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"With steeling courage, intrepid spirit, and an axe, victory was ours!"

Brandrheid Undrsigr is an Asgardian battleaxe and Volstagg's weapon of choice.


In battle, Volstagg's weapon of choice was usually an Asgardian battleaxe. Being a man of brute strength, Volstagg preferred weapons of force rather than agility in contrast with his companions.

Volstagg used his axe in the brief bout against the Frost Giants on Jotunheim, then again against the Destroyer on Earth.[1]

Later, Volstagg took part in the battle against the Marauders across the Nine Realms, armed with his axe.[2]

Volstagg armed himself with his axe as Hela invaded Asgard through the Bifrost Bridge, being the first line of defense along with Fandral. However, he was unable to use the axe in any meaningful capacity, as he was crippled and killed nearly instantly. Brandrheid Undrsigr, along with Volstagg's body, was presumably left in Himinbjorg and destroyed by Surtur along with the rest of Asgard after the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge.[3]


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