"Callisto Aerospace? You work for the billionaire who wants to build a hotel on the Moon?"
"It's a base, not a hotel. The hotel would come later."
Pena and Louise Fisher[src]

Callisto Aerospace is an aerospace technology company located in the United States of America.


"Nobody knows this, but my company's prepping a manned mission to the Moon to beat the Chinese."
Louise Fisher[src]

Callisto Aerospace created a Moon rover to be sent to the surface of the satellite in preparation for manned missions. While it was piloted by Louise Fisher, the rover bumped into an invisible obstacle - the protective dome surrounding Attilan - and was soon destroyed by Gorgon. George Ashland tasked Fisher with the investigation of what had happened to the rover.[1]

Fisher soon discovered that four energy spikes coming from the Moon and directed towards the Earth originated from the spot where the rover had been destroyed, making her believe that someone or something had traveled between the Moon and the Earth. However, Ashland was very dubious about it and refused to report such an explanation to his superiors.[2]

Fisher later accessed the Callisto Aerospace satellites feed to track down the helicopter which had taken Black Bolt away.[3] She also suggested to Medusa that she could help the Inhuman Royal Family to join a Callisto Aerospace manned mission so that they could return to the Moon.[4]

Lockjaw Callisto

Medusa and Crystal require Callisto Aerospace's assistance for the Evacuation of Attilan

As the city of Attilan needed to be evacuated, Medusa reached out to Fisher, who required Ashland's help. They met at the Callisto Aerospace Control Center and once Ashland was convinced of the reality of Attilan, he called his superior to arrange the evacuation. Callisto Aerospace then helped the Inhumans to relocate on Earth.[5]


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