Brigid O'Reilly's Apartment is the apartment where Brigid O'Reilly lives.


In the aftermath of the Terror in New Orleans, Mayhem, who had been created from Brigid O'Reilly due to the exposure to a combination of Darkforce and Lightforce, went to the apartment as she shared the same memories than O'Reilly and believed it to be hers. She attempted to fill a glass of tap water, but due to the flow being to slow, she threw the glass and directly drank the water. She then grew annoyed by the noise made by the fridge and repeatedly and violently punched it before throwing it out in the stairs.

Visibly disoriented, Mayhem contemplated her gesture before returning into the apartment. She then caught a TV newflash indicating that O'Reilly was in a hospital, and therefore left the apartment to find her. Mayhem did not return to the apartment to remain hidden from O'Reilly, instead taking a room in the SRO Hotel.[1]

Having returned to duty, O'Reilly continued to live in the apartment. One day, upon returning from from work, O'Reilly found drug and money stolen from both the Uptown Block Kings and the Money Hustle Gang by Tyrone Johnson, with a note from Johnson apologizing for having messed with her investigation. O'Reilly was then called by her superior who informed her that the two gangs would meet and that her investigation was seriously affected by the two robberies. Upset, O'Reilly threw her phone on the couch once it ended.[2]

Later, O'Reilly was ambushed by Mayhem, who tied her up and gagged her in the apartment in order to steal her place, using O'Reilly's badge to investigate on several missing people cases. O'Reilly was ultimately found by Johnson, who understood that something was wrong after knocking on the door several times. Johnson teleported inside the apartment and released O'Reilly, who told him that they had to go because of her doppelgänger. Johnson thus teleported O'Reilly and himself out of the apartment to find Tandy Bowen.[3]


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