"You'd think in a building full of secrets, we'd be better at keeping one."
Marion James to William Rawlins[src]

George Bush Center for Intelligence is the headquarters of CIA located in Langley, Virginia.


In the CIA Headquarters, William Rawlins gave a speech to the newest recruits of the organization and welcomed all of them into the CIA.


William Rawlins's speech to CIA recruites

For long service to the CIA, Rawlins was presented with a medal, given to him by Deputy Director Marion James. She commended him for outstanding service in the field while sustaining a serious personal injury. James reminded Rawlins that he did not get to keep the medal due to the secrecy of their organization but he could have their admiration.

Rawlins visited James in her office in Headquarters and he noted that he had heard a rumor that she would soon be leaving her current position to become Director of the CIA, as the previous director was now heading for a career in the United States Congress. Rawlins noted it was about time she had the job offer before James invited Rawlins to come on board as her new deputy director when she took the job.

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William Rawlins spying on Frank Castle

When Rawlins listened to Dinah Madani's office and learned that Homeland Security would uncover his involvement in Operation Cerberus, he decided to assassinate all the last members of Cerberus Squad, while also choosing not to inform James about this. He sent a small team of armed Anvil agents in Kentucky to kill Gunner Henderson and watched mission on a computer screen from his office in Headquarters.[1]


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