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"Your perspective is warped. You only see the bad and come at it. The problem is, right now, I think the world might need someone like you more than it needs someone like me."
―Brigid O'Reilly to Mayhem[src]

Detective Brigid O'Reilly is a police officer who transferred from the New York City Police Department to the New Orleans Police Department. Suspecting that James Connors was a corrupt cop, O'Reilly led an investigation in order to find evidence against him and arrest him. Teaming up with Kenneth Fuchs, who she briefly dated, and Cloak, she managed to get Connors' confession about murdering Billy Johnson. Shortly after however, she discovered that Fuchs had been brutally assassinated. She tried to keep helping Tyrone Johnson once he was framed for Fuchs' death, but she was taken prisoner with him under Connors' orders. O'Reilly then managed to help contain the outburst of Terrors both inside the precinct and in the streets, but she was ambushed, shot by Connors.

However, she was hit by energy emitted from a valve, splitting her in two. Her doppelgänger, Mayhem, was the embodiment of her rage, while the other doppelgänger was left with no anger. In the wake of her survival, O'Reilly struggled to return to active duty, being frightened and reluctant to step in like she used to while Mayhem mocked her weakness, but was eventually inspired by Cloak and Dagger to help them. During a journey into the Dark Dimension, O'Reilly faced Mayhem, and convened that her doppelgänger's aptitudes could be useful, leading to O'Reilly and Mayhem merging into the same body.


Early Life[]


"Drug busts. In Harlem, it was a good way to leap up the food chain. Thought maybe I could make some noise."
―Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Brigid O'Reilly was a detective for the New York City Police Department at the 29th Precinct Police Station in Harlem. During this time, O'Reilly made several drug busts in the neighborhood.[1] She also was good friends with Misty Knight[2] and had learned a couple of tricks from reporter Ben Urich.[3] O'Reilly eventually moved to New Orleans.[4]

Working in New Orleans[]

First Investigations[]

"I'm not here to arrest your daughter, Ms. Bowen. I'm here because I think she's a victim."
"Of what?"
"The best I can tell, she's been mixed up in an assault. I want to protect her, I can promise you that. But in order for me to do that, I need to talk to her."
―Brigid O'Reilly and Melissa Bowen[src]
147205 1433 resized

O'Reilly during an investigation

O'Reilly went to investigate the case of Rick Cotton, who had seemingly been attacked and stabbed in a dark alley. Leaving her cup of coffee to Kenneth Fuchs, she entered the alleyway and found the scene. She then interrogated Cotton's friends, who she suspected to have witnessed the scene, and they gave her an identikit of Tandy Bowen. O'Reilly then tried to locate Bowen. During a stakeout, she was approached by Fuchs, who gave her back her cup with his phone number on it. O'Reilly ultimately got the name of Bowen's boyfriend Liam Walsh, who she arrested.[5]

Brigid O'Reilly visiting Rick

O'Reilly meeting Rick Cotton in the hospital

O'Reilly later went to the hospital where Cotton was recovering from his injury in order to know more about the event. She remarked that Cotton's wounds on his face resembled fingernails scratches and that he had been found with his pants unbuckled, meaning that O'Reilly suspected Cotton to actually have attempted to rape Bowen. O'Reilly then went to the Bowen Residence, where she met Melissa Bowen, Tandy's mother. O'Reilly was told by Melissa that she had not seen Tandy in weeks, although O'Reilly insisted that she believed Tandy to be a victim. O'Reilly then left her card to Melissa before departing.

