"Yo! Pull your mask down! You're supposed to be watching the damn door, Bryce!"
"What did I say about using my government name, Michael?!"
―Bryce and Michael[src]

Bryce is a criminal based in Harlem.


"Damn, homie, you look like you went through a cheese grater! Oh snap, you Luke--"
―Bryce before Luke Cage knocks him out[src]
Bryce and Michael entered Willie Gomez's store in Harlem and began robbing it. Bryce held Gomez and the store's other occupant, Method Man, at gunpoint while Michael stole cash from the register. Bryce took off his mask and explained to Meth that he did not like holding him up, having grown up listening to Wu-Tang Clan, but was doing it out of necessity. Michael angrily told him to put his mask back on and watch the door, and Bryce hit back at him for saying his real name. Luke Cage then entered and Bryce recognized him just before Cage knocked him out.[1]







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