"Little Junior, what happened?"
"Take a wild guess, Bruce."
"You look like you got shot! Shit! I told you this wasn't the job for you."
―Bruce Ogden and Ken Ogden[src]

Bruce Ogden is the brother of Ken Ogden who assisted Larkville Police Department and Frank Castle to fight against John Pilgrim and Marlena Olin's Crew.


Held in the Station

"You better tell 'em to let you out now. My people could take this whole building down. Old Testament shit. You've seen the Internet. They could bust in here using flamethrowers on men in cages."
"Me? Sweet boneless Jesus. I shouldn't even be in here. My own goddamn brother locked me up for being drunk in public."
Marlena Olin and Bruce Ogden[src]

Bruce Ogden was arrested by his own brother, Ken who served in the Larkville Police Department, for being drunk in public. Ogden was placed in a cell in Larkville County Sheriff Station where he was joined by Frank Castle and Marlena Olin. Waking up, he listened to a skirmish between Castle and Olin and said that they sound like married.


Ogden in the cell with Frank Castle and Marlena Olin

At night, the station was surrounded by Marlena Olin's Crew led by John Pilgrim. Olin said that they came to her and warned him that they can assault the building leaving nobody alive, including Ogden. Ogden was frightened of her words and tried to call his brother to let him go. Moments later, mercenaries attacked the station before releasing Olin. Ogden then convinced Roy Hardin to let him go.[1]

Guarding his Brother


Ogden comforts his brother

"Anybody who wants to kill you is gonna have to come through me. Hey, Sheriff, can I get a badge or something?"
"I think one of those vests might be more like it."
―Bruce Ogden and Roy Hardin[src]

Leaving his cell, Ogden saw heavily wounded Ken, much to his horror. He hurried up to take care of his brother, saying that he warned Ken that this job is too dangerous for him. He then informed Roy Hardin that Marlena Olin's Crew have explosives and are ready to blow the whole station. Hardin thought about turning Frank Castle and Amy Bendix to John Pilgrim in order to save Ken and the rest of Larkville Police Department officers. However, Ken refused and while Ogden helped him to stand, stated that they can not give up in front of the enemy. Ogden decided to assist officers to defend the station and asked for scattergun because he was seeing triple and was unable to aim.

With the weapon, Ogden prepared for mercenaries' another attack. As well as other officers, he then witnessed Castle eliminating all hostiles by himself. Dobbs commented that Castle reminds him of the Western character who comes to town and turns to be something like the Devil or death. Ogden said that he does not care, as long as Castle is on their side. With help of the Homeland Security, mercenaries were taken down and paramedics arrived to treat Ken. Ogden stayed with him to make sure that his brother is okay.[1]


"Well, give me a scattergun, 'cause I'm seeing triple and can't aim for shit."
―Bruce Ogden[src]





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