, Falcon then spotted a man wearing a suit that seemed to make him the size of an ant. Once it was made clear that Falcon could see this man despite his size, the man regrew and introduced himself as Scott with the code-name Ant-Man, noting that he was a big fan of the Avengers, which Falcon appreciated but remained serious about their situation.


Falcon fights against Ant-Man

Falcon demanded to know why Ant-Man was at the facility; the man claimed to simply be needing to borrow the Signal Decoy from them which he intended to use to save their world, noting that Falcon and all the Avengers should understand what that was like. Believing that Ant-Man was a sort of spy, Falcon attempted to arrest him and bring him inside for question, only for Ant-Man to shrink and punch Falcon with a surprising amount of force, resulting with the pair beginning to fight and being knocked from the facility's rooftop, where Falcon had then drawn his twin guns and attempted to shoot the intruder.


Falcon's flight suit is sabotaged by Ant-Man

During the battle, Falcon had learned that despite his small size, Ant-Man was a formidable opponent as he was only just able to keep up with him as Ant-Man used his powers of shrinking to remain almost undetectable. Falcon used his Combat Goggles to track him down and deliver punches that forced Ant-Man to regrow. When Ant-Man managed to get away from the Avenger and flew inside the facility on the back of an ant, Falcon followed Ant-Man into the Facility until he had managed to shrink down and disable the EXO-7 Falcon from the inside, dropping him onto the floor before escaping the Avenger.

Falcon Ant-Man 10

Falcon informs of his defeat from Ant-Man

Falcon hit the ground hard and, by the time he then recovered from that impact, with his suit damaged, Falcon was unable to track Ant-Man who already escaped with the Signal Decoy. Forced to accept defeat, Falcon then said to Natasha Romanoff[17] through their comm link it was important to him that Captain America would never know about this embarrassing failure.[18] Falcon then rejoined the Avengers in battling HYDRA, who had collected parts from a destroyed Ultron Sentries and had created Ultimo. Falcon then joined the Avengers to an attack and together they had managed to destroy Ultimo.[16]

Search for Ant-Man[]


Wilson looks for information on Ant-Man

"I'm looking for this dude who's new on the scene, who's flashing his fresh tech, who's got bomb moves, right? Who you got?"
"We got everything nowadays. We got a guy who jumps. We got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up the walls."
―Sam Wilson and Writer[src]

Despite his embarrassing defeat at the Avengers Compound, Falcon was still impressed by Ant-Man's abilities during their fight. Seeking another hero who could potentially assist the Avengers in their missions, and having heard of Ant-Man using his own abilities to stop the sale of a new super-weapon called the Yellowjacket Suit which was almost handed over to HYDRA by Darren Cross, Wilson began seeking out Ant-Man, despite only knowing his first name was Scott.


Wilson getting a lead on Ant-Man's location

Eventually, Wilson had encountered the Writer who had connections with many underground heroes with unusual abilities, including one who could crawl up the walls. Wilson asked the writer whether or not she knew of any newer heroes using technology that allowed him to shrink and if she knew how he would be able to get into contact with him. This led her to tracking Ant-Man down by meeting Ignacio, who put her into contact with his cousin Luis, a close friend of a friend of Ant-Man who agreed to help him, as Wilson had told the writer to tell Ignacio to tell Luis that he was currently looking for Ant-Man.[18]

Attack on the IFID Headquarters[]

Captain America Civil War 87

Falcon looks out for Crossbones' attack

"Eyes on target, folks. It's the best lead we have on Rumlow in six months. I don't want to lose him."
"If he sees us coming, there won't be a problem, he kind of hates us."
Captain America and Falcon[src]

Falcon had rejoined the Avengers as they tracked Brock Rumlow and his crew into Lagos in Nigeria, having just learned that Rumlow was intending on stealing a biological weapon. As Falcon had listened to the Avengers' discussions, he commented to Black Widow that she could be paranoid, before Captain America had insisted that they all remained focus on stopping Rumlow, although Falcon noted that Rumlow hated them all too much to not engage them in a fight.


Falcon realizes Crossbones's plan

However, Captain America caught sight of a garbage truck that was charging through the streets, as Falcon sent Redwing down onto the ground to scan it. X-Raying the truck, Falcon learned that the truck was filled to maximum weight and the driver was armed, as they had realized that it was being used as a battering ram. Captain America ordered the Avengers to assemble, as Falcon had activated his EXO-7 Falcon and dove off of the building and flew towards the truck.

Captain America Civil War 56

Falcon knocks out Crossbones' mercenaries

The Avengers realized the truck was heading towards the Institute for Infectious Diseases, as it smashed through the security wall, allowing Rumlow, who was going by the codename of Crossbones, to enter in the building with his team of well-armed mercenaries. Falcon caught up with Captain America and flew him to the battle, dropping him by Crossbones' mercenaries, while Falcon flew onto the bridge, and had surprised two mercenaries, kicking him in the head as he landed.

CW Spot5 4

Falcon and Scarlet Witch attack the soldiers

Before the fourth mercenary could even react, Falcon had then drawn his twin guns and shot him. Upon confirming the number of men that Crossbones had with him, Falcon rejoined by Scarlet Witch, who entrapped another mercenary with her powers, before launching him into the air as Falcon had knocked him back down to the ground with some force. Using Redwing's scanners, Falcon had confirmed where Crossbones was, as Captain America went to engage him directly.

Falcon and Scarlet Witch

Falcon blocks Crossbones' men attacks

With Captain America inside the facility, battling against Crossbones' mercenaries in an attempt to stop the terrorist from escaping with the biological weapon, Falcon had then defended Maximoff from any of the other mercenaries who were attempting to stop them. While he was using his wings as protection, Falcon shot at all of Crossbones' mercenaries, while Maximoff had used her powers to extract the poisonous gas from inside the facility, letting it evaporate in the air.


Falcon uses airstrike against the soldiers

As the mercenaries had used their trucks as cover, Falcon resorted to turning his back to them, while his wings protected him and Maximoff, before firing two missiles behind him, which then killed all of the mercenaries upon impact, while Maximoff had succeeded in removing all the poisonous gas from the facility. However, during this time, Crossbones had been able to take the biological weapon, while almost killing Black Widow and Captain America during his escape.

CW Spot5 3

Falcon chases all the escaping mercenaries

Having been updated by Captain America about the situation, Falcon flew into the streets of Lagos, where he found Crossbones' armored car crashed. Falcon then used his Combat Goggles to scan the area, spotting four of Crossbones' mercenaries while they were splitting up into the crowds of terrified civilians, as Black Widow rejoined the fight and chased two of the four to see who had the biological weapon, as Captain America had then gone in search for Crossbones himself.


Falcon tires to find the biological weapon

Flying through the crowds of civilians, Falcon had then swiftly caught up to two of Crossbones' mercenaries, as he slammed into one and knocked him out. Falcon had then turned his attention to the second mercenary, who had attempted to shoot him, only for Falcon to use his wings to block all the gunshots, before launching into the air and kicking the mercenary into the wall. Falcon then checked their bags, only to realize that neither of them had the biological weapon.


Falcon rescuing Black Widow with Redwing

Falcon found Black Widow in her standoff with Crossbones' last two mercenaries who threatened to smash the biological weapon. Falcon used Redwing to shoot one mercenary, while Black Widow killed the other and caught the biological weapon, as Falcon had insisted she thank Redwing. Meanwhile, Captain America fought Crossbones as he attempted to kill him with his bomb vest, only for Maximoff to inadvertently throw him into a building, killing dozens of civilians.[19]

Avengers Civil War[]

Sokovia Accords[]

Civil War meeting EW

Wilson and the Avengers attend a meeting

"So let's say we agree to this thing. How long is it gonna be until they LoJack us like a bunch of common criminals?"
―Sam Wilson to James Rhodes[src]

In the direct aftermath of the disastrous mission in Lagos, the newly appointed Secretary of State, Thaddeus Ross came to visit the Avengers Compound. Wilson sat with the rest of the team as Ross told them how, following a massive heart attack, he had gained a whole new perspective over the world, noting how the world had owed the Avengers an unpayable debt, but he viewed them as dangerous vigilantes, commenting on how they were enhanced individuals who seemed to have little regard for the destruction they left behind.


Wilson learns about the Sokovia Accords

Ross demonstrated his point by showing the high civilian death tolls connected with the Avengers' missions in New York City and Sokovia while they fought against Loki and Ultron, with their recent disaster in Lagos during their fight against Crossbones, it had been decided that they needed to be put under closer checks. Ross presented Wilson with the recently written Sokovia Accords, which Ross had explained meant the United Nations would have control over the Avengers.


Wilson debates with James Rhodes

Once Ross had left the Avengers Compound, Wilson and the other Avengers began discussing the Accords and whether they should be accepted, as he spoke to James Rhodes who was arguing that Ross' military record should give him more credibility. While Wilson argued that there was a risk they would be sent to the Raft if they disobeyed the Accords, to which Rhodes then noted that with the support of the hundred and seventeen countries, the Accords should be obeyed.


Wilson listening to the Avengers' arguments

The debate was interrupted by Vision who proposed an equation, as Wilson mocked this. Wilson listened while Vision made the point that following Tony Stark announcing that he was Iron Man, the number of enhanced individuals and world threatening events had skyrocketed, claiming that the Avengers' presence would always invite challenges. While Rhodes had believed all this supported his arguments, Natasha Romanoff invited Tony Stark to make his own case for the Accords.


Wilson listens to Tony Stark's arguments

Wilson listened while Stark had told them about Charlie Spencer and how he was killed in Sokovia while they had fought Ultron. Stark told the Avengers that they had needed to be put in check, ensuring that people like Spencer did not lose their lives, as Wilson listened while Stark and Steve Rogers debated the potential ramifications from this and if they could be forced into it, with Wanda Maximoff fearing that their governments could potentially attempt to arrest her for her actions.


Wilson questions Black Widow's choice

To the great surprise of Wilson, Romanoff also spoke out about her support for the Accords, as Wilson reminded her about how she had turned against the Department of Defense in the wake of the HYDRA Uprising. As Stark claimed that he won the debate, Wilson then saw Rogers getting the message that Peggy Carter had died.[19] Wilson's decision to not sign the Accords had then resulted with him receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces.[20]

Peggy Carter's Funeral[]


Wilson attends the funeral of Peggy Carter

"Here's to an honorable discharge."
"Sure you're okay with this?"
"Ah, I'm not worried about me, I'll make a great civilian."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

Wilson had accompanied Steve Rogers for Peggy Carter's funeral in the United Kingdom. As they had taken their seats, Wilson had then noticed that Sharon Carter was giving a speech, revealing herself as Peggy's niece. Wilson listened to Carter's speech in which she described her time growing up with the Strategic Scientific Reserve's head, and described the lessons learned from her aunt, making both Wilson and Rogers consider the Sokovia Accords' decision.[19]


Wilson and Steve Rogers making their toast

Once the funeral was over, Wilson joined Rogers in a London pub, as they made the toast to both being given an honorable discharge from the Avengers. Rogers had then questioned if Wilson was doing okay following their decision, although he insisted that he was, claiming that he would make for a great civilian. Looking over the bar, Wilson saw that Carter was also there, as he suggested that Rogers should go and speak to her, which Rogers finally did.[20]


Wilson informs Rogers and Carter

Wilson had then allowed Rogers and Carter time alone to catch up. However, when a bomb was detonated just outside from the Vienna International Centre where the Accords were getting signed. Wilson had then informed Rogers and Carter of the situation, as they then watched the news report which informed them that King T'Chaka of Wakanda had been killed in that explosion, and that their authorities had suspected the Winter Soldier was responsible for the attack.[19]

Finding Bucky Barnes[]

Captain America Civil War 52

Wilson agrees to help locate Bucky Barnes

"I just want to make sure we considered all our options. The people that shoot at you usually wind up shooting at me."
―Falcon to Captain America[src]

The three traveled into Vienna to investigate. While Steve Rogers had returned from his conversation with Natasha Romanoff, Wilson asked him if Romanoff told him not to interfere, but Rogers had still insisted that Bucky Barnes would do the same for him, with Wilson noting that maybe in 1945, but this was not the case. Carter joined them, as she explained to them that Barnes had just been located in Bucharest. However, she also noted that the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre's leader, Everett Ross, was also targeting Barnes, with a kill order.


Falcon flies towards an attacking helicopter

In Bucharest, Falcon observed that GSG 9 soldiers were approaching their location. As Captain America talked with Barnes in his apartment, Falcon updated him on the soldiers' positions. Captain America and Barnes then fought against the soldiers and escaped, but Black Panther arrived, and attempted to kill Barnes. Falcon was asked to take care of the GSG 9 helicopter which was shooting at them, so Falcon then smashed into the side of it.


Falcon is attacked by the Black Panther

Their battle continued through the road tunnel, with GSG 9 soldiers chasing the three with their vehicles. Falcon flew after his allies, using the EXO-7 Falcon's speed and agility to catch up with them, so Captain America had then asked Falcon to help him shake Black Panther, who was refusing to give up on his quest to kill Barnes. Falcon flew through the tunnel as he caught Black Panther in midair, only for Black Panther to use it to his benefit.


Falcon is surrounded by agents

Black Panther used Falcon's speed to catch up with his prey, before Falcon braked when Barnes used his grenades to explode the tunnel entrance, launching Black Panther forward. Black Panther caught Barnes, but was kept from killing him by Captain America before the GSG 9 arrested all of them, with the help of War Machine. Once he removed his helmet, Falcon then discovered that Black Panther was actually T'Challa, the prince of Wakanda.[19]

Held by Everett Ross[]


Wilson mocks T'Challa's panther uniform

"We looked for the guy for two years and found nothing."
"We didn't bomb the U.N. That turns a lot of heads."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

While GSG 9 agents were transporting the four individuals to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre's headquarters in Berlin, Wilson insults T'Challa over his suit, asking if he liked cats, despite the efforts of Steve Rogers to make him stop, knowing that he'll make the situation worse. Remaining serious about their situation, T'Challa had then calmly explained to them that the Panther Habit is made of vibranium, and his reasons for attacking Bucky Barnes was due to Barnes seemingly killing his father during a terrorist attack, promising that he would eventually kill him.

Captain America Civil War 41

Wilson having his EXO-7 Falcon taken away

As they arrived, they were greeted by Sharon Carter, who introduced them to Everett Ross, the head of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, who was waiting for them. Ross had refused to give them any clear information about what would happen to Barnes, before he informed the group that all their gear would be confiscated until further notice, causing Wilson to grumble that he better would not see anybody else using the EXO-7 Falcon while he was still waiting to get it back.