Later, as O'Reilly prepared to leave with her car, she was approached by James Connors, who gave her Cotton's driver's license and claimed to have found it on a drug addict's body. Although O'Reilly replied that it did not fit other evidence, Connors called the case closed and left. Moments later, O'Reilly was called by Bowen, who accepted to meet her. They met in O'Reilly's car and O'Reilly explained that she was forced to end the investigation and apologized to Bowen, who left the car.[6]

Suspecting Connors[]

O'Reilly meets with Cloak

O'Reilly meets Tyrone Johnson in the Station

"Wasn't sure about you, New York, but maybe I was wrong. We should ride together sometime."
James Connors to Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Due to what had happened regarding the case of Rick Cotton, O'Reilly grew suspicious towards James Connors. As it happened, immediately after she had sex with Kenneth Fuchs, who she had started to date, in his police car, she received a phone call informing her that Tyrone Johnson, who knew her thanks to Tandy Bowen, wanted to speak with her. O'Reilly met him at the New Orleans Police Department Station, but despite admitting that she thought Connors was hiding something, she told Johnson to let go his hopes of having Connors arrested for the Assassination of Billy Johnson, partly because she did not fully believe Johnson's story.

Johnson then suggested that they could arrest Connors on drug dealing charges as he had seen him trading cocaine with a drug dealer. Therefore, O'Reilly decided to follow this lead. While reviewing reports of drug busts in which Connors was involved, she was approached by Fuchs, who she told about her suspicions that Connors had actually arranged for his own drug dealers to exert monopoly in New Orleans.

O'Reilly decided to attract Connors' attention. She interrogated Liam Walsh, who was still in her custody and who gave her the name of a drug dealer he knew about, Laurel. O'Reilly found her and confiscated the cocaine she carried, getting information about how the drug deals were made. Then, O'Reilly let Laurel go and brought the cocaine back to the police station.

She went to a quiet room and began snorting lines of coke. As she expected, Connors found her and told her that he was not going to arrest her, as she understood her need for the drugs. Much to O'Reilly's satisfaction, Connors joined her and began complimenting her, stating that they should work together, which was precisely what O'Reilly hoped for.[1]

Assassination Attempt[]


O'Reilly and James Connors discuss her case

"In about a minute, a cop's gonna come through that door. She's our problem. You're gonna take her out."
"Hold up! I ain't shooting nobody!"
"Look, you need to clean up your mess! Your little errand boys got all sloppy! This cop's only on to you because you can't run a tight ship!"
James Connors and Duane Porter[src]

O'Reilly kept investigating the drug dealing in New Orleans, methodically following, arresting and interrogating drug dealers from different spots of the city. However, she was not able to follow the tracks back to the man in charge of the whole business. Worried that her search could put her in harm's way, especially regarding James Connors, Kenneth Fuchs tried to warn her about the dangers of it. Later, O'Reilly was approached by Connors and explained to him where her investigation had led her. As Connors suggested to help her and go for a cruise in the city, O'Reilly accepted, catching Fuchs' worried look before leaving.

While O'Reilly was driving, Connors told her that she had to think like the ones she was after if she wanted to arrest them, although O'Reilly retorted that this could cause her to become one of the bad guys she was chasing as a cop. Suddenly, Connors told her to stop her car as they approached a group of drug dealers, who ran away. While Connors left to chase them, O'Reilly attempted to find the bag they had dropped before fleeing, but she could not find it, unaware that it had actually been taken by Tyrone Johnson.

O'Reilly joined Connors, who was seemingly brutally interrogating Kev before letting him go. O'Reilly explained that the bag had seemingly disappeared, which forced them to end their cruise and return to the New Orleans Police Department Station. However, O'Reilly was once again approached by Connors, who claimed that he might have a lead on O'Reilly's target who they could arrest in the evening. Therefore, O'Reilly and Connors went to Buildwell Wood Shop. O'Reilly was told to wait for five minutes outside while Connors would try to find their target.

