"You own the building?"
"Every wall, every bulb, every cockroach."
Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]

Calvin Zabo's Building was a building located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Calvin Zabo had his doctor's office before he left for China.


Calvin Johnson's Doctor's Office

"So, this is like your stash pad, where you keep all of your old stuff?"
"Oh, I like that "stash pad". Makes it sound better than a crappy office."
Skye and Calvin Zabo[src]

Back to the time he was still known under his name of Johnson, Calvin Zabo bought a building in which he installed his medical office. He left it for a volunteering mission with Doctors Without Borders in China. After the death of his wife Jiaying, Zabo occasionnaly returned into his building to watch over the stuff he left in his office.

Years later, Zabo took his daughter Skye to his building to show her the place where he used to work. However, once they got into his office, Skye told Zabo that they had to stop looking into a lost past and that they should part ways. Before they could discuss it, however, they discovered that Lincoln Campbell was in the building as well, as he had been sent by Jiaying to watch over Skye.[1]

Battle at Calvin Zabo's Building

"Deathlok's down. We've got powered people on-site. HYDRA's storming the building."
Grant Ward[src]

Upset by the fact that Jiaying had sent Lincoln Campbell as if Skye was not safe alone with him, Zabo attacked Campbell. However, before the fight could continue, the trio was ambushed by a team of HYDRA operatives who were storming the building, led by Sunil Bakshi. Zabo told Skye and Campbell to leave while he took down the HYDRA operatives who threatened them.


Lincoln Campbell attacks Deathlok

Deathlok, who accompanied HYDRA as an undercover for Phil Coulson, found Skye, but before he could get to her, he was attacked by Campbell. As they knew Skye was into the building, Coulson went into the place with Lance Hunter and his reluctant allies Grant Ward and Agent 33. As Ward and Coulson looked for Skye, Hunter was wounded by a HYDRA operative who was killed by Agent 33.

Gordon Skye and Cal teleport

Gordon teleports away with Skye and Calvin Zabo

Coulson and Ward found Deathlok and Campbell. Deathlok directed them to where he had spotted Skye. As they left, Bakshi arrived with more HYDRA operatives. He then betrayed Deathlok and used a Pulse Grenade to capture both Campbell and Deathlok. Meanwhile, Coulson and Ward found Skye, but before they could reach her, Gordon teleported into the building and took Skye away, as well as Zabo who ran at them at the last second.


Phil Coulson surrenders to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Facing certain defeat against HYDRA with Deathlok captured and Hunter wounded, the outnumbered Coulson's team decided to retreat. Once HYDRA had left as well, Coulson returned to the building, where he waited for S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Alphonso Mackenzie and Bobbi Morse, who were loyal to his rival Robert Gonzales. Coulson surrendered to them and asked to be taken back to the Playground to meet with Gonzales.[1]



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