Wilson follows Everett Ross

With Barnes being taken away into another room for a psychological evaluation, conducted by Theo Broussard, Wilson, along with Rogers and T'Challa were led through their facility by Ross, who noted that they would be given offices rather than prison cells. They were then joined by Natasha Romanoff, who had expressed her displeasure at seeing the situation, since she had already warned Rogers not to get involved, although Rogers had noted that they saved Barnes' life.


Wilson and Rogers are stopped by Stark

Wilson and Rogers had eventually come across Tony Stark, who was speaking to Thaddeus Ross, and made it clear that there would now be serious consequences for their actions in protecting Barnes, as he wanted them both sent to the Raft. Stark had also noted that Wilson would not get his wings, while Rogers would not get his shield, much to his dismay as he then called the decision completely cold-hearted, while Stark had then noted that it was at least warmer than any jail.


Wilson watches Bucky Barnes' interrogation

Wilson joined Rogers and Carter as they watched the interview of the contained Barnes by the psychoanalyst Broussard, with Carter then handing Wilson the receipt for his suit, which Wilson had complained about as the receipt listed his EXO-7 Falcon as the bird costume. As they were all watching the interrogation about those terrorist attacks, Rogers suspected an ulterior motive behind releasing Barnes' picture to the public, questioning Carter about why this had happened.


Wilson discusses Bucky Barnes being found

Although Wilson reminded him that they had searched for Barnes for two years and had failed to find him anywhere, but Rogers noted that they had not bombed the United Nations which had drawn attention. Hearing all this, Wilson and Carter began to catch up to what Rogers was thinking, as they then realized that somebody might have been attempting to get closer to Barnes, as they looked up at their screen, becoming suspicious of the man who was interrogating Barnes.[19]

Winter Soldier's Escape[]


Wilson and Rogers locate Helmut Zemo

―Sam Wilson to Helmut Zemo[src]

Suddenly, the power across the entire facility was then cut out, which had ignited panic across the base since their camera feed to Bucky Barnes' interrogation was also cut out. Once Sharon Carter told them where to go, Wilson and Steve Rogers quickly hurried down into the interrogation room, where they found several men lying unconscious on the ground, before finding their psycho-analyst, Helmut Zemo, on the ground without Barnes, before Rogers had then immediately confronted Zemo.


Wilson is ambushed by Winter Soldier

While Rogers then questioned Zemo about what he actually wanted, Barnes revealed he was free from his cell and had been brainwashed back to his Winter Soldier programming. The Winter Soldier attacked Wilson and had attempted to crush his neck with his prosthetic arm. However, Wilson had managed to get free from Winter Soldier's grip, before he was then knocked unconscious as Winter Soldier threw him backwards before then furiously fighting against Rogers.


Wilson watches Helmut Zemo escaping

Once Wilson had woken back up from Winter Soldier's attack, he had then spotted that Zemo was looking down an elevator shaft that Rogers had been thrown down. Fearing that he would be attempting to make his escape, Wilson had called after Zemo, only for him who begin running away from the Avenger. Wilson then ran after him and followed him up the stairs until they made it outside, all the while with a fight breaking out between Winter Soldier and the security.

Captain America Civil War 12

Wilson failing to stop Helmut Zemo's escape

However, Wilson then lost sight of Zemo outside the building where he had disappeared into the crowds of people who were running for their lives in the chaos, only being able to find Zemo's jacket which he had left behind to help him get away. Wilson later regrouped with Rogers, who had managed to capture Winter Soldier when they had both been thrown from the roof of the headquarters while in his helicopter, which Winter Soldier had attempted to escape in.[19]

Going on the Run[]

Civil War still AirunGarky 57

Wilson watches Bucky Barnes waking up

"This would have been a lot easier a week ago."
"If we call Tony–"
"No, he won't believe us."
"Even if he did..."
"Who knows if the Accords would let him help."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

With their battle now over, Wilson and Steve Rogers had then taken an unconscious Bucky Barnes into an abandoned building where they then subdued him by trapping his prosthetic arm in the vice. Once Barnes awoke, they questioned if he was still under mind control, as Barnes revealed he was safe by noting key facts about his and Rogers' childhood and Rogers' mother, although Wilson had still remained skeptical that this was actually proof that Barnes was no longer a danger to them, although Rogers assured him it was okay.


Wilson awaits answers about Helmut Zemo

To his horror, Barnes realized what he had done as the programming that HYDRA put in his mind was still there, and Helmut Zemo simply had to do was say the codewords to reactivate him. Wilson stood by as Rogers had questioned Barnes about who Zemo was, noting that Zemo had killed multiple people in his attacks to get close to Barnes. Thinking for a moment, Barnes then noted that Zemo had asked him about the Facility in Siberia where he had been kept for decades.


Wilson learns about other Winter Soldiers

As Wilson listened, Barnes explained that there were multiple Winter Soldiers, and that they were likely Zemo's target. Wilson checked if the Soldiers had also turned out like Barnes after being injected with the Super Soldier Serum, as Barnes explained that they had turned out even worse. They then realized that if Zemo gained control of the soldiers, he could use them to infiltrate and completely destabilize an entire country overnight without anybody seeing them coming.

Ant-Man AfterCredits

Wilson recommending they recruit Ant-Man

Having seemingly figured out Zemo's plans, Wilson and Rogers then deliberated their course of action; noting that because of the Sokovia Accords the situation had become more complicated. While Rogers suggested they call Tony Stark for assistance, Wilson noted that he would not go against those Accords, meaning that they were on their own. However, Wilson then considered Ant-Man, noting that he knew a guy who could potentially assist them with defeating Zemo.[19]

Building The Team[]


Wilson and Barnes meet Sharon Carter

"What's up, Tic Tac."
"Uh... Good to see you. Look, what happened last time–"
"It was a great audition, but it'll never happen again."
―Sam Wilson and Scott Lang[src]

With the help of Sharon Carter, the group went on the run. Carter met them and revealed that she had gone behind Everett Ross' back and gave them their equipment back. While Steve Rogers spoke with Carter, Wilson remained in their car with Bucky Barnes, rudely refusing to move his seat to give Barnes more leg room, since he still dislikes him from their previous battles. After Rogers had kissed Carter as she left, both Wilson and Barnes smiled approvingly at their friend's success with Carter, much to Rogers' great embarrassment.


Wilson and Steve Rogers greet Clint Barton

Wilson, Rogers and Barnes then reunited with Clint Barton, who was with Wanda Maximoff near to Leipzig-Halle Airport, as Barton made it clear to them that he was happy to assist them by breaking Maximoff out of the Avengers Compound, before welcoming Scott Lang to the team. While Wilson had watched on awkwardly, Lang expressed his excitement at meeting Rogers and these other heroes, as he thanked Rogers for inviting him onto the team and touching his muscles.


Wilson welcomes Scott Lang onto the team

Lang then happily greeted Wilson as he also attempted to apologize for their previous encounter at the Avengers Compound where Lang had defeated Wilson during the clash. However, Wilson cut off Lang's sentence, insisting that their clash had merely been Lang's audition into the Avengers, and also claimed that he would never allow that to happen again, before Rogers brought Lang up to date about Helmut Zemo and the Winter Soldiers, noting they were against the law.


Wilson prepares for the mission

Once Lang agreed to join them on their mission, the team prepared to get moving as Barton noted that they had a helicopter ready to get them out of Germany. However, they then heard alarms being set off, which Barnes confirmed meant that the airport was being evacuated, as Wilson noted that this was likely Tony Stark arriving to bring them into custody. Rogers ordered the team to suit up, as Wilson donned his EXO-7 Falcon and joined his allies in attempting to escape.[19]

Clash of the Avengers[]


Falcon manages to locate the Quinjet

"I don't know if you've been a fight before, but there's usually not this much talking."
"All right, sorry, my bad."
―Falcon and Spider-Man[src]

While Captain America allowed himself to be cornered and disarmed by Iron Man's team of heroes, Falcon took position further away from their confrontation and scanned the airport. As Captain America was keeping Iron Man distracted, Falcon sent Redwing to scan the airport, and eventually found the Quinjet that Iron Man's team had then arrived with in Hangar 5, using his Combat Goggles. Falcon then alerted Captain America, revealing to Iron Man's team the rest of the various rebels as they all had begun running towards the Quinjet.


Falcon comments on Spider-Man's gimmick

Falcon and Winter Soldier then made their way towards the hangar, while Captain America had kept Black Panther from catching up with them and attempting to kill the Winter Soldier. As they had run, they saw that Spider-Man was following them, as Falcon noted with some frustration that all heroes had gimmicks nowadays. Spider-Man then attacked with a kick against Falcon, before then engaging Winter Soldier, being amazed by his metal arm while Falcon recovered.


Falcon fights Spider-Man through the air

Falcon recovered from the kick and flew back into the fight, knocking Spider-Man away from Winter Soldier as the two started to battle through the airport's terminal, as Spider-Man was attempting to take Falcon into his custody. Falcon fought Spider-Man in the air, shooting missiles at him, while Winter Soldier tried to throw heavy objects at him, only for them to discover that Spider-Man was able to predict their movements and counter them while making snarky comments.

014fal ons inl 06

Falcon is webbed to the railing

Although Falcon was able to catch Spider-Man by surprise, and kick him off a platform, Spider-Man swiftly recovered as he flipped behind Falcon, and using his Synthetic Webbing to then damage the EXO-7 Falcon, causing Falcon to crash land, using his Web-Shooters to trap him against the railing. With Falcon now webbed up to that handrail, Spider-Man then asked if his wings were made from Carbon-Fibre, to which Falcon had questioned if the webbing came out of his body.

Falcon & Winter Soldier (2016)

Falcon and Winter Soldier are webbed down

While Falcon recommended that he focus more on the fight than the conversation, Spider-Man lunged towards Falcon to knock him to the floor, only for the kick to be intercepted by Winter Soldier, which knocked them both off the platform. Spider Man webbed the two to the floor, but before he could do any more damage, Falcon had then controlled Redwing to take Spider-Man out from the terminal, leaving him and Winter Soldier on the floor, still insulting each other.

Team Cap running

Falcon runs beside Captain America's team

Having regrouped back with their team, Falcon then ran towards the Quinjet's Hangar in order to escape, only to be stopped by the laser beam blasted by Vision, who had then implored their team who were against the Sokovia Accords to surrender now before it was too late. They refused and the two opposing sides had charged towards each other, picking up an individual fight with Falcon tackling War Machine in the air. When Vision then tried to attack Falcon, he was stopped by an electric arrow shot from Hawkeye, helping Falcon to fly away.


Falcon is chased around by War Machine

Falcon was later chased down by both Iron Man and War Machine as they used their combined weapons to try and knock him out from the sky, to which Falcon asked Hawkeye for some assistance. Hawkeye teamed up with Ant-Man to help Falcon and stop Iron Man, shooting his scatter arrow with Ant-Man riding it, which had then allowed Ant-Man to enter in the Iron Man Armor, therefore stopping Iron Man from chasing Falcon further since Ant-Man disabled it from the inside.[19]

Winning a Losing Battle[]


Falcon and his team discuss the mission

"This isn't the real fight, Steve."
"All right, Sam, what's the plan?"
"We need a diversion. Something big."
―Falcon and Captain America[src]

As their fight between the Avengers continued, Falcon and their team had then realized that not all of them could win and get to Siberia, as Falcon noted this was not their real fight as Captain America needed to find Helmut Zemo. Falcon, while he was being chased around the airport by War Machine, suggested that they make a diversion so Captain America and Winter Soldier could attempt to reach the Quinjet, as Ant-Man then volunteered to make a big distraction.


Falcon attacking Iron Man

While admitting that this distraction could result in him being torn in half, Ant-Man then told them to wait for the signal and jumped onto War Machine's back while he was still chasing down Falcon. All of a sudden, Ant-Man grew to an enormous size and caught War Machine in mid-air, signaling the diversion. Witnessing this remarkable feat by his ally, Falcon had complimented Giant-Man, before then smashing straight into Iron Man, who had become distracted by the event.


Falcon shoots Redwing directly at Iron Man

While Captain America and the Winter Soldier used the distraction of GiAnt-Man tearing through the airport to allow them to run towards the Quinjet, Falcon had scrapped with Iron Man in mid air, to ensure he did not realize what was happening, although Black Panther was chasing them down. Falcon quickly disengaged his wings to perform a freefall as he launched Redwing, which flew directly into Iron Man's helmet, stunning him as Falcon re-activated his wings and flew off.


Falcon chases Iron Man and War Machine

As Captain America and Winter Soldier had made it on board the Quinjet, Iron Man and War Machine were behind them attempting to stop their mission. Witnessing this, Falcon flew after them as he tried to shoot his missiles to distract War Machine and protect the Quinjet. However, when Falcon saw Vision's shooting his laser beams at him, deactivated the EXO-7 Falcon to avoid the blast. The beam, however, hit War Machine's Arc Reactor, disabling the suit, causing him to fall.


Falcon witnesses War Machine's near death

War Machine fell helplessly thousands of feet to the ground, despite Falcon and Iron Man's efforts to save him. Although he survived, but Rhodes was left paralyzed by the impact. Falcon was shocked for his mistake, he told Stark that he was sorry, but Stark, enraged, had fired his repulsor blast at Falcon, knocking him unconscious and signalling the end of their clash, with Falcon then being put under arrest, under the direct orders of Secretary Thaddeus Ross, as well as Stark.[19]

Imprisoned in the Raft[]

Falcon Raft1

Wilson is visited by Tony Stark in the Raft

"You're the good cop now?"
"I'm just a guy who needs to know where Steve went."
"Well, you better go get a bad cop, because you're gonna have to go Mark Fuhrman on my ass to get information out of me."
―Sam Wilson and Tony Stark[src]

Following their defeat during the Clash of the Avengers, Wilson and his allies were imprisoned in the Raft under the orders of Thaddeus Ross. While they sat in the cells, Wilson had watched on as Tony Stark came to visit them, only to be mocked by Clint Barton for his actions, while Stark had insisted they were there for breaking the rules of the Sokovia Accords, before Stark went to speak with Wilson.

Falcon Raft2

Wilson is questioned about Steve Rogers

While Stark ignored Scott Lang's attempts to mock him, Wilson had asked about James Rhodes' condition, as Stark assured him that he was going to alright now that he was getting treatment. As Stark had questioned where Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes had gone, Wilson refused to give them up, only for Stark to shut down the audio in the prison. Stark showed Wilson an image of Theo Broussard lying dead, before noting that Broussard was meant to interrogate Barnes.