O'Reilly shooting Duane

O'Reilly shooting and killing Duane Porter

O'Reilly did as she was told, unaware that Connors was actually plotting with Duane Porter to murder her as she had come too close to them. She then entered the lumber mill and Porter attempted to kill her, but O'Reilly reacted quickly and shot him in the chest, killing him. She and Connors then heard Johnson screaming in horror before Porter's death and he ran away, being chased by Connors but to no avail, as O'Reilly leaned on Porter's body.[7]

Arrest of James Connors[]

"You're saying you want to use his guilt against him."
"No, no, no. I'm saying I want to use his fear."
―Brigid O'Reilly and Tyrone Johnson[src]

O'Reilly went to visit Kenneth Fuchs and confessed about how she felt after shooting Duane Porter. She was also more determined than ever that James Connors was hiding something and claimed that she would arrest him. This prompted Fuchs, who officially called O'Reilly his girlfriend, to answer that he would help her in this endeavor. O'Reilly then returned to the New Orleans Police Department Station, where Connors asked her to look at an identikit of Tyrone Johnson he had made following the events at Buildwell Wood Shop.

Knowing that Johnson was in danger, O'Reilly went to the Johnson Residence and told him that Connors was hunting down and that he had to lay low. However, Johnson refused, claiming that he wanted to have Connors arrested for the murder of his brother Billy and that he no longer trusted O'Reilly to help him with that. O'Reilly and Johnson then discussed the fact that the day was of Billy's death's anniversary and O'Reilly remarked that Connors seemed particularly nervous, hinting that he also remembered the date.

Cloak explains his plan

O'Reilly listens to Tyrone Johnson's plan

Later, Johnson went to see O'Reilly and Fuchs at the latter's home and explained that he had a plan to get a confession from Connors. Indeed, Johnson intended to wear a disguise and pose as Billy's ghost haunting Connors, exploiting his fear so that Connors would admit his crime. However, O'Reilly and Fuchs deemed this plan far too dangerous for Johnson, and in response, Johnson showed them his cloak and displayed his powers to prove them that he could survive the encounter with Connors.

Arrest of Connors

O'Reilly arrests James Connors

Therefore, O'Reilly accepted to collaborate with Johnson. She called Connors, pretending that Fuchs had spotted the kid he was after near the docks, and showed him an identikit representing Billy. Although Connors told him that the drawing did not fit, O'Reilly insisted and convinced Connors that it was his target. As they walked through the docks, Johnson appeared in front of them, but O'Reilly pretended not to see him while Connors ran to chase him. Eventually, Johnson's plan worked and Connors confessed his crime, which was recorded by Fuchs, leading to O'Reilly arresting Connors.

O'Reilly Fuchs Body

O'Reilly discovers Kenneth Fuchs' corpse

O'Reilly brought Connors back to the police station and logged the recording as a piece of evidence. She and Fuchs then celebrated on their achievement and decided to have pancakes on the day after, sharing a kiss in front of Connors. They also briefly discussed Cloak's powers, with O'Reilly being only slightly surprised by it due to what she had witnessed with Misty Knight. However, when O'Reilly arrived at Fuchs' in the next morning, she was horrified to discover the body of her boyfriend, who had been brutally murdered with the corpse being put into the refrigerator.[2]

Going Rogue[]

O'Reilly Killing Bat

O'Reilly finds a bat used to kill Kenneth Fuchs

"How's your little quest for justice feelin' now, New York? You really think your inadmissible YouTube videos would keep me behind bars?"
James Connors to Brigid O'Reilly[src]

O'Reilly remained crying in Kenneth Fuchs' house when the coroner arrived to pick up Fuchs' body and proceed to the early investigation. She then noticed some blood on the umbrellas near the door and eventually found the bat that had been used to bludgeon Fuchs to death under a couch. However, before she could decide what to do with it, the bat was taken by the coroner, who asked an officer to get O'Reilly out of the place.

O'Reilly Beaten up

O'Reilly is beaten up by James Connors

O'Reilly went to a bar and got heavily drunk, hearing more and more officers who had come here as well to mourn Fuchs, commenting on how a great policeman he was. O'Reilly then heard James Connors, who had been released, making a eulogy for Fuchs. Noticing the same kind of bat she had found in Fuchs' house hanging on a wall, and knowing that Connors was somehow involved in the Assassination of Kenneth Fuchs, she took the bat and hit Connors from behind. However, Connors retaliated and violently beat her up, leaving her in pain on the floor as he stated that they were not even.

