"A pretty lady like you shouldn't be out here all alone. I can help you find Kava. I can help you with anything else that you need."
―Bruno to Sif[src]

Bruno is a Portuguese teenager that spent a night on the beaches of Faro.


Bruno was spending a night with his friends on the beaches of Faro, talking about marshmallows inside of cookies. While they were talking, he noticed a mysterious woman walking out of the sea. She approached them and asked for "Kava", but they told her they did not know a "Kava" and she walked away.

Bruno then went after her to try to stop her, calling her a pretty lady and telling her she should not be out alone. He offered to help her find Kava and anything else she needed. She instead turned around and punched him in the chest, causing him to fly through the air. His friends then rushed to check if he was okay as the woman walked away; when they asked who she was, she told them that she did not know.[1]




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