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"When Wilson Fisk set off those explosives in Hell's Kitchen, I lost my husband. Everything that matters, gone. Except my vote. I'm counting on you, Foggy. You get that son of a bitch."
―Callahan to Foggy Nelson[src]

Callahan is an old woman living in New York City.


Search of Dontrell Hamilton

"If you find him, I hope you beat his ass. You have a blessed day."
―Callahan to Luke Cage[src]
During the bombing in Hell's Kitchen, Callahan lost her husband who died because of the explosions.[1] Then Callahan moved to Harlem where she became a neighbor of Drea Powell and her son C.J.. She usually heard how C.J.'s father, Dontrell Hamilton, beat them.

One day, she saw Luke Cage who came to Powell's apartment to find Hamilton. She told Cage about Hamilton and he asked where he could find him. Callahan then told him about the illegal casino ran by Hamilton. Before Cage could leave, Callahan offered some coffee but Cage gently refused. Callahan hoped that Cage would take Hamilton down and wished him luck.[2]

Foggy Nelson's Inauguration

"May I borrow a pen?"
"Is that an actual ballot, Mrs. Callahan?"
"I just voted for you. Absentee."
Foggy Nelson and Callahan[src]
Callahan visited a meeting in Nelson's Meats where Foggy Nelson ran his election campaign in order to become the District Attorney and put Wilson Fisk back in prison. Callahan had a strong antipathy to Fisk because of the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen, as she signed an actual ballot to vote for Nelson.[1]



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