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Caldwell is a borough located in northwestern Essex County, New Jersey.


Jones Family Trip

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Purchase and Redecoration

Kilgrave ventured to Caldwell and located Jessica Jones' childhood home, under the ownership of Lin. Though the two men initially engaged in small talk, Lin informed him that he had leave. Foot in the door, Kilgrave prompted that he wished to buy the house; Lin responded negatively to the offer but, upon shown a baggage of money and a contract agreement, he signed the house to Kilgrave. He was then warned that he and his family had to collect their belongings and remove themselves by the next day.[1]

Home Again

First Introductions

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Childhood Trauma

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Kidnapping of Kilgrave

With Jessica Jones' return to the residence, the chefs were allowed to blink once more, as they excitedly informed Kilgrave of her presence. Entering inside, Jones announced that she had brought home some takeout Chinese food for Kilgrave and the chefs, preparing each of their plates. Skeptical, Kilgrave did not touch his plate despite Jones reassuring him that she could not taint his food with Sufentanil, even consuming some of his food. Taking in some of the food on his plate, he took notice as the chefs began to fall unconscious. Jones, approaching him from behind, injected Sufentanil into his neck and carried him over her shoulders.

Walking outside, Jones encountered Will Simpson and his men, warning that he would attack her if she did not hand him over. She rejected him, choosing to leap high in the sky and away from the group. Suddenly, Simpson was met with an enthralled Elizabeth De Luca, whom asked if he was Will Simpson and presented him with the gift of his crafted pipe bomb. Though he commanded his men to fall back away from her, Luca detonated the bomb through a cell phone and was instantly killed in the explosion. Both of Simpson's men had also been slaughtered in the explosion, while Simpson himself sustained major injury.[2]




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