O'Reilly painfully returned to her car, where she received the general call ordering all available officers to go and arrest Tyrone Johnson, who had been framed for the killing of Fuchs.[8] However, O'Reilly knew that he was innocent and tried to help him to escape from the police, and especially Connors. She found him as he was running away from a group of policemen during a Mardi Gras parade and told him to get in her car. However, Johnson was caught by the policemen and refused to use his powers to escape because of the crowd of potential witnesses. As a result, both Johnson and O'Reilly were arrested.[9]

Terror in New Orleans[]

"I need to help. You okay in here?"
"I will be. As soon as I find the mercy bullets. Hey, be safe... ish."
"Yeah, you too."
Cloak and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

O'Reilly and Tyrone Johnson were brought back to the New Orleans Police Department Station and locked up in a storage room, which made O'Reilly fear the worst as they had not been officially detained. She told Johnson that he should use his powers to escape, but since his cloak had been confiscated by the New Orleans Police Department, he could not fully control his abilities. O'Reilly then attempted to convince Lafayette, who was guarding them, to let them go but he refused to listen to her.

Johnson tried, in turn, to persuade Lafayette by telling him on how he counted on the NOPD to protect people like him and by appealing to Lafayette's sense of duty to overcome his fear of James Connors and the other corrupt policemen. This worked and Lafayette almost released O'Reilly and Johnson, but the arrival of Daniels prevented him from doing so. Connors then arrived and explained that both of them would die. While he explained his plan, O'Reilly broke her thumb so that she could get free of her handcuffs.

O'Reilly Cloak and Connors Terror Invasion

O'Reilly sees a Terror bursting into the Station

While they were being taken out of the police station, O'Reilly broke free of her cuffs, but the police station was immediately attacked by a Terror. Although he was incapacitated, one policeman touched him, turning him into a Terror as well, which led to a violent outburst inside the police station as more Terrors invaded the building. O'Reilly and Cloak made their way to the weapons room, where O'Reilly rid Cloak of his cuffs and they armed themselves against their enemies. As Cloak insisted on helping, O'Reilly told him to stay safe before going to fight the Terrors on her own.


O'Reilly gets attacked by James Connors

During the Outbreak in New Orleans, O'Reilly helped Cloak and Dagger by shooting at Terrors from a roof, thus enabling them to progress towards the Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility. Before she could follow them, however, she was found by Connors, who shot her multiple times in her bulletproof vest. As O'Reilly leaned onto a valve, Connors shot at her again, releasing a powerful energy outburst of both Darkforce and Lightforce. The second bullet hit O'Reilly and seemingly killed her, and Connors then dropped her body into the water.[9]

Split Personality[]

Unknowing Split[]

Due to the amount of energy from the attack, O'Reilly unknowingly split into two beings. She lost her aggressiveness while another version of her was filled with only Mayhem and rage.

Eight Months had passed since she was rescued from the water. O'Reilly lost her ability to shoot a gun as she lost her rage. However, she and others were unaware of why, which everyone chalked up to mental trauma. However, as time went on, her supervisors at work grew impatient with her having no progress. On one of her first days back, she met with a colleague, asking if there were any leads on James Connors. She told her no, but she was skeptical on if O'Reilly killed him, saying she had a dark streak. Officer Wyatt then randomly ran up to her with coffee. Confused, she took it.[3]

Noticing Something Wrong[]

O'Reilly practiced at the shooting range. When she finished, she walked out, but thought someone was following her. She took a pill and leaned back. Suddenly, Cloak teleported into the back, scaring her. He showed her that he took money and drugs from addicts to stop them. O'Reilly said that he could not do that. Johnson asked if his name was clear, but it was not because James Connors was still MIA. O'Reilly returned home and found Johnson's bag in her living room with a note saying "I'm Sorry." She then got a call from Captain Levy, saying there was an incident. She took another pill before leaving.[10]

Internal Turmoil[]

O'Reilly was drinking at the bar when she was called by Cloak and Dagger who had walked in on a massacre. O'Reilly arrived and saw the destruction, but immediately berated the two for still pursuing the crime despite O'Reilly warning Johnson earlier. She opened the door and threatened to arrest them if they did not leave.

