The British Armed Forces are the military forces of the United Kingdom and one of the oldest Earth militaries currently in existence.


World War II

Michael death

British Officers announcing the death of Michael Carter

In 1939, World War II broke out in Europe, causing immediate conflict between the armed forces of Nazi Germany and the United Kingdom. When the war began, Edwin Jarvis, an aide to a British general, had to forge the general's signature on a letter of transit to ensure the safety of Ana, a girl of Jewish descent, from the Nazis. The scandal that ensued caused the accusation of treason for Jarvis and his dishonorable discharge from the Army.[1]

Meanwhile, the British forces had to fight against the seemingly unstoppable war machine of Nazi Germany on the battlefields of Europe and North Africa. However, in 1942, the British Army managed to defeat the Axis troops in the battle of El Alamein. At the same time, Royal Navy ships had sunk 300 Axis ships.[2]


The British prisoners of war in the custody of the Nazi research division HYDRA

By October 1943, Allied soldiers of many nationalities, including British, who had been captured by the Germans were sent to work at the weapons facility run by HYDRA in Austria. Once there, they were separated by nationality, because the officer in charge of the facility, Colonel Lohmer, believed that would cause conflict among the prisoners.[3] Those prisoners were liberated when Captain America infiltrated the facility in November 1943.[4]

By April 1945, the German forces were suffering defeats on almost all battlefields of Europe. Around the time of Adolf Hitler's death, the British forces led by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery managed to liberate most of Denmark from German rule.[5]

21st Century

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Emil Blonsky

Emil Blonsky had joined the Royal Marines and was swiftly promoted to the rank of Captain. Despite receiving an incredible track record, Blonsky refused to be promoted to Colonel, claiming that he wanted to be a fighter for as long as he could. Despite reaching the age of 39, Blonsky refused to allow his body to slow down, and continued to be considered one of the most formidable fighters in the Armed Forces. His career would come to an end in 2010, when he was loaned to serve as field leader of the Strategic Operations Command Center before transforming into the Abomination.[6]

Planes in Vanaheim

Royal Air Force jets arrive in Vanaheim.

By November 2013, the Royal Air Force intervened during the Battle of Greenwich, scrambling two Eurofighter Typhoons to fire on the Ark. However, the jets were drawn in by the portals created by the Convergence, transporting them to Vanaheim. The jets were returned safely to Earth once the Convergence ended.[7]

Royal Guards shooting at Drones

The Queen's Guards firing at drones

In July 2024, in the Battle of London, members of the Queen's Guard took part in fighting against the drones. [8]


British Army

Name Rank Status
James Montgomery Falsworth Major Deceased
Michael Carter Captain Deceased
Fred Wells Lieutenant Unknown
Lance Hunter Lieutenant Former
Elijah Fordham Second Lieutenant Former
Peggy Carter Former
Edwin Jarvis Dishonorable Discharge
Sunil Bakshi Discharge

Royal Marines

Name Rank Status
Emil Blonsky Captain In Custody



The British Armed Forces has state-of-the-art high-tech weaponry at their disposal.

  • Pistols and Handguns
Webley Mk VI - Used during World War II.
Walther PPK - Used during World War II, acquired from German opponents
Colt M1911A1 - Used during World War II.
  • Submachine Guns
    M1928A1 Thompson - Used mainly during World War II.
    MP 40 - Used mainly during World War II, acquired from German opponents
    Sten MkII SMG - Used mainly during World War II
  • Assault Rifles
    L85A3 - Used presently along with its variants by British Armed Forces


Air Force

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