Falcon Raft4

Wilson helps Tony Stark to find Steve Rogers

Acknowledging that Helmut Zemo had deceived him, Stark admitted that he was wrong, noting that Rogers was going to need all the help he could get with stopping Zemo and their Winter Soldiers. Agreeing to help him, Wilson told Stark that Rogers and Barnes were heading to the HYDRA Facility in Siberia, but had also insisted that Stark had to go there alone, and with his intention only being of helping Rogers as his friend, which Stark had agreed to as he departed the Raft.

Falcon Raft6

Wilson is freed by Steve Rogers

While Wilson remained locked up in the Raft, he was eventually freed when Rogers broke inside and released him, along with Barton, Lang and Wanda Maximoff.[19] Once freed, Barton, Lang and Maximoff had decided to return to their homes, while Wilson agreed to remain with Rogers.[21]

On the Run[]

Fighting the Needle[]

"They come from various countries and have varying backgrounds. But they all share a single goal: to destabilize the Middle East, and all for a buck."
"Money. Makes people do crazy things. That's why I'm not a millionaire."
Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson[src]

Several weeks after the escape, Wilson went to Parkhar with Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to Parkhar, Tajikistan, where the Needle had been selling Chitauri weapons. The three caught up and discussed T'Challa as they approached Parkhar. Romanoff reviewed their intel on the Needle, a weapons-dealing organization with varying background who were selling Chitauri weapons, hoping to profit off destabilizing the Middle East. Romanoff explained that they knew very literal about the technology the Needle had, leading Wilson to say that it was the best mission ever.

Wilson flew into the sky and searched for the entrance to the base, but could not find anything. Rogers and Romanoff realized the base would be underground, so they regrouped and started making noise to draw out the Needle's forces. They brought a fuel cylinder from the Quinjet into the desert and blew it up, drawing out the Needle's forces. Rogers and Wilson fought the Needle while Romanoff infiltrated the base. She called for back-up, so Wilson and Rogers went into the base and saw the ticking bomb which Romanoff had discovered. Rogers asked Romanoff to deactivate it, so she stole a weapon from a Needle soldier and froze it so that Rogers could punch and destroy it before the three left the base. Wilson and Romanoff talked about the fact that they would have to talk to Tony Stark eventually, and Rogers assured them that Stark knew they would be there for him. Wilson assured the team that Rogers and Stark would be able to put their differences aside when the next threat came, but Rogers and Romanoff could only express hope that he was right.[22]

Infiltrating Terrorists[]


The Secret Avengers prepare for the next mission

For months from going on the run,[21] the three evaded capture thanks to their ties with S.H.I.E.L.D..[14] Romanoff, Wilson, and Rogers were shortly met by Nick Fury and they assisted in his underground mission to track terrorist cells in Syria who used Chitauri fuelled weapons.[23] Using Romanoff's contacts within the KGB to track down a terrorist organization supplied with Chitauri fueled weapons, Wilson, Rogers, and Romanoff infiltrated the terrorists and disabled the weapons and then left for Lebanon.[21]

Infinity War[]

Rescuing Vision[]


Falcon battling the Black Order members

"Where to, Cap?"
―Falcon and Captain America[src]

Having been warned by Bruce Banner that Thanos would be sending down the Black Order to Earth in order to claim the remaining Infinity Stones, Falcon and his allies had travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland in order to protect Vision. Their team arrived just as Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive were still attempting to rip the Mind Stone from Vision's head. Once Vision and Wanda Maximoff were beaten down, Captain America had then intercepted the Black Order's attack and distracted Midnight, allowing Falcon to fly into the battle and attacked.


Falcon threatens to shoot Proxima Midnight

Falcon flew straight into the fight, and smashed straight into Midnight while she was distracted by Captain America's arrival, knocking her through a shop window. Falcon then began firing his EXO-7 Falcon's missiles at Glaive, who managed to block these missiles but failed to notice Black Widow running at him, as she had proceeded to wound Glaive with Midnight's Spear. With Glaive wounded, Falcon had then charged directly into Midnight and aimed his Twin Guns at them.


Falcon witnesses the Black Order's escape

With these Black Order members now defeated, Falcon kept his twin guns aimed at them, while Black Widow warned that they would be willing to kill them if they had to. However, Midnight insisted that they would never get the chance again, as she activated her teleporter as she and Glaive were taken back onboard their Q-Ship, ripping their weapons out of Captain America's hands while Midnight and Glaive escaped, leaving Falcon and his allies to then check on Vision, as he had been badly wounded by Glaive during the sudden attack.

Wanda IW 21

Falcon helps out Vision following his attack

As Falcon and Maximoff helped Vision back to his feet, they had discovered that his Vibranium body was damaged. Knowing Thanos' Black Order would attempt to destroy Vision again to take the Mind Stone, Falcon helped him on board the Quinjet so they could take him to safety. On board, Falcon questioned where they would be going, as Captain America told him that they would go to the Avengers Compound, for the first time ever since the Avengers had fallen apart.[7]

Reunited with Friends[]

Wanda IW 23

Wilson returns to the Avengers Compound

"You guys... really look like crap. Must have been a rough couple of years."
"Yeah, well, the hotels weren't exactly five star."
James Rhodes and Sam Wilson[src]

Taken Vision to get medical aid following his injuries, and to protect him from the Black Order's attacks, Wilson piloted their Quinjet and flew back to the Avengers Compound. When they had arrived with Vision, Wilson and the rest of the team had then found James Rhodes speaking with Thaddeus Ross via a hologram. Although Ross demanded that Wilson and the rest of their team be arrested for going against the Sokovia Accords, Rhodes instead cut off the call.

Wanda IW 32

Wilson sees the return of Bruce Banner

As Ross had been removed from the room, Rhodes then greeted the team, as he commented that they looked bad, to which Wilson then replied that all the hotels they had been staying in had not been five stars. However, Bruce Banner had then revealed that he was also in there, since Banner had reunited with Natasha Romanoff for the first time since their Ultron Offensive. Watching their reunion, Wilson had then jokingly commented on the awkwardness of the situation.


Wilson discussing all Thanos' recent attacks

Wilson then joined the rest of the Avengers as they discussed what was to be done in order to protect Vision and also stop Thanos from obtaining the Mind Stone in his quest to find all these Infinity Stones. Eventually, it was decided that the best option for them was to take Vision to Wakanda, where they could recruit the aid of Shuri to then remove the Mind Stone from Vision's head, while keeping him alive, so they could destroy the Stone and keep it away from Thanos.[7]

Arriving in Wakanda[]


Wilson piloting the Quinjet over to Wakanda

"Drop to twenty six hundred, heading zero-three-zero."
"I hope you're right about this. Or we're gonna land a lot faster than you want to."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

Intending to remove the Mind Stone from Vision before it was too late, Wilson flew the Avengers to Africa on their Quinjet. As they had approached their entrance to Wakanda, Wilson was advised by Steve Rogers on how to enter the hidden city, as Wilson had remained nervous about seemingly flying directly into a forest, only for the Quinjet to pass through all of their secret cloaking systems and to the African city of Wakanda, while Wilson had then landed the Quinjet.

Infinity War 167

Wilson observing the dropships in the sky

As soon the Avengers had landed on Wakanda, Rogers was greeted by King T'Challa, thanking him for agreeing to help them. Wilson had followed their teams, with the Dora Milaje, and witnessed the team's preparation for the Black Order's return. While he waited for the team with Bucky Barnes, Wilson had then observed the sky as the Outrider Dropship started to land on the dome of Wakanda. Wilson contacted the team for their notice, resulting in preparation for their battle.[7]

Battle of Wakanda[]

AW Trailer 2 pic 27

Falcon flying above the armies of Wakanda

"You see the teeth on those things?"
"All right, back up, Sam. You're gonna get your wings singed."
―Falcon and War Machine[src]

With Thanos' forces arriving outside Wakanda, Falcon flew into the position with the Avengers and Wakanda's armies. Staying in the air, Falcon witnessed their attempts to force Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian to surrender fail, as Midnight had instead unleashed hordes of the Outriders from their Dropships, who then furiously charged towards their armies, only for them to be torn apart by Wakanda's shields upon impact.

AW 52 Trailer pic

Falcon firing at the Outriders

However, several of these Outriders managed to break through the shields, despite their flesh being torn off, as they charged forwards. In order to keep them away from their armies, Falcon flew above the Outriders and fired his Twin Guns at them, before then shooting out his Redwings to cut through the Outriders. With too many Outriders breaking through, War Machine advised Falcon to fly away before then dropping several massive bombs on top of these Outriders, as this caused a massive explosion but failed to stop the Outriders.


Falcon destroys the Thresher

Despite keeping these Outriders away, it was discovered that several were attempting to get behind them to attack Vision and Shuri, which had forced Black Panther to open their barriers in keep the Outriders' attention on them. With the Outriders charging into Wakanda, Falcon flew into the fight, until Thor had arrived with Rocket Raccoon as well as Groot to assist them. Falcon and War Machine then teamed up once again to take out the Threshers as they charged through the battle.


Falcon sees Corvus Glaive attacking Vision

Although the battle was beginning to turn their way, Falcon had then seen on his Combat Goggles that Vision was now being attacked by Corvus Glaive, who took advantage of Scarlet Witch joining the battle on the front lines. Falcon informed their team about this, only for him to be knocked out of the sky by an Outrider, while Bruce Banner and Maximoff both volunteered to go to the aid of Vision, in order to ensure Glaive could not steal the Mind Stone out of his head.[7]

Thanos' Victory[]

Sam Wilson (AIW)

Falcon notices Thanos entering Wakanda

"Sam! Sam, where you at?!"
War Machine to Falcon[src]

Eventually, the entire army of Outriders were beaten back, while the members of the Black Order had been killed, which ended the battle and had seemingly left the Avengers victorious. However, before the team could celebrate this victory, they had then witnessed the arrival of Thanos through a wormhole. Realizing that Vision was once again out in the open and in great danger, Falcon and the other Avengers readied themselves for the fight, while Thanos had calmly walked towards his target.

Falcon firing Thanos

Falcon attempts to shoot Thanos

However, it swiftly became clear that Thanos was considerably more powerful than any of the Avengers, as he then used the power of the five Infinity Stones he had collected to entrap Bruce Banner in a wall, before easily subduing Black Panther and Captain America. Falcon tried to stop him by shooting his Twin Guns at the Mad Titan, but he was hopelessly outclassed by Thanos' power, as Falcon was taken out after Thanos had used the Space Stone to knock him down.

Falcon's Death

Falcon is faded away into dust by Thanos

With Falcon out of the fight, the other Avengers all found themselves outmatched, as Thanos ripped the Mind Stone out of Vision's head. Once Thanos has assembled all of the Infinity Stones into the Infinity Gauntlet, he was intercepted by Thor, but was still able to then snap his fingers, resulting in the decimation of half of the population of the universe. Falcon disintegrated into ashes as he crawled through long grass while James Rhodes called out to him, trying to find him.[7]

Battle of Earth[]

Falcon Revived

Falcon returns to join the battle

"Cap, do you read me? Cap, it's Sam. On your left."
―Falcon to Captain America[src]

In the five years following Falcon's death, the surviving Avengers had undertaken the mission to go back through time to reclaim the Infinity Stones and resurrect the victims of the Snap. Once these Stones were collected, Bruce Banner had successfully managed to snap everyone back into existence, while Falcon was revived along with the trillions of others who were killed in that first Snap. Falcon had then radioed in to Captain America, revealing to him that he was alive, as he said, "On your left".

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Falcon flying towards Thanos' entire army

Captain America had watched on as an Inter-Dimensional Portal was opened up from Wakanda, and Falcon flew through and prepared to fight along with the rest of their resurrected Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and various other heroes who were disintegrated in the Snap, all then emerging from numerous portals opened up by Doctor Strange, Wong, and their Masters of the Mystic Arts, while they stood together against Thanos and his armies of Chitauri and Outriders.

Endgame Falcon

Falcon kills a Chitauri Gorilla

Falcon then stood behind Captain America, who had led the charge against Thanos' army. Falcon flew towards their opposing army and fought them, mostly sticking to the air during the fight, putting down gunfire from above. When Hawkeye was being chased by a Chitauri Gorilla, Falcon proceeded to fly in and had knocked down the Gorilla onto its back, before stabbing it with his EXO-7 Falcon wings, killing the Gorilla, as Falcon continued fighting against Thanos' armies.

Falcon (2023)

Falcon sees the arrival of Captain Marvel

As the battle continued, Thanos was almost killed by Scarlet Witch, which caused him to order Corvus Glaive to send down an air strike from the Sanctuary II. Falcon had stayed high in the air and avoid these missiles, while Wong created Tao Mandalas to protect the heroes on the ground. However, when these missiles were diverted into the sky, which made Falcon question what was happening, which was then revealed to be Captain Marvel who then destroyed the Sanctuary II.

Drax & Winter Soldier

Falcon shows respect to Iron Man's sacrifice

Falcon continued to fight back against Thanos' forces, until the entire army were suddenly wiped out by Iron Man, who wielded the Infinity Stones to cause a third Snap, which wiped out the opposing army as well as Thanos himself, finally ending the conflict, but at the cost of Stark's life.[24] Everybody there, including Falcon, gathered around Stark, and showed the respect by kneeling before the hero who had sacrificed himself to save the universe.[25]

Receiving the Shield[]

Harley Keener (Avengers Endgame)

Wilson attending the funeral for Tony Stark

"Thank you. I'll do my best."
"That's why it's yours."
―Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers[src]

After their battle, Wilson attended Tony Stark's funeral, along with all the other heroes, as well as several other people, showing their own respect. Wilson had stood with Bucky Barnes and Wanda Maximoff, as they watched Pepper Potts and Morgan Stark walk down and then place Stark's Arc Reactor into the lake. Seeing how Barnes was saddened by Stark's death, Wilson had placed his comforting hand onto his shoulder.

Cap & Sam

Wilson offers to travel with Captain America

Following Stark's funeral, the Avengers decided to return the Infinity Stones and Mjølnir to whence they were taken to stop devastating branches in those timelines. Wilson met up with Steve Rogers, since it was Rogers who had volunteered for their mission, meeting him in the forest just outside their destroyed Avengers Facility, where Bruce Banner constructed a new time machine. Wilson had then offered to accompany Rogers on the mission, but Rogers politely declined.

Sam Wilson (2023)

Wilson watching Steve Rogers time-travel

Wilson then asked how long this would take, which Banner informed him that it would be however long it would take Rogers to complete this mission, but it would only be around five seconds for the rest of them. Wilson watched as Rogers put on the Advanced Tech Suit, as they awaited for their mission to begin. Banner had then sent Rogers through the Quantum Realm. However, Wilson witnessed Rogers not returning after the five seconds that Banner had promised.

