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"Right now, I'm concerned about vigilantes who target Inhumans during a blackout."
"Whose side are you on?"
Phil Coulson and Briggs[src]

Briggs is a member of the Watchdogs who had led various attacks during the Inhuman Outbreak. He targeted the Inhumans during the Blackout Attack, in which he tried to kill Yo-Yo Rodriguez until he was defeated and arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.


Watchdogs' Campaign

Blackout Attack

"How did you know there was an Inhuman here? Who do you work for?"
"I'm just a concerned citizen."
Phil Coulson and Briggs[src]

Briggs was a member of the Watchdogs who took part in a series of blackouts caused by the anti-Inhumans organization in an attempt to frame the Inhumans and grow hatred towards them. As such, Briggs led a group of Watchdogs in a hotel in Miami and they stormed the place during a party. As a guest handed him over his wallet, Briggs rejected it, stating that they were not after money, but that they had come for an Inhuman, who actually was S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Yo-Yo Rodriguez.

Insisting that he only wanted to protect his fellow Humans, Briggs urged the guests to disclose any information they could have on the Inhuman the Watchdogs were after. He was then told by a guest that his target might be Mertz, a magician that had been invited at the party to entertain the guests. Briggs and several other Watchdogs thus held Mertz at gunpoint, ready to kill him. Although Mertez insisted he was only performing tricks, Briggs ordered one of his men to shoot him.

However, Briggs' ally noticed that his gun had gone missing, and when Briggs tried to kill Mertz himself, his own pistol was removed from his hand. Briggs was then told by another guest that the Inhuman he was looking for was Rodriguez. He and his men moved towards her, but before they could strike her down, the hotel was attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz. As all of his men were incapacitated, Briggs held Maria, Rodriguez's friend, hostage, but his knife was stolen by Rodriguez and he was knocked unconscious by Coulson.

Tied up by S.H.I.E.L.D., Briggs was interrogated by Coulson but refused to give any answer regarding his employer. He was then shot by Coulson, thus revealing that Briggs was wearing an advanced Bulletproof Vest, thus proving that Briggs and his men had obtained substantial funding for their material. Briggs' Watchdogs' tattoo on his hand was noticed by Mackenzie, thus signaling his affiliation to the anti-Inhumans movement.[1]



  • Glock 17: Briggs carried this handgun during the Blackout Attack in Miami, where he attacked the party that Elena Rodriguez had attended to. Not knowing she was the Inhuman, he was about to kill The Amazing Mertz until Rodriguez took the gun out of his hands.
  • Mossberg 500 Cruiser: Briggs took this shotgun to attack a party in Miami that Elena Rodriguez had attended to during the Blackout Attack. He used to threaten the guest in order to make them reveal who was the Inhuman, and then to threaten The Amazing Mertz when he was wrongfully outed as the Inhuman.


"This isn't your average weekend-warrior vest. This is advanced military tech."
Alphonso Mackenzie[src]
  • Bulletproof Vest: In the framework of the Blackout Attack orchestrated by the Watchdogs, Briggs was provided with a military-grade bulletproof vest, which was revealed by Phil Coulson when he shot Briggs in the chest as Briggs refused to cooperate during his interrogation.