Canelo is the owner of the Canelo's Auto and Body workshop in Los Angeles.


Canelo was the owner of an automobile workshop called Canelo's Auto and Body in Los Angeles. He hired Robbie Reyes, an excellent young mechanic, and occasionally called his younger brother Gabe Reyes to help him with the garage's accounting.[1]

One day, Canelo was visited by Daisy Johnson, who claimed to be a former classmate of Robbie having trouble with her van. Canelo let Robbie deal with the repair, occasionally listening to the conversation Johnson and Robbie were having. Canelo was unaware that Johnson and Robbie were actually discussing their recent duel as Quake and Ghost Rider. At the end of the day, Canelo left Robbie in the garage with Johnson.[2]

A few days later, Canelo was called by Gabe who had not seen his brother Robbie in days. However, Canelo had not seen Robbie either. The call was ended as Gabe was visited by Johnson.[3]


  • Engineer: As a mechanic and the owner of his own business, Canelo had knowledge in automobile mechanics.





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