"Senator Brandt, glad to see you."
"Why exactly am I in Brooklyn?"
Chester Phillips and Brandt[src]

Brandt was a member of the United States Senate who was on a number of special committees.


Project Rebirth

"Geez! Somebody give that kid a sandwich."

Brandt was one of the patrons of Project Rebirth, working with Colonel Chester Phillips of the Strategic Scientific Reserve and Doctor Abraham Erskine.

Brandt witnessed the successful use of the Super Soldier Serum, and how Heinz Kruger had assassinated Erskine, realizing that the recipient of the serum, Steve Rogers, could become a symbol for the American spirit during the war, and gave him the opportunity to serve his country by doing fund-raising shows for the war effort under the identity of a costumed hero "Captain America".

Brandt successfully petitioned that Rogers receive the Medal of Honor to reward his heroic rescue of 400 Allied soldiers from a HYDRA base in Austria, However, Rogers did not attend the award ceremony as he chose to stay in Europe and participate in the war effort against HYDRA with Colonel Phillips and the Strategic Scientific Reserve.[1]




Behind the Scenes



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