"It's too bad them chemicals he had don't have any recreational use."
"Those boxes. Shit weighs a ton. Fifty bucks."
"You just said they were worthless."
"Worth somethin' to you."
―Bunny Wiles and Jessica Jones[src]

Bunny Wiles ran the hotel where Albert and Louise Thompson stayed as they hid from their son Kilgrave.


Hotel Manager

Bunny Wiles rented a hotel room to Albert and Louise Thompson.[1]


Albert Thompson did not return to the room to pay Wiles, so she took his possessions to sell over eBay to get compensation; she found that many crystal methamphetamine makers had no problem buying used laboratory equipment. Wiles also tried selling the chemicals in Thompson's room, but most were ordinary, except for one made by ZALK Chemicals which she researched on Wikipedia.[2]


One day, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were in the room once rented by Albert Thompson; Wiles caught the two inside and told them that if they wanted a room they should see her at the front desk, or else leave. Jones said that they were there to collect Thompson's possessions; Wiles was more interested if they would pay Thompson's debt and rudely nudged Cage as she passed him. Wiles explained that she sold most of his things for compensation, except for the heavy box of chemicals in the closet.

When Jones showed interest in the chemicals, Wiles quickly placed herself in the way, citing that if Jones wanted them, she needed to pay fifty dollars. Cage then walked over to Wiles, lifted her in the air, and slowly placed her out the way. Wiles, amazed, watched as Cage and Jones inspected the chemicals; she then explained to Jones the one chemical she had troubling pronouncing was a medicine for neurologic disorders. Wiles then continued to clean the room as Jones and Cage left for ZALK Chemicals.[2]




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