"One more for the collection."
"What's that?"
"The little baby car?"
Gorgon and Karnak[src]

The Callisto Aerospace Rover was a Moon rover sent by Callisto Aerospace to explore the surface of the satellite.


"Are you really sure that's what you want to say to our board, to our owner: "a hoof crashed the Moon rover"?"
George Ashland to Louise Fisher[src]

The Callisto Aerospace Rover was sent to the Moon by Callisto Aerospace. It was remotely piloted by Louise Fisher from the Callisto Aerospace Control Center located in California. However, the rover once encountered what seemed to be an invisible and impassable ordeal: the protective dome surrounding the Inhuman city of Attilan. Feeling that Attilan's existence could be discovered, the head of the Attilan Royal Guard Gorgon smashed the rover with his hoof.

Callisto Rover Destroyed

The Callisto Aerospace Rover is destroyed by Gorgon

The picture of Gorgon's blurred hoof was the last image transmitted by the rover. It deeply startled the Callisto Aerospace employees, prompting George Ashland to ask Fisher to investigate the matter before he reported the loss of millions of dollars of space equipment to his superiors. The footage was also reviewed by the Inhuman Royal Family, who feared that Gorgon's reckless action could endanger Attilan. The destroyed rover was added to other destroyed space equipment.[1]

Design and Capabilities

The Callisto Aerospace Rover was designed as a small vehicle with six wheels supporting a rectangular platform. On the top of the platform was placed an orientable camera. The rover was able to slightly rise its front wheels to go over small obstacles. It was remotely controlled from the Callisto Aerospace Control Center in California.


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