O'Reilly then called a hotline to make a report as she did not want to deal with the fallout. When the dispatcher asked who she was, she replied that she was nobody. She returned to the bar where she drank so much that she threw up on the street. She saw her reflection in the puddle when she saw another version of herself saying that she was pathetic. As it turned out, it was a doppleganger named Mayhem who brought her back to her home and tied O'Reilly up. O'Reilly was finally found by Johnson who untied her. He teleported her to Mayhem's location where they found Bowen, who was confused to see O'Reilly. They then turned around to see Mayhem killing a man.[11]


O'Reilly saw Mayhem, scared of who she was. Mayhem threatened the trio, but they were teleported away by Cloak before Mayhem shot. O'Reilly sat down in the church, freaking out. Dagger was mad, but O'Reilly said it was not her. Cloak got Dagger to stop asking questions as it was overwhelming O'Reilly. They visited Mina Hess for answers. Hess showed them her studies and how she subjected a rat to the same energy from the gulf night. The rat turned out to split into two. One of them had no activity in the rage center (O'Reilly), while the other one only had rage and Mayhem. Hess broke the news that the aggressive mouse killed the other one.

O'Reilly talked to Johnson and Bowen about her troubles and now finding the truth. Johnson wanted to keep her out of danger, but Bowen argued that they needed her help. O'Reilly brought them to a place she think Mayhem would go. They arrived at SRO, a sketchy hotel, that she would go when she was in trouble. They knocked on the window only to find Dale, scared to see who he thought was Mayhem. He apologized for making eye contact and gave O'Reilly Mayhem's key.

They got to Mayhem's room and saw a wall full of playing cards and locations. O'Reilly looked around before picking up the playing cards. She used a trick learned from Ben Urich to find Mayhem's next location. At Glitter Gutter Club, O'Reilly was told to stay outside, if Bowen and Johnson do not come out soon, run in there firing. O'Reilly did so and stood outside until Mayhem walked out. She threatened Mayhem, but she was not phased. Mayhem teased her about not being able to shoot a gun before walking away unharmed.

They chased Mayhem to a human trafficking site and found another dead driver along with more victims, who said Mayhem saved them. O'Reilly checked the man's pulse and grabbed her badge that Mayhem left. Her whole demeanor then changed as she started taking charge on the situation. She brought the victims back to the precinct. Cloak and Dagger arrived, but she warned them that the victims were shaken up. Later, Johnson repeatedly teleported multiple victims to her from a building.[3]

Helping the Johnsons[]

In the precinct, O'Reilly separated the victims from the Uptown Block Kings in the building. O'Reilly then saw one of the victims getting arrested. She approached the officer who explained that she was arrested for prostitution, no matter what happened. She then saw the gang pointing at Johnson's wanted sign on the wall. They figured out who he was. She called Johnson, but got no answer. She called again and Tyrone Johnson picked up. She told him that they could be on the way to his parents house.

O'Reilly arrived to find the door broken open and nobody anywhere to be found. O'Reilly then found some files, but was sneaked up on by another officer who called in backup as they were dealing with the "cop killer," Tyrone Johnson. O'Reilly hid the files before he could see.

At the precinct, O'Reilly was called by Johnson, who told her to bring her whole police force down to Clemence Convent. O'Reilly did so and was given sixty seconds to talk to Johnson inside. He explained that she should tell the police that he is unarmed and his mother was a hostage. Adina argued, but O'Reilly told her that her son could handle himself. O'Reilly brought Adina outside, but the police went in full force. O'Reilly argued that he was unarmed, but the chief said that Kenneth Fuchs was too as they believed Johnson killed Fuchs. Johnson eventually got away.[12]

Working on Her Aim[]

O'Reilly went back to practicing, shooting her gun. However, she missed the symbol on the target entirely, only causing dismay. Curled up on the couch, O'Reilly watched the news. The tea kettle suddenly sounded, scaring O'Reilly. She got it off the burner and then heard a knock, opening the door for Tyrone Johnson. Johnson told her that James Connors was back and needed her help. However, O'Reilly refused as she was scared. Johnson simply told O'Reilly that he wished the other her was there.

