The Bowery Savings Bank is a bank located in New York City. The bank was the location of an attempted robbery in 1947 by Dottie Underwood, which was foiled by the actions of Peggy Carter and the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


Attempted Robbery

"I'll need the key to safety deposit box number 143... Turning that handle to the left sets off the bank alarm, for a pittance you'd risk your life to protect someone else's fortune? Pull it to the right."
―Dottie Underwood to the Bank teller[src]

In 1947, Dottie Underwood sought to acquire the bank account of a powerful figurehead. With a team of men at her command, Underwood took the workers and customers of the bank hostage while aiming her gun at the cashier and demanding a withdrawal.


Underwood is discovered by Peggy Carter

However, while she forced the Bank teller to open the door of the vault, Peggy Carter was revealed to have been hiding inside of it, armed with a shotgun. Carter demanded her to surrender while the bank teller also revealed his own gun.

Dottie Defeated

Underwood is knocked out by Peggy Carter

Elsewhere in the bank, the hostages were revealed to be SSR agents led by Jack Thompson, who took Underwood's men hostage. As the two women got into a fight, which eventually ended on Underwood's defeat and her being taken into SSR custody.[1]


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