Sam & Bucky

Wilson realizes what Steve Rogers has done

Wilson then became concerned as he then demanded Banner bring Rogers back, until he was stopped as Barnes had calmly directed his attention to the lake, where an old man was sitting on a bench alone. As he then realized this was Rogers, Wilson walked over and greeted him, seeing that he had aged considerably since they last saw each other. Wilson had asked about the mission, which Rogers just told him that he stayed out in the 1940s to live a peaceful life.

Sam Wilson & Old Steve Rogers

Wilson greeting the older Steve Rogers

With Rogers noting that once he had put the Infinity Stones back, he had decided to live out a life that Stark had always told him about, as he told Wilson that it was a beautiful life. Wilson told him he was truly happy for him, but expressed his sadness in living in a world with no Captain America in it. However, this had then led Rogers to reveal his shield, which he told Wilson to try on, while the surprised Wilson turned to Barnes, who gave him his nod of encouragement.

Sam Wilson (Captain America's Shield)

Wilson being given Captain America's shield

Wilson was hesitant about taking up the shield, while Barnes nodded to him, supporting him to claim it. He then picked it up, saying it felt like it did not belong to him. Rogers had reassured Wilson's doubts, confirming that it was his now. Wilson thanked Rogers for the honor, promising to do his best. The two then shook hands, causing Wilson to notice the ring on Rogers' finger, so he then asked about his wife, as Rogers politely stated that he would not tell Wilson about her.[24] The Avengers wondered about who should be the one to write a book about them, and Wilson was certain that Scott Lang was the best choice.[26]

Return to the Military[]

Rescue of Captain Vassant[]

Sam Wilson (2024)

Falcon being briefed on the rescue mission

"I got it. You guys fly low, drop me off, I fly up to intercept. No treaties violated."
"First Lieutenant Torres, our intel officer, will be helping on the ground, and Sam, this has to be subtle."
―Falcon and Hill[src]

Due to his affiliation with the Avengers and his role in saving the universe from Thanos, Wilson was legally forgiven for his violation of the Sokovia Accords back in 2016.[5] With the Avengers disbanded, Wilson returned to working with the United States Air Force, where he assisted with various missions as an independent contractor. Having been recruited once more, Wilson was informed by Major Hill that Captain Vassant had been kidnapped by a group called LAF, who were attempting to take Vassant into Libya, with Hill telling Wilson that they needed him to ensure that LAF was not successful.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 88

Falcon prepares to fly up to Vassant's plane

As Wilson prepared to begin the mission, Hill explained that the military could not been seen actin in Tunisian airspace, with Wilson understanding that he would be dropped off, where he would fly low and intercept with Vassant's plane, without the treaties being seen to be violated. Hill also explained that Joaquín Torres would be aiding on the mission on the ground, as Wilson activated his EXO-7 Falcon, and dropped out of the plane, with Hill reminding him to be subtle.

Falcon Plane

Falcon catches up with the hijacked plane

While he flew towards the hijacked plane, Falcon was informed by Torres that he would be getting his intel on his Combat Goggles, as Falcon caught up with the plane, questioning if LAF could be seen nearby, which Torres denied. However, as Falcon attached himself to the side of their plane, he looked inside and discovered that the pilot was dead, with Louie having taken over, as Falcon had explained to Torres that LAF had already managed to hijack the plane.

Falcon flight

Falcon flying close by their hijacked plane

However, Falcon briefly stayed too close to the window and was spotted by Louie, with Falcon flying back to avoid further detection, although Louie's protests about a man on the outside of the plane were not believed by his allies. Using his goggles, Falcon scanned the plane and located Vassant, who was being beaten by LAF agents, resulting in Falcon sending Redwing to cut through the door of the plane with its lasers, intending to surprise the LAF agents.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 64

Falcon ambushes Georges Batroc's soldiers

Once Redwing had torn off the door, Falcon burst inside and had immediately subdued Georges Batroc with a powerful kick, before proceeding to take down the next three LAF agents as they tried to understand what was happening, with Falcon kicking one agent out of the plane. As another agent began shooting at him, Falcon used his wings to block the bullets, resulting in one killing Louie, causing the plane to fall, while Falcon subdued the last agent with his jetpack.

Falcon vs

Falcon fights back against Georges Batroc

As the plane fell into autopilot, Falcon turned to Vassant, and prepared to get him off the plane, only for Batroc to charge at him and assault Falcon with a strong kick to the face. However, Falcon was able to fight back against Batroc, blocking and avoiding his punches and kicks, before kicking him in the chest. As Falcon attempted to charge at Batroc with his jetpack, Batroc was able to grab him in mid-air, and slam him back down to the ground and kick him back.

EXO-7 Falcon Shield

Falcon blocking Georges Batroc's gunshots

Once Falcon got back to his feet, he witnessed Batroc and the other LAF agents donning their LAF Wingsuits and leaping out of the plane with Vassant, as Batroc had shot at Falcon to keep him at bay, with Falcon blocking the gunshots with his wings. Once the shooting had stopped, Falcon realized they were escaping, and leapt out from the plane to catch up with Batroc and to rescue Vassant, with one agent shooting at Falcon, only for him to pull the agent's parachute.

Falcon Chase

Falcon chases down Georges Batroc's men

Falcon proceeded to chase Batroc's men into a canyon, where his wings caused him to be at a disadvantage, as he was unable to fly through the smaller gaps in the rocks, briefly scrapping his wings during the chase. Falcon had then discovered that Batroc had called in a squad of helicopters, causing Falcon to deploy Redwing to take down the helicopters. As Redwing shot at the next helicopter, Falcon dragged the gunner out with a cable, while Redwing took out its propellers.

Falcon (2024)

Falcon takes down more of the LAF soldiers

Seeing Vassant was taken to a third helicopter, Falcon attempted to catch up with him, only for an LAF agents to slam into him in midair. However, Falcon was swiftly able to subdue the agent, and threw him against the rocks, causing him to fall to his death, while Falcon continued chasing Vassant. Falcon managed to board the helicopter, just as Batroc had been bragging that they would escape, as Falcon took down one agent, while the other had then damaged his jetpack.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 110

Falcon avoiding the multiple LAF missiles

During the struggle, Batroc was able to get away with Vassant, as Falcon subdued the other LAF agents, leaping off the helicopter and destroying it with a grenade. While his thrusters were damaged, Falcon was informed by Torres that he was approaching Libyan airspace, where the military could not enter, and would only have ninety seconds to complete the mission. Making matters worse, was another LAF helicopter that began shooting at Falcon, as he struggled to escape.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 57

Falcon takes Vassant from Georges Batroc

During the chaos, Falcon barely avoided the missiles, and almost flew into the helicopter blades, before managing to fly close enough to one helicopter, that the missiles destroyed it. Although Torres attempted to call off the mission, Falcon's thrusters came back alone, allowing him to fly directly through Batroc's helicopter, dragging Vassant to safety, moments before the missiles destroyed the helicopter, which Batroc barely survived, as Falcon flew Vassant to the ground.[14]

Learning of the Flag Smashers[]

Sam Wilson & Torres

Wilson and Torres discussing the mission

"Trust me, every time something gets better for one group, it gets worse for another."
"Essentially, these people, they want a world that's unified without borders."
―Sam Wilson and Joaquín Torres[src]

Following their successful rescue of Vassant, Wilson and Joaquín Torres went to a Tunisian café, where Wilson began to work on Redwing, repairing the damage done during his fight against LAF. Once Torres brought Wilson a cup of tea, he attempted to assist him with Redwing's repairs, which Wilson refused, noting that whenever the Air Force attempted to work on Redwing it caused glitches.

Sam Wilson speaks Arabic

Wilson being thanked for his heroic actions

While Torres noted that the Air Force could not handle anything that involved the Stark Industries technology, they were interrupted by a Tunisian man recognized Wilson as a member of the Avengers, as he noted that Wilson had saved his wife's life, with Wilson greeting him in Arabic. Torres teased Wilson for his knowledge of Arabic, before he noted that LAF and Georges Batroc had been attempting to take advantage of the chaos following the Snap to make money.

Sam learns about the Flag Smashers

Wilson being told about the Flag Smashers

However, Torres then noticed a symbol while scanning the area on his phone, which he showed to Wilson, explaining that it was the symbol of the Flag Smashers, who he claimed were a group that they needed to worry about, with Wilson mocked the poor name choice. Torres explained to Wilson that the Flag Smashers believed that the world was better before the Blip, with Wilson noting that when things got better for one group, it got worse for another.


Wilson leaving to return to Washington, D.C.

Wilson told Torres to keep an eye on the Flag Smashers and update him if it got serious, before Torres questioned Wilson about Steve Rogers, noting that there had been discussion online that Rogers had been hiding out on the Moon, which Wilson scoffed at. Wilson then packed up Redwing, with Torres offering to pay for the tea, as Wilson explained that he was heading to Washington, D.C., but had jokingly claimed that he would be going to deal with Moon business.[14]

Donating the Shield[]

Sam Shield TF&TWS 02

Wilson looking at Captain America's shield

"I don't know if there's ever been a greater symbol. But it's more about the man who propped it up, and he's gone. So, today we honor Steve's legacy. But also, we look to the future. So, thank you, Captain America. But this belongs to you."
―Sam Wilson[src]

Upon returning to his apartment in Washington, D.C., Wilson had gotten dressed for his upcoming ceremony, having decided that he would not be the right man to continue the legacy of Captain America, still believing that the shield felt like it would never belong to him. Having ironed his shirt, Wilson finished getting dressed into his suit, before looking down at the shield on his bed, picking it up and studying it closely, before gently putting it inside of his bag and departing for the ceremony.

Smithsonian (TFATWS)

Wilson paying his tributes to Steve Rogers

Wilson had then gone to the Smithsonian Institution for the ceremony, where he gave a speech to the crowd, paying tribute to Rogers, who he claimed had represented the best in all of them. Wilson described Rogers as being courageous and hopeful, as well as jokingly claiming that he mastered posing stoically, which the crowd laughed at. Wilson had then acknowledged how the world had changed since the Blip, describing how the world into complete turmoil.


Wilson insists the world needs new heroes

Wilson had claimed the world needed new heroes, who were suited for the times that they now were living in, which Wilson still did not believe that he was qualified to become. With that, Wilson told the crowd that symbols were nothing without the men and women who gave them the true meaning, before he also claimed that there had never been any greater symbol than Captain America's shield, but had also insisted that the shield was nothing without Rogers.


Wilson gives the shield to the Smithsonian

Wilson insisted that it was time for them to acknowledge Rogers' legacy, as well as looking to the future. With that, Wilson thanked Captain America, but handed the shield over to the Smithsonian, where it was put on display, alongside Captain America's uniform, Motorcycle and other items from his life. Following the speech and the handing over ceremony, Wilson had joined James Rhodes and a Government Official who thanked Wilson for handing over the shield, claiming that it was the right thing to do. Once the Official shook his hand and departed, Wilson was invited by Rhodes to have a talk.

Sam and Rhodey

Wilson is thanked for donating the shield

Wilson told Rhodes that he had spent time in Louisiana, where he had seen his sister and two nephews, who had grown up while he had been gone, with Rhodes offering to teach them how to fly if they ever came to Washington. Rhodes commented that it seemed crazy to him that nobody would be wielding the shield, to which Wilson acknowledged that nobody had wielded it for seventy years, although Rhodes insisted that lived in a different time.

Sam & Rhodey

Wilson talks to James Rhodes

Rhodes had then asked Wilson why he had chosen not to take up the mantle of Captain America, to which Wilson explained that he had always felt that the shield had belonged to somebody else, which he had said to Rogers as soon as he was given the shield. As they looked at various photographs of Captain America, Rhodes commented that the world was a crazy place, where nobody was really stable, while various alliances had since fallen apart in the wake of the Blip.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 113

Wilson takes a final look toward the shield

Wilson was told by Rhodes that everybody had been looking for somebody to come and fix the world, which Wilson acknowledged. As the two of them looked at the shield in its new display, Rhodes told Wilson that it was a new day, before promising that he would be in touch, as Rhodes left the Smithsonian. Once he was alone, Wilson took some time to closely examine the shield in its display, as he considered his decision to hand the shield over to the Smithsonian.[14]

Returning Home[]

Sam Wilson's Nephews

Wilson visiting with his family in Louisiana

"Just let me help. I'll set the appointment. Look, I won't let you down. We can turn this shit around. Trust me."
"To the rescue?"
―Sam Wilson and Sarah Wilson[src]

Wilson left Washington, D.C. and drove down to Delacroix, Louisiana to visit with his sister Sarah Wilson and his two nephews. He was greeted by them at their family dock and was told by Sarah that their family boat, Paul & Darlene, needed repairs. Sarah also told him that their house needed financing that she did not have in order to keep it, although Wilson said half of it was his and he wanted to keep it.

Sam Wilson cannot get a loan

Wilson receives the news he can't get a loan

Sam told his sister that he can help her with her finance issue and took her to the local bank, to get a loan due to his being an Avenger. Where the employee didn't recognize Sam at first, which he reminded him that he is the Falcon. However, their appointment didn't go as well when the employee told them he couldn't give them the loan. Sam refusing to give up, saying he owned half of it also and they're not selling the boat.

Sam reacts to the news

Wilson sees the new Captain America

Afterwards, he received a text from Joaquín Torres and returned to Sarah's house. He video-chatted with Torres who told him about the Robbery of Gasel Bank and Wilson told him he was glad he was okay. However, Wilson was interrupted by Sarah who asked him to watch the WHiH World News report where a new Captain America was being introduced with the shield.[14]

Chasing Super Soldiers[]

Reunion with Bucky Barnes[]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 97

Wilson and Bucky Barnes are reunited

"Shouldn't have given up the shield."
"Good to see you too, Buck."
Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson[src]

Back at the USAF base, Wilson and Joaquín Torres prepared to leave for Germany and discussed John Walker as the new Captain America, until Wilson was approached by Bucky Barnes. A frustrated Barnes asked Wilson why he gave up the shield, but Wilson told him that he had other issues to worry about, specifically the Flag Smashers. He then told Barnes to stay behind and left for the airplane, but Barnes came anyways.[4]

Chase of the Flag Smashers[]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 34

Falcon ignoring all Bucky Barnes' questions

"Hey, come on, man. I'm just messing with you. Come back. Look at you. All stealthy. A little time in Wakanda and you come out White Panther."
"Actually, it's White Wolf."
―Falcon and Bucky Barnes[src]

Once Joaquín Torres had announced the departure time once they reached Munich, Falcon suited up and prepared to jump, but frustrated Bucky Barnes by having no plan of attack.

Winter Soldier and Falcon

Falcon and Bucky Barnes arrive in Munich

Falcon used Redwing to locate Barnes after he had jumped out with no flight gear and fell into the forest below. They met up at an abandoned factory and Falcon teasingly played with Barnes using Redwing. After the two made too much noise, they were spotted by the Flag Smashers who were loading heavy boxes into trucks.

