Canelo's Auto and Body is a car shop in Los Angeles where Robbie Reyes used to work.


Reyes' Workplace

After dropping high school, Robbie Reyes was hired at Canelo's Auto and Body. Following the Ambush on the Chinatown Crew, Canelo sent Reyes to tow the truck which had been attacked, although S.H.I.E.L.D. came to first inspect it. Canelo also had Gabe Reyes come to the garage to help him check the accounts.[1]

Quake's Visit

Following her duel with the Ghost Rider, and knowing his true identity, Quake tracked down Reyes and parked her van right in front of Canelo's Auto and Body. She then went to the store, pretending to be a former classmate of Reyes. While Reyes acted as he was repairing Quake's van, the two had a conversation about the Ghost Rider's victims. When Quake mentioned his little brother Gabe, Reyes got angry and assaulted Quake, ultimately knocking her out.

Reyes kept Quake tied up to a chair while looking for something which would justify that he should kill her as she seemed to desire. When Quake mentioned the name of Momentum Labs, Reyes suddenly left the store after gagging her. However, Quake used her powers to break free and chased Reyes.[2]


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