"I hope you find the asshole. I never should have vouched for him."
"But you did, didn't you? You watched an innocent kid get shot, and then you banked a favor. You don't get to play the victim."
―Bradford and Mayhem[src]

Bradford was a former police officer of the New Orleans Police Department and James Connors' colleague.


Fired from NOPD

"Connors convinced me to back his story. He said his uncle would take care of me. Said I could bank a favor. But a year later when I'm gettin' kicked off the force on a trumped-up drug charge, he's nowhere to be found!"
―Bradford to Mayhem[src]

Patrolling the streets of New Orleans with James Connors, Bradford spotted Billy Johnson and his brother, Tyrone. Assuming they were causing trouble, Bradford and Connors chased them to the waterfront and cornered Billy. However, witnessing the destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform, Connors accidentally shot Billy in the chest, sending him falling into the water. Bradford was frightened by Connors' act, however, he assured Bradford that his uncle, Asa Henderson, will fix the problem.[2]


Bradford witnessing the death of Billy Johnson by James Connors' shot

Henderson paid Bradford to confirm Connors' story, in order to get them out of scandal, assuring him that Bradford could ask him for a favor. A year later, Bradford was incriminated because of the fabricated drug charge. However, as Bradford was going to ask Connors to return a favor, he learned that Connors was transferred to Vice unit and all sights of him were lost. Eventually, Bradford was fired from New Orleans Police Department.[1]

Encounter with Mayhem


Bradford is approached by Mayhem

"I don't know anything."
"Oh, you most certainly do know something. You were his partner the night Billy Johnson was murdered. Covering for him is kind of your thing."
"No, I mean, about the Johnson kid. He didn't mean to hurt him."
―Bradford and Mayhem[src]

In the wake of Terror in New Orleans, Bradford attended an official Roxxon Corporation board meeting. As a meeting went wrong, Bradford left the building and went to his car, however, it would not start, so Bradford went to check the engine. While Bradford was checking the car's engine, he was approached by Mayhem who knew that he was an NOPD officer and James Connors' partner. She also informed Bradford that she removed his spark plug and suddenly hit him.


Bradford is killed by Mayhem

Mayhem demanded Bradford to tell her where is Connors now, despite his words that he does not know anything. Mayhem did not believe her, as Bradford covered for Connors back in the day when he killed Billy Johnson. Bradford informed Mayhem that Connors did not intend to hurt Johnson, and asked him for a favor to cover to him, but now Bradford has no idea where Connors could be.

Mayhem believed him and decided to leave Bradford, so he asked her to find Connors and make him pay for what he did. However, Mayhem said that Bradford was guilty too, as he watched Johnson get shot and then banked a favor. Ignoring Bradford's excuses, Mayhem mercilessly murdered him with her sharp nails and left.[1]





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