Falcon Kick

Falcon kicks at Flag Smasher

Falcon and Barnes gave chase after them and caught up with the trucks on the highway. After Barnes was restrained by the terrorists and Redwing was destroyed by Flag Smasher, Falcon arrived and joined the fight, freeing Barnes to join also.

Falcon in Germany

Falcon is overpowered by Flag Smashers

Falcon and Barnes were aided by the arrival of Captain America and Battlestar who came in via a helicopter and fought the Flag Smashers. After Barnes fell off the top of truck, Falcon swooped in and grabbed him and the two rolled into the grass nearby and Barnes landed on top of Falcon, who told him to get off.[4]

Introduced to John Walker[]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 43

Wilson continues to annoy Bucky Barnes

"I'm not trying to be Steve. I'm not trying to replace Steve. I'm just trying to be the best Captain America I can be. That's it. It'd be a whole lot easier if I had Cap's wingmen on my side."
"It's always that last line."
John Walker and Falcon[src]

They returned to the highway and proceeded to walk to the airport which was twenty miles away, but were found by John Walker and Lemar Hoskins in their military vehicle.


Wilson being first introduced to John Walker

Despite refusing to hop in at first, Wilson and Bucky Barnes accepted the second time and was told by Hoskins that they had tracked them down by Redwing. Wilson found out that Redwing was being used by the U.S. government and deduced that was the reason his drone was glitchy.

Cap's Wingman

Wilson becoming annoyed by John Walker

When Hoskins introduced himself as "Battlestar", Barnes ordered the driver to stop and got out of the vehicle. Before exiting the vehicle, Walker told Wilson that was not trying to replace or be Steve Rogers. Once Walker suggested that Wilson and Barnes could be his wingmen, they hopped off the vehicle and left on their own for the airport.[4]

Meeting Isaiah Bradley[]

Sam reminds Bucky

Wilson giving Bucky Barnes some advice

"Steve didn't know about him?"
"He didn't, I didn't tell him."
"So you're telling me that there was a black super soldier decades ago, and nobody knew about it?"
―Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes[src]

On the airplane back to the United States of America, Wilson listened as Bucky Barnes suggest that they steal John Walker's shield again. Wilson reminded Barnes the last time they did that, Sharon Carter was named enemy of the state, and he and Steve Rogers were on the run for two years.

Black Falcon

Wilson denies being known as Black Falcon

When they arrived back in the U.S., Barnes took Wilson to Baltimore, Maryland. There they walked into a neighborhood and a boy called Wilson "Black Falcon" to which Wilson corrected and then jokingly responded back. They arrived at Isaiah Bradley's house and were greeted by his grandson, Eli Bradley.

Bucky Barnes reunites with Isaiah Bradley

Wilson and Barnes meet Isaiah Bradley

After being let in, Wilson was introduced to Bradley and learned that he was a black super-soldier and had fought in the Korean War in the 1950s. Barnes informed him of more super-soldiers and asked for his help, but Bradley responded angrily by flinging a metal can into the wall, and revealed that he was thrown in jail and scientists took samples of his blood. Wilson attempted to apologize, but Bradley angrily demanded that they leave his house.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 138

Wilson sees Bucky Barnes being arrested

In the street, Wilson asked Barnes why no one had known about Bradley, before they were interrupted by Baltimore policemen who came to arrest Barnes for missing his therapy session. After Barnes was taken away in the police car, Wilson looked back at Isaiah's house and left to go to the police station.[4]

Session with Bucky Barnes[]

Sam Wilson & Dr

Wilson being introduced to Christina Raynor

"Can you accept that I did what I thought was right? You know what, Doc? I don't have time for this. We have some real serious shit going on. So how about this? I will squash it right now."
―Sam Wilson to Bucky Barnes[src]

Wilson arrived at the Baltimore Police Station, where he had met with Bucky Barnes' therapist Christina Raynor.

Sam Wilson Police Station

Wilson learning about John Walker's actions

The two were interrupted when John Walker arrived and told Raynor that he had given permission for Barnes to be freed from therapy since he would be needed for the time being, before leaving. Wilson told Raynor he was leaving as well, only for her to force him to enter the therapy session with Barnes.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 70

Wilson and Bucky Barnes in their therapy

In the session, Raynor asked Wilson and Barnes to have open dialogue and Wilson told Barnes that what he did with the shield is what he thought was right. He then left the room and waited outside for Barnes.

Free Agents

Wilson refuses to work with John Walker

After Barnes came out, the two were approached by Walker and Lemar Hoskins who were waiting outside for them. Walker invited them to come join them, but Wilson politely declined telling him that they were free agents and not bound to government regulation.

Sam Wilson & James Barnes

Wilson discusses meeting Helmut Zemo

He and Barnes walked down the street, discussing what they should do next, until Barnes brought up the idea of meeting with Helmut Zemo in order to find out more information about the Flag Smashers, which Wilson reluctantly agreed to.[4]

Freeing Helmut Zemo[]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Still 1

Wilson and Barnes arrive at the prison

"What are you talking about? You want to break Zemo out of jail? Where the hell are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?"
"We have no leads, no moves, nothing."
"Yeah, what we have is one of the most dangerous men in the world behind bars."
―Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes[src]

Wilson and Bucky Barnes went to the Berlin Correctional Facility and walked down towards the prison cells together. However, before they reached Helmut Zemo's cell, Barnes told Wilson that he would go in alone and told him they would meet up afterwards.

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson

Wilson and Bucky Barnes inside the garage

Wilson went to a garage nearby the correctional facility with Barnes, and asked what they were doing inside a garage. Barnes then told him in an indirect way that he organized a prison riot in order for a certain person to escape. The two were then met by the escaped Zemo who walked into the garage. Upon seeing Zemo out of prison, Wilson was upset and demanded to know why he was free, but after Barnes explained what happened, he reluctantly went along with Barnes' plan. However, he told Zemo that they would be watching him closely.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

Wilson waiting on Helmut Zemo to get ready

Wilson and Barnes took Zemo to his garage so he could get his belongings. While they were there, Wilson watched Zemo carefully, still not fully trusting him. After Zemo gathered his belongings, he took Wilson and Barnes to an airfield.

Barnes Zemo Wilson

Wilson is taken to Helmut Zemo's private jet

Zemo brought Wilson and Barnes to his private plane and they flew off. On the plane, Zemo told them that they didn't know what life had been like in the correctional facility, but that Wilson might since he was on the Raft at one point.


Wilson warning Helmut Zemo to be careful

Wilson wanted to know where they were going, but Zemo was interested in Barnes' notebook, which Wilson recognized as being Steve Rogers' notebook. Wilson remembered that he had recommended Marvin Gaye to Rogers and Zemo agreed that it was a masterpiece. Eventually, Zemo told them they were going to Madripoor and that they needed disguises.[5]

Undercover in Madripoor[]

Sam Wilson, Baron Zemo & Winter Soldier

Wilson discusses the plan

"We have to do something about this, I'm the only one who looks like a pimp."
"Only an American would assume a fashion-forward black man looks like a pimp."
―Sam Wilson and Baron Zemo[src]

After arriving on the outskirts of Madripoor, Wilson was frustrated with the clothes and admitted that he did look like he was the Smiling Tiger as he walked with Helmut Zemo and Bucky Barnes. Zemo told the two they needed to remain in character upon entering the city.

Sam Zemo & Bucky TF&TWS EP3 02

Wilson arrives inside Madripoor's centre

Once they had arrived inside Madripoor's center, Wilson and Barnes were led by Zemo through the streets, passing armed guards and secret dealings along the way, as he took them past the Princess Bar and instead took them to the Brass Monkey Saloon. Once inside, Zemo brought them to the bar, where the Bartender mistook Wilson for Smiling Tiger, while Zemo explained that their plans had changed, and they needed to speak with Selby about their business, which the bartender was skeptical about as Wilson refused to speak.

Sam Wilson & Baron Zemo

Wilson and Helmut Zemo get a drink

Wilson was offered Smiling Tiger's usual drink, which included the heart of a equatroial spitting cobra. Much to his own horror and discomfort, Wilson was encouraged by Zemo to indulge the snake heart beverage. However, while they were stood at the bar, Zemo was approached by one of Brass Monkey Saloon's henchmen, who explained that Zemo was not welcome there, to which Zemo insisted that he did not have any business with Power Broker, but suggested that he come talk to him in person. Wilson then watched to his displeasure Barnes pretend to be the Winter Soldier again to protect Zemo.

Sam Wilson & Selby

Wilson being first introduced to Selby

Shortly, they were granted entry to meet Selby who Zemo talked with about who made the Super Soldier Serum. They were interrupted when Wilson's phone rang, and he was forced to put his sister on speaker. After she said she had to go tend to Cass Wilson and then said Wilson's name, Selby ordered them all to be killed, but to Wilson's shock, Selby was killed by a sniper. Zemo told them to leave immediately and the three ran out, just as bounty hunters started to chase them and fire bullets at them. Wilson complained that he couldn't run in the shoes he was wearing.

Sam Wilson Baron Zemo Winter Soldier

Wilson is found and saved by Sharon Carter

The three found themselves saved from the bounty hunters when Sharon Carter stepped out of the shadows and removed her hoodie. Wilson and Barnes told her not to shoot at Zemo who she wanted too, since it was his fault that she had to go into hiding. When asked why she was there, Carter reminded them of her going into hiding after stealing Captain America's Shield and the EXO-7 Falcon. She then agreed to help them and led them to her apartment.[5]

Deal with Sharon Carter[]

Shirtless Sam Wilson

Wilson is given clothes from Sharon Carter

"We need your help, Sharon. I can get your named cleared."
"You haggling with my life?"
"Not like that."
"I don't buy that. You pretending like you can clear my name."
―Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter[src]

At Carter's apartment, Wilson changed from the Smiling Tiger clothing to his regular clothes. He told Sharon Carter about the Flag Smashers and that they stole vials of Super Soldier Serum.

Bucky Sam Sharon

Wilson making his deal with Sharon Carter

Wilson also promised her that he would get her a pardon so she could return to the United States of America since she was afraid of getting arrested upon returning. Carter told them she had to meet with clients, and Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo went to Carter's party which was filled with people dancing and drinking in a night-club setting. After Carter located Wilfred Nagel, she came and got Wilson, Barnes, and Zemo.[5]

Ambush at Buccaneer Bay[]

Sharon Bucky Zemo Sam

Wilson gets ready to go meet Wilfred Nagel

"And you like living here?!"
"It's not terrible."
―Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter[src]

The following day, Wilson followed Sharon Carter's lead to the Buccaneer Bay shipyard on the outskirts of Madripoor, with Wilson and Helmut Zemo agreeing that Madripoor knew how to party, based on the previous night, although Carter warned that there was still a bounty on their heads. Carter led them to a container where Wilfred Nagel seemingly was, giving each of them an earpiece so they could stay in contact, while she would stay outside to keep watch. Zemo led Wilson and Bucky Barnes into Nagel's Laboratory. Entering the lab, Wilson and Barnes raised their guns, and soon found Nagel working on the Super Soldier Serum, as they turned off his music and surprised him.

Sam Wilson & Wilfred Nagel

Wilson taking Wilfred Nagel as their captive

Although Nagel tried to force them out, he stopped once he saw Barnes, recognizing him as Winter Soldier, while Nagel introduced Zemo, noting that Nagel would have heard of Zemo. While Nagel attempted to suggest they make a deal, Carter warned Wilson and the others on the radios that bounty hunters were arriving at the shipyard. Wilson listened as Nagel explained that HYDRA had recruited him into their Winter Soldier Program, continuing their work after the Winter Soldiers had failed to be controlled.

Sam interrogates Nagel

Wilson asks Wilfred Nagel about the serum

Wilson listened to Nagel explained that he had come to Madripoor following the Blip, where the Power Broker funded his work, noting that he had created twenty vials of the serum, before Karli Morgenthau stole them. Once Carter stormed into the lab, warning that they were out of time, Zemo shot Nagel in the chest, killing him before Wilson and Carter took the gun away from him.

Sam Sharron Bucky TF&TWS

Wilson battling against the bounty hunters

Within seconds, a bounty hunter shot the laboratory causing it to explode and Wilson, Barnes, and Carter hit the ground to avoid the blast. After they got back up, they noticed that Zemo had escaped. The three quickly found themselves cornered, but soon saw Zemo on top of a container shooting at the hunters, causing another explosion. Once they could run clear from the bounty hunters, they made their escape, and ran throughout the shipyard.

Move your seat up

Wilson in the backseat of the getaway car

After running throughout the shipyard, Wilson, Barnes, and Carter were shortly met by Zemo who had stolen a getaway car. Wilson asked Carter to join them, but she told him she could not and reminded him to get her a pardon before leaving. When Wilson got in the car, he found himself in the backseat and assumed Barnes wouldn't give him the front, to which he was correct. This was reminiscent of when he didn't give up his front seat for Barnes in 2016. Wilson sat in the back as Zemo drove off away to his private plane.[5]

Journey to Latvia[]

Sam calls Torres

Wilson gets information on Donya Madani

"It was sweet of you to defend me at least."
"Hey, you shut it. No one's defending you. You killed Nagel."
"Do we really have to litigate what may or may not have happened?"
"There's nothing to litigate. You straight shot the man."
Helmut Zemo and Sam Wilson[src]

On the plane, Wilson talked with Joaquín Torres via phone who told him that Donya Madani had died. Wilson also told Bucky Barnes that he wished that he had not put shield in the museum, but rather that he destroyed it. After arriving in Riga, Latvia, Wilson was left with Helmut Zemo when Barnes told them that he needed to go check something out and left them.

Sam in Latvia

Wilson discusses the Flag Smashers

Wilson and Zemo went into the building to the room where they would stay in and waited for Barnes to return. Wilson got comfortable in the room, while Zemo took a shower. When Barnes returned, the three discussed their next move in locating the Flag Smashers. Barnes also told them about the Dora Milaje and how they wanted to arrest Zemo. When Zemo thanked them for defending him, Wilson did not agree that that was exactly correct.[13]

Search for Donya Madani[]

Wilson and Barnes

Wilson and Bucky Barnes in the GRC camp

"I know I owe you already, but we could use a trustworthy set of eyes on the camp. You got any more tricks in your bag?"
"I may or may not have access to a satellite or two."
―Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter[src]

After making a plan, Wilson and Bucky Barnes split up to scout the Global Repatriation Council refugee camp in Riga to find out about Donya Madani's funeral but find out that the refugees are sympathizers of the Flag Smashers. Without getting any knowledge, they met up and found Helmut Zemo in the camp square and witness him talking to refugee children. After Zemo returned to them, he told them that he knew where to go, so they followed him, but were confused of how he acquired the information. Afterwards, Wilson called Sharon Carter because she had access to satellites. She told him that she would assist him via phone.[13]

Talks of Peace[]


Wilson gets stopped by Captain America

"You're killing innocent people."
"They're not innocent. They're roadblocks in my journey and I'd kill them again if I had to."
―Sam Wilson and Karli Morgenthau[src]

While following Helmut Zemo through the streets, Wilson and Bucky Barnes ran into Captain America and Battlestar who demanded to know why Zemo was out of prison. Wilson told Captain America that he wanted to talk with Karli Morgenthau, noting her vulnerability from losing a loved one. Walker was reluctant, but Battlestar said it was a good idea.

