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"Does the headmaster know you're drilling a hole in his pile of bricks?"
"He doesn't like it."
"He gives you a hard time, you send him my way. It's damn fine practice."
―Bradley and Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Bradley was Benjamin Poindexter's baseball coach.


Baseball Coach

Training Benjamin Poindexter

"I need... I need to keep going. If I pitch a perfect game, then they might..."
"Dex, you could pitch a billion perfect games. It won't bring your parents back."
Benjamin Poindexter and Bradley[src]

Coach Bradley was a baseball coach who took Benjamin Poindexter under his wing. During a game when Poindexter was poised to pitch a perfect game, Bradley pulled him to replace him with Kanon. Poindexter was angry and not having the chance to pitch a perfect game, and killed Bradley by throwing a baseball at a metal support, which then ricocheted and struck Bradley in the head.[1]




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