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Bronwyn was a member of Morgan le Fay's Coven of witches. Once her mistress was released from the Dark Dimension, Bronwyn assisted in her attempt to conquer the world through the WizPhones Corvus, taking part in le Fay's efforts to win Nico Minoru to their side. She also participated in the ritual in which Molly Hernandez had to be sacrificed when enacting the final phase of the witches' plan, and later joined in the attack on the Hostel. In a different timeline, she was stabbed in the neck from behind by Alex Wilder while threatening members of PRIDE, killing her.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Sorceress: As a witch affiliated to Morgan le Fay's Coven, Bronwyn was a powerful wielder of magical powers, which she often used in conjunction with fellow witch Cassandra. Among her achievements, Bronwyn helped incapacitate the Runaways after they had been distracted by Bodhi, and quickly knocked out Chase Stein with a powerful spell during the Battle at the Hostel. She also helped protecting le Fay from Tina Minoru during a Wizard party, during which she also rendered Max briefly unconscious and erased some of his memories.





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