Sam Wilson & U.S

Wilson and Captain America make a plan

Since Battlestar agreed, Captain America reluctantly did as well so and the group went to the location of the funeral. Once inside, Captain America handcuffed Zemo and told Wilson that he had ten minutes before he did it his way. Wilson then went inside the room and watched the funeral from above, spotting Morgenthau in the crowd.

Sam and Karli

Wilson speaking with Karli Morgenthau

Following the funeral, Morgenthau stayed behind, having seen Wilson earlier. Wilson approached Morgenthau and asked to speak with her. He listened to what her and the Flag Smashers' motives were, before saying that he saw their side, but did not agree with how they are achieving their goals. Morgenthau talked to him about her ideals, noting how she only wanted to kill people who were bad. Wilson argued she was still killing innocent people. Morgenthau argued that they were just in her way, and she would kill them again if she had to. Wilson took exception to that statement, but Morgenthau retracted it.

Sam, Bucky & US Agent

Wilson learns Karli Morgenthau has escaped

Before he can finish his conversation, Captain America barged into the room, threatening to arrest Morgenthau. However, Morgenthau, feeling that Wilson tricked her, kicked him and Captain America back into a table before escaping. Wilson chased after her and regrouped with Barnes, commenting that the building is like a maze. The two eventually found Captain America and an unconscious Zemo.[13]

Skirmish with the Dora Milaje[]

What about Bucky

Wilson and Helmut Zemo discuss the serum

"You might want to fight Bucky before you tangle with the Dora Milaje."
―Sam Wilson to John Walker[src]

Back at the room, Helmut Zemo, who was recovering, asked Wilson if he would ever take the Super Soldier Serum, to which Wilson immediately said no. Zemo then said that super soldiers should not exist, and Wilson reminded him that Bucky Barnes was a super soldier and that his statement was not right. The three were met again by John Walker and Lemar Hoskins who barged into their room, demanding Zemo's arrest, and Walker mocked Wilson by putting down the shield. They were then interrupted by the Dora Milaje, who arrived inside to arrest Zemo also.

Sam Wilson vs

Wilson attempting to stop the Dora Milaje

Wilson told Walker not to mess with the Dora Milaje after he confronted and watched after Walker and Hoskins began fighting against Ayo, Nomble, and Yama. Shortly, Wilson and Barnes agreed to stop the Dora Milaje from the unnecessary fighting. Wilson managed to grab onto Yama's spear and try to take it away from her to stop the fight, but got thrown to the ground. After the Dora Milaje left having seen that Zemo escaped, Wilson and Barnes left, too, giving Walker a disapproving look.[13]

Flag Smasher Ambush[]


Wilson learning his sister was threatened

"You have to end this now."
"I don't want to hurt you, you're just a tool in the regimes I'm looking to destroy. You're not hiding behind a shield. If I were to kill you, it'd be meaningless."
―Falcon and Karli Morgenthau[src]

While walking in the streets with Bucky Barnes, Wilson received a phone call from his sister who told him about Karli Morgenthau's threat and demand that he meet with her. Wilson worriedly told Sarah to get to a safe house with the boys. Wilson looked at his phone and saw a text from Morgenthau, saying he had to meet alone. However, Barnes said he was coming, too.


Falcon arrives to speak to Karli Morgenthau

The two arrived at the location, suited up, and Falcon met with Morgenthau, angry that she called his sister. However, after Falcon heard from Sharon Carter over his communications of John Walker's location coinciding with the Flag Smashers, Wilson took off with his EXO-7 Falcon. Morgenthau leaped at Barnes, angry that her demands were not met.

Falcon Wings

Falcon fights against the Flag Smashers

When Wilson arrived at the building, he witnessed a now enhanced Captain America throw Dovich into a wall and twist a metal pipe with his own hands. Shocked, Falcon asked him what was going on and Captain America told him they had taken Battlestar hostage, ignoring the fact that he took the serum.

Falcon & Winter Soldier

Falcon witnesses the death of Battlestar

Falcon followed Captain America into an open courtyard where they were ambushed by the Flag Smashers. Falcon fought DeeDee and clipped her with his wing before leaping out of the way of her kick. He then blasted her with his thrusters, sending DeeDee flying. The fight went on as Barnes arrived. He punched Diego out of the way, telling Falcon he was welcome. Suddenly, Morgenthau punched Battlestar, sending him into a pillar and killing him. Falcon and Barnes turned around to see Walker checking on his friend.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Falcon sees Captain America's incident

Once Captain America realized his friend was dead, he went on an angry rampage, and jumped out the building window to capture Morgenthau. Falcon and Barnes left the building to catch up with Walker, and watched as Captain America murdered Nico with the shield, staining it with Nico's blood. Falcon and Barnes were horrified and watched as the crowd filmed Walker with their devices.[13]

Battle for the Shield[]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 153

Falcon confronts John Walker for the shield

"We don't want anyone else to get hurt. John... you gotta give me the shield, man."
"Oh... so that's what this is. You almost got me."
"You made a mistake."
―Sam Wilson and John Walker[src]

Falcon and Bucky Barnes chased after John Walker and found him in an abandoned warehouse. After confronting him, Falcon finally realized that Walker is both too unhinged and unfit to use the shield, and told him to hand over the shield, to which Walker refused, saying that he just wanted the shield for himself. Walker claimed that he had to kill Nico.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 132

Falcon fighting against John Walker

As Walker warned them that they did not want to take this course of action, Barnes affirmed to him they were serious about getting it back. With Walker refusing, a fight broke out between the three. After Walker momentarily knocked Barnes out, he dueled with Falcon, eventually getting the upper hand and throwing him to the ground. After the shield was thrown out of Walker's grasp, Falcon rushed to get it, only to get tackled violently by Walker.

Falcon & John Walker

Falcon gets attacked by John Walker

With Falcon overwhelmed, Walker overpowered him tore off Falcon's EXO-7 Falcon wing. Just as Walker was about to kill Falcon with the shield, Barnes rejoined the fight and tackled Walker, leading him away from Falcon. Barnes tussled with Walker while Falcon regained his bearings.

Falcon (Captain America's Shield)

Falcon uses the shield against John Walker

The two then managed to grab onto Walker. Falcon used his jet pack to pull the shield out of Walker's hand, breaking his arm in the process. Walker, in pain and enraged, demanded that it was his, and threatened to attack Falcon, holding the shield, but Barnes grabbed him by the legs and Falcon slammed the shield into Walker's back, knocking them all to the ground, but incapacitating Walker. Barnes then knocked Walker out for good measure.

Sam Wilson regains the shield

Wilson reclaims Captain America's Shield

As Falcon laid on the ground, exhausted, Barnes dropped the shield next to him, before leaving the warehouse. Falcon looked down at the shield, and tried to wipe the blood off of it, feeling it was his fault.[12]

Battle Aftermath[]

Sam Wilson & Joaquin Torres

Wilson passes his mantle to Joaquín Torres

"All we can do now is sit tight and just chill. Sometimes, there's nothing to do until there's something to do."
"That's bizarrely wise."
"Well, I'm a bizarrely wise man, Sam."
Joaquín Torres and Sam Wilson[src]

Following the fight with John Walker, Wilson and Bucky Barnes had then met with Joaquín Torres at the former Global Repatriation Council resettlement camp, who had arrived in Riga also. After Barnes left them, Torres told Wilson that Karli Morgenthau was getting more followers and that after Walker's incident, they needed to lay low. Wilson agreed and noticed how Torres seemed interested in his wings. He then showed Torres the shield. Afterwards, he left and, on his way out, passed on his EXO-7 Falcon mantle to Torres and left Riga for the United States of America with the shield.[12]

Tough Decisions[]

Reunion with Isaiah Bradley[]

Sam Wilson & Eli Bradley

Wilson being reunited with Eli Bradley

"But you were a Super Soldier like Steve. You could've been the next..."
"The next? What? Huh? Blond hair, blue eyes, stars and stripes? The entire world's been chasing that great white hope since he first got dosed with that serum."
―Sam Wilson and Isaiah Bradley[src]

Wilson returned to Baltimore, Maryland to meet with Isaiah Bradley again. While walking on the street to Bradley's house, Wilson ran into Eli Bradley who was outside with friends, Eli told him he would be home shortly after asking Wilson what he was doing there.

Sam Wilson and Isaiah Bradley

Wilson meets Isaiah Bradley in his backyard

Wilson met Bradley in his backyard, who was watering his plants and started to show him the shield, but Bradley told him he was not interested and took Wilson inside. After going inside, Wilson sat down with Bradley in the living room, who told him about his past as being a black man who was experimented on with the Super Soldier Serum.

Isaiah Bradley & Sam Wilson

Wilson speaking with Isaiah Bradley inside

Bradley got emotional while recounting his past stories. He also told Wilson that he believed that no black man would ever have the shield, even though Wilson couldn't exactly relate to Bradley's stance. After their talk, Wilson left the Bradley's house and once on the street, called his sister telling her he was coming back to Louisiana.[12]

Time With Family[]

Sarah & Sam Wilson

Wilson returning into Sarah's home

"Aren't you supposed to be off saving the world? Why are you back here bothering me?"
"Because my family's well-being is a part of the world."
Sarah Wilson and Sam Wilson[src]

Once back with Sarah Wilson at her house, Sam thought of ways to get the boat ready to be sold. He said goodbye to Cass and AJ Wilson as Sarah told them to feed the neighbors. This made Sam remember how many favors the neighbors owe them. He told Sarah he would cash in those favors. He started calling people around the neighborhood. They were more than happy to help.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 104

Wilson and Bucky Barnes on Wilson's boat

It was successful, as the community soon gathered to help with their boat. Sam thanked Carlos and Tommy before Bucky Barnes arrived and started helping out right away as well. Barnes then gave Sam a box that he said was a gift from the Wakandans who he had asked to make it for Sam. Sam then watched as Barnes and Sarah met, with Sam teasing Barnes about not flirting with her.

Sam Bucky TFaTWS EP5

Wilson and Bucky Barnes work on the boat

As the day was close to ending, Barnes prepared to leave telling Sam he was going to return home as was going to stay at a hotel in the meantime. However, Sam offered Barnes the chance to stay with them until then, which Barnes agreed to. The next few days, Barnes stayed with Sam and helped him fix the boat. As Sam struggled to fix the boat manually, Barnes would come over every so often and use his vibranium arm to lift heavy objects with much ease, which Sam was grateful for.[12]

Training with Bucky Barnes[]

Sam Holding Shield EP5 TF&TWS

Wilson begins to practice using the shield

"Feels weird. Picking it up again. The legacy of that shield is complicated, to say the least."
"When Steve told me what he was planning, I don't think either of us really understood what it felt like for a black man to be handed the shield."
―Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes[src]

After the boat was repaired, Wilson and Bucky Barnes left the docks and began training with the shield, throwing it back and forth to get used to catching it. While doing so, the two talked and Barnes apologized to Wilson for his initial handling of Wilson handing over the shield to the government. Barnes told him that when and Steve Rogers had talked the night before Rogers handed over his mantle to Wilson, that they never really fully thought through the implications of handing the shield to a black man and that he understood Wilson's decision. In response, Wilson helped Barnes with truly making peace with his actions as the Winter Soldier and the victims of the Winter Soldier's actions.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 87

Wilson and Bucky Barnes make a friendship

Telling Barnes that he should focus more on helping his victims achieve peace rather than just trying to assuage his own conscious, Barnes agreed with him. As Barnes prepared to leave, the two humorously tried to define their relationship claiming that they were not friends or a team but instead partners and co-workers, then shaking hands and recognizing each other as actually friends, Barnes left for New York City.[12]

Accepting the Mantle[]

Sam talks to Sarah

Wilson talks to his sister about his decision

"Isaiah has been to hell and back. If I was in his shoes, I'd probably feel the exact same way. But what would be the point of all the pain and sacrifice if I wasn't willing to stand up and keep fighting."
―Sam Wilson to Sarah Wilson[src]

The next day as Sam and Sarah Wilson prepared the final touches on the boat to sell it, Sarah had a change of heart, much to Sam's delight. Sam then told Sarah that his adventures over the past couple of days had taught him to accept he could not win every battle but that in this case preserving everything of their parents and family history was a fight they simply could not lose. Sam then told Sarah that in the past, he could tell that the more he fought to change the world for the better, the more he knew Sarah believed he was running away from their family.


Wilson finally making his decision

However, Sarah told him that was untrue and that at no point in her life did she ever believe Sam was running away from them and assured her brother that she has always been proud of him for fighting not only to make the world better but also for their family. Sarah then told Sam that he should not let what Isaiah Bradley told him deter him from making his own decisions on what to do with the shield. Sam, however, reminded her that Bradley had gone through essentially torture throughout his life and that if in his exact same position, he would probably have the same outlook on life but acknowledged that if he wasn't willing to push through and keeping fighting then all the pain and sacrifices that they have all made would be for nothing.

Sam catches the shield

Wilson throwing and catching the shield

Now fully ready to accept the mantle that Steve Rogers had passed on to him, Sam spent the next few months training with the shield and pushing his body to its absolute potential, doing pushups and running. While he initially struggled with the throwing of the shield and catching it on the return, eventually, Sam managed to master both. AJ and Cass Wilson looked up at their uncle, happy and proud. AJ then traced the star on the shield, signifying the next step in Sam's life.

