"Your grandfather was a slave."
"Buggy Stokes was freer than you will ever be."
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Samuel "Buggy" Stokes was the founder of the Stokes Crime Family, and the husband of Mabel Stokes.


"Two dishwashers. One Jamaican, the other American. Like brothers... they built their empire together. Bushmaster's Rum, Harlem's Paradise. Until the Italian gangsters and the Irish cops and the politicians them come for their company. But mi fada nah wan' sell. He's Jamaican. We resist. But Buggy Stokes, him cave in when they told him that he could keep the bar, and make a likkle profit off the rum if he got rid of mi fada. So he kill mi fada. But not before mi fada shot him back in him belly. It took Buggy Stokes five month to die."
John McIver to Mariah Dillard and Tilda Johnson[src]

Samuel Stokes began his career as a dishwasher in New York City. He met with another dishwasher from Jamaica, Quincy McIver and befriended him. The two of them had a dream of making their own rum and owning a nightclub in Harlem. Together they purchased a nightclub, formerly owned by Lucky Luciano, named Harlem's Paradise. Their joint empire was based on the club's proceeds and the Bushmaster Rum made from a family recipe. With Mama Mabel and Pistol Pete they founded one of the biggest criminal organization in Harlem.

However, their success drew attention from Italian Mob, Irish policemen and the local politicians who came to take their company. While McIver resisted them, they made a deal with Stokes: he would keep the club, and make a profit off the rum, if he killed McIver. Stokes agreed and killed his friend, but McIver managed to shoot him in his belly before he died. After he was shot, Stokes died five months later.[3] On his deathbed, Stokes asked Pete to protect Mabel and the family, to which he agreed, even though he secretly wanted to assume control of Harlem's Paradise.[1]






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