"'A Camera Pen?' I was expecting a little more enthusiasm."
Howard Stark[src]

The Camera Pen is a small photographic camera disguised as a common pen.


Indecent Pictures

Howard Stark used the Camera Pen to take pictures of women that he was seeing.[1]

Finding the Blitzkrieg Button

Stark presented Peggy Carter with the Camera Pen so that he could see pictures of what previously stolen inventions of his that the Strategic Scientific Reserve confiscated from The Heartbreak. He told Carter that he wanted to know what they had so that he could know what was still missing.

Carter went to the New York Bell Company Office and told the lead scientist Alex Doobin that she was there to get his lunch order; in reality, Carter was using the Camera Pen to photograph the inventory that the SSR scientists were testing and attempting to understand.

When Carter returned to the Griffith Hotel, she and Stark used her bathroom as a dark room to develop the pictures she took with the Camera Pen. Stark snatched the film from her hand and removed ten photographs; he believed that those pictures were too indecent for her to see. Angie Martinelli called Carter to come to supper; Carter left Stark to develop the film. When Carter returned to her room, Stark showed her a picture of the Blitzkrieg Button] and asked her to retrieve it.[1]


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