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"So what does a place like this go for?"
"I have no idea. The agency owns a few up and down the East Coast. Safe houses, custody, interrogation that kind of thing."
Billy Russo and William Rawlins[src]

CIA Safe House is CIA facility on United States of America territory.


Rawlins Protection

Billy Russo waits inside the CIA Safe House

At CIA Safe House, Billy Russo visited William Rawlins who expressed his interest in the house. They discussed finding Frank Castle before Russo reminded Rawlins of how he had saved his life from Castle, as Rawlins in turn warned Russo that he could lose Anvil if Castle learned the truth. Russo then asked Rawlins what they now planned to do about Morty Bennett, to which Rawlins claimed that they could not warn him that the Punisher was coming as Bennett was a coward and he would then either run away or talk.

Morty Bennett is brought to the Safe House

Rawlins insisted they would instead save Bennett's life and then take him under their protection where they would intend to assassinate him afterwards when Castle had been killed. With Bennett having been saved from the Punisher, Rawlins had him brought to Safe House where he listened as Bennett furiously accused him of allowing the Punisher to almost kill him, while Fort Bryon had been given a false story. While Bennett insisted that he did not tell the Punisher anything about Operation Cerberus, Rawlins promised to get him out of the country with a new identity to ensure that the Punisher would not be able to find him.

William Rawlins is shot at by the Punisher

Micro tracked down hacked Bennett's phone to CIA Safe House and got there with the Punisher. Frank uses a sniper rifle to zero on Rawlins. With confirmation of Bennett's murder, Rawlins took a moment to look out of his window at all of the gardens in the night sky. However, Rawlins suddenly witnessed the bulletproof glass right above his head being cracked as the Punisher tried and failed to assassinate him. Rawlins watched as the lights around the house lit up and the Punisher was forced to escape.[1]


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