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"Why don't we discuss your home? Not Romania."
Helmut Zemo to Bucky Barnes[src]

Bucharest is the capital and largest city in Romania.


Communism in Bucharest

"Under the communist regime, public gatherings were prohibited in Bucharest, and people were forced to meet in private homes or secret clubs."
Jemma Simmons[src]

During the Romanian communist regime, public gatherings were not allowed in Bucharest, forcing the people to meet in their homes or to form secret clubs across the city. Some of those clubs remained active after the end of the regime, sometimes hosting illegal meetings.[1]

Cold War

"It was the Cold War. We were everywhere. Belgrade, Belfast, Bucharest, Budapest."
Nick Fury to Carol Danvers[src]

During the Cold War, CIA sent Nick Fury on a mission in Bucharest, Romania.[2]

Transhumanists Meeting

"So, where is Dr. Radcliffe?"
"We think Romania, but his exact whereabouts are unknown."
Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons[src]

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Capture of Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier goes on the run within Bucharest

"Romania was not Accords-sanctioned. Colonel Rhodes is supervising cleanup."
Tony Stark[src]

On the run from the government, Winter Soldier hid in an apartment in Romania. While walking through the city and buying plums from a street seller, Barnes caught sight of a man staring at him. Taking the Jurnalul de Lugoj newspaper, Barnes had discovered that he was considered responsible for the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre in Vienna. Seeing this, Barnes decided to collect his belongings and escape the city.

Captain America at the Winter Soldier's hideout

Returning into his hideout, Barnes discovered Captain America inside. Barnes had insisted that he was not responsible for the terrorist attack but Rogers noted that the people who thought he was were coming to their location not intending to take him alive. Suddenly, GSG 9 operatives charged into the building, confronting Rogers and Barnes. As more operatives charged into the hideout, Barnes and Rogers non-lethally took down the operatives.

Leaving Rogers behind, Barnes reached the next building's rooftop, regaining his backpack and continuing to run. However just as he began running, he was attacked by Black Panther. Without a word being spoken, Barnes and T'Challa were fighting before they were distracted as a GSG 9 helicopter began shooting at the pair. Barnes began to run again, with T'Challa and Rogers running close behind him as they leaped down from the building and onto the street, while Falcon managed to knock the helicopter out of the way of danger to protect them all.

Black Panther chasing Winter Soldier

Realizing that Black Panther would be able to catch up to him eventually, Barnes was able to get a hold a motorcycle and used the extra speed to get ahead in the chase while Rogers and Black Panther used a stolen car to try and catch up with him. Black Panther managed to catch up with Barnes and attempted to kill him, although Barnes was just able to block his attack, knocking him into the road. While also grinding his hand across the tarmac to keep from falling off his bike and had still continued to ride away from danger while the still determined GSG 9 agents followed behind.

Captain America and the Winter Soldier are arrested

Coming to the end of the tunnel, Barnes used an explosive to destroy the roof. However, T'Challa was able to gain extra speed by jumping on Falcon's back and knocked Barnes off his bike before Rogers kept him from killing his friend. The manhunt was finished as War Machine and GSG 9 operatives apprehended the trio and brought them to Berlin, where they were delivered to the custody of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre.[3]


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