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"Ain't so tough now without your toys, are ya?"
― Brahl to Rocket Raccoon[src]

Brahl was a member of the Yondu Ravager Clan who sided with Taserface against Yondu Udonta. He was eventually killed by Udonta during his escape.


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Ravager Restlessness

Yondu Udonta's faction of Ravagers went to the Iron Lotus on Contraxia to relax. Guarded by Brahl and Halfnut, Udonta patronized a local brothel. Later, Stakar Ogord confronted Udonta, recounting exiling him years ago for breaking the Ravager code. Meanwhile, Taserface drank with Retch and Kraglin Obfonteri, discussing how Udonta might be going soft and suggested that alternate leadership might be more profitable for the crew. Just as Ogord left, Ayesha arrived to hire Udonta's faction to hunt down the Guardians of the Galaxy, who had stolen Anulax Batteries from them. Udonta took the job.[2]

Attack on Berhert

The Yondu Ravager Clan landed on the Berhert where they approached the wrecked Milano, which was playing music loudly. However, unbeknownst to them, it was a trap set by Rocket Raccoon, who was perched in a nearby tree. A few Ravagers wee knocked out by needles shot at them. Others were launched into the air repeatedly by compression mines. Rocket then planted electric charges on many of the remaining Ravagers' heads and electrocuted them.

Eventually, Rocket ran out of traps and was cornered by Brahl and another Ravager. Rocket knocked them unconscious in unarmed combat. Suddenly, a whistle was heard, followed by the Yaka Arrow hovering right in front of Rocket's face, who was confronted by Yondu Udonta along with the remaining Ravagers. After consideration, Udonta decided to not capture Rocket, but take the batteries and sell them instead - infuriating the other Ravagers. Taserface was particularly unhappy with Udonta's leadership, accusing him of cowardice and costing them money. The Ravagers argued for a bit until their standoff was ended by Nebula, who shot off Yondu's Yaka Arrow Controller, knocking him out.[2]

The Mutiny

Aboard the Eclector (now led by Taserface), Brahl and Halfnut ejected all the Ravagers that sided with Udonta, including Tullk and Oblo, through an airlock into space.

Kraglin Obfonteri eventually had a change of heart and retrieved Udonta's larger prototype Yaka Arrow Controller and decided to help him escape, as he regretted that the mutiny became so destructive. Udonta told Kraglin to get the third Quadrant ready for release. Brahl was among the mutinous Ravagers who was shot with the Yaka Arrow as Yondu took his revenge and regained control of the ship.[2]


  • Thief: As a member of the Ravagers, Brahl was presumably a skilled thief.





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