"I really should be getting ready for the party; besides, you said you wanted to climb in the ocean."

Bridget is Gabriel Soto's executive assistant.


"Soto is sending it out for verification first thing in the morning. She whispered it in my ear, if you know what I mean."
Lance Hunter[src]

As the executive assistant of Gabriel Soto, Bridget had access to tickets to a fundraiser he was creating for Santa Maria de las Flores, a church in Miami that had had a fire.

Bridget was on South Beach with Lance Hunter when they both kissed. Hunter used that opportunity to pick her purse and steal a ticket for the fundraiser from her to give to Skye, who duplicated the ticket so that Phil Coulson and Melinda May could crash the fundraiser to find a 500 year old painting with the Words of Creation inscribed on its back.

She told Hunter that Soto planned to send the painting away for verification of its miracle status that morning after the fundraising event.

When Hunter returned to the Bus, the others could not believe that she actually liked him. Hunter then bragged about his charm.[1]

Melinda May commented that Hunter had "hickeys" for more than a week after their mission in Miami. Hunter said that he is thorough in his espionage work.[2]




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