"I guess today's my lucky day."

Brick was a criminal that paid Calvin Zabo for medical attention. However when his partner Deacon offended Zabo, Brick and Deacon were both murdered.



"These men value their privacy."
Calvin Zabo[src]

Calvin Zabo treats Brick's wounds

Brick was shot above the heart while committing a crime, and his partner Deacon brought him to The Doctor for a private operation to remove the bullet without alerting the authorities.

During the operation, The Doctor was interrupted by the arrival of Raina. The Doctor berated Raina for her interruption because the criminals came there because of his discretion. Brick and Deacon watched as she begged for the Diviner to appease Daniel Whitehall who threatened her life. They heard Raina tell him that he needed to calm down and maintain control over himself. Raina however left without the artifact.

When The Doctor returned to the operation, Deacon teased him about his control issues. Deacon and Brick were both killed.[1]


"Looks like a small blade, probably a scalpel."
Melinda May[src]

Melinda May found Brick's body when she searched The Doctor's hideout. She described to Phil Coulson and Skye how a scalpel was used to kill him. Upon seeing Brick's body, Skye called her father "a monster."[1]





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