O'Reilly went to Mayhem's apartment and looked at all of the missing flyers. She also found the obituary of Kenneth Fuchs stashed in the drawer. She sat down, crying over Fuchs. O'Reilly then walked over to a table and found a card with Connors name on it. She opened a trunk to find a rifle, which she assembled. She decided to help Johnson. O'Reilly met him at Promenade Society to get a file that could free Johnson.

O'Reilly walked in saying she was NOPD and there was a bomb threat. She had everyone evacuate immediately. They called her bluff, but an explosion went off in the parking garage, proving her point. She had everyone evacuate as Johnson went in. O'Reilly went back to the precinct and practiced shooting only to find that her aim had not improved.[13]

A Missing Bowen[]

O'Reilly arrived at a Growhouse following a call of a break in. She arrived there and was met by Cloak, who inspected a shovel that was cut in half. The clean cut made them realize that it was Dagger. Cloak called her, but got no answer. Cloak explained that Bowen was going to stop an old ex-boyfriend of someone she knew. O'Reilly asked why he was not with her, but Johnson teleported away. O'Reilly was eventually called by Johnson who believed that Bowen was trafficked.[14]

Into the Dark Dimension[]

Brigid O'Reilly arrived at Viking Motel following Cloak and Dagger's breakout. There, she found victims of the sex trafficking trade. She heard that Cloak and Dagger broke them out. She went to Johnson's church and found Bowen. She asked O'Reilly if the victims were okay, but O'Reilly was more worried about Bowen, knowing she was also a victim. Bowen said she would manage, but looked down at the unconscious Johnson, who was stuck in the Dark Dimension.

Suddenly, Evita Fusilier came to help and asked O'Reilly to call her aunt, Chantelle Fusilier. However, Chantelle did not pick up. Bowen explained that when she went in to the Dark Dimension, there was a being named Papa Legba. Evita explained that Legba was a Loa who was married to her aunt. O'Reilly asked if it was a marriage like a nun marries God. Evita said it was something like that. Evita called upon Legba to open the portal. O'Reilly and Bowen then joined hands and jumped into the Dark Dimension.

They made their way to a Roxxon Gas Station where O'Reilly saw Legba, disguised as Kenneth Fuchs. Bowen gave him candy and looked through binoculars before disappearing. Confused, O'Reilly asked what happened. Legba explained that Bowen had her own path, but O'Reilly has a different one. O'Reilly gave Legba gum, knowing it was not truly Fuchs. However, she remarked that it was nice to see him. She then looked through the binoculars and saw The Esplanade, a mall, and transported there.[15]

Merging With Mayhem[]

O'Reilly made it to a record store where she saw D'Spayre. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind by Mayhem. When D'Spayre left, they went into the record store where Mayhem showed her the records: they were all memories from victims. Knowing that D'Spayre absorbed the memories to heal his pain, O'Reilly concluded that they could give him too much, overloading him.

Later, O'Reilly's nails were examined by Mayhem, who saw that she chewed them to shreds. They then sharpened their own nails as Mayhem explained the color of her nails was "poison." O'Reilly explained that she could not catch D'Spayre without her, so they needed to merge. Mayhem did not want to be locked in a box until they were needed. O'Reilly explained that Mayhem would be in control, giving herself up. Mayhem painted O'Reilly's nails green, which merged them together.[15]


"You start thinking like the other guy, you live a little longer."
"Or you start thinking like the other guy, then you might slowly become him."
James Connors and Brigid O'Reilly[src]

As Tyrone Johnson remarked, O'Reilly was one of the few goods and honest members of the New Orleans Police Department. She was driven by a keen and acute sense of justice and was willing to do her best to conduct her investigations and arrest the criminals whose activities poisoned the lives of New Orleans. As such, O'Reilly was prepared to cross some lines, like taking drugs to attract the attention of James Connors, who she suspected, and was fearless in her plans, although some people like Kenneth Fuchs tried to warn her against her own bravery.

