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Brandon is a student at Atlas Academy and a player of its lacrosse team.


Brandon was a student at Atlas Academy, where he belonged to the lacrosse team along his friends Chase Stein, Lucas and Stu. He thus invited Stein and Lucas to a party at his cousin's. During this party, Brandon noticed an unconscious Karolina Dean and convinced Lucas to take her upstairs. There, they attempted to rape her while she was still unconscious, but they were stopped by Stein, who had seen them and violently beat them up, causing Brandon to retreat with Lucas.[2]

Two days later, back at Atlas Academy with a broken rib, Brandon went to confront Stein with the rest of the lacrosse team, demanding an apology. However, Stein refused to give him one, asking Brandon whether he would apologize to Dean. Brandon disparagingly retorted that he would not, blaming Dean as much as Stein for his injury. This caused Stein to attack Brandon one more time, although the fight was interrupted by their coach Alphona, who ordered Brandon, Stein and Lucas to come to his office.[3]

Days later, Brandon learned that Stein's father was ill and decided to reconcile with him, claiming that he felt sorry for him and offering him a hug. Brandon later attended the school dance, taking Eiffel as a date. While kissing her in the neck, he noticed Stein with Gert Yorkes and briefly stared at him due to the former attraction between Eiffel and Stein.[4]


Brandon was a quite vain and, in his way, dangerous individual, as he was willing to take advantage of Karolina Dean being unconscious to rape her during a party, later casually blaming it on alcohol and refusing to apologize to Dean.



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