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"I wish I had a copy."
Trevor Slattery[src]

"Caged Heat" was a rejected television pilot that starred Trevor Slattery, Rick Hawkins, and Priscilla Everhart.


In the mid-1980s, the showrunners of Caged Heat cast Trevor Slattery, Rick Hawkins, and Priscilla Everhart as the stars, in an attempt to create a new television series. In the pilot for Caged Heat, Slattery portrayed an ex-KGB agent and Russian Police officer Gennady Sheobokov. The production team had their hopes placed on the CBS being the one to air the show, but after the pilot was sent to the network, the news was received that the show was rejected. In addition to the pilot, a trailer was made. The music for Caged Heat was provided by Mike Post.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • The name Caged Heat was the working title of Iron Man 3.
  • The tracksuit criminals who appeared in the Caged Heat footage were based off the Tracksuit Draculas.