Despite being willing to risk much to achieve her goal, O'Reilly was not willing to let others risk their lives for her. Thus, on multiple occasions she refused to let Cloak assist her in her plans, stating that it was too dangerous for a civilian, and a teenager at that, to go and fight against the criminals. She only accepted to collaborate with Cloak once he demonstrated his powers to prove to her that he would be safe. However, she also grew annoyed of his attempts of cleaning the city by stealing from the drug gangs, as he did not understand that it would only worsen the power struggle in New Orleans, leading to more violence, whereas O'Reilly had a deeper understanding of the rules and the way that drug trafficking worked.

Due to her experience within the NYPD, O'Reilly had already witnessed plenty of seemingly weird events and individuals. As such, she was not that impressed by Cloak's powers, mentioning to Fuchs that it reminded her of her friend Misty Knight.


  • Expert Marksman: As a seasoned police detective, O'Reilly was trained to handle various firearms. She demonstrated her ability to shoot and her quick reflexes when she took down Duane Porter mere moments before he could shoot her, despite Porter knowing that she was arriving whereas O'Reilly did not know what she would face. She later used a rifle to shoot multiple Terrors to help Cloak and Dagger.
  • Expert Investigator: O'Reilly was a skilled detective and was able to quickly and correctly deduce aspects regarding the crimes she investigated on. As such, she correctly inferred that Rick Cotton, who posed a being the victim of an assault, had attempted to rape Tandy Bowen. She was also able to investigate on James Connors' possible involvement in drug dealing in New Orleans, and Connors feared enough that O'Reilly could reach him that he tried to have her killed by Duane Porter.



  • Glock 26: O'Reilly carried this handgun as her sidearm. She used it during one of her firsts investigations in New Orleans, where she shoot at Duane Porter in self-defense while trying to locate a drug lord, as Porter was about to shoot her as part of an ambush. O'Reilly also tried to reach for her gun while she was attacked by James Connors during the outbreak of the Terrors in New Orleans, but she was unable to take it before being hit multiple times by Connors' bullets. O'Reilly continued using this handgun as her sidearm, practicing her marksmanship when she returned to active duty following her recovery, but being unable to obtain a score high enough with it. She used the gun to confront her doppleganger, Mayhem, at the Glitter Gutter Club, but she was unable to shoot at her, even when Mayhem taunted her to do so.
  • Rifle: O'Reilly prepared one of the rifles from Mayhem's arsenal in order to use it in order to search and kill James Connors, and therefore avenge Kenneth Fuchs.
  • Mk 18 Mod 0: O'Reilly used this rifle, outfitted with a suppressor, a scope and a bipod, to try to slow down the Terrors that surrounded Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen during the outbreak in New Orleans, shooting at some of them from a rooftop to give Johnson and Bowen a chance to escape.

Other Equipment[]




  • Father
  • Mother
  • 3 Siblings




Appearances for Brigid O'Reilly


  • In the comics, Brigid O'Reilly was a police detective who pursued, and eventually allied, with Cloak and Dagger. She was killed with poisonous gas by corrupt policemen, but the effects of Cloak and Dagger's powers when they tried to save her eventually resurrected her as Mayhem, a ruthless vigilante who targeted and killed drug dealers.
  • Following the cancellation of Cloak & Dagger, Emma Lahana revealed one of the storylines for a third season, which would have seen Mina Hess disappearing following the Battle of Despair, and the integrated Mayhem searching for her. After finding Hess, the two would have become romantically involved.[16]

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