Sam opens the box

Wilson looking at his brand new Uniform

Later on, Wilson got a video-call from Joaquín Torres. Torres told him got an alert from followers of the Flag Smashers in New York City as Wilson watched the WHiH World News report of the GRC voting on the Patch Act that would relocate millions of refugees back to their countries of origin. Wilson realized that Karli Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers planned on attacking there and so, he prepared to suit up, opening the box from the Wakandans that Barnes had given him, in which was a new Captain America suit and a new pair of wings.[12]

Becoming Captain America[]

Saving the GRC Members[]

Sam Captain America TF&TWS

Wilson arrives inside the headquarters

"I'm sorry, wait, who are you?"
"I'm Captain America."
"I thought Captain America was on the moon."
―GRC Official and Captain America[src]

Before he left, Captain America called Sharon Carter asking her for backup. While flying to New York City in his new Captain America suit, Captain America joined communications with Bucky Barnes. Nearing the building, Captain America threw the shield at one of the Flag Smashers inside the GRC New York Headquarters. By doing this, the glass window shattered, thus allowing him to get in. Inside, Captain America was then asked by a man who he was, to which he replied, "I'm Captain America" and then deduced that evacuating the building was a misdirect.

Batroc vs

Captain America fighting Georges Batroc

Captain America then suddenly got hit backwards by a masked man who revealed himself to be Georges Batroc. Batroc told him that he still owed him lots of money after the Rescue of Captain Vassant, and then engaged Captain America in a fight. As he was fighting, Captain America remained in communications with Barnes and Carter. When Carter reported that a Flag Smasher was escaping with a helicopter containing GRC hostages, Captain America threw his shield through another glass window, breaking it, and flew out to retrieve it in the air.

Falcon as Captain America

Captain America rescues all of the officers

Captain America then saved two NYPD officers, in a helicopter which had just been damaged. Captain America deployed a newly constructed Redwing that saved the pilot, and Captain America rescued the other officer. After safely placing them on a road, Captain America flew off to intercept the other helicopter.


Captain America helps GRC members

Captain America then flew off to the helicopter that contained hostages. He used his new Redwing drones to find out if any of the members knew how to fly. After finding out that a woman named Ayla Perez did, Captain America sent a message to her phone and told her to put her headphones in. After she did, Captain America told Perez to prepare to get ready to take over the helicopter. Captain America then flew after the helicopter, but was diverted into metal pipes which fell down into the Hudson River below. Captain America fell as well and managed to dodge the pipes as he swam out of the water. Picking up energy, Captain America then flew back and then used the shield to strike Diego, the Flag Smasher in the control seat and quickly grabbed him out of the helicopter. After a brief struggle with Diego, Captain America dropped him in the Hudson River. He then complimented Perez on managing the helicopter after she successfully landed.[3]

Final Fight with Flag Smashers[]

Sam Wilson saves hostages

Captain America rescues the GRC hostages

Captain America then observed the situation and swooped down to the construction site and used his Redwing drones to assist him as he stopped the armored truck containing GRC hostages inside from falling to the ground. He then used the thrusters from his new suit to further help him. After he had made sure the hostages were safe, Captain America then flew back down to the riverbank.

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Captain America faces the Flag Smashers

Using the shield, Captain America knocked out Karli Morgenthau and the other Flag Smashers, before standing alongside Bucky Barnes and John Walker. Morgenthau then took off her Flag Smasher mask and approached Captain America, criticizing him for having taken on the mantle. Captain America told her he was trying something different and that she should as well. They were interrupted when Georges Batroc arrived and shot smoke bombs at the ground, allowing for the Flag Smashers to escape. Captain America then led Barnes and Walker deeper into the construction site underneath the building.

Wilson Walker Barnes

Captain America chases the Flag Smashers

Captain America, Barnes, and Walker ran through the construction site, trying to find the Flag Smashers, when Sharon Carter called and gave them an update. It was then determined that they would split up to find the Flag Smashers quicker, with Captain America going solo, while Barnes left with Walker.

Cap Sam

Captain America confronts Flag Smasher

After hearing a gunshot, Captain America was able to locate where it came from and found Karli Morgenthau holding a gun at Sharon Carter, who was on the floor and injured. Captain America asked Morgenthau how many more people had to die and what she was willing to do for her goal, getting her to get away from Carter. Morgenthau then engaged in a fight with him, but Captain America was able to dodge and flip his way from her blows, telling her that fighting wasn't the answer, but she had an irrational tantrum and knocked Captain America to the ground.

Captain America & Flag Smasher

Captain America comforts Karli Morgenthau

After he was separated from the shield, Morgenthau got out her gun and pointed it at him. Captain America tensed up at the situation and then witnessed Morgenthau double over after getting shot by Carter. Captain America lifted Morgenthau into his arms as she died and heard her tell him that she was sorry. After exchanging glances over the situation with Carter, Captain America left the site and flew down to where the rescued GRC members were, carrying Morgenthau's body.[3]

Public Message[]

The third Captain America

Captain America carrying Karli Morgenthau

"Who's in the room with you when you're making those decisions? Hmm? Is it the people you're gonna impact? Or is it just more people like you? I mean, this girl died trying to stop you, and no one has stopped for one second to ask why. You've gotta do better, Senator."
―Captain America to Government Official[src]

As Captain America landed with Karli Morgenthau's body in his arms, the paramedics then rushed over and put Morgenthau's body on a stretcher and took her away to the ambulance. Captain America then walked past news reporters and photographers with some crying out asking what to call him and that the government hadn't approved of him yet. He was then thanked by the Government Official, Ayla Perez, and another GRC member for his role in saving them.

Sam asnd Senators TF&TWS EP6

Captain America makes his public message

However, he then explained to them that they as a whole should do better in helping everyone equally, since the Blip had affected everyone. He then noted that that was a reason why Morgenthau had started her movement to begin with. The Government Official told him that he did not understand what the GRC did and how it worked, but Captain America laughed and said that he understood. Captain America said he understood now that a black man can take on Captain America mantle and that it didn't matter what he looked like in order to do so. He then told them that they as a governing body had a lot of power. He said that because of this they affected people, so much as that of Thanos and Morgenthau. Captain America then said that all he could do was believe that America was capable of doing better.

Bucky & Sam TF&TWS EP6

Wilson is congratulated by Bucky Barnes

After walking away from the GRC members, Captain America saw John Walker and exchanged nods with him. He was then met by Bucky Barnes. Barnes teasingly told him that he hadn't been listening to it and then called him "Cap", congratulating him on his speech. Barnes then patted the shield on Captain America's back.

Bucky, Sharon & Cap

Wilson speaks with Barnes and Carter

Captain America and Barnes then walked over to Sharon Carter, who was leaning against a parked car and was clutching her side where she'd been shot. Captain America told Carter to get medical help, but she said she was okay and didn't need it. Captain America thanked Carter for coming to help them. Carter then told Captain America that she liked his new suit to which he thanked her. Captain America was then asked by a GRC employee to retrieve Diego, who had been dropped in the river earlier. Before flying away, he told Carter he would still get her the pardon from the U.S. government. He then flew away and picked up the last Flag Smasher, taking him back to the police.[3]

Isaiah Bradley's Legacy[]

Sam Wilson and Eli Bradley

Wilson getting rudely greeted by Eli Bradley

"You ain't no Malcolm, Martin, Mandela, but..."
"No argument there. But I know what I've gotta do."
"So, a black Captain America, huh?"
"Damn right."
Isaiah Bradley and Sam Wilson[src]

Wilson then returned to Baltimore, Maryland, and went back to Isaiah Bradley's house. He then rang the doorbell to the front door and saw Eli Bradley who looked through the screen door. Eli asked him what he wanted and then called him "Black Falcon" with Wilson telling him he needed to learn manners. Eli then told Wilson that Isaiah was out in the backyard. Wilson then saw Isaiah, who walked back to the front yard and commented on how Wilson was still black but not the Falcon anymore.

Sam Wilson, Isaiah Bradley & Eli Bradley

Wilson and Isaiah Bradley discuss the title

Wilson was told by Isaiah that he heard after Wilson's speech the GRC had called off their vote. Wilson then told Isaiah that even though Isaiah disagreed with his decision, he felt that he needed to protect the United States of America, and explained why he took on the Captain America mantle. Isaiah told him that he wasn't like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., or Nelson Mandela, to which Wilson agreed. Wilson then told Isaiah to get cleaned up as he wanted to take him somewhere. Eli then walked over and asked where they were going, with Wilson asking him who said he was going.

Eli Bradley, Isaiah Bradley & Sam Wilson

Wilson showing Isaiah Bradley the exhibit

Wilson then took Isaiah and Eli to Washington, D.C. to the Smithsonian Institution. He then walked them through the updated Captain America exhibit and to another room where a smaller exhibit was on display for Isaiah, showcasing a statue and a memorial plaque. Wilson told Isaiah that now the world wouldn't forget what he did for his country and that he would be learned about. Isaiah, who became deeply emotional, hugged Wilson in gratitude.[3]

Louisiana Cookout[]

Bucky hugs Sam

Wilson hugs Bucky Barnes

Wilson then returned to Delacroix. Louisiana and arrived in time for their community's cookout. He then met with Sarah, AJ, and Cass. Shortly, Bucky Barnes arrived as well and greeted them, giving Wilson a friendly hug. Wilson then sat down with Barnes, Sarah, and his nephews to enjoy the meal.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 128

Wilson takes pictures with the community

Since he was the new Captain America, Wilson was asked to have his picture taken by the community. A line was then formed, and he took selfies and pictures with Carlos, and other members of their community, along with some children.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 131

Wilson and Bucky Barnes at peace

After the cookout, Wilson and Barnes walked over to the edge of the docks and watched the sun go down. They then smiled, knowing that they were now both at peace and felt good. Wilson then put his arm around Barnes and walked back to join the others.[3]

Reviewing Scott Lang's Book[]

"When the other Avengers wondered who should write a book about us, I knew Scott was the guy. He's been full of surprises since the day we met, and this book is no exception. Everyone should read it."
―Sam Wilson[src]

Wilson read and reviewed Scott Lang's newly published book, Look Out for the Little Guy!, saying that he knew Lang was the best choice of author to write about the Avengers. Wilson said that the book was one of Lang's many surprises and that everyone should read it. The review was featured on the back of the book alongside Bruce Banner's and Stephen Strange's.[26]


"The fight you taking on ain't gonna be easy, Sam."
"Yeah, I might fail. Shit, I might die. But... We built this country. Bled for it. I'm not gonna let anybody tell me I can't fight for it. Not after what everybody before me went through. Including you."
Isaiah Bradley and Sam Wilson[src]

Sam Wilson is one of Steve Rogers' most stalwart friends and allies. Both men found a kindred spirit in each other when they discovered they both shared common life experiences and had similar values. Sam Wilson and Rogers both fought for the United States of America by joining the military, had to cope with the deaths of friends during war, and had to adjust to life outside of war. For Wilson, he found purpose in helping military veterans adjust to civilian life. This earned Rogers' respect, and in turn Wilson admires Captain America and the ideals he represents. Their commonality helped the two to forge a bond that led Wilson to aid Steve Rogers in many of his heroic exploits. During these exploits, Sam Wilson becomes a hero in his own right, whether it be when the two are fighting shoulder to shoulder together during a mission to save the world or aiding Rogers with a personal matter, such as helping him find Winter Soldier.

In contrast to Rogers' pensive no-nonsense attitude, Wilson often displays a more brazen attitude and a strong sense of humor, often making cheeky comments; he jokingly tells Rogers to come by the VA to make him look good in front of a girl at the desk, and nods in approval when Rogers and Sharon Carter kiss. However, similarly to Rogers, Wilson is also a hardened soldier who, during battle, believes strongly in focusing on the job at hand, bluntly telling Spider-Man that during fights people don't tend to talk much when his adversary started admiring his EXO-suit. Some of Wilson's hardened attitude comes from losing his wingman, Riley, which led to him leaving the military. In addition, he also takes great pride in his work, both when he helps veterans who suffer from PTSD and his work as Falcon, and is visibly embarrassed following his defeat at the hands of Ant-Man, though later jokes about this at their next encounter.

Unlike many of his teammates, Wilson doesn't hold grudges and believes in forming his own opinions of others instead of going by what others think. He respects Scott Lang following their initial meeting despite much of the public believing him to be nothing more than a common criminal, and following their battle at Leipzig airport is the only one of Rogers' captured teammates who doesn't show any ill will toward Tony Stark when he visits his former teammates and admits to Wilson that he was wrong, suggesting the two of them both understand why the other did what they did and still hold some mutual respect for one another.

Wilson also shares many characteristics and similarities to his friend and mentor Steve Rogers, being deeply compassionate and empathetic towards others, as well as having a strong moral code. He is able to understand and relate to the motivations and frustrations of Flag Smasher, stating that he supports the noble nature of her cause, but that he cannot support her violent ways. Wilson firmly believes that violence does not make the world a better place, to which Morgenthau suggests that he is either brilliant or hopelessly optimistic. Despite Baron Zemo's constant efforts to convince Wilson that the only way to stop the Flag Smashers is by killing Morgenthau, Wilson stands firm by his beliefs that the group can be stopped peacefully. After finding out that Sharon Carter was still in hiding for helping Wilson, Rogers and Barnes during the Avengers Civil War, Wilson is deeply stricken and appalled by what she had to experience, promising that he will personally make sure that she gets pardoned for her crimes.

Due to his previous occupation as a counselor at the VA, Wilson serves as a good advisor and a motivational speaker, being able to understand and help Bucky Barnes with his mental struggles and trauma, giving him a few helpful advises on how he should be making amends for his past crimes. Wilson's understanding nature has helped evolve his initial rivalry with Barnes into friendship. Despite not initially agreeing with Isaiah Bradley's beliefs about the legacy of Captain America's Shield, Wilson was still deeply stricken by Bradley's tragic history, even going as far as briefly entertaining the thought of destroying the shield. However, after learning about the importance of the shield and its legacy during the conversation with Bucky Barnes, Wilson's mind about the shield has changed. So much so, that he willingly took the shield and became the new Captain America in hopes of bettering his country. Sam has a deep connection to his family's legacy, constantly trying to convince Sarah Wilson not to sell their old family boat, despite their ever-increasing financial troubles, firmly believing that things like legacy, history and righteous causes are worth fighting for.

