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"So many loved ones all in one place. Thank you for making it easy. I promise this will be painful."

Bronwyn was a member of Morgan le Fay's Coven of witches. Once her mistress was released from the Dark Dimension, Bronwyn assisted in her attempt to conquer the world through the WizPhones Corvus, taking part in le Fay's efforts to win Nico Minoru to their side. She also participated in the ritual in which Molly Hernandez had to be sacrificed when enacting the final phase of the witches' plan, and later joined in the attack on the Hostel. In a different timeline, she was stabbed in the neck from behind by Alex Wilder while threatening members of PRIDE, killing her.


Wizard Party

"Who are you?"
"The bigger question is, who are you? So sorry you'll be spending the rest of your life trying to figure that out."
Max and Bronwyn[src]

Bronwyn at the Wizard party

Bronwyn was a member of Morgan le Fay's Coven, joining her after the enchantress after she was released from the Dark Dimension. She was present at the party given by Wizard at the Essex Tower Hotel, during which Robert Minoru, while under le Fay's influence, declared the witch the new CEO of Wizard. As Tina Minoru crashed into the party and threatened le Fay, Bronwyn, along with other witches of the Coven, protected her mistress with her incantation, although she could not stop Tina from punching le Fay in the face.

Bronwyn discusses the Corvus with Max

Later during the party, Bronwyn overheard a conversation between Gert Yorkes and Max, a Wizard employee charged with handing out Corvus WizPhones, as they discussed oddities about the phone, such as the increased aggression in their users. Once Yorkes left, Bronwyn reminded that Max was not supposed to discuss the phone's technology with anyone. She then explained that Max was protected thanks to an enchantment, before using a spell to wipe out his memories and removing his Corvus phone, leaving Max deeply bewildered.

Bronwyn, along with the other members of the Coven, then attended Nico Minoru's initiation ceremony among the ranks of the Coven, giving her champaign to celebrate the feat before performing an intense dance with all the other witches.[2] In the next morning, Bronwyn woke up shortly after Nico and congratulated her upon her performance.[1]

Capture of the Runaways

Cassandra and Bronwyn capture the Runaways

"I knew we should have come in two cars."
―Bronwyn to Cassandra[src]

Bronwyn, along with Cassandra, later watched the video recorded by the Runaways in which they tried to warn people about the dangers of the Corvus WizPhones. Bronwyn and Cassandra were subsequently tasked by Morgan le Fay with finding the Runaways and making sure that they would not put the Coven's plan in jeopardy. They then received a call from Bodhi, a young member of the Church of Gibborim working with the witches, who told them that he was with Molly Hernandez. Bronwyn and Cassandra thus drove to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office to meet with him. Although they did not find Hernandez, Bronwyn and Cassandra used their powers to capture Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes, Karolina Dean and Dale Yorkes.

Bronwyn confronts Nico Minoru

Bronwyn and Cassandra brought their captives to the Wizard Headquarters, where Victor Stein and Stacey Yorkes had already been trapped by Geoffrey Wilder working under le Fay's influence.[1] However, upon returning later, Bronwyn found out that their prisoners were on the verge of scaping because of the unexpected arrival of Nico Minoru, Cloak and Dagger, who had already incapacitated Wilder and several of the witches' thrall and had taken Victor, Stacey and Dale away thanks to Cloak. Bronwyn expressed contempt towards Minoru for choosing the Runaways over the Coven, and attempted to attack her with Cassandra, but the teenagers were all able to escape as Cloak teleported them all away.

Bronwyn has captured Molly Hernandez

Despite this setback, the witches were not completely unsuccessful as they were still able to eventually capture Hernandez. Back to the Essex Tower Hotel where the Coven was established, Bronwyn gave Hernandez a Crow Necklace to keep the young girl under the witches' influence, waiting for le Fay to return.[3] Thanks to this spell, Bronwyn and Cassandra were able to force Hernandez to call the Runaways and assure them that she was fine, so that the witches led by le Fay would be free to sacrifice her at the top of the Olympic Grand Hotel to activate a spell enacting the final phase of le Fay's plan: merging Earth with the Dark Dimension.

Bronwyn during the ritual

Bronwyn thus joined her fellow witches in the night to begin the ritual in which Hernandez was to be sacrificed. However, although the witches were able to activate their spell, Hernandez was taken away from them by the intervention of PRIDE, who were able to escape although Geoffrey, now freed from le Fay's influence, was grievously wounded in the process.[4]


Bronwyn is stabbed by Alex Wilder

During the Battle at the Hostel, Bronwyn and Cassandra teleported inside the Hostel in order to assist Morgan le Fay against the Runaways. They were attacked by Chase Stein and his Fistigons, but unlike Cassandra who was knocked unconscious, Bronwyn was able to strike Stein before he attacked her, incapacitating him. Bronwyn then proceeded to explore the Hostel and found the room where Geoffrey Wilder, Dale Yorkes, Stacey Yorkes and Leslie Dean were hiding. Bronwyn prepared to kill them all, warning them that she would make sure that they suffered a lot in the process, but before she could make her move, she was stabbed from behind in the neck by Alex Wilder, and quickly died from her wound.[4]


As a member of Morgan le Fay's Coven of witches, Bronwyn was utterly dedicated to her mistress and carried out her instructions without ever second guessing her, even if it meant hurting other people in the process. As such, Bronwyn saw no problem in the perspective of sacrificing Molly Hernandez to activate a massive spell meant to merge Earth with the Dark Dimension. She displayed contempt towards those who did not belong to her circle, criticizing Nico Minoru's choice to remain with the Runaways instead of joining the Coven. Bronwyn also had a cruel side, expressing enthusiasm at the idea of making the PRIDE members suffer before killing them.


  • Expert Sorceress: As a witch affiliated to Morgan le Fay's Coven, Bronwyn was a powerful wielder of magical powers, which she often used in conjunction with her fellow witch Cassandra. Among her achievements, Bronwyn has demonstrated to accomplish a large and many goals. She has helped incapacitate the Runaways after they had been distracted by Bodhi, and quickly knocked out Chase Stein with a powerful spell during the Battle at the Hostel. She also helped protecting le Fay from Tina Minoru during a Wizard party, during which she also rendered Max briefly unconscious and erased some of his memories.





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