"It's a fact. And believe me, you can go see for yourself. Burren Club, 47th and 10th. Can't miss it."

Burren Club is a restaurant in Hell's Kitchen owned by Kitchen Irish.




Nesbitt giving a speech to the Kitchen Irish

One night, members of the Kitchen Irish led bu Nesbitt met at the Burren Club to discuss the history and future of the Irish presence in Hell's Kitchen. Just as Nesbitt rallied the men behind him, unknown shooter fired a shot through the wall which hit Nesbitt in the forehead, killing him. The Irish crew launched up and began firing back as bullets littered the room. The attack killed all but one of them escaped. He came to Josie's Bar and told Nelson and Murdock about the massacre.

In the wake of a shootout Sergeant Brett Mahoney and group police officers were called upon to keep the investigation of the massacre and crowds under control. Mahoney was approached by Foggy Nelson who asked him about what had happened in there, although Mahoney just claimed he could not provide answers in regard to an active crime scene and asked Nelson to step aside.

Daredevil enters club

Matt Murdock searching for some answers

When Matt Murdock questioned why Nesbitt, who was among the dead, was wearing a Bulletproof Vest, to which Mahoney told another officer to tell those inside the club to keep their voices quiet.[1]

Later, Murdock came to the Burren Club and found Punisher's safe house using Max's smell.[2]


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