Bryan is a man who worked for Vistacorp along with Scott Lang.


Security Systems

Bryan, one of the chief engineers at Vistacorp, finished one of the routine updatings to the security systems of the Vistacorp Headquarters with his partner Scott Lang, having implementing a Qubit Defense Matrix capable of encrypt itself every 1.5 seconds.

Lang was angrily called by Geoff Zorick, CEO of Vistacorp, though Lang was oblivious to his calling, as Zorick was apparently calling for someone named "Chang". Zorick demanded to know if Lang was the one that updated the payment systems. Lang had discovered what appeared to be a mistake in the systems, that made the company overcharge customers in their transactions, so believing it was a clear error in the coding, he easily fixed.

Zorick angrily asked who told him to fix it, and as Lang explained he did it for himself as he felt it was a clear error, Zorick ordered him to change it back immediately. Lang was stunned for the demand, believing that doing something like that was illegal. Zorick threatened Lang, telling him to stick to his pay grade and do his job, as Lang was not a member of the accounts team. As Zorick left, Bryan asked Lang what was he going to do, and Lang headed to the Human Resources section.[1]




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