"Whenever you go back to school, isn't everything supposed to look so much smaller? This place seems huge."

Brookemont Elementary School is an elementary school located in San Francisco.


"Hiya, Champ! How was school today?"
Hank Pym to Ant-Man[src]

Brookemont Elementary was the school where Cassie Lang attended classes in San Francisco. In 2018, she brought the World's Greatest Grandma cup she had offered her father Scott to the school for a show and tell session, unaware that Scott had actually hidden the shrunken Ant-Man Suit beneath it.

Ant-Man and the Wasp later infiltrated the school in order to reclaim this old suit, as they needed its detractors. However, due to the malfunctions of the new Ant-Man suit, they were forced to hide in a storage room, where Ant-Man accidentally grew to a large size which caused him to slightly damage the ceiling with his head. Ant-Man then shifted to a child-like size, but despite this ordeal, he and the Wasp were still able to sneak into Cassie's empty classroom and to reclaim the suit, although Ant-Man was briefly spotted by a teacher who mistook him for a wandering pupil.

Ant-Man, still as small as a child, and the Wasp were then able to exit the school's premises and reach the van where Hank Pym waited for them, making fun of Ant-Man's size as if he was a child being picked up after school.[1]

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