Powers and Abilities[]


"I can fly."
―Falcon to Bucky Barnes[src]
  • EXO-7 Falcon Capabilities: Although Wilson does not possess any innate powers, he is granted several abilities through his use of the EXO-7 Falcon, which he uses to great effect.
    • Superhuman Speed: With the thrusters on Wilson's wings, he could reach very fast speeds. He was able to almost catch up to War Machine in the Clash of the Avengers and could also easily fly past many flying vehicles, including a plane in the Rescue of Captain Vassant and also a helicopter in the Attack on the GRC.
    • Superhuman Agility: Wilson could also maneuver in the air to dodge incoming attacks from his enemies. He could also easily flip in the air by retracting his wings and then deploying them again to fly away. When getting chased by missiles, Wilson retracted his wings to flip downwards in order to have the missiles hit the oncoming Helicarrier. He was also able to wrap his wing around him, so he produced enough force to hit the back of a helicopter to ground it.
    • Superhuman Stamina: The suit worn by Wilson granted him increased stamina. This stamina allowed him to fly through the air without having to use a lot of energy to do so.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:

      Falcon dodging many missiles

      Along with agility, Wilson could dodge many obstacles while using the wings. He dodged many missiles and gun fire coming from his behind by maneuvering through the air. He was also able to notice Vision's beam firing at him from behind and flipped out of the way.
    • Enhanced Vision: The EXO-7's Combat Goggles allow Wilson to view multiple spectrum and see objects that are either too far away or too small to be seen by the naked eye. His upgraded goggles from the Wakandan Design Group allow him to see heat signatures as well as footprints. He was even able to detect Ant-Man in his shrunken form running among the grass.
    • Flight:
      Falcon (Captain America)

      Captain America flying over New York City

      Using his specialized winged jetpack, Sam Wilson is able to fly at high speeds with an enhanced degree of maneuverability and agility similar to that of an actual falcon. The impressive agility afforded by the jetpack and his own knowledge on flying enabled him to avoid automatic fire from an Insight Quinjet and the shots of the Insight Helicarriers' main weaponry. While flying, he was able to lift up and carry off people like Jasper Sitwell and Steve Rogers. With his vibranium suit, Wilson was able to support and lift a truck with multiple people inside with the use of his thrusters.


"How about you, Wilson? Could use a man with your abilities."
"I'm more of a soldier than a spy."
Nick Fury and Sam Wilson[src]
  • Master Pilot: Wilson displays the utmost skill when flying with his EXO wings; he is capable of performing many advanced and complicated maneuvers while in midair, without losing focus on his objectives, targets, or pursuers. He can also pilot aircraft such as the Quinjet. Even before obtaining the wings, he was a master pilot with planes. Prior to becoming an Avenger, Wilson flew planes in the United States Air Force.
  • Expert Martial Artist:
    Captain America vs

    Captain America fighting Georges Batroc

    As a member of the United States Air Force, Wilson is a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. Wilson's fighting style include a combination of firearm improvisation, flight maneuvers such as swooping and aerial grappling, and modern army combatives. Wilson was able to subdue HYDRA operatives and go up against STRIKE leader Brock Rumlow, though Rumlow had the upper hand. He momentarily holds his own against Winter Soldier before instantly getting defeated by the latter. He was later able to defeat several members of LAF. He was also capable of fighting several enhanced Flag Smashers and Dora Milaje, briefly combating Nomble unarmed. He also defeated the very skilled Georges Batroc. He is also able to constantly floor the Flag Smasher with his jet pack assisted powerful kicks. Wilson is even able to utilize his flight is his fighting as well. When moving at high speeds, Wilson is capable of utilizing his momentum and weight to generate large amounts of force, such as when he threw a helicopter off course to prevent it from shooting Bucky Barnes, knocked back Iron Man during the Clash of the Avengers, sending Proxima Midnight flying into a store front during the Attack on Vision, slamming a Chitauri Gorilla to the ground, or flooring Karli Morgenthau with a powerful kick.
  • Shield Mastery:
    Flag Smasher vs

    Wilson fighting Flag Smasher with his shield

    Wilson is highly skilled at using Captain America's shield in combat, having trained with the shield in order to become Captain America. He can ricochet the shield in a way it returns to his grip. He was able to consistently throw it at the Flag Smashers to knock them down, and usually using his shield combined with capabilities of his EXO-7 Falcon. He was also proficient in close combat with the shield, he managed to use the shield to successfully push back Georges Batroc, and able to use it to effectively block and launch attacks on his own, which he used to defend himself from Morgenthau.
  • Expert Marksman: Wilson is a highly trained marksman, as he has shown great accuracy with his retractable sidearms and U.S. military firearms. During the Battle of Wakanda, Falcon shot down numerous Outriders from mid-air. Steve Rogers admitted that if he had known the Attack on the HYDRA Research Base would become a firefight, he would have requested his services. Wilson has also shown himself apt with being able to throw Rogers' shield with great accuracy.
  • Expert Acrobat:
    Captain America Civil War 55

    Falcon kicking at Crossbones' mercenaries

    Wilson is a highly trained acrobat capable of withstanding constant equilibrium shifting during flight. Many times during his battle with HYDRA, Wilson had to couple his acrobatic skills with his flight maneuvers to avoid being shot down from the sky. While training with the Shield, he was able to become more skilled, later using his acrobatic abilities during his fight with Flag Smasher.
"Alright, Sam. What's the play?"
"We need a diversion. Something big."
Captain America and Falcon[src]
  • Expert Tactician: Wilson has shown capabilities in planning special operations, as he was able to help Captain America and his team strategize the plan to destroy the Insight Helicarriers and unmask HYDRA. Wilson was able to react and respond to Ant-Man's unprecedented appearance and was able to counter his unique attacks after only viewing them momentarily. During the Clash of the Avengers, Wilson understood that not everyone would make it out of the airport, and Rogers consulted him for a strategy, to which Wilson quickly replied with a big diversion.
"I've been working with the Air Force for six months now. Every time ops touches him, he gets all glitchy."
"Well, you know, those poor techs can't keep up with a billion returning IP addresses and your sick-ass Stark-level tech."
―Sam Wilson and Joaquín Torres[src]
  • Expert Engineer:
    Sam Wilson repairing Redwing

    Wilson repairing damage done to Redwing

    Wilson has shown himself to be a capable electrical and mechanical engineer. He regularly performs maintenance on his wingsuit and recalibrates Redwing's sensors in-between missions. Wilson's remarked that he doesn't trust anyone else to repair his wings because they always make a mistake. He is also a capable mechanic, as he is able to perform maintenance on his family's boat.
"He knows Arabic. Wait, can you say that again? Hold on a sec."
Joaquín Torres to Sam Wilson[src]
  • Multilingualism: Wilson is fluent in his native English, as well as French and Arabic.



  • Falcon's Twin Guns:
    AW 53 Trailer pic

    Falcon shooting his dual pistols at Thanos

    Falcon carries two of these machine pistols in the holsters of his EXO-7 Suit. The mechanical aids in Falcon's forearms provide speedy upholstering and assembly of the machine pistols. He used them against Quinjets and crew members during an assault on the Project Insight Helicarriers. He also resorted to using them to defend the Avengers Compound from Ant-Man when he infiltrated the compound, attempting to shoot at him believing the intruder was hostile. In their mission to stop Brock Rumlow in Lagos, Wilson used his guns to confront Rumlow's mercenaries inside the IFID Headquarters. While on the run, he used them to threaten Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive by holding them at gunpoint and later fired them as a last resort at Thanos. He stopped using the twin guns following the Blip.
  • Dual Barrel Wrist-mounted Machine Gun: The left gauntlet of Falcon's redesigned uniform utilizes a wrist-mounted dual emission machine gun controlled via clenching a fist. Falcon utilized this firearm against Ant-Man.
  • Wrist-mounted Miniature Rocket Launcher: Falcon utilized a wrist-mounted miniature rocket launcher on his right bracer against Spider-Man during the Clash of the Avengers.
"How does it feel?"
"Like it's someone else's."
Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]
  • Captain America's Shield:
    Sam practicing with the shield

    Wilson practices with throwing the shield

    After Steve Rogers returned to the past to live his life with Peggy Carter, he met with Wilson to give him his iconic shield. Although he initially felt unworthy of the shield and declined the mantle of Captain America, he changed his mind after he was forced to reclaim the shield from the unhinged John Walker. The vibranium composition allows the shield to absorb and reflect kinetic energy from impacts, therefore, making it nigh-indestructible. Nearly every kind of human weaponry cannot even dent it, as bullets normally bounce off it. The shield's shape makes it a superb throwing weapon as it can cut through the air with minimal wind resistance. It is also able to bounce off solid objects, such as walls and floors, when struck on its edge and can be ricocheted off of multiple surfaces, and makes a formidable and devastating hand-held weapon.
  • Glock 19: Wilson disarmed an LAF member of their pistol.
Sam Handgun

Wilson searching for Nagel

Other Equipment[]

"Those poor techs can't keep up with a billion returning IP addresses and your sick-ass Stark-level tech."
Joaquín Torres to Sam Wilson[src]
  • EXO-7 Falcon: A jetpack with wings that enables the user to fly. The wings can also be used as defensive and offensive weapons, as they are highly flexible and bulletproof. Due to the wings' length, they can be used as mid-ranged weapons, mostly for stabbing. It also stores miniature guided missiles that seek out targets predetermined by Redwing.
"I am so sorry, Mr. Wilson. I didn't recognize you without the goggles."
―Police Officer to Sam Wilson[src]
  • Combat Goggles: Falcon has a pair of protective goggles that not only protect his eyes during high-speed flight, but also possess telescopic and microscopic vision, allowing him to see and track even a shrunken Ant-Man.
"His name is Redwing."


  • 2014 Chevrolet Impala: Wilson owned a Chevrolet Impala, which he used as his personal car during his day-to-day life in Washington, D.C.. When he was transporting Steve Rogers, Jasper Sitwell and Natasha Romanoff, the car was attacked by Winter Soldier, and ultimately flipped over, disabling the car.
  • Paul & Darlene: During his youth in Louisiana, Wilson and his sister spent much of their time onboard their family's boat, supporting their Wilson Family Seafood business, with Wilson being incredibly passionate about the boat and its personal history to him. Once Wilson returned home, he was informed by his sister that she would be forced to sell the boat, due to not being able to afford to keep it running, only for Wilson to insist that she allow him to try and raise the funds to keep the boat.
  • Quinjet: During their time on the run from the law, Wilson would pilot Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff onboard their stolen Quinjet. Upon rescuing Wanda Maximoff and Vision from the clutches of the Black Order, Wilson flew them back to the Avengers Compound to make their plan. Agreeing that they would seek help from Wakanda, Wilson flew the Quinjet there, fearing that he would crash into the mountains, only for him to discover that this was Wakanda's disguise to protect them from discovery.
  • Jeep: Following their failed clash with the Flag Smashers, Wilson and Bucky Barnes were offered a lift to the airport in a jeep by John Walker and Lemar Hoskins. Although they eventually had agreed to the lift, albeit reluctantly, Wilson and Barnes eventually stormed out of the jeep and continued walking when Walker and Hoskins had offended them.
  • Helmut Zemo's Private Jet: After getting broken out of prison by Bucky Barnes, an old foe, Helmut Zemo, agreed to help Wilson and Barnes take down the Flag Smashers. They took Zemo's Private Jet to Madripoor and Latvia to look for leads.


  • Wilson Family Residence: Wilson grew up in the Wilson Family Residence, located in Delacroix, Louisiana with his family. He later stayed there with Bucky Barnes after they defeated the Flag Smashers.
  • Sam Wilson's Apartment: While in the USAF, Wilson lived in an apartment in Washington, D.C.. During his time here, Wilson agreed to protect Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff, once they came to him after being targeted for assassination. Wilson gave Rogers and Romanoff shelter in his apartment, where they discussed their plan to go after Jasper Sitwell, with Wilson agreeing to assist them in the mission. He later left this residence in 2015, when he joined the Avengers and moved into the Avengers Compound. In 2023, after returning from the Blip, he returned to live in the apartment, and made the decision to give up Captain America's shield.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Dam Facility: Having escaped being captured by HYDRA, Wilson was taken along with Rogers and Romanoff by Maria Hill to meet with Nick Fury at the underground facility when he was in hiding from HYDRA. From here, Wilson discussed the plan to prevent HYDRA from enacting Project Insight. Having come up with a plan, Wilson spoke to Rogers on the top of the base about the likelihood that he would be able to save Bucky Barnes from HYDRA's brainwashing.
  • Triskelion: In order to stop Project Insight from being launched Wilson accompanied Rogers and Hill into the building, where they swiftly took over the control room and alerted the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents of HYDRA's infiltration. Once Wilson's EXO-7 Falcon had been damaged during a brief clash with Winter Soldier, Wilson returned into the Triskelion and fought against Brock Rumlow, before narrowly escaping it after it was destroyed as a Helicarrier crashed into the side of the building.
  • Avengers Tower: Wilson was invited to attend a party at Avengers Tower, which Tony Stark was hosting to celebrate the defeat of Baron Strucker, and the recovery of the Scepter. During the party, Wilson would play a game of pool with Rogers, before they discussed the search for Barnes, and the likelihood of Wilson ever joining the Avengers.
  • Avengers Compound: Once Wilson became a member of the Avengers, he was given his own room in the facility. During this time, Falcon attempted to defend the facility when Ant-Man had attempted to gain access, only for Wilson to embarrassingly lose his fight against Ant-Man. However, a few months later, he and Rogers were forced to leave the facility in the wake of the Sokovia Accords and went on the run for two years. In 2018, Wilson returned to the facility briefly, having regrouped with Wanda Maximoff and James Rhodes, as he and his allies discussed a plan to deal with the impending threat of Thanos and the Black Order. When he returned to life in the Blip, Wilson saw that the facility had been destroyed and witnessed the recovery crew of the facility.
  • Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building: Wilson was apprehended and brought to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre's building along with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. However, Barnes eventually broke out of the facility, and Rogers and Wilson went to hide with him.
  • Baltimore Police Station: Wilson went to the Baltimore Police Station after Bucky Barnes had been arrested for not attending his court mandated therapy. There he met Barnes' therapist Christina Raynor who told him to attend Barnes' therapy session in one of the station's rooms.
  • Helmut Zemo's Latvian Residence: Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Helmut Zemo went to Latvia and stayed in Zemo's residence there while looking for the Flag Smashers. They used it as a base of operations and discuss plans in the building. They returned to the residence after they failed to stop the terrorist group, and were confronted by John Walker and Lemar Hoskins, who attempted to bring Zemo into custody. This turned into a battle against the Dora Milaje, which Wilson and Barnes helped with, until Zemo escaped the residence.


"You don't know what it's like to be locked up in cell. Oh, that's right, you do."
Helmut Zemo to Sam Wilson[src]






Appearances for Captain America

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Sam Wilson is the uncle of Jim Wilson and a Harlem native who moved to California and became a drug dealer, though this fact was revealed to be a collection of false memories planted by Red Skull. After he suffered a plane crash, he was genetically altered with the ability to speak telepathically with birds. Wilson would also eventually take over the mantle of Captain America.
  • Falcon's first suit in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is more similar to the suit of his Ultimate comics variant than that of his Mainstream Universe version. His second suit was given some red and white coloring as a nod to the costume from the mainstream universe. Falcon's history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is inspired from and similar to that of his Ultimate counterpart too. Falcon's suit in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier holds the closest resemblance yet to his mainstream comic book counterpart.

Behind the Scenes[]


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