"You killed my dad! I don't give a shit what you've been through! You killed him! I saw him in his coffin with holes in him! He was my dad and now he's gone!"
―Brian Cooley to Frank Castle[src]

Brian Cooley is the son of the Kitchen Irish leader, Finn Cooley, who screamed at Frank Castle during the Punisher's trial.


Attacking the Punisher

When the Punisher massacred almost every member of the Kitchen Irish, Brian Cooley's father, Finn Cooley, kidnapped the vigilante and attempted to torture him, only for the Punisher to escape and kill him. During the Punisher's trial, Cooley attended the courtroom hearings and listened as Doctor Andrew Lee explained Castle's mental state. Mortified that the jury was looking at his father's killer with sympathy, Cooley rose to his feet and screamed at Castle about how he had murdered his own father before Judge Cynthia Batzer ordered him out of the courtroom.[1]





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