"See, that is my boyfriend Keo. He's finally moving here from Cambodia next week."
Eugene to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country in Southeast Asia.


Cybertek Shipments

"Trip I.D.'d a number of Cybertek shipments that ping-ponged across the globe. Brazil, Cambodia, Syria. But they all ended up in Havana."
Phil Coulson[src]

Cybertek sent many of its shipments related to the Centipede Project and the creation of the Deathlok Soldiers to many countries around the globe, including Cambodia, in order to hamper their tracking while they were re-routed to the Barbershop Headquarters in Cuba.

Antoine Triplett managed to identify many of them, learning that their destination point was in Havana, letting Phil Coulson and his team guess where John Garrett established his base once he revealed himself as a HYDRA operative.[1]

Hunt for the Hand

"So, who was the woman with the swords?"
"Look, I'm not sure, but I fought her in Cambodia."
Luke Cage and Danny Rand[src]

One of the Chaste's members, Shaft fought against Elektra, who had been sent to assassinate him on behalf of the Hand; but while on his own hunt for members of the Hand, Danny Rand came across the fight but was ultimately unable to save Shaft from being wounded.

Rand then started to battle Elektra but she slashed his chest and escaped. Danny then returned to the dying Shaft, who told Colleen Wing and Rand that the war against the Hand is not there, but rather